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It felt like it was time to spice this baby up, so I stayed up way too late Saturday evening (rather, Sunday morning), to put the finishing touches to my new design.

For a while, I haven’t been satisfied with some of the Information Architecture issues my previous design had, as well as some other minor things, so it felt good to start from a clean slate (or, cleaner). Hopefully, it will be easier to navigate and to find information now! Then, naturally, I had the design about a year and a half, so naturally I wanted to write leaner and more efficient code. I always learn new stuff and evolve (and the day I stop doing that, I should stop working with the web), and what better place to put into practice than my own web site? :-)

A late 2-year anniversary

In March this year, I have been writing, blogging, if you will, for two years. It has truly been a great time, and the things I’ve learned and the vast amount of nice, talented, friendly and funny people I’ve gotten to know are unmatched by many things. Since the start, I’ve written 393 posts and have gotten 6730 comments, so this system has to work hard! :-)

The new design

The top bar is a picture taken in 2002 by the large rock named Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia during my and Fredrika’s round-the-world trip. I wanted to work with three columns, since it gives me more separation between different areas and also the possibility to have more things visible in the first-screen view.

In the end, though, I’d love to have your opinions!

I won’t necessarily agree with the criticism, be it constructive or just to annoy me ( 😉 ), so don’t be let down if I don’t make the changes you suggest. With that said, all suggestions are of course welcome, and if I like it, I will implement it.

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