DOMAssistant 2.7.1 released, future plans and asking for help

As most of you are aware of, me and a small group of very talented people are working on our JavaScript library of choice, DOMAssistant, because we have a strong belief that light-weight code, fast and accurate performance, Unicode support and modularity is very important, and crucial for the future state of the web.

A little over a month ago, we released the 2.7 version, which included a lot of new features and improvements. However, as with all releases and when something is gaining more and more ground usage, both more features are desired as well as additional tweaks and fixes are need to provide an optimal experience.

Therefore, I’m happy to say that we have just updated DOMAssistant to the 2.7.1 release.

What’s new?

The new features and small fixes are:

  • Added support for pseudo-classes :nth-last-child, :nth-last-of-type and :target.
  • Added support for single and double quotes around attribute values.
  • Added “noParse” option to .ajax() for disabling the forced conversion of GET-parameters to POST-parameters in a POST-call.
  • Fixed setAttributes method on IE.
  • Fixed xhtml namespace evaluation in XPath.
  • Fixed so addContent accepts a number value as content as well.
  • Fixed so events can be added or removed from an event itself without causing any problem in the event handler.
  • Fixed <object> creation in Firefox.

Downloading the new version

Just download the new version and let us know how it works out for you!

Future DOMAssistant plans

Having achieved great results when it comes to performance, efficiency and Unicode support, the next major step for us is taking a bigger look on how we can make such a vital and important part as event handling more flexible and adaptable. We’re talking about custom events, more options for event delegation and other features that we hope will make your life easier.

What we need from you

Naturally, DOMAssistant isn’t about getting an opportunity for us team members to pat each others’ back and praise each other, but rather offering you the best JavaScript library experience possible. Therefore, we would like to ask you to tell us what you want out of a JavaScript library.

Our questions

  • Do you use a JavaScript library, or do you custom code everything yourself?
  • If you’re using JavaScript libraries, do you use just one JavaScript library, or several depending on what’s best for the task?
  • Which, if any, JavaScript library do you use today? And why?
  • What features do you deem most important in a JavaScript library?

Plugin development wishes

Another important factor is that we need help from you to develop a community with plugins to DOMAssistant, targeted at the most common uses. If you like DOMAssistant, and have developed functionality on top of it, please consider packaging it and releasing it as a module.

Talk to us

Help us help you. Write a comment here, in the DOMAssistant blog or partake in the DOMAssistant discussion group. You don’t have to have an issue or a complete plan to contribute; just speak what comes to your mind, and together I hope we can come up with some great ideas!

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