Geek Meet January 2007 summary

Last night we had yet another Geek Meet, Geek Meet January 2007, in Stockholm, and a staggering 40 people showed up! I’m really happy that people keep coming back as well as new ones getting interested and showing up.

Yesterday we even had the actual pleasure of having several people coming from abroad to visit our delightful capital, and Geek Meet. From the UK, we had John Oxton, and from Slovakia we had Igor and Milan. We also had some people from Gothenburg, where the guy with the grasshopper blog was also kind enough to show up.


There were two presentations: one front end-focused by Teddy Zetterlund on accessibility, and one back end-focused by Lars Rustemeier about Seaside. Both presentations are available as PDF downloads:


A number of people took pictures last night, and I hope they will be shared as soon as possible in the Flickr Stockholm Geek Meet Pool (no pictures yet, but people might be tired from all the beer… eh… pizza, I mean :-)).

Congratulations, Phil!

I totally missed this last night, but Phil Sherry, who, together with Teddy, helps me co-organize this event, actually had his birthday yesterday! I’m so sorry, Phil! The best of congratulations!

Meetings in other locations/countries

Apparently people like the idea with free Geek Meets to meet and discuss with people who are like-minded and deeply and genuinely interested in web developing. The Geek Meet concept is meant as a kind of franchise, and as of now there are two more locations:

Organize a Geek Meet in your city/country

You love the idea, but it’s too far to get to Stockholm? Are you interested in organizing a Geek Meet in your own city/country, and you want it to be a franchise part of this? The general guidelines are:

  • It should be free to attend
  • It should be independent, i.e. no company will own the event or set up the rules
  • Sponsorship from companies is allowed, but shouldn’t interfere with the above guideline
  • Everyone should be treated equal, and technical talks should be in a constructive manner

There has been some talk about one in the Netherlands and one in the UK, but so far nothing’s final. Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Next meeting

Next meeting will be some time within the next two months. Stay tuned to the Geek Meet web page for an update with the next date.

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