One browser to rule them all

One browser to rule them all, one Google to find them, one extension to bring them all, and in the darkness (Redmond?) bind them.

I had a dream

As an Interface Developer, for quite some time I’ve nurtured a dream that there, one day, would be just one rendering engine. Perhaps naive, maybe futile, but the gist was for web browser vendors to offer any shell, extensions and features they wanted, just as long as the rendering of the code itself was the same, all across the board.

However, I’ve come to accept the fact that we really need competition to push web browsers forward, make them go the extra mile, and exceed the expectations. This is all fine, as long as we don’t have too many options.

The future

I think the advent of Google Chrome has really sparked the competition in the web browser market, and in the upcoming years, I’m sure we will be witnesses to a new sort of web browser war. Mozilla initially laid the foundation for this with their fantastic work with Firefox, and built awareness in the entire world that there are options when it comes to surfing the web.

At the same time, Safari and Opera provide lightning-fast rendering, and even Internet Explorer seem to shape up pretty well with the upcoming IE 8.

So, what will happen? My prediction is that Firefox will continue gaining ground, just as they have for over five years now, while Google will definitely affect the market in a major way; given that they continue to put effort into Google Chrome.

Web browser market share prediction

So, this is probably rather a wish-list than being in touch with reality, or plainly completely off-the-wall, but let’s speculate that the web browser market share will look like this within 2 years:

  • Internet Explorer 35%
  • Firefox 28%
  • Google Chrome 22%
  • Safari 12%
  • Opera 3%

Compare that to where we are today, according to the statistics from for August 2008:

What do you think? And what do you want?

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