Unavailable fullscreen view on Mac is such a shortcoming

As you might now, I’m both a Mac and Windows user. I primarily use my Mac at home and my PC at work, and one thing that really annoys me is the inability to maximize windows in Mac OS X.

I know that most Mac users don’t need that feature, that they don’t see the necessity for it. But just because they personally don’t need it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be there; saying that is just as narrow-minded as the Mac fan boys mocking people who have one single maximized window when using a Mac (and, oh yes, those people do exist).

A picture of the icons in the title bar of every window in Mac OS X

It’s all about choice and what the end users want. And let us all be honest, there are scenarios, more often for some than others, when the possibility to maximize a window would be nice and, dare I say it, useful! I think Apple should change the, as we all know it, fairly inconsistent behavior of the little green icon in every window’s title bar to instead maximize that window.

Alternatively, they could add a fourth icon, but that would just be too much, I think… Besides, how many uses the green icon with its current behavior anyway?

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