Google Maps Street View is fantastic!

Just playing around on the Internet, I’m finding out that Google has implemented yet another outstanding, supremely cool feature, this time for Google Maps. Now, you can get virtually explore neighborhoods at street-level virtually with Street View.

Basically, when you go to Google maps you have, for places that support it, a new option next to map types, and it’s called Street View.

A picture of the Google maps Street View option

What you get is a little person icon which you can drag around on the map and just drop where you want a photographic street view.

A picture of the Google maps Street View icon

Within the street view you are presented with, you can then zoom in/out, turn around or go forward/back up.

A picture of the Google maps Street View functionality

This is completely outstanding! Thank you, Google, for constantly blowing my mind!

(and I hope this will be available for Sweden before 2010… :-))

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