Attacks on famous Internet names

As this post and its meaning has been misinterpreted, I want to point out that Joe Clark is only used as an example below for a phenomenon on the web where famous names and their publications get repeatedly attacked in a vicious way just because of who they are, and how this will negatively affect them and also force them to often defend themselves publicly.

First, to those who don’t know who Joe Clark is, let me introduce him. Joe is a beacon in the accessibility field, revered by many and a strong fighter in this field. He’s doing intensive consulting, researching and writing while also making a number of appearances as a presenter.

When you see Joe commenting on a blog post, it’s usually in a very stern and sometimes provocative and feisty manner; he’s defending stances while arguing in an intense way. This has led to my pondering: why does Joe Clark write angry comments? I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him in real life (although I really hope it will happen one day) but people who have say that he’s really friendly and helpful, generally a great guy altogether.

However, I guess this isn’t really about Joe, but about a state that many successful bloggers/standardistas/accessibility fighters seem to end up in. They appear to become jaded with a lot of people, instead of showing them the respect that they as well as beginners should always be met with, question everything they say and do their outmost to find flaws in what they do. They get tired of it all and now and then one of them just stops sharing their thoughts and findings for free, and instead become a recluse from the web limelight.

Or, I might be totally off-key here and it’s only Joe’s style and image. :-)


PS. I do hope that Joe reads this and if he does, that he writes a nice happy comment about just being in a good mood. :-) DS.

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