Are you a stealth coder?

Ever felt that whatever you do, it doesn’t matter? No one notices your work, knows what you do or even knows your name. Then, my friend, you’re a stealth coder.

Being a stealth coder is something akin to being a Systems Administrator. As long as everything works, no one credits or cares about what you do, but if something goes wrong, you’re scape goat number one. And if you then fix whatever problem there was, you immediately go back to being invisible to mere mortals again.

Stealth coders come from a long line of ninjas, and has carried on that tradition with proudness and a high head. It’s not the fame or recognition you do it for, it’s for the work itself. You place a lot more value in doing your trade as best as humanly possible and take only comfort in sheer quality.

You know this applies to you, right? Everybody, stand up, join hands and say:

I’m a stealth coder and I’m proud of it.

For those of you who want to be able to connect with your peers or express your pride in your own personal (never visited) web site, I’ve created a button for you to display. But remember, if you place this button in your web site, you may not, under any circumstances, link back here, since it would go against the very nature of being a stealth coder.

A stealtch coder button depicting a ninja

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