DOMAssistant news – New plugins, TextMate bundle and ten times faster than the competitors in IE 8

A number of exciting things have been going on in the DOMAssistant camp, so I thought I’d fill you in with some of the latest. We’re talking plugins, developer tools and taking a glimpse into the future.

Plugin news

AJAXForms plugin

The first plugin has now been released, and it’s an AJAXForms plugin. It offers you a way to submit a form completely through AJAX without doing any postbacks of the entire page, and specifying what happens before the form is submitted, and how to handle the response.


DOMAssistant Team member Pelle has been working hard on creating plugins, and one of the more interesting ones is the DOMEffects plugin. It should appeal to all of you people who have been longing for those eye-candy things such as fades, animations etc.

The plugin is still in a beta phase, and Pelle would love to get some feedback about how it works, what syntax to use and so on. Please help him shape the future! :-)


Not being satisfied with the task of creating DOMEffects, Pelle has also put some time into the DOMValidator plugin, to use with forms to validate user input and such.

Same goes here: this one is in a beta phase too, although it has come a bit further than DOMEffects, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

TextMate bundle

Team member Roger looked into how developing with DOMAssistant can be made easier and even faster. The result of his work is a DOMAssistant TextMate bundle, and it also works in the Windows alternative E-TextEditor.

Ten times faster in IE 8

As you all probably are aware of, IE 8 beta has been released, and for me, one of the first thing I wanted to test was how well DOMAssistant performed with it.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw that DOMAssistant CSS selectors in IE 8 were ten times faster than its nearest competitor! This is only, of course, an indication of what the future might hold, but if the IE team delivers all the way, this might very well become a practical reality after the final release. :-)

DOMAssistant – use it

Naturally, you can see where all this is going; me and the team are very proud and happy with what’s happening with DOMAssistant, and we work very hard to create a good alternative for your development needs. So please, try it out and build fantastic things with it! :-)

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