Watching Skyfall

Watched Skyfall, the latest James Bond, yesterday. A review, you say? Sure.

My review

First ten minutes of the movie, there were so many product placements I thought I’d go blind.

Then James encounters a young woman, and figures out that she has been a sex slave since she was 12, and now is that to the bad guy. His remedy, for all the bad things she has been through?

Let’s have sex with her, I’m sure she’ll like it.

Then at the end it turns into Home Alone, with booby-traps and all…

A friendlier take

Ok, so, let’s be friendlier. It’s an ok movie, and we said the normal thing:

It’s very good! For a Bond movie.

Which is fair, but when I watch a movie in a series/franchise, I don’t want it to just be better than earlier versions – I want it to be great, compared to all movies!

Skyfall has a decent plot, it’s a good James Bond movie, staying in style, and well-produced and acted. Personally, though, I almost found me rooting for Javier Bardem‘s character…

But by all means, if you want a good regular action movie, I’m sure Skyfall will make you happy.

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