DOMAssistant lives – version 2.6 released with overall fastest CSS selector performance and plugins

Almost a month ago, I wrote a hesitant post about DOMAssistant in DOMAssistant – Why bother?, so it’s about time to talk about that again.

At the time, I was feeling generally low and a bit insecure about what I wanted to achieve, and what my priorities were. The response to that post was overwhelming, both in the comments and the people who contacted me through e-mail and instant messaging.

Thinking about how it mattered to a lot of people, it also helped me realize that I like what I have achieved with it. I analyzed DOMAssistant and compared it to other JavaScript libraries, and also felt that I really had something to offer. Factors like being lightweight, having very good performance and being flexible inspired me to continue developing DOMAssistant, and make it even better.

The last month, I’ve put a lot of work into it, hence the sparse blogging and mangy parrot state. But the result, I think, is very very good!

And don’t worry, I wouldn’t code something in my free time unless I was completely motivated to do so. Coding things you don’t want to, but have to, is referred to as “work”, and is a completely different story. :-)

Releasing DOMAssistant 2.6

I’ve just released DOMAssitant 2.6, and lots of things have changed, and the code is mostly refactored:

There are a number of improvements and new goodies in the new 2.6 version, so please check out the release blog post in the DOMAssistant blog.


I would also like to express my gratitude and thanks to the DOMAssistant Team for helping me out and pushing me to make it even better. I’d like to also direct another thank you to Niklas Lindström for being there for me in the darkest hour of performance issues and mental despair.

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