Lost, season three, is finally here – do we ever want Lost to end?

Season three of Lost has just begun, and episode one is outstanding! The first five minutes probably had me sitting with my jaw dropped, and the “reward” scene had me laughing out loud (don’t worry, there will be no more spoilers here)!

Let me try and speculate here why Lost is so good and what I think about its future.

A picture of the Lost castI seriously think Lost has revolutionized the TV-series business. Just watch the sheer number of people following it; devotees all over the world addicted to just getting their latest Lost fix, to be able to make it just one more week.

And just search for Lost on the Internet. Countless forums and web sites are discussing what the hell happened in the last episode, people sharing their view and interpretation on it. The hype has no TV match as I see it.

I’ve met people who have gotten annoyed by Lost. They think that nothing happens, and they get upset that they don’t get any perfectly clear and detailed explanation for anything that happens in every episode.

What the hell is up with those polar bears?

and so on…

To me, that’s the gist of Lost and its outstanding charm. Just like the superb X-files, one doesn’t want everything to be dissected and explained. Lost is instead a state of wonder and mystery, and it gives a fantastic tingling feeling.

Do we want it to end?

The way I’m feeling about it right now, I’m not looking forward to an end, or some kind of concluding episode. If they keep up their so far excellent work with Lost, I can think it can just go on and on. A new and riveting mystery every week, something totally different and spectacular to speculate about. Doesn’t sound too bad, eh? :-)


So, if you’re looking for a regular series, Lost is clearly not for you. But if you want something outside of the box, challenging your mind and your fantasy, make sure you don’t miss it!

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