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I just thought that I’d share some of the things I’ve read in the paper lately… Please have some oversight with my not-so-appropriate comments.

Want to get rid of your problems?
Apparently a 54-year old police man started to give indecent proposals to a 27-year old woman he was questioning about an assault case. I just love this sentence he said to her (maybe something I should use more at work… or at home… ;-)):

Do you want to fuck your way out of trouble?

Practically harmless.

I saw an ad for how women could get bigger breasts (yes, I’m just a simple man with simple interests) the “natural way”, which apparrently was through some pills and such. But what really got my attention was the slogan they had:

Practically harmless compared to surgery.

The only way I can interpret this is that it’s risky as hell, but there’s at least something out there that’s riskier…

Look at me!
The Swedish Migration Board has gotten a lot of criticism lately because they celebrated with champagne and cake after a woman was rejected and not allowed to stay in Sweden. Another story I read this morning was about a supervisor dealing with a blind immigrant that came to their office and needed help with his apartment. Apparently they weren’t getting along in the discussions and had a somewhat heated argument, resulting in the supervisor exclaiming:

Look at me when I’m talking to you!

Tactful. I just love it when the most emphatical and professional people get the most important posts…

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