A blog without comments isn’t really a blog

To me, a blog with no possibility to comment isn’t a real blog. The web is such a living medium with possibilities for everyone to control their content, give feedback in numerous ways and basically have every web site relation as some kind of dialog with the web site owner.

Then we have the people who blog and doesn’t accept comments…

To me, people blogging without having a dialog with their readers has, to some degree, misunderstood the meaning. Then you shouldn’t blog; you should write a column in a news paper. With letting people comment on a blog post, you’ll get:

  • A more balanced view of the topic, with different people’s take on it.
  • If it has any factual (or other) faults, they will be promptly pointed out.
  • A relation with your readers, instead of a one-way communication.
  • The possibility to show people that you care about what they think, as opposed to sitting on some pedestal, thinking you’re perfect.

My guess is that bloggers who don’t accept comments are the same persons that go up to a group at a party, tell a joke or a story, and then just leave as soon as someone else starts to talk. It’s all about them and their opinions, and not about anyone’s else. Worse, though, is my fear that they’re afraid that flaws will be pointed out or that anyone might question them, and if this is true, it’s really bad. If you can’t stand up for your opinions, you’re not really in title to express them either.

Sure, you can argue that if you don’t like a blog, you can just leave it and never come back. In my case, that’s exactly what I do. For instance, my field of interest is web developing, but I don’t follow a single blog that doesn’t allow the readers to comment. Why? Because to me, they lack credibility. No one’s perfect, so anyone can make faults, but if there’s no way help out the article author, I always go for the humble ones who can discuss things like grown-ups in a serious manner with their audience.

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