Pearl Jam in Stockholm July 7th 2012 – an amazing experience!

Pearl Jam. I’ve always thought they are a good band, but not at the top of my list. However…
Last night I got to see something purely magical during their gig in Stockholm! They were amazing! Mind-blowing!

They played for 2 hours 50 minutes and it’s one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen! Such dedication, passion and something something so genuine I didn’t know what to say or do.


It seemed like they never wanted to go off the stage. They played around immensely, both on the stage and with the audience, and the ambiance in there is something that I’ll keep with me forever.

The Swedish news papers also gave it their highest grades in their reviews, since they KNEW that this gig was one of a kind – the type you’re happy to get to witness once or a couple of times in your lifetime:

Review in Aftonbladet (in Swedish)
Review in Expressen (in Swedish)

And if that wasn’t enough (there’s more, you say?), I got to go there with my beloved Cecilia, who has been a huge Pearl Jam for a long long time. To see the sheer joy and awe in her face really brought tears my eyes, and I’m so SO happy I got to be there that magical night, and to share it with such a magical person!

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