The death of Michael Jackson

Yesterday, Michael Jackson passed away.

I will not go into the allegations and what some people thought he had done, and what others claimed wasn’t true (for those interested, you can read more in the Wikipedia article about Michael Jackson). None of us really knows, and never will, so I will leave that behind for now.

Michael Jackson affected an entire world with his music and his dancing, and he was filled with an extreme amount of talent. No matter whether you were a fan or not, the impact he has had on artists and the entertainment industry as a whole is mind-blowing. Especially his album Thriller, the best-selling album of all time, and the accompanying video truly changed the scene.

He grew up being exposed to child abuse from his father, and the first time he performed on stage, he was only five years old. From what I have read and seen, I think that he never got to be a child in his life. It seems like he desperately tried to get back some of his childhood throughout his entire life – loving toys, amusement parks and other things children adore.

Suffice to say, his life was full of ups and downs. He was just about to make his last scheduled performances in his career in London, but never got to start on them.

When someone famous, from the time when I grew up, passes away, it gives a sort of feeling like someone you actually knew died. It’s an unpleasant feeling, and no matter what you though about Michael Jackson, please acknowledge the impact he had on the musical world.

Rest in peace, Michael.

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