Nyman rides again

I’m back. :-)

A picture of a bumblebee

Not sure why I have to make riding references as soon as I start blogging after a break, but hey, it works, right? :-)

I hope all of you have had a great last three months; I sure know I have! First I thought I’d
mention some brief things which have happened in the web world, and then go on to stuff in the real world.

Happenings in the web world

Opera Web Standards Curriculum

A very good friend of mine, Chris Mills, is behind a very ambitious project called the Opera Web Standards Curriculum, which aims at delivering lots and lots of education about web standards and recommended approaches.

A quick Google search for “What are web standards” would reveal that yours truly is the first blogger on the list with my article What Are Web Standards? A Comprehensive Explanation Of What Is Comprised In The Term. So why the hell wasn’t I asked? Instead they asked people like some Swedish has-been in Gothenburg called Ranger, or something. 😉

To tell you the truth, Chris has asked me for years now to contribute to different things, and he still does, but there’s always something that gets in the way for me (or, I’m just playing really hard to get). I think this is a great initiative, and something which I have thought about creating myself from time to time.

Therefore, I’d like to wish the Opera Web Standards Curriculum the best of luck, and I agree a 100% with Chris that is about education, education and more education!

On the topic of Chris, he just followed this up with having a daughter. Congratulations!

Bruce Lawson

Another friend, Bruce Lawson, has joined Opera as a Web Evangelist, and looking at the Web Evangelist job description it looks like one hell of a job I’d love to have. Personally, I think I’d have a hard time working for a company where I’m not a big fan of their product (mostly the desktop web browser), but hey, for such a work life, maybe I can be flexible. :-)

Good luck Bruce, and congratulations to landing a top job!

And, talking about Bruce, his take on the iPhone is spot-on!. I’ll write about my opinions pretty soon, but for now, read this and read it carefully:

I mean, 2 meg camera with no video? Only 16 Gig of music? Can’t take the battery out? No bluetooth headphones as standard? Lock-in to one carrier? How much?!?!

Firefox download day

With the release of Firefox 3, they organized an event called Firefox download day to reach “the most software downloaded in 24 hours”. Previously to this there was no existing record to beat, but hey, they set a record. :-)

Either way, I know it’s a publicity stunt, and anything that can take the focus away from Internet Explorer, I support.

Google Knol

Google launched Knol, which is basically their own version of Wikipedia. Knol offers people the option to take credit for their work, which might motivate some people, and also to comment on articles. Personally I’m not a big fan of the comment thing, and my gut instinct tells me that I’d rather see Wikipedia with their massive following doing this, than Google owning this information too.

SD card prices

Ok, maybe this isn’t news, but buying new SD cards for my digital camera, I realized that the prizes are ridiculously low! When you can get a 1 GB card for about $10, you know that storage size will not be a problem for a long long time.

Facebook status updates

Logging in to Facebook and seeing the updates from my contacts, one persons actions caught my attention. It basically went like this within a couple of hours:

[Person] is now married.

[Person] is now on a honeymoon.

[Person] is now a fan of Jamie Oliver.

WTF happened there? The first two are cute, but unless Jamie Oliver popped into your hotel room in Bora Bora (or wherever you are) and cooked a fabulous meal and/or joined you for a threesome, the honeymoon is not a time when to become a fan of a chef.

Things from the real world

Watching Dexter

Each summer when I’m on a break, and when the kids are asleep, I usually take the time to watch through some TV series I haven’t had the time to watch. This summer the turn had come to Dexter. So far I’ve only seen five episodes of the first season, but I quite like it. His dry sense of humor when he doesn’t understand mankind whatsoever is hilarious! :-)

Fredrika’s panties

Don’t fret, this won’t be as bad as you think. :-)

But, the thing is, when doing laundry for the entire family, I have a real hard time telling which panties belong to Fredrika, and which belong to my four-year old daughter Emilia. Size-wise it’s almost impossible to tell, and then it should be said that Fredrika’s panties nowadays are generally a bit bigger than the Victoria’s Secret thongs she always wore when she first snagged me…

Student entering real life

In one of the major Swedish newspapers, they interviewed students on the brink of entering work life, and asked about their expectations, plans and hopes. One thing which caught my attention was the question “Do you think your education has prepared your for a working life”, where one of them replied:

Sure, how hard can it be?

I’m not sure if he just wanted to make a comical point, or if he’s just over-positive, but please, let me tell you: in the real word, where you have real deadlines, almost everything is about money and cost and you will, not might, sell out on your principles, sooner or later. Let’s talk when you have worked for a decade or so, ok?

A picture of me in the water

Radovan Karadžić

Radovan Karadžić was arrested and brought to the Hague to the International Criminal Tribunal. I’m not going to go into politics or history here, but the fact that it took over ten years for them to find him, while he was living and working in Belgrade, was described wonderfully by a German columnist:

I can see why they had such a hard time finding him; I mean, he had grown a beard and changed his name.

Ant invasion

During the summer, there were some very tense days, pretty much like the Cuban Missile Crisis, where you could cut through the tension in the air with a knife in our house. The reason? An ant invasion, where the ants formed a trail from the back door to the kitchen.

Luckily, they decided to retreat and order has returned to the kingdom.

McDonald’s vs. Max

A big sport event was to take place in a mid-sized city in Sweden, and one of the main sponsors were McDonald’s. All fine and well, except for the fact that McDonald’s demanded that their main fast food competitor in Sweden, Max, should shut down entirely during the event.

Naturally, Max said: “Hell no!” and instead of being reasonable about it, the event was moved to another city. Go Max! I mean, really, we have free market competition in this country!

Floss refill

Why do my floss refill bags come packaged in paper that looks just like the ones I get meat in at the supermarket? Hell, I want floss, not something which looks like I bought a fresh finger for lunch.

Computer-free time

This summer I took four consecutive weeks away from the computer, and let me tell you, those were the best weeks in my life in a long, long time. The calm and serenity which comes over you is fantastic, and with me having 11 intensive months per year in front of the computer, I sincerely need this to get perspective and balance.

A picture of a jetty

That being said, I actually had a tingling feeling the day I started using the computer again, about a week ago, and soon you get involved in the same things again (for better and for worse). Some things I love getting back to, while others awaken that feeling, that need, to persuade and convince people about meaningless matters. It’s best described with this:

A picture of a comic depicting Internet usage and about how someone else can be 'wrong' on the Internet

The Olympic Games

In the Olympic Games in Beijing, Sweden failed to get even one single gold medal. Favorites and hopes fell through, one after one. Some were close to delivering, while others were complete failures. Sweden not getting a gold medal in the summer games only happened once before in the 20th century, in Seoul in 1988.

A picture of me making a smash in volleyball

I guess we can comfort us with having the oldest gold medalist of all times, Oscar Swahn, who took a gold medal at the age of 64. The “sport”? Running deer, single-shot on. Nowadays we just call that “old drunk men in chequered shirts go into the woods and shoot shit”, and it’s definitely not a sport anymore.

Bondage goat zombie

Ok, off topic from basically everything here, but Bondage goat zombie must be one of the freakiest song titles I’ve heard in a long time.

Football sissies

Watching Euro2008, I soon realized that most football (soccer) players are sissies, at least compared to other sports. They fake being hurt or touched all the time in such extravagant ways it sickens me. And where’s the stamina?

In the Olympic Games, the Swedish double team played a game which took almost five hours (!), and the next day they had to play the final. In Euro2008, they had to rest at least three days between each game, and then almost a week before the final. Top athletes, really?

When to not play the guitar

For those who don’t know it, I play the guitar. In July, I was attending a party out in the archipelago, and at about three in the morning, out of nowhere, we got access to an acoustic guitar. And let me give an advice: if you’re piss drunk, do not start with Stairway to Heaven. Also, if you’re piss drunk, but you can still hear it’s awful, it is beyond-kill-me-now bad.


For those of you following me solely in your favorite feed reader, please take a moment to visit robertnyman.com. I’ve redesigned it and I’m quite happy with the results! :-)

I remember, a long time ago, I showed a brief design suggestion I’d created for another web site to Phil Sherry, and his response was a bit like this:

Don’t you think you and your visitors are above using a default filter in Photoshop?

Therefore, I do hope that everyone likes the new design and doesn’t see it as an insult. :-)

Also, Isac, you’re completely right: black is indeed the new black. :-)

Rob is back!

So, Nyman’s back. Are you glad to have me? Can I get a hell yeah (or heaven yeah, if that suits you better)?


(Oh, please, don’t let this be a no-comments post :-) )

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