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I love movies, so this year I’ve carried on a tradition that I started last year: to watch all the five movies nominated for an Oscar in the category Best Motion Picture of the Year, so I know if the best one wins. However, I have to say that after seeing this year’s five movies, I feel very reluctant to waste my time on something like this next year.

I’m writing this about 8 hours before the The 78th Annual Academy Awardsâ„¢ are starting, so please let me give you a rundown of the movies nominated and what I thought of them:

Brokeback Mountain
I take it most of you know what this movie is about, or maybe you’ve even seen it as well. The most common thing I heard or read about it before I saw it was:

It’s that damn gay western

Just because of narrow-minded people like that, I sincerely wanted it to be good. Problem is, it isn’t. It’s just a mediocre movie that has gotten so much attention for the reason that it deals with such a topic in an open and non-judgmental way, which I encourage. The thing is, in my book, this isn’t a reason to give it a lot of awards and attention. Like a friend said to me:

If it hadn’t had its gay theme, no one would’ve watched it

Probably needless to say, but Philip Seymour Hoffman is, as he is in every movie he stars in, very good. I’ve never seen any tapes with Truman Capote to make the call if he’s a dead ringer or not, but people tell me so. Unfortunately, otherwise this movie isn’t that intriguing. It’s ok, no more, no less. My tip, though, is that we will see an award go to Mr. Hoffman in the category Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role.
Without a doubt the best movie in this company, and one of last bear’s best movies. Dealing with a lot of parallel intrigues, racism and violence in Los Angels, this one is a must-see. Really. See it now! I hope Matt Dillon wins in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role category.
Good Night, and Good Luck

This one is in black and white, nothing I have a problem with; on the contrary, it suits the plot and the feel of it. Dealing with the McCarthy hearings in the early 1950’sand how CBS reporter Edward R. Murrow and team made a stand and fought him. Could’ve been very good but is just ok.

My first thought when I saw that this movie got nominated was that Spielberg got a nomination as usual when making a movie about a tough topic. This movie ain’t that bad, although it’s a very sensitive subject and I can imagine that people knowing more about the actual events might oppose some things in Spielberg’s interpretation. It is ok, though, and sometimes actually exciting.


Conclusively, I have to say that I can’t really fathom why four out of five of the above mentioned movies have been nominated. With the exception of Crash, all the other movies are on the level “movie-I-might-watch-on-TV-late-at-night-if-I’m-too-tired-to-go-to-bed”, motion pictures that should be straight to video. I’m fairly sure that Brokeback Mountain will win, which saddens me. Kudos to Ang Lee for being brave enough to make such a film, but definitely not the best movie last year.

If there’s any justice and people actually dare voting for the best movie and not for what’s the most politically correct thing for the moment in Hollywood, Crash will win.


Have you seen any of these movies? What’s your take?


Updated Monday March 6th

Yes! Crash won Best Movie! I’m so happy to see that there’s some justice! All winners can be found in IMDB’s awards page.

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