The day I met Miss Universe

No, this is not a mushy story about how I met my girlfriend; this is about when I actually did meet Miss Universe. This story takes place when I was about fourteen years old.

Me and my little brother were playing land hockey outside our house, you know with sticks and a tennis ball, when a car drove into our parking lot. We didn’t pay much attention to it, when you’re a kid you don’t care that much about grown-ups coming and going. Especially since my parents have had a dog kennel with an extremely good reputation for way longer than I’ve lived, breeding German Shepherds, we got pretty used to meeting a lot of different people.

So, we just kept on playing, and as I remember it, they were nice and said hi to us, and we probably reacted like most kids do: with silence. I was standing there in jogging pants, a dirty t-shirt, sweaty and with snot running from my nose, being all worked up. As they passed me towards the door to the house, I realized how extremely good looking she was, and how hot her ass was. I mean, come on, I had just become a teen with all the accompanying hormones to go with it.

Their visit piqued my curiosity, and soon after that we stopped playing and went into the house. Mom and Dad sat talking to her and her husband, and seemed to have a really good time, while I and Martin were just gladly watching. They were, naturally, there to get a dog but the conversation seemed to cover a lot of other topics as well (bear in mind, my memory might be a little vague on the details here… :-)).

When they had left, I found out that she was Yvonne Ryding, the Miss universe of 1984 and her then husband was famous Swedish actor Kjell Bergqvist. Interesting experience, to say the least. I just love to take walks down memory lane now and then… :-)

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