When the Wiimote (Nintento Wii Remote) stops working

Last week I had bought a new game to my Nintendo Wii, and was eager to start it up. I grabbed the Wiimote (Nintento Wii Remote) but it was completely dead.

Being over two months since I last played, I took for granted that the batteries had just gotten drained. So, I just got some fresh batteries, inserted them, but the control was still not giving any feedback whatsoever: no lights flashing, nothing.

This is when my desperate chase online started for a solution to my problem. Surely others must have come across this as well? However, of all posts, discussions and replies I found, only one person had this problem, and in that case the remote was broken.

Being a good person with self-distance, I naturally instantly blamed my girlfriend (although she hardly ever uses it), and we had about a minute of unpleasant conversation. Ok, could it be the children then? Well, maybe, but the remote had been stashed away, so I was fairly certain they couldn’t have done it.

Ok, back online, scouring for answers. I spent about an hour learning about everything that can go wrong with a Nintendo Wii and how to solve it; everything, but my problem. The only other Wiimote issues seemed to be all lights flashing, and in that case, it was just about resyncing the remote, and in some cases, it needed a slap.

In one forum, one of the suggestions was to check if the batteries had been put in correctly.

What a fucking provocative thing to say

I thought; naturally everyone knows how to put in batteries. However… A few minutes later I glanced down at the Wiimote, and it seemed like the battery casing wasn’t properly in place.

Turned out I had just put in the batteries the wrong way…


PS. If you do have the problem with flashing lights, this is how to resync the Wii Remote. DS.

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