Stop playing music when I enter your web site!

You’re at work, or at home. You get a link sent to you, do a Google search or just follow some random link. It doesn’t matter. But there it is: the horror.

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been there. The never-ending flow of web sites who insist on start playing music (or video) as soon as you load a page. You might listen to your own music at the time, or perhaps just having the volume turned on on your computer, and then it suddenly just breaks through your calm and comfortable state of mind with some terrible music in poor quality bursting through your speakers.

Stop! I mean it: STOP! It’s f**king terrible and highly annoying! Let me be the judge of if I want some media start playing. If I want music from a web site I will make the deliberate choice of clicking a play button symbol.

If you choose to be the master of when music starts playing in your web page I will leave. Right away. And I’m sure many others will do that too. Do you want that? No?

Then stop messing with the audio in my computer! Let me choose if or when I want music, ok?

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