False gods

There seem to be some kind of worshipping of certain personalities online, and at the same time, well-known web people who misuse their position. I don’t know if it’s me becoming jaded or if it’s an accurate impression of the state of the web, but here goes…

Fanatic followers

A lot of people seem to idolize some bloggers/famous internet names and always agree with them. They will defend their hero to death and they’re rarely objective in their opinions… Half of their comments are purely praise, which in general is a good thing, but seldomly they actually contribute or break out of their boundaries. This is the fanboy mentality most us bump into in some place or the other…

At SXSW in March this year, everyone kept looking at each other’s badges when meeting in the hallways (or the bathrooms, parties etc) just to make sure they spoke to the right people, and didn’t waste precious time on someone less known. And I’m afraid to say that I myself wasn’t much better…

Haven’t even got a web site of your own? Why should I talk to you then?

After a while, however, I realized I was behaving like an ass and sincerely tried to turn around. Others will be the judge if I succeeded or not.

All this behavior is such a waste. I agree that many well-known names are just that because they’re talented and have worked hard to get there. But when solely trying to please them and only read their blogs, we both socially and when it comes to knowledge miss out on the people we should be focusing on: the young and the hungry, the ones of whom some will definitely be the next big names.

Delusions of grandeur

On the other side of the fence we have big names who, some more often than others, can’t deal with their stature and act respectful and like a grown-up all the time. Mocking people with fewer skills when they write a comment, threatening to delete a comment next time the code in it isn’t perfect, getting all upset because they think people put words in their mouth. Chill. Really.

The tone in some blogs seems to ooze with elitism, be it intentional or not. But I think they should really read through what they’ve written and try to see it from other people’s perspective as well. There so much flaming, bickering and crap going on in various places on internet that soon Google won’t have time and servers to index all that shit.

Treat everyone with equal respect, and if giving critique, do it in a respectful manner. Otherwise you’re only wasting your and everyone else’s time, and the internet will be a lesser place for us all to be…


Don’t idolize the false gods. Everyone’s equal and deserves to be treated that way.

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