Your childrens’ perception of you

Sometime, your perception of yourself isn’t a 100% in sync with your childrens’ takes…

Emilia and Filippa have a number of dolls/action figures from the Pippi Longstocking world (why the hell do I start thinking about The Big Lebowski and Log Jammin’ when I write that? :-) ).

Anyway, Filippa has decided to give them titles of their own. Here goes:

Our given names

A picture of Prussiluskan, from the Pippi world


So, apparently Filippa views mom as some extremely uptight middle-aged lady (if not older), who seems more boring than what anyone could ever fathom is possible. Personally, I thought it was hilarious first time she pointed to Prussiluskan (the character’s name) and sweetly said: “Mom”. :-)

However, Fredrika doesn’t approve when I call Filippa’s spontaneous and completely authentic recognition uncanny…

A picture of the police Klang, from the Pippi world


Ok, as you can imagine, I didn’t enjoy this one as much. It seems Filippa’s take of me is that I’m acting like a loud fat police, where the outfit resembles some fascist just a little bit too much. Seriously, Filippa, come on!

Our own takes

A picture of Annika, from the Pippi world

Mom’s own perception

This is probably Fredrika’s own view of herself: a young, happy girl, still unspoiled by the world. While I wouldn’t mind seeing Fredrika in such a dress, I wouldn’t dare to state that it’s a realistic self-image.

A picture of Kling, from the Pippi world

Dad’s own perception

Ok, now it’s better. We all know (or rather deliriously believe) that I am the cop of our family, being the stern guy. But I’m not fat, dammit!!! I’M NOT FAT!

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