Spotify blows me away!

I completely missed the train this spring when betas for Spotify were given to a very select few, but the other day my brother had seen the service and was blown away! He called me and told me about it, so I just had to check into it too.

Vaguely remembering the name of the service and that some other people had mentioned it in passing to me before, I looked for all the information I had. It turned out that I had meet the CTO of Spotify at a Geek Meet (I remembered him but not where he was working), so I e-mailed him, practically begging for a beta invite. Being the nice guy that he is, he let me in, and man, am I grateful for that!

What is it then?

Spotify will, if it continues to deliver such a great experience as it currently does, revolutionize the way we access and listen to music! It’s like Joost but for music, with outstanding performance and without the stupid geographic restrictions the video service has.

Basically, it’s an iTunes-like interface where you can listen to radio adapted to what decade and music type your like, or, and this is what really blows me away, search for any song or artist you want to hear, and it is immediately streamed to you! Then you can also create playlists of any songs you like.

Just imagine the power of having any music you want to listen to just by your fingertips, without the need of transferring it to each and every computer where you want to listen to it. Imagine having all the music you ever owned, and more, available to you at any computer or location. Amazing!

Eh… How much does this cost?

Nothing! In the long run, it is supposed to be ad-sponsored in the most unobtrusive way. If they can succeed with doing this in a decent manner, there’s no end to the possibilities. Really!

I must say that this is the product with the best potential I’ve seen for a long time (hell, maybe the best software product I’ve ever seen), and if they don’t screw this up, I’m thoroughly convinced that they will change the way the world consumes music.

Keep your eyes on this!

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