Gmail, why sucketh thee?

Since Gmail released a new version a month or so ago, it crashes several times every day for me.

There’s some interface brush-up and improvements, and it’s supposed to be speedier. But for me it freezes each and every day and I have to force quit it. Not sure if this is because of Firefox or Gmail, but Gmail is the only service which doesn’t work.

Looking around, apparently I’m not alone with this problem. In Gmail Update Draws Gripes and So what is the deal with the new gmail crashing my Firefox (or stalling it) you can read more about it. One suggestion is to disable Firebug, which I have, to no avail.

I definitely agree with Julien’s reflection in What happened to Gmail? that it does indeed make you wonder about the QA procedure they have. The thing is, they’ve implemented a link at the top right, choosing to use the old version, which is fine. But it does annoy me as I see even more new features pop up in the new version, whilst the crashing just continues to be there.

Gmail used to be great! Please go back to that.

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