As we were

I’m sure this has happened to you as well: meeting an old friend you haven’t seen for quite some time, and you’re really excited about it!

Because when you last met; be it in school, travel, whatever; you had a blast and you can’t wait to recreate that moment. But, there’s one problem: the magic isn’t there anymore.

I have met a lot of people during my life, and something I have learned is that some people you will always be friends with, but there are others where things just don’t click anymore. And it’s not like you dislike each other or something, just that, at a certain point and place in time, you had everything in common, but when that context is taken away, so is the connections you you once felt.

And while it can be a bit disappointing, I think it’s ok: it happens. Let’s just cherish what we once had and the wonderful memories.

Let’s think about as we were.

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