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Yesterday Google announced they're dropping H.264 video codec support in Google Chrome VENTOLIN FOR SALE, . Whatever you think about this, VENTOLIN maximum dosage, Buy VENTOLIN from mexico, it's an interesting move and I thought I'd express my thoughts on it.


First, herbal VENTOLIN, Is VENTOLIN addictive, in line with my personal beliefs and what I think everything on the web should be, all video support in Google Chrome will now be open, comprar en línea VENTOLIN, comprar VENTOLIN baratos. VENTOLIN recreational, Internet is a democratic right for everyone, and in line with that, buy no prescription VENTOLIN online, VENTOLIN wiki, we want people to be able to create content on the web without worrying about licenses for the format of the content.

Sure, VENTOLIN dosage, Low dose VENTOLIN, we can discuss details about the licensing for WebM but I have no doubts that Google's purpose is to have it completely open.

And no, H.264 is not open, despite what people tell you - read more about that in On Chrome Dropping H.264, VENTOLIN FOR SALE.

Hardware support

One thing that H.264 has had going for it is great hardware support in a lot of devices and machines, buy VENTOLIN no prescription. VENTOLIN online cod, Many people seemed to cry out about WebM not offering hardware support, which is not true, doses VENTOLIN work. Order VENTOLIN online c.o.d, If you check the WebM Supporters page, a lot of big players like AMD, VENTOLIN use, VENTOLIN australia, uk, us, usa, ARM, Nvidia etc are working on it, buy VENTOLIN online no prescription, VENTOLIN duration, and according to the word on the street (i.e. Twitter) Intel are open about supporting it, where can i buy cheapest VENTOLIN online.

Google's motives

VENTOLIN FOR SALE, When something like this happen everyone start questioning Google and their motives, that this is just to hurt Apple and their support for H.264 in iOS, Safari and more. Generic VENTOLIN, That it's just to boast their own format rather than one that Apple has invested a lot in (and Microsoft to some extent). It's also said that it's Google being open when they want to and feel the need to convey that stance, online buy VENTOLIN without a prescription. Purchase VENTOLIN online no prescription, One argument is that if this is being done in the name of openness, how come they're not dropping Flash support then, what is VENTOLIN. Discount VENTOLIN, Flash is even part of of Google Chrome now. It's a fair point, but I think there's a difference there: There are tons of more Flash content on the web than video with the H.264 codec, and Flash is being filled with security vulnerabilities and crashes, so for now, it's just about being realistic and pragmatic, VENTOLIN FOR SALE.

I think Google's focus, VENTOLIN natural, VENTOLIN maximum dosage, at this time, is right; top start promoting open formats for video on the web more aggressively and make Flash as stable and secure as they can for end users, kjøpe VENTOLIN på nett, köpa VENTOLIN online. Buy VENTOLIN from mexico, What will happen tomorrow. I don't know, purchase VENTOLIN for sale, VENTOLIN no prescription, maybe Google removes Flash from Google Chrome.

Supporting Internet Explorer 9, VENTOLIN class, VENTOLIN interactions, Safari and iOS

For now, and some considerable future, order VENTOLIN online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy generic VENTOLIN, we will have to offer more than one format. VENTOLIN FOR SALE, Simple as that. A good approach for that is the one I described in Delivering HTML5 video and fallback support with the help of Video JS, australia, uk, us, usa.

However, while it's a lot of both hurt pride and investment for Apple to start supporting other formats than H.264, I believe Microsoft could definitely do it. And if Microsoft are for the open web, and they do support it natively in Internet Explorer 9 (and not just if it's installed on the operating system), it will really make a huge difference and put Apple on the spot.

Because if every major web browser but Safari (both on desktop and iOS) supports WebM, and since Android will definitely have a larger market share on mobile, Apple will have to adapt in the long run.

YouTube dropping H.264 codec support?

Just speculating now, but since YouTube is the de facto video service on the web, a possible next step could be offering videos there only in WebM (and perhaps Flash as a fallback). That would mean that no videos would work on iOS, and either people would start abandoning YouTube, or they would start using other devices/operating systems than Apple's, if Apple don't add support for it.

Whatever happens, it's an interesting action by Google, and I do hope it helps the web evolving into more open when it comes to content creation as well.



I just encountered the weirdest bug with the HTML5 autofocus CELEBREX FOR SALE, attribute in Google Chrome and Safari. Buy CELEBREX no prescription,

Bug description

When using the autofocus attribute in a web page, when using JavaScript to change the CSS of a sibling element, cheap CELEBREX, Discount CELEBREX, it will not render in Google Chrome 7 and later and Safari 5 (haven't tested older versions of either).


A number of certain factors need to be met to encounter this behavior:

  • An input element with the autofocus attribute, what is CELEBREX. CELEBREX from canadian pharmacy,

  • Two sibling elements to the one with the autofocus attribute: one visible which will, when clicked, doses CELEBREX work, CELEBREX dosage, display the other element.

  • The CSS code has to be included via a link element - if it's within the web page in a style element, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Is CELEBREX safe, all will work fine.

  • The page will work the first time it's loaded, but will fail after a soft reload, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

Code being used

This is the code needed to trigger this bug:


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Test case: autofocus attribute</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="autofocus.css">
window.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", CELEBREX trusted pharmacy reviews, Taking CELEBREX, function () {
var help = document.getElementById("help"),
helpInfo = document.getElementById("help-info");
if (help && helpInfo) {
help.addEventListener("click", buy CELEBREX online cod, Where can i find CELEBREX online, function (evt) {
helpInfo.className = "show";
}, false);
}, buy CELEBREX without a prescription, CELEBREX street price, false);


<h1>autofocus bug</h1>
<p>The question mark will be unable to show the help information element, given a few criteria:</p>
An <code>input</code> element with the <code>autofocus</code> attribute, buy cheap CELEBREX. CELEBREX steet value, </li>
Two sibling elements to the one with the <code>autofocus</code> attribute: one visible which will, when clicked, CELEBREX canada, mexico, india, Buy cheap CELEBREX no rx, display the other element.
The CSS code has to be included via a <code>link</code> element - if it's within the web page in a <code>style</code> element, CELEBREX photos, About CELEBREX, all will work fine.
The page will work the first time it's loaded, generic CELEBREX, Buy no prescription CELEBREX online, but will fail after a soft reload.

<input type="text" autofocus>

<a href="/" id="help">?</a>

<div id="help-info">
<p>Some help information...</p>



#help-info {
display: none;
} {
display: block;


You can test this behavior in the autofocus test page, CELEBREX samples. Effects of CELEBREX. Order CELEBREX no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest CELEBREX online. CELEBREX australia, uk, us, usa. CELEBREX price, coupon. Buy CELEBREX without prescription. CELEBREX dose. Order CELEBREX from United States pharmacy. CELEBREX images. Low dose CELEBREX. CELEBREX alternatives.



ZOVIRAX FOR SALE, Instead of presenting a certain technology or approach, my idea with this post is to get some discussion and feedback about iOS vs. Android, order ZOVIRAX no prescription. Purchase ZOVIRAX online, Let me first start by saying it's not meant as a pissing contest about which is best, or the ridiculous notion that there can be only one mobile OS to rule them all, online buying ZOVIRAX. Fast shipping ZOVIRAX, I'm rather after your personal experience and perspective.

Me and iOS

The reason I want to talk about this is that I've personally gotten tired of iOS and some aspects surrounding it, ZOVIRAX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. However, I believe there are many upsides and positives about it too, so I want to hear about your views and takes on it, ZOVIRAX FOR SALE. ZOVIRAX description, I'm about to buy a new mobile phone and I want to make the best thought-through decision I can.

Good parts about iPhone and iOS

Let's take the iPhone first, effects of ZOVIRAX. Generic ZOVIRAX, It's a beautiful and sleek device that, in my opinion, no prescription ZOVIRAX online, What is ZOVIRAX, doesn't have many shortcomings. Great responsiveness to touch, ZOVIRAX natural, Cheap ZOVIRAX, scrolling momentum, swipes etc, ZOVIRAX samples. ZOVIRAX FOR SALE, Sure, we can discuss the antenna thing or similar, but all devices have their flaws, bugs and not-so-good parts. Kjøpe ZOVIRAX på nett, köpa ZOVIRAX online, With iOS, I'd say the advantages are:

  • Beautiful design.

  • Great UX.

  • Very good consistency between all apps.

  • Easy settings.

Bad parts about iPhone and iOS

There are some things that can drive me crazy about the iOS eco-system, ZOVIRAX alternatives, Buy ZOVIRAX without prescription, and they are:

  • Apple's total control over approved apps and what I can install on my device.

  • The completely annoying tie-in to iTunes, and as soon as I need to do anything major, canada, mexico, india, ZOVIRAX photos, I have to connect (with a cable!) to the computer I want an independent device!

  • I'm not allowed to do certain things, like sharing 3G connection as WiFi hotspot etc, get ZOVIRAX. ZOVIRAX duration, I don't want to Jailbreak just to get basic functionality.

  • Upgrades to iOS where older versions of the phone lacks new features, not for technical reasons, ZOVIRAX mg, Order ZOVIRAX online overnight delivery no prescription, but just because Apple don't want to give them to me.

  • Apple's lack of openness in its processes.

Good parts about Android

Naturally, the upsides of Android are:

  • Open (one can always talk about Google and its strategies, ZOVIRAX no prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, but I'd claim it's pretty open).

  • I can install any app I want, and also apps with behavior that would generally be banned by Apple for iOS.

  • Developers can create and share apps in any fashion they like to.

  • I can install any web browser I want to!

Bad parts about Android

Ands the bad parts, purchase ZOVIRAX for sale, Cheap ZOVIRAX no rx, as far as I know, are:

  • Touch events, order ZOVIRAX from United States pharmacy, Is ZOVIRAX safe, frame rates and general user experience not as smooth as on an iPhone.

  • Too much diversity in app user experience (someone called it the new Windows...).

  • All different mobile phone providers offer their own on-top user interface, which makes installs and upgrades different from device to device.

What are your thoughts?

Have I missed anything, online buy ZOVIRAX without a prescription. Where can i find ZOVIRAX online, Don't you agree on something of the above. Is there any current, real brand ZOVIRAX online, ZOVIRAX used for, or upcoming, mobile phone based on Android that is, ZOVIRAX maximum dosage, ZOVIRAX for sale, both hardware-wise and software-wise, as good as the iPhone, ZOVIRAX long term.

Talk to me. :-).

Trackbacks from: ZOVIRAX FOR SALE. ZOVIRAX FOR SALE. ZOVIRAX FOR SALE. ZOVIRAX FOR SALE. ZOVIRAX FOR SALE. ZOVIRAX FOR SALE. ZOVIRAX FOR SALE. ZOVIRAX without a prescription. Where to buy ZOVIRAX. Order ZOVIRAX online overnight delivery no prescription. Canada, mexico, india. Generic ZOVIRAX. Fast shipping ZOVIRAX. Online buy ZOVIRAX without a prescription.


ZOVIRAX OVER THE COUNTER, Seasons come and seasons go; life turns in a constantly changing manner. But, as after every summer, I'm back and I long to write for you. Fast shipping ZOVIRAX, :-)

My summer

Ingmarsöfestivalen 2010

I've been having a great time this summer, playing lots and lots with my wonderful children. It's funny that there's no end to how many times you can go swimming/playing in water and do excursions within Sweden to amusement parks, fictional character theme parks and such, ZOVIRAX online cod. :-)

No digital things

As you might know, every summer I try to take a few weeks completely away from computers, iPhone (and now iPad) and other things to just back to a core existence. This year, though, things were a bit different, ZOVIRAX OVER THE COUNTER. ZOVIRAX cost, Our society, and lots of things in it, makes it oh-so-much easier to get things done if you access it in a digital manner (this is also something Roger touched on in Frustrated by the Web).

So this summer, I had a couple of weeks away from the computer and (almost) only using the iPhone to make phone calls, purchase ZOVIRAX online. However, I had a much longer time, maybe 7-8 weeks away from reading e-mail, ZOVIRAX photos, tweets and Facebook, and this was great in terms of stress relief and focusing on more important things in my life. Maybe, just maybe, this means that there's hope of me having a sane and long-lasting relationship with Internet and technical things, ZOVIRAX wiki. ZOVIRAX OVER THE COUNTER, Here's for hoping. :-)

What happened during summer?

I know you read for various reasons, where some of you are are only interested in the Internet-related things I write about, some in the personal things, Is ZOVIRAX addictive, and some in all. So I have divided things I noticed and experienced into two categories below:

On the web

iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 was released, and while sporting some nice features, all the noise came to be about reception issues, and if you held it a certain way, doses ZOVIRAX work, it would lose a lot of the reception. Apple first claimed it was a software flaw where it missed to register a drop before, which was, Order ZOVIRAX from mexican pharmacy, of course, bullshit. I've tried to hold one myself, and it's scarily easy to make it drop at least three bars in reception in a very short time.

Then Apple sort of came around and said every smart phone has that issue, and basically that was that, ZOVIRAX OVER THE COUNTER. They also offer bumpers, ZOVIRAX no rx, a sort of protection (for those who want a condom on your phone) to try and prevent these reception drops. There are, as always, ZOVIRAX australia, uk, us, usa, varying opinions about how Apple handled this; some think it was great, strong and proud, while others, like me, just felt offended by their lack of humble stance and think they could be more open and honest about it all from the get-go, ZOVIRAX treatment.

iOS4 on iPhone 3G

While on that topic, Apple released iOS4 which also had some nice things. However, ZOVIRAX natural, and I'm not sure why it is like this, once installed on an iPhone 3G, it got dog slow and on the verge of unusable. To me it got to the point that I downgraded my iPhone 3G from iOS4 to iOS 3.1.3 ZOVIRAX OVER THE COUNTER, , and I've never been happier.

I'm sure iOS4 is great on later models, but was saddened to see just how bad it was on an iPhone 3G, ZOVIRAX long term.

Introducing HTML5 book

The Introducing HTML5 book was released, written by Remy Sharp and Bruce Lawson, and I was proud to be asked to be a technical editor for it. ZOVIRAX street price, I was editing/giving feedback on Remy's chapter, and it spurred some interesting discussions and takes.

I do think it's a great book that covers a lot of ground and I'm happy that I got the chance to read it before it was released. :-)


Far from what most people expected, Microsoft are working really hard on IE9, and it just keeps on adding features, support and performance (explained in detail in Third IE9 Platform Preview Available for Developers and Fourth IE9 Platform Preview Available for Developers), ZOVIRAX OVER THE COUNTER.

Impressive things, and I honestly hope it all pans out well, about ZOVIRAX. Hell, they even caved and implemented canvas, right. ZOVIRAX pics, :-)

Video of my SWDC 2010 presentation

At the beginning of June, I was giving a talk about HTML5 at the SWDC 2010 conference, and now there's a video of my HTML5 talk. As always, it's on pubslishingterrible to watch oneself, what is ZOVIRAX, but maybe one or two of you might find it rewarding in any way.

H.264 and about being free

ZOVIRAX OVER THE COUNTER, MPEG-LA recently announced that H.264 will be free, which isn't really the case. Read more in Hold The Celebrations; H.264 Is Not The Sort Of Free That Matters. In my opinion, Online buying ZOVIRAX, for something to work out for the web and the world, it has to be completely free. Period.

Prince and the Internet

Prince, the guy to really listen to about the Internet (...) claimed that "The internet's completely over" and that it's not the future for music sharing, herbal ZOVIRAX. More to read in the Prince interview, ZOVIRAX OVER THE COUNTER.

Woot against AP

In a quite entertaining move, Woot called out AP on publishing rights and reimbursment. :-)

Meme about Google Chrome

In the war about which web browser is the fastest, Buy ZOVIRAX online cod, a funny move was the Opera/Chrome Rivalry Gets The Hitler Video Treatment. :-)

Firefox 4 beta

During the summer, Mozilla started releasing betas of Firefox 4, which looks quite promising. The initial news are described in Firefox 4 Beta 1 and Firefox 4 beta 1 is here – what’s in it for web developers? ZOVIRAX OVER THE COUNTER, .

Since then, a few more betas have been released as well, so try it out and let them know what you think. Buy no prescription ZOVIRAX online,

Google Wave cancelled

At the beginning of August, Google Wave got cancelled. Perhaps not that shocking, but still, I didn't believe it to happen so soon, ZOVIRAX from canadian pharmacy. Only the future can tell what the experiences and code will really turn into.

Lars Gunther rant

Lars Gunter wrote two very interesting and read-worthy pieces in No browser supports HTML5 yet. ZOVIRAX price, coupon, Part 1. and ZOVIRAX OVER THE COUNTER, No browser supports HTML5 yet. Part 2.

If you haven't yet, I recommend reading them, ZOVIRAX from mexico.

Ben and Dion stepping down with Ajaxian

After lots of work and efforts, Ben and Dion were stepping down with Ajaxian. I just want to say thanks for all the work, Low dose ZOVIRAX, and good luck with your future endeavours.

In life in general

World Cup

As you all know, Football World Cup took place, which was quite an interesting happening this summer, ZOVIRAX OVER THE COUNTER. It also, unfortunately, proved that sportsmanship isn't really that good, some of them weren't really good role models and that there are definitely some shortcomings in rules and decision-making, ZOVIRAX from canada. One day, I might write a more detailed rant about it...

The Dice Man

During summer I finally took the time to read The Dice Man, which, in my opinion, is a fantastic book - it's both funny and thoroughly entertaining, but also very thought-worthy and touching on some serious things in our society, discount ZOVIRAX.

While reading it, for a number of reasons, I was completely ready to just grab the dice and see where they would take me.


ZOVIRAX OVER THE COUNTER, I was visiting the Kolmården animal park with my family, which is basically packed with children and their parents, and everyone is looking nice and friendly. Buy cheap ZOVIRAX no rx, However, one guy there got my attention: he was a large bloke, tattoos everywhere, including the face, and for the day he had chosen his (I presume favorite) t-shirt with the text reading "Your mother sucks cocks in hell!", ZOVIRAX interactions. Classy...

Boat builder?

During summer, I had quite a large beard, Generic ZOVIRAX, and at one time when I ran into someone I have only met once before and greeted him, he had a hard time placing me (fair enough). After some thought, he has convinced he had it, and asked if I was a boat builder on an island in the outer Stockholm archipelago, online ZOVIRAX without a prescription. How looks can deceive.., ZOVIRAX OVER THE COUNTER. :-)

Riding the bull

During a visit to a western park called High Chaparral I tried riding a mechanical bull for the first time in my life (being sober and far away from anyone knowing me felt like a good idea :-) ). It went, well, Where can i find ZOVIRAX online, so-so...

The most amusing thing, though, was one guy who couldn't even get on the bull to begin with. :-)

Protein shakes and health risks

For those of you working out and drinking protein shakes regularly, some disturbing news came out in a report from Consumer Reports, stating that there are Dangerous Chemicals in Protein Shakes, such as Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury. Make sure that you are not drinking one of them.

Being back

So, that was that I wanted to get off my chest (and probably tons of things that I missed). I sincerely hope you had a great summer, and I look forward to writing for you again, and I hope to get the chance to meet as many as possible of you in real life as well.

Take care, and onwards.



NASONEX FOR SALE, A couple of days ago, Apple announced support for developing extensions, so I felt obliged to implement my HTML Validator extension for Safari too. NASONEX class, :-)

The HTML validator extension for Safari

A picture of the HTML Validator in Safari
A picture of errors in the HTML Validator in Safari

The extension basically offers three options:

Validate URL

Takes the URL of the current tab and opens a new tab with the W3C validator and its validation results for it.

Validate local

Takes the generated HTML of the current web page (especially good for local content) and posts it to the W3C validator. Note: Currently opens the W3C validator in the same tab, order NASONEX no prescription, Where can i buy NASONEX online, since the extension model doesn't support posting forms/content to new tabs.


If you enable Autorun (on by default) it automatically validates the URL of the current page and displays number of validation errors in the HTML Validator bar.

You can enable extensions and adjust their settings in the extensions view:

A picture of the extensions view in Safari with options


Bear in mind that this is a first version and can be a little rough around the edges. However, is NASONEX addictive, NASONEX price, coupon, if you want to try it out, download HTML Validator for Safari from GitHub, NASONEX trusted pharmacy reviews. NASONEX samples, Note: it only works in Safari 5.

The Safari extension model

So, it's interesting to see Safari bet on extensions as well, to be able to compete with other web browser, NASONEX FOR SALE. I'm glad they did, buy NASONEX online no prescription, Online buying NASONEX hcl, but being Apple, of course they have to do it their way, buy cheap NASONEX. Real brand NASONEX online,


The upside of the extension system is that it's based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, cheap NASONEX. Where can i order NASONEX without prescription, That's it. There's some pretty good descriptive documentation on how to develop extensions and the Safari Extensions Reference is a good overview for properties and methods, buy NASONEX online cod. NASONEX FOR SALE, You build/create extensions with the Extension Builder, which I hated at first (since I want a master file I can edit, not a form to fill out), but over time, it is actually quite easy to use instead of over-typing in a pkist file. NASONEX schedule,


Another web browser, another extension model, NASONEX overnight. Online NASONEX without a prescription, It is quite similar to the one find in Chrome, but still different, NASONEX brand name. NASONEX long term, If all web browsers are to start supporting extensions, as developers we must get the same means of developing them, after NASONEX. Buy no prescription NASONEX online, It's not ok with a different approach for each web browser. And, since Safari are the last ones out (well, ok, not Opera yet), they really should have matched an already existing extension model, for instance, the one found in Google Chrome, NASONEX FOR SALE.

Also, NASONEX blogs, NASONEX pharmacy, in the Apple spirit, you need to sign up for the Safari Developer program (free) just to be able to develop an extension, NASONEX from canada, Get NASONEX, and also create certificates with which you sign your extension. Basically, buy NASONEX from canada, NASONEX dangers, just a lot of hassle. Sure signing is necessary, NASONEX description, Fast shipping NASONEX, but there are other ways (see below).

What you can do in the web browser is pretty limited and some obvious features seem to be missing so far (for instance, generic NASONEX, NASONEX coupon, an event when a tab gains focus).

Also, NASONEX street price, Discount NASONEX, I can't believe they start offering extensions without a proper extension web site where people can easily share them. I know such a web site is in the works, order NASONEX from mexican pharmacy, NASONEX dose, and when it's released it will be much nicer. Also, there you can have automatic extension signing so developers don't have to care.

And, please, skip the Apple Developer Program bit...

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I don't think I'm exaggerating when I'm saying something really really DICLOFENAC FOR SALE, important has happened for the future of the Open Web. Finally, Low dose DICLOFENAC, it looks like there might be a solution to the video codecs and patent encumbered alternatives we have been dealing with.


About two months ago I wrote What Will Happen To Open Video On The Web? and expressed fear for the future of video on the web, and that the H.264 codec will never be something solid to build on, DICLOFENAC images, due to it being heavily patented. Generic DICLOFENAC, I talked about that the web browser vendors would never agree on the options they had then, and then listed three options of how this situation could be solved. One of them have now come true, my DICLOFENAC experience.

Introducing the WebM project

Today at Google I/O 2010, Google announced the WebM project, which is, simply put:

...dedicated to developing a high-quality, open video format for the web that is freely available to everyone, DICLOFENAC FOR SALE.

In more detail, Purchase DICLOFENAC for sale, it is a video format consisting of:

What this means

If the above hasn't sunk in yet, DICLOFENAC trusted pharmacy reviews, the implications of this are huge. Imagine a completely open video for the web. To me, DICLOFENAC results, personally, Get DICLOFENAC, it's the only viable option to move forward. Not only for the sake of developers believing in open source, but for publishers, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, end users and potential creators all over the web - everyone should be able to contribute their own material to the web without worrying about patents. DICLOFENAC FOR SALE, Formats for the web have to be completely open, or the web will fail: simple as that. Buy generic DICLOFENAC, It's about democracy and, most seriously, the future of humankind, online buy DICLOFENAC without a prescription, where we want things to be equal and everyone to be able to partake. Cheap DICLOFENAC, Imagine if HTML wasn't free. If you had to pay a patent fee to use it, perhaps even more for HTML5 since it has more elements, buy DICLOFENAC online cod. Or CSS. Or JavaScript, DICLOFENAC FOR SALE. What is DICLOFENAC, Ridiculous, right. Well, after DICLOFENAC, the same goes for any other technology we seriously want to spread across operating systems, Doses DICLOFENAC work, devices and whatever other channel you can think of.

Who supports this?

From the get-go, in regards to web browsers, where can i buy cheapest DICLOFENAC online, Google, Herbal DICLOFENAC, Firefox and Opera have already made WebM already available in nightly builds, available here:

These are the companies, order DICLOFENAC online c.o.d, for some time now, Is DICLOFENAC addictive, that I have had high hopes for building a future web based on open technologies, and it makes me so happy to see they keep on delivering. :.-)

Beside from them, DICLOFENAC forum, Adobe has officially announced its support for the VP8 codec, DICLOFENAC over the counter, which also makes it a good fallback option with video in Flash.

What about Internet Explorer?

DICLOFENAC FOR SALE, But naturally, the eternal question is: will Microsoft support this in IE. Well... Today Microsoft announced support for the VP8 codec if it's installed in Windows, DICLOFENAC from mexico, which is sort of supporting it. DICLOFENAC steet value, I guess this must sting for them after recently writing a long post about their choice of supporting the H.264 codec, but at the same time, they're smart enough to immediately issue a statement that they're "all in" with HTML5 and that VP8 might work in IE9, order DICLOFENAC no prescription.

I know I should be nicer to Microsoft when they're at least trying, Buy DICLOFENAC without prescription, but that's pretty far from all in for me. "All in" is if you include native WebM support in IE9, just like Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera, DICLOFENAC FOR SALE. Period.

Bad Apple?

Which only leaves only one web browser, DICLOFENAC mg. Apple Safari. Where can i order DICLOFENAC without prescription, Apple has invested heavily in the H.264 format, not only for Mac OS X and all kinds of video and products there, but also with their iPad, DICLOFENAC brand name, iPhone and iPod Touch. DICLOFENAC FOR SALE, For them to back down or, well, support another format, is probably not a very desirable situation. Ordering DICLOFENAC online, However, quoting Steve Jobs in his Thoughts on Flash:

...we strongly believe that all standards pertaining to the web should be open.

If he really stays true to that, DICLOFENAC coupon, he must acknowledge that the video format is as much part of the web as HTML5, Buy cheap DICLOFENAC no rx, and that they should support it. Also, if every other web browser supports it, DICLOFENAC price, even IE to some extent, DICLOFENAC without prescription, I believe Apple aren't big enough to dictate the format of video on the web.

Why this will affect everyone

With the Ogg Theora format, there were talks about submarine patents fear and that the format wasn't as good as H.264. It was also mentioned that there was lack of support for it in web sites/services and not enough hardware support, DICLOFENAC FOR SALE.

One of the things that makes it different this time around is that the quality of the format is supposed to be much better. But, without a doubt, the best of it all is that Google are going all-in with YouTube and encode every video in the WebM format. Also, if they have the guts (and I think they do), WebM should be the only format for video there, with a fallback to the same format in Flash for web browsers who decide not to support WebM - doable thanks to Adobe.

There are also a number of hardware vendors, e.g. ARM, Nvidia, that will support WebM, and I feel absolutely certain more web sites (Vimeo etc) and more hardware companies will start supporting it very soon.

But back to YouTube: if WebM becomes the format for video there, web browser vendors will have no choice but to start supporting it if they want to be a viable option for watching video on the web.

All this could potentially be the future of open video on the web, and I for one sure hope so.


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CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, After having owned an iPad for a little time now, I thought it deserves a review.


I got my iPad last week because someone was nice enough to help me buy it in the US and then bring it to Sweden. It took a little time to get a hold of a 64 GB version, but I really wanted it, CLONIDINE interactions, because over the years I have learned to always opt for the larger disk size.

Since then, Apple has announced upcoming iPad availability in a number of more European countries in May & July. Sweden is not one of them, though, buy cheap CLONIDINE, and besides I think the iPad is somewhat overpriced in Europe compared to the US.

The good

Let's start with the good thing about it, CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. It's a beautiful thing to watch and use; terrific screen, great viewing angle and amazing battery time. CLONIDINE price, I can use mine between 10 - 12 hours without charging and it has a long standby time. Very nice to just pick it up, do some things and then put it away again. The touch screen is, just as for the iPhone, about CLONIDINE, the best in the market with the most consistent and smooth finger gestures and reactions. CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, I also think the size is perfect: just big enough to be pleasant to look at and hold, and not too heavy. And yes, sure, CLONIDINE forum, it doesn't support Flash, but to me that's not a problem at all. When it comes to watching videos on the web, all services with some self-respect have already started offering direct video streams of their videos instead, and for those using Flash for on-demand content etc there's usually an app available that offers the same content (but usually with a better UI and no performance problems.., fast shipping CLONIDINE. :-) ).

However, where I truly think the iPad will revolutionize the market is that this is such a spot-on device for people who don't want/need to know how it works behind the scenes. I'm sure you have done your fair computer support for a relative or a friend (I know I sure have), where the discussion usually goes:

- So, where did you save the file you downloaded?

- Huh, CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. CLONIDINE price, coupon, No idea.

- Ok, then. Open Windows Explorer.

- What's that.

And so on... For those people, buy CLONIDINE online cod, who just need something that works, is reliable and easy-to-use and they can use to read e-mail and browse the web, the iPad is a perfect fit.

Usage situations

CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, For me, the iPad is not really a laptop replacement. CLONIDINE results, It is rather the perfect couch/bed/bathroom (let's be honest here :-) ) computer for surfing the Internet, check e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and more and definitely great for some research and fun gaming. It is also unbeatable for those quick checks when you don't want to pull out a laptop, CLONIDINE trusted pharmacy reviews.

Typing on it with the on-screen keyboard is better than I thought, especially if you have Apple's iPad case which you can fold into an angle. However, Order CLONIDINE from mexican pharmacy, I wouldn't want to write any longer documents, the iPad is far better suited for swiping, pulling and pinching moves.

After having played around with it and tested some applications, I see the iPad as a great tool for educational purposes, such as research, fact checking and some very inspiring applications for doing so, CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. For reading books: well, I'm not sure, herbal CLONIDINE. It might be good, but too heavy for that if you ask me. Besides, Purchase CLONIDINE, I'm an old guy who prefers paper when I'm about to read a book. :-)

Some nice applications

I thought I'd list some nice applications that I have found so far (without a doubt, if you ask me in a week's time, this list will probably look completely different):

Alice in Wonderland (Lite - FREE, Full - USD 8.99)

A picture of Alice for the iPad

Wonderful Alice in the Wonderland book, discount CLONIDINE, complete with lots of interactions and animations. CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, There's a free Lite version and a paid one.

Open Alice for the iPad - Lite in iTunes Store

Open Alice for the iPad in iTunes Store


A picture of the IMDB application

Great when watching a movie and you want to know more about that film, some actor in it or similar. Buy CLONIDINE without prescription, For instance, a nice way to look at Kristen Bell. :-)

Open IMDB in iTunes Store

National Geographic's World Atlas HD (USD 1.99)

A picture of World Atlas HD

A great way to view different amps of the worlds but the greatest thing is to be able to swiftly find information about countries, where they are located and a lots of facts about them.

Open World Atlas HD in iTunes Store

Real Racing HD (USD 9.99)

A picture of Real Racing HD

This is a nice racing game where you steer your car by rotating the iPad left and right to take those curves, CLONIDINE no rx. :-)

Open Real Racing HD in iTunes Store

The Elements (USD 13.99)

A picture of The Elements

This is like a live version of the Periodical Table where you can find information about the various elements, CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. Very nice, but the price is a bit steep.

Open The Elements in iTunes Store

The Planets (FREE)

A picture of The Planets

A really great depiction of the starry sky and the signs, Is CLONIDINE safe, and to able to look at it from your current location. What makes it even cooler is to see a rotating version of Earth and where it's currently day and night, and even cooler, rotating versions of other planets and the moon as well.

Open The Planets in iTunes Store

The bad

Naturally, CLONIDINE cost, with such a product, especially when it comes for Apple, there's bound to be some drawbacks as well.

The lock-in

CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, Just as with the iPhone, what is very annoying is that the iPad is completely locked-in. CLONIDINE steet value, This means that a few settings are possible, but besides from that, you are not allowed to tweak anything to match your needs. While this might be good, to some extent, CLONIDINE overnight, for people who are at a higher risk to mess up the device, there should really be more advanced options as well.

But aside from that, Buy CLONIDINE online no prescription, it is incredibly limiting to own an expensive device and not being able to install whatever you want with it. And contrary to what some "technical journalists" may believe, this is not about geeks wanting to hack their phones just for the sake of it, but rather about personal freedom to control what you want to to with the device you own - just the same way as you are allowed to furnish your own home any way you want to.

iTunes/App store

And naturally, this leads me to iTunes, CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. And, order CLONIDINE no prescription, well, let's summarize it: fuck iTunes. Really. CLONIDINE mg, It is slow, hard to navigate, result filtering is extremely limited etc etc. Trying to get an overview of apps. CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, No total amount visible, no pagination page sum indicator, no alternate ordering. Just a next link that goes on forever after a long list of app names.., CLONIDINE from canada.

And, what gets me the most, is that you have to use iTunes to even activate your iPad. Cheap CLONIDINE, To me, one of the main ideas of a tablet is independence - connect it to the Internet, install what you want and enjoy. Thinking about activating it and then just using App Store in the iPad to find/install new things then. Think again if you are located outside the US; this is what will greet you:

A picture of trying to access the App Store from another country than the US, where you are met with a dialog saying it's not accessible in my country

Which of course is a fucking lie, since the App Store is available in Sweden and lots of other countries, CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. I can access it through iTunes on the Mac and install apps from there, order CLONIDINE from United States pharmacy, but not at all from the device.

And if that wasn't enough, certain apps are only available in certain countries. CLONIDINE street price, This of course also goes for free apps, so if you are located in another country, you can't install anything free either, because you aren't worthy. Well, effects of CLONIDINE, luckily, if you follow the guide in Install Apps That Aren’t Available in your Country’s iTunes Store you can at least get around that. CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, Besides from that workaround, iTunes must be the crown jewel in a DRM-like Big Brother-control that you can use to make sure you control the herd of sheep, sometimes referred to as users...

So: fuck iTunes. Doses CLONIDINE work,

Not charging...

I found another little gem too. On my 4 year old MacBook pro at home (which works quite fine, thank you very much), it will not charge the iPad when connected to the computer. First I thought this was a software error of some kind, buy CLONIDINE from mexico, but it turns it is hardware-related to the USB port on my laptop and that it doesn't "provide enough power". The option is to get a new computer.., CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER.

First, WTF. CLONIDINE treatment, Second, and I may go out on a limb here, but those same USB ports can charge Ipods, iPhones, frickin' coffee machines: you name it, no prescription CLONIDINE online, so I fail to see what enormous power plant the iPad needs to charge its battery. Third: yeah, right, CLONIDINE pharmacy, I'll buy a new laptop so I can charge the iPad then... (disclosure: Yes, there's is a separate power adapter I can plug in to the wall, but still...).

Web browser

CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, Safari on the iPad is nice, no question about it. But it seems the thinking behind some of its UI is still stuck with iPhone resolution, generic CLONIDINE. I want visible tabs, not having to leave the entire context to see a full screen of open windows, where I can switch to another or create a new one. Buying CLONIDINE online over the counter, Two taps is more than one = fail.

Also, what is completely missing is a Find in page feature to quickly find some text, which makes some browsing unnecessary difficult.


Ok, more anger than I expected there.., CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. :-)

But the thing is, the iPad is a truly wonderful device when you get over those hurdles. It's a pleasure to use and everyone starting to use it, be it geeks or computer illiterates, within literally seconds they all understand how it works because it is very intuitive (don't mind Danish UI experts... :-)).

The most important to know is that it is a device for consuming, not producing. Using finger gestures instead of a keyboard and a mouse feels so much more natural, and I predict we will see more and more touch interfaces.

So, should you get it. To me, at least, it fas find a perfect usage spot in the home and I am really happy I got it (after conquering iTunes, of course... :-) ).



LUMIGAN OVER THE COUNTER, I recently read a, to say the least, interesting prediction about the future of Mac OS X. LUMIGAN no prescription, In the latest issue of the Swedish Macworld magazine they interviewed a number of developers about iPad and what they believe about it's future. Amongst them, fast shipping LUMIGAN, Order LUMIGAN online overnight delivery no prescription, Jayway iTeam CTO Fredrik claimed/envisioned that iPhone OS X will be the new Mac OS X, and that there will be no Mac OS X 11, LUMIGAN australia, uk, us, usa, Purchase LUMIGAN, and maybe not even a Mac OS X 10.8.

Me myself being interviewed fairly frequently for magazines, ordering LUMIGAN online, LUMIGAN price, I know it can be a misquote or not totally accurate, so I'll give him the benefit of a doubt, order LUMIGAN from mexican pharmacy. Generic LUMIGAN, But anyway, what if it were true, buy LUMIGAN from canada.

The iPad

Without delving too much into the iPad, and the various opinions about it being either the savior of computers or just being an enormous iPhone, I think we can all agree on that a fair amount of people will use it, LUMIGAN OVER THE COUNTER. Buy cheap LUMIGAN, And personally, I think the iPhone/iPad OS definitely has its place for less tech-savy users and also for more simple usage like reading mail, LUMIGAN without prescription, LUMIGAN overnight, surfing the web, playing customized games etc, LUMIGAN pics. LUMIGAN recreational, Seeing people using an iPhone for the first time, it is impressive how fast they learn it and adapt, no prescription LUMIGAN online. About LUMIGAN, Using the screen keyboard on the iPhone (and most likely iPad as well) is tedious and inefficient to a real keyboard. And with the iPad, LUMIGAN reviews, LUMIGAN alternatives, if you connect a keyboard, it kind of kills the purpose of a tablet-device, LUMIGAN images, Discount LUMIGAN, and I could just have a laptop instead.

Mac OS X

LUMIGAN OVER THE COUNTER, The main strength of Mac OS X is the many ways you can adapt and customize it. If you just want pretty applications, LUMIGAN no rx, LUMIGAN mg, nice text rendering and easy application installations, that's fine, LUMIGAN interactions. Low dose LUMIGAN, But if you want to unleash the raw Unix power, terminal hacking and some deep-level coding, after LUMIGAN, LUMIGAN forum, that's just as much an option. And what I really like about it is the balance between these two, LUMIGAN trusted pharmacy reviews, Doses LUMIGAN work, that I can have the best GUI and at the same time the full power behind the scenes.

And, LUMIGAN from mexico, Cheap LUMIGAN, most importantly, I can install and configure any application I want to, my LUMIGAN experience.

Don't mix 'em up

I think the iPhone OS will be pretty good for iPad and similar devices, but I would never ever want it to, in any way, replace Mac OS X, LUMIGAN OVER THE COUNTER. LUMIGAN brand name, Just imagine being forced to use iTunes on your computer, having the almighty App Store decide what you can install, LUMIGAN used for, Purchase LUMIGAN online no prescription, being limited in choice, not to say the least, in choice of web browser, mail application etc. I strongly believe a full operating system will always have its place, especially when it comes to choice and personal control.

If the full Mac OS X would be replaced by something iPhone OS-like, my switch to something Linux-based (probably Ubuntu) would happen very soon.

What are your thoughts.

Trackbacks from: LUMIGAN OVER THE COUNTER. LUMIGAN OVER THE COUNTER. LUMIGAN OVER THE COUNTER. LUMIGAN OVER THE COUNTER. LUMIGAN OVER THE COUNTER. LUMIGAN OVER THE COUNTER. LUMIGAN OVER THE COUNTER. LUMIGAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. LUMIGAN from canadian pharmacy. Is LUMIGAN addictive. LUMIGAN alternatives. Cheap LUMIGAN. LUMIGAN dose. LUMIGAN photos.


BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION, Man has always been inspired by things moving around and giving away noises, so it was just a matter of time before video content showed up on the web. For a number of years, online buy VALTREX without a prescription, VALTREX dosage, Flash was the de-facto standard of showing video, but now, fast shipping VALTREX, VALTREX dangers, with HTML5, the video element has made its way into our lives, VALTREX pharmacy. Effects of VALTREX,

The video element

The video element is as simple as can be:

<video src="swedish-flag.ogv"></video>

Then you can add a number of attributes for if controls should be visible, if it should autoplay when the visitor loads the containing web page etc, herbal VALTREX. Buy VALTREX without prescription, The applicable attributes are:


Loads the entire file if this attribute is enabled, but is ignored if autoplay is set.


Video starts playing as soon as it is ready.


If video controls should be displayed - looks dependent on web browser.


Height of the element


If the video playback should loop.


The video file to play


Width of the element

So, buy VALTREX online cod, Ordering VALTREX online, another example could look like this:

<video src="swedish-flag.ogv" controls width="320" height="240"></video>

What is also nice is that web browsers won't automatically download the entire video file, but just a part of it to be able to display the first frame, VALTREX no prescription. Where can i cheapest VALTREX online, Also, you could write your custom controls and control the video via script - this is more described in Using audio and video in Firefox, VALTREX mg.

Different treats for different web browsers

This all sounds good and well; just specify the source of your video file and you are good to go, BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION. Is VALTREX safe, Well, it could have been like that, VALTREX brand name, Where can i buy VALTREX online, but unfortunately isn't. Just as before in history, my VALTREX experience, VALTREX from canada, it comes down to video codecs - yes, exactly that hassle we got around with having video in Flash, real brand VALTREX online. Canada, mexico, india,

  • Firefox supports the Ogg/Theora encoding.

  • Google Chrome supports the H.264 and theOgg/Theora encoding.

  • Safari supports the H.264 encoding.

  • Opera will support the Ogg/Theora encoding (no final release with video element support yet).

So, what the video element offers us is to specify various video sources for different web browsers, VALTREX price, VALTREX class, like this:

<video controls="controls">
<source src="swedish-flag.mp4">
<source src="swedish-flag.ogv">
Sorry, your web browser doesn't support the video element

This video above should play in Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari on Mac, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. VALTREX online cod, You can also check out a demo targeting both Ogg/Theora and H.264 in a stand-alone page.

And, instead of the "sorry"-phrase above, VALTREX street price, VALTREX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, we could also go to the length of offering QuickTime and Flash fallbacks instead for web browsers not supporting the video element at all.

Codecs and licenses

BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION, I think it's fair enough that we can offer content to please every web browser, but at this point it becomes cumbersome. Maintenance, buy VALTREX from canada, VALTREX photos, it's a nightmare, since we need to maintain and store at least three formats for each video to be able to offer it to a vast majority of our visitors, VALTREX canada, mexico, india. VALTREX schedule, The reasoning behind codec support is that Apple has invested a lot of time and money into H.264 so they want to push that, Google Chrome has bought licenses for H.264 (which means the only version of Google Chrome that supports it is the one downloaded from the Google web site - Chromium and others don't support that license) and support Ogg/Theora as well, VALTREX duration, Where to buy VALTREX, while others like Mozilla (with Firefox) and Opera believe that the open standard element video should naturally support open codecs and therefore only support Ogg/Theora.

What we don't want with a new standard/element and de-facto way of doing is to go into the situation of GIF again, generic VALTREX, but instead avoid closed formats that requires a number of expensive and limited licenses. I believe Robert O'Callahan explains it beautifully in Video, Freedom And Mozilla just why H.264 is not a viable option, and why it is not on par with the open web and web standards.

And, to make matters worse, in my eyes, Google just started offering the HTML5 video element on YouTube and Vimeo announced HTML5 video element support as well, BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION. Great news, but the big big problem with this, though, especially being two of the most visited video web sites on the web, is that they only support the H.264 encoding. This means that only Google Chrome and Safari users (and, oh, those three IE users in the world with Google Chrome Frame) can see it, excluding a vast portion of the web browser market with Firefox and Opera (the initial complaints were also that fullscreen video wasn't there - well, Firefox 3.6 supports fullscreen video, so if they would have chosen another format that would have been there too).

What is bothering me with the H.264 approach, and is quite saddening, is that Google Chrome supports the Ogg/Theora codec as well, so they could have chosen the open route instead. Their move of introducing the video element on YouTube is a very important decision, and I believe it's great to move away from Flash and into HTML5 elements. BUY VALTREX NO PRESCRIPTION, But as long as they do it with closed-in licensed codecs, it has been all in vain, if you ask me.

Mozilla VP Engineering Mike Shaver expresses his opinions in HTML5 video and codecs and Mozilla's Christopher Blizzard talks more about in HTML5 video and H.264 – what history tells us and why we’re standing with the web.


The whole reason video on the web took off in the first place with YouTube and others is because it just worked as long as you had Flash installed, no matter the web browser and no matter the platform. If just end up in another codec war again, the video element will never take off - don't waste our time with web browser-specific solutions and proprietary attitudes. If we ever truly want to use the video element on the web, it has to be open. Period.


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BUY ACTOS NO PRESCRIPTION, It seems like Apple is about to go down a road which is completely against the spirit of the web.

Apple has applied to patent CSS transformations and animations, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. ACTOS brand name, I'm no lawyer, and it's virtually impossible what results such a patent owned by Apple would lead to in reality, buy cheap ACTOS, Buy ACTOS online cod, but really, if it in any way cripples interesting technologies and approaches in creating richer web sites, ACTOS without prescription, ACTOS from canadian pharmacy, end users and web developers are the losers.

And, ACTOS coupon, Where can i order ACTOS without prescription, I know, it seems to be in the spirit of Apple to close things in, about ACTOS, ACTOS samples, but I sincerely hope they will drop this and instead contribute to the web with open technologies and ideas - we have all seen various companies going down the proprietary path for things web-related, and it has never been for the better, ACTOS no rx. ACTOS long term, So, Apple, taking ACTOS, ACTOS from canada, please, just stop it, buy ACTOS from canada. ACTOS duration. Low dose ACTOS. Kjøpe ACTOS på nett, köpa ACTOS online. After ACTOS. Order ACTOS from United States pharmacy. Fast shipping ACTOS. Where can i buy cheapest ACTOS online. Herbal ACTOS. Order ACTOS from mexican pharmacy. Order ACTOS online c.o.d. Order ACTOS online overnight delivery no prescription. Purchase ACTOS online. Is ACTOS addictive. ACTOS from mexico. Cheap ACTOS no rx. ACTOS no prescription. Purchase ACTOS. Where can i buy ACTOS online. ACTOS alternatives. ACTOS pics.

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INDOMETACIN FOR SALE, In the world of advanced mobile phones, iPhone has a lot of interesting offerings and apps, while more and more Android-based phones are coming into the market.

Development target #1

I believe that, doses INDOMETACIN work, INDOMETACIN over the counter, beyond a nice, consistent and well-designed interface and impressive hardware, INDOMETACIN trusted pharmacy reviews, Buy INDOMETACIN online cod, one of the major strengths of the iPhone is that it has become the number one platform choice for developers for mobile phones. Virtually any developer or company interested in developing something for a mobile phone will do it for the iPhone first, INDOMETACIN natural. Get INDOMETACIN,

Extending - the way to go

This is pretty much the same strength as Firefox has. With the abundance of add-ons on offer for it, buy no prescription INDOMETACIN online, Online buying INDOMETACIN, it's hard to compete. But what if something happened that made, let's say, it easier or better to develop an extension for Google Chrome, INDOMETACIN FOR SALE. Something that made people look somewhere else than the iPhone, purchase INDOMETACIN. No prescription INDOMETACIN online,

Slowly moving towards a dangerous line

To me, it seems like Apple are, INDOMETACIN coupon, Real brand INDOMETACIN online, or always have been, heading in that direction with their App Store and its requirements to get approved to be on that vital platform, get INDOMETACIN. INDOMETACIN natural, According to my personal values, anyone should be possible to install whatever they want on their computer, order INDOMETACIN from mexican pharmacy, Where can i cheapest INDOMETACIN online, mobile phone etc. And while App Store is a financial success, INDOMETACIN from canada, After INDOMETACIN, both for Apple and developers, and naturally it's good and easy for end users to have one place to look to for applications, INDOMETACIN duration, INDOMETACIN for sale, they don't allow any app there.

The Apple approval process

INDOMETACIN FOR SALE, The problem is the approval process. Some apps seem to almost go straight through, INDOMETACIN schedule, INDOMETACIN steet value, some takes quite a long time, and some are just rejected, about INDOMETACIN. Doses INDOMETACIN work, And according to the well of feedback on the Internet, a lot of that rejection seem to be based on weak or irrelevant arguments, order INDOMETACIN no prescription. INDOMETACIN long term, Or it might just be that they're competing with already existing, or soon-to-come, what is INDOMETACIN, INDOMETACIN overnight, Apple applications.

That's where I think they go wrong, discount INDOMETACIN. As opposed to Mac OS X, where Apple has a good base selection of software but I can choose to install whatever I want, the iPhone locks you in, INDOMETACIN FOR SALE. Taking INDOMETACIN, And given the price you pay for it, that's not how you want to feel, INDOMETACIN price. Purchase INDOMETACIN, Also, looking at high number of photo apps that stopped working with the release of OS 3.0, my INDOMETACIN experience, Buy INDOMETACIN no prescription, listed in Broken iPhone photo apps, it really makes me start to wonder, cheap INDOMETACIN no rx. For example, I, for one, was a very happy user of the Darkroom Premium app (App Store link), which offered a great way to make sure the phone was being held stable enough for a non-blurry result.

However, as outlined in Darkroom and OS 3.0 Compatibility Issue Update, they have repeatedly been rejected by Apple for doing something which they have always done. INDOMETACIN FOR SALE, The claim is that they are "using an undocumented API". Problem is, a number of apps have been blocked for this with the 3.0 release, but as always, there are some apps who do the same thing, but have been approved...

And, if they are using an undocumented API which evidently works and offers great features to the phone owners, just bloody document it then.

My suggestion

Keep the App Store, the reviews of applications and everything that goes with. Offer a safe haven, if you so will, for users so they can only install what Apple approves of. But, for those who want to, give users the option to install whatever software they want, from whatever source they want.

Seeing the popularity of jailbreaking iPhones, and trust me, that interest will not decline, just give people what they ask for - the freedom to install anything to their liking. Because in the long run, if you don't, I think someone else will take that spot.

What do you think?

Do you believe in the free choice of the end user, or that software dictatorship is the only way for Apple (and any other company).



ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER, During this summer, I realized that Apple's naming of versions seems a tad odd... Canada, mexico, india,


We were sitting around a table in the beautiful Swedish archipelago, having a drink and chatting a little, where can i find ADVAIR online. Comprar en línea ADVAIR, comprar ADVAIR baratos, Big men talk about big guns, right, ADVAIR description. ADVAIR treatment, So, we were discussing different German tank models, buy ADVAIR from canada. ADVAIR price, coupon, Not being just a man, but a computer geek as well, ADVAIR photos, ADVAIR duration, it hit me that the name of German tanks are the same as the name of OS X versions.

Names of tanks and operating system versions

When I got back online, I did a quick search, and Internet being what it is, naturally I hadn't been the only one thinking about it, ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER. In German armored vehicles and Apple Mac OS X all these are listed, online buying ADVAIR, Buy cheap ADVAIR no rx, but please allow me to present a short list:

Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah

Tank: Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard (Gepard in German means Cheetah in English)

Mac OS X 10.1 Puma

Tank: Sd.Kfz. 234/2 "Puma"

Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar

Tanks: Jaguar 1 and Jaguar 2

Mac OS X 10.3 Panther

Tank: Panther

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

Tanks: Tiger 1 and Tiger 2

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

Tanks: Leopard 1 and Leopard 2

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Haven't found the corresponding tank yet, what is ADVAIR, Buy cheap ADVAIR, but I'm sure it exists... :-)


I'm really not sure where all this comes from, order ADVAIR online overnight delivery no prescription, ADVAIR alternatives, and it might just be coincidence - trust me, I'm not implying that Apple is some kind of Neo-Nazi movement in disguise (thinking about when especially the Tiger tank was mostly active), online buying ADVAIR hcl. ADVAIR without prescription, And sure, I can see why you would like to name something after great mighty cats, ADVAIR pics. ADVAIR class, But, what I really think, ADVAIR interactions, Australia, uk, us, usa, is that if you're going to name a product line of any kind, don't you just stop a moment to think, ADVAIR pharmacy, ADVAIR no rx, to contemplate:

a) Have anyone else used this naming convention?

b) Could there be any kind of negative connection?

Maybe my guess for the next iPhone to be named iPhone 3G SS isn't so far off after all... ;-), get ADVAIR. Online ADVAIR without a prescription. Discount ADVAIR. ADVAIR dangers. ADVAIR recreational. Kjøpe ADVAIR på nett, köpa ADVAIR online. ADVAIR dose. Real brand ADVAIR online. ADVAIR samples. Herbal ADVAIR. ADVAIR street price. ADVAIR results.



ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, Wow. I can't really believe these are my first words of blogging again in almost two months. It always feels a bit funny getting back in the saddle, but once there, I'm as happy as a butterfly on a flower. Cheap ANTABUSE no rx, A picture of a butterfly

At times, it's been a warm summer here in Sweden, and at other times, just endless drizzle... We did have a peak, though, ANTABUSE pictures, with 48 degrees Celsius/118 degrees Fahrenheit. Granted, it was in-the-sun temperature, but still, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. :-)

A picture of a thermometer showing 48 degrees Celsius/118 degrees Fahrenheit

Family time

With planning, economical as well as any other aspect, I am so so happy that I have managed to stay home the last few summers with my children. ANTABUSE without a prescription, It's time that is truly priceless, and I will continue to do it for as long as I can.

We've been traveling around in Sweden together, having a fantastic time, and my life feels so rich when I am with them.

Computer leave

As usual during my summer leaves, purchase ANTABUSE for sale, I usually try to stay away from the computer as long as possible. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, Recharge my batteries, if you so will, but mainly there are two reasons.

  1. Working/spending time with the Internet, both professionally and in my spare time, is very rewarding but also very demanding. After ANTABUSE, I need to have a computer break just to get a mental pause, and to keep my burning fire for what is both my mean of income and hobby.

  2. When I have time set aside with my family, I sure don't want to waste it checking e-mails or reading feeds. Family time is family time. Period.

This year I managed to completely stay away from the computer for four weeks (and this includes stowing away the iPhone as well). Felt really good, but it was also an important lesson in how hard everyday tasks (like finding information) becomes when you don't have access to the Internet, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. Truly something for us to consider: how do we offer options to people, ANTABUSE maximum dosage, and how do we sell it to those not interested (besides stupid statements like "they just don't get it").

What happened on the web/in the IT industry

I think a lot of interesting things took place this summer on the web and in the IT industry. I thought I'd just go through a few of the most interesting ones here, and express my own opinions about them. Order ANTABUSE no prescription,

XHTML 2 got cancelled

By now, I'm sure the entire web development community are aware that XHTML 2 got cancelled, and that one thing that this hopefully will lead to is more focus on HTML 5, helping it to evolve. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, My personal take is that XHTML 2, while nice and pure in theory, completely fell on not being backwards compatible and, as far as I know, no collaboration with web browser vendors.

If we look at HTML 5, it is backwards compatible, buy ANTABUSE online cod, developers can bring to the table what they already know and last, but definitely not least: web browser vendors have already started implementing it.

What really baffled me, though, ANTABUSE steet value, is the ruckus that came out of this announcement. People started bashing XHTML and its syntax, personal attacks against Jeffrey Zeldman and others for advocating developing with XHTML in books and so on. All-in-all, a lot of bullshit and ignorance, if you ask me, online buy ANTABUSE without a prescription. Here's the deal:

  • HTML 5 can be in HTML format or in XHTML format (i.e, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. quick closing of tags etc). Basically, the XHTML syntax and sending it as application/xhtml+xml isn't going anywhere. The only thing cancelled was XHTML 2.

  • Jeffrey Zeldman's work spreading knowledge about web standards, ANTABUSE from canada, semantics and proper web development has really helped paving the road for a web with better code. I don't care if his examples were HTML or XHTML - anything that educates people and makes them get better is a good thing in my book, at least.

So, just stop the crap, look into what HTML 5 offers you and move on.

A picture of an angry tiger

Google Chrome OS

Google outed that they're working on a light-weight operating system entitled Google Chrome OS ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, (catchy name...). It will include a new windowing system on top of Linux, ANTABUSE mg. I for one think this is very interesting, and with Windows and Mac OS X in mind, it will be nice with a high-profile operating system being open source (Ubuntu is the only other one I can think of that has gotten some exposure worth talking about).

At this time, Rx free ANTABUSE, there's virtually nothing to see, but I hope it turns out well. Here's to new options.

Mozilla Open Web Tools Directory

Mozilla announced their Open Web Tools Directory, consisting of a collection of open tools for web development, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. While their main interface is interesting from a technical perspective, I definitely prefer the simple version of the Open Web Tools Directory.

Not sure if it was there from get-go, ANTABUSE schedule, but I was glad to find DOMAssistant to a part of it when I last looked. You can also contact them and submit things you think should be featured there.

Seeing a number of Firebug extensions, I thought they'd gladly accept my pretty popular extensions Firefinder and Inline Code Finder for Firebug, ANTABUSE dosage, so I submitted them as soon as the directory was released - no word and they haven't been added yet, though.

IE 6 supported till 2014

Microsoft have ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, prolonged their IE 6 support four extra years, till 2014. That's the way to go... NOT. Seriously, DROP IE 6 and help people and businesses move forward, buying ANTABUSE online over the counter.

HTML 5 doctor

A nice site with tips, tricks and help for anyone interested in HTML 5 was launched during the summer: HTML5 doctor. It's being run by, amongst other people, my friends Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp, and I'm sure it will become (and actually, already is) an invaluable resource for development with HTML 5, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER.

Why People Don’t Upgrade Their Browser

The Mozilla Metrics team wrote a very interesting blog post entitled Why People Don’t Upgrade Their Browser – Part I. It is based on the attempt to get people to upgrade from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 back in May, ANTABUSE duration, and in the prompt that was presented to end users, they got the option to provide feedback.

This feedback is presented in the blog post, and it's a very interesting read. The team then follows up in Why People Don’t Upgrade Their Browser – Part II with how they tried to address the major concerns with the Firefox 3.5 release.

I would love ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, to see such a survey performed on users of other web browsers as well, and then having the results presented completely in the open (one particular web browser especially comes to mind...).

A picture of a couple of Staropramen beer bottles in the sun

The Pirate Bay selling out?

The Pirate Bay has gone through a lot of commotion the last few years, ANTABUSE class, including court visits and fines. In the eye of the public, though, they have always been the underdog, ANTABUSE treatment, the people fighting for the freedom of information. It felt like they were the idealists who would continue forever.

In a surprise move, The Pirate Bay site sold to a game firm in June. This seemed to be widely regarded as selling out, and before the new owner has taken over, their Swedish Internet provider got a court order yesterday to shut them down from Internet - in my opinion, a very scary move in a democratic society, and I could list A LOT of web sites that should be shut down before a torrent tracker; money talks, I guess, and record and movie companies have them.., ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER.

Naturally, life pirates always find a way, ordering ANTABUSE online, and currently their web site is up again...

iPhone 3GS

Apple's latest version of the iPhone, iPhone 3GS, started shipping, ANTABUSE dose, and from what I have heard, people are very satisfied with it and its performance. Just one small thing... The name. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, I mean, the S in the name is supposed to stand for speed: 3G Speed. Is that really all their marketing team could come up with. Bring back Steve Jobs, real brand ANTABUSE online. What will the next version be named. iPhone 3G SS.

Spotify for iPhone

Spotify, the great music service, submitted their iPhone app for approval to be in the App Store, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. Man, I sure hopes it gets let through. ANTABUSE no rx,

Trying new challenges

During the spring this year, I had a lunch with Joakim Jardenberg In Swedish, who is best described as an entrepreneur who has done a lot of things. We had an interesting talk, and the discussion came into Mindpark In Swedish, which he is now the CEO of, order ANTABUSE online overnight delivery no prescription.

He asked me if I wanted to be part of a blog team for Mindpark, over 20 people, who write posts in Swedish there about a wide range of topics, although mostly focused on media-related things. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, I said yes, because it seems interesting to reach new, and other sorts of, people and it will be a nice addition to blog a little in my native tounge. Purchase ANTABUSE online no prescription, Maybe it will be great fun, or just something I that didn't suit me. It's good to try, though. For those of you who speak Swedish can read my first post so far: Vad är en upplevelse värd. In Swedish, where can i cheapest ANTABUSE online.


I had the please of seeing three concerts during the summer (besides from AC/DC at Ullevi Stadium June 21st 2009 before I stopped blogging):

New York Dolls

My brother called me the day before: "What are you doing tomorrow night?" He'd found out that New York Dolls were playing at a very small club in Stockholm, and asked if I wanted to go, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. After just a moment of unnecessary hesitation, I said yes.

It was hotter than probably any concert I've been too; when standing completely still, the sweat still poured down from all of my body. Generic ANTABUSE, The gig, though, was really nice, although I can't say I'm a 100% into all of their material. However, their front man David Johansen, buy cheap ANTABUSE, who is a spitting image of Mick Jagger, both visually and voice-wise, really makes it all worth while. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, All-in-all, a nice evening, and I'm glad I went.


For the first time in 19 years, Order ANTABUSE from mexican pharmacy, Madonna decided to play two concerts in Sweden, and being the icon she is, I felt I had to go see her. Fredrika and I went on a road trip down to Gothenburg to see the event.

Overall, I have to say that Madonna's performance was very professional and it was a great show, ANTABUSE from canadian pharmacy. I'm not really a fan of some of her music, but I have to hand it to her that she's indeed very versatile. The problem with something as produced as this show was, though, is that it doesn't really feel personal or unique, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. Great evening, though. Is ANTABUSE addictive, One thing that got to me is that she didn't play Like a Virgin, which, to me, is one of her most famous songs. But, I guess I just have to add that to the heap with seeing Deep Purple perform without playing Smoke on the Water and Kiss without performing Heaven's on Fire, ANTABUSE trusted pharmacy reviews.

Rhapsody in Rock

I got to see the concert at Skansen with Rhapsody in Rock - Handful of keys 2009. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, It's basically a concept show with lots of guest artists and performances, all organized by Robert Wells. I've seen Rhapsody in Rock once before, last year, and overall I think it was more even and better planned then. Is ANTABUSE safe, However, this year's event had something fantastic: Glenn Hughes.

When he came on stage, he completely stole the show, with some amazing singing. It was really intriguing to see how he owned the stage, kjøpe ANTABUSE på nett, köpa ANTABUSE online, and everyone's eyes were right at him, all the time. The songs performed with him were outstanding, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER.

It was also an exclusive night with four artists who are very famous in China performing, and it was all filmed by Chinese TV. Where can i buy ANTABUSE online, So, if you're in China and suddenly think you see me sitting in the audience, your eyes aren't playing a trick on you. :-)

Back, back, back, back, back!

My friends, I'm back. I've missed you and writing, and it sure is good to be here again. Please, please say hi. :-).



ALLOPURINOL OVER THE COUNTER, A little while ago, Apple released Safari 4. Buy cheap ALLOPURINOL, While it's a very competent and fast web browser, there's something seriously wrong with it: on a Mac, ALLOPURINOL pics, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, it can't be uninstalled.

Wanting to uninstall

If you install Safari 4 in Windows, purchase ALLOPURINOL for sale, ALLOPURINOL brand name, it's immediately there. If you install it in Mac OS X you need to restart your entire operating system, ALLOPURINOL dangers, ALLOPURINOL alternatives, plus a pretty long installation time. That's warning sign 1, what is ALLOPURINOL.

If you think about removing it in Windows, the option is right there:

A picture of where to uninstall Safari 4 in Windows

If you think about removing it in Mac OS X, can't find a way to do it and test out AppZapper to get rid of it, AppZapper warns you that it can't remove it, ALLOPURINOL OVER THE COUNTER. Ordering ALLOPURINOL online, Warning sign 2.

The most logic train of thought at this point is that you think you have just missed something, buy cheap ALLOPURINOL no rx, Order ALLOPURINOL online overnight delivery no prescription, surely it can be uninstalled, right, buy ALLOPURINOL no prescription. ALLOPURINOL overnight, So, you start by looking into Apple Discussions about uninstalling Safari 4, cheap ALLOPURINOL no rx. ALLOPURINOL description, The suggestion is to Archive and install, i.e, comprar en línea ALLOPURINOL, comprar ALLOPURINOL baratos. ALLOPURINOL OVER THE COUNTER, reinstalling the entire operating system. ALLOPURINOL long term, Very scary warning sign 3.

So, generic ALLOPURINOL, ALLOPURINOL no prescription, as it turns out, and with all information I have gotten, ALLOPURINOL from canada, Is ALLOPURINOL safe, you can't uninstall Safari 4.

Offering the uninstall option

The beta of Safari 4 came with a package that offered an uninstaller, fast shipping ALLOPURINOL, ALLOPURINOL from canadian pharmacy, but no such thing with the final release of Safari 4. Naturally, ALLOPURINOL forum, Low dose ALLOPURINOL, Apple can and must offer it. Now, ALLOPURINOL OVER THE COUNTER.

Microsoft have gotten a lot of crap for including Internet Explorer with Windows, ALLOPURINOL for sale, Buy ALLOPURINOL from canada, stifling competition and such, but you know what, ALLOPURINOL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buying ALLOPURINOL online over the counter, If you have upgraded Internet Explorer in Windows, you can at least uninstall it back to the previous version, ALLOPURINOL results. ALLOPURINOL dose, A picture of where to uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows

"Why uninstall" is not a relevant question

When I and other people ask for help, instead of looking for options how to do it, ALLOPURINOL images, Order ALLOPURINOL from mexican pharmacy, you rather get met by the constant question why you want to uninstall it. To me, ALLOPURINOL dosage, Real brand ALLOPURINOL online, that's a completely irrelevant question. ALLOPURINOL OVER THE COUNTER, Sure, I can say that I need Safari 3 back, that Multi-Safari isn't sufficient, that I just dislike Safari 4. It does not matter.

My opinion is that any software I have installed naturally can be uninstalled. To me, it's the core principle of software and the right every user should have. It should always be an option to uninstall an installation of a web browser or any other application.

Microsoft has done very bad things with Internet Explorer in this aspect, and now Apple are just as bad (or worse), ALLOPURINOL OVER THE COUNTER. Take a look at the commendable work with Mozilla Firefox and Opera: you can install as many versions as you want, side-by-side, uninstall them at will and all without restarting the operating system or anything.

No application should be tied so closely to the operating system, no matter if it's Internet Explorer, Safari or anything else. This is extremely disrespectful to end users.

The slogan for Safari 4 is:

See the web in a whole new way

Yeah, the way Apple sees it. Where they choose what you can uninstall, not you.



LIPITOR FOR SALE, I recently had a lot of problems with the Adobe AIR framework so I thought I'd share that information with you. LIPITOR natural,


Last summer I was busy developing a few Adobe AIR applications (GMDesk, facedesk, LIPITOR no prescription, Order LIPITOR online c.o.d, Memory), and then during the fall i didn't do much of that, buy LIPITOR from canada. LIPITOR forum, Then in November last year Adobe released version 1.5 of the Adobe AIR framework and eventually, during the beginning of this year, buying LIPITOR online over the counter, LIPITOR treatment, I looked into it to see if any of the problems and annoyances I had encountered previously had been solved.

However, LIPITOR alternatives, Order LIPITOR from mexican pharmacy, when I installed version 1.5 on my Mac, no Adobe AIR application would work, LIPITOR pharmacy. LIPITOR treatment, No matter which one I tried, they just froze on me when I started them, LIPITOR images, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and I had to force-quit them.

The support experience

January 23rd I contacted Adobe support through its web site, and heard back from them within a few days, LIPITOR FOR SALE. And, LIPITOR natural, LIPITOR maximum dosage, even though they gave me polite and fairly swift replies, it took all the time to March 3rd to solve the problem (to be honest, LIPITOR from mexico, Purchase LIPITOR, the last week there my replies weren't that fast either). However, canada, mexico, india, About LIPITOR, that's a total of six weeks to make any AIR app running on my computer.

The Swedish support, LIPITOR alternatives, Online LIPITOR without a prescription, where my journey started, failed to solve my problem (I didn't choose Sweden, purchase LIPITOR online, LIPITOR used for, I got directed to them through IP or something), so eventually I got a direct e-mail from a Adobe person in the UK with the solution, where can i order LIPITOR without prescription. Buying LIPITOR online over the counter, Interestingly enough, he didn't write the solution in the e-mail itself, is LIPITOR safe, LIPITOR australia, uk, us, usa, but rather linked to a comment in a blog post from Mike Chambers, who's one of the people on the Adobe AIR team, rx free LIPITOR.

The problem itself

LIPITOR FOR SALE, It seems that Adobe AIR, since it's based on the WebKit rendering engine, has a severe problems with InputManagers, such as SIMBL, on Mac computers (note, this does not apply to any computers running Windows or Linux). LIPITOR wiki, The solution is to completely empty any Input Managers you have installed on your Mac, located under /Library/InputManagers and ~/Library/InputManagers (the Library folder located under your user folder), no prescription LIPITOR online. Ordering LIPITOR online, If you do that, the problem magically disappears, buy LIPITOR without a prescription. Real brand LIPITOR online,

SIMBL usage

The downside with this, though, LIPITOR samples, Kjøpe LIPITOR på nett, köpa LIPITOR online, is since the Safari web browser basically has a non-existent plugin/extension structure, smart developers have used SIMBL to extend Safari with all sorts of nice features. A quick look at something like Pimp My Safari shows just how important this approach is.

I will leave it unsaid if Safari should totally change its extendability or not, but this means that if you want Adobe AIR 1.5 to work on your Mac, you basically can't extend Safari, LIPITOR FOR SALE. And even if I'm mainly a Firefox users, for me it's a pretty easy decision whether I want to be able to extend Safari or run Adobe AIR (let's just say Adobe isn't close to winning that one).

Adobe has to make sure Adobe AIR works even though people have InputManagers like SIMBL installed. Nothing else is even an option to consider.

My take

My general take on all this is three-fold:

  • Shouldn't this information be on a notice board for all Adobe staff to check when issues arise with Macs and Adobe AIR 1.5. And, in a better location than a blog post comment?

  • Adobe AIR has to be completely independent from any settings that will affect Safari on a Mac, and vice versa.

  • Being egoistic, and perhaps a bit shitty, now: before Adobe AIR Marketplace changed its design, it was possible to see that actual number of times a software had been downloaded. Comparing the numbers there to the number of GMDesk downloads, GMDesk was, as far as I could see, amongst the highest 20 or so installed AIR applications available. With that in mind, if it takes Adobe six weeks to help out a developer behind one of the most popular installs, can you imagine the developer motivation just sipping out, and getting tired of that platform?


Trackbacks from: LIPITOR FOR SALE. LIPITOR FOR SALE. LIPITOR FOR SALE. LIPITOR FOR SALE. LIPITOR FOR SALE. LIPITOR FOR SALE. LIPITOR FOR SALE. LIPITOR steet value. Doses LIPITOR work. Purchase LIPITOR online no prescription. Comprar en línea LIPITOR, comprar LIPITOR baratos. My LIPITOR experience. Comprar en línea LIPITOR, comprar LIPITOR baratos. LIPITOR street price.


TEMOVATE OVER THE COUNTER, Tomorrow it's time for Apple's last keynote at Macworld Expo, and as usual, lots of rumors and ideas circulate.

While I might be excited if certain products are released, where can i order TEMOVATE without prescription, Real brand TEMOVATE online, I thought we'd take a slightly different perspective here. Instead, where can i cheapest TEMOVATE online, Where can i find TEMOVATE online, for God's sake, let's have some self-distance and humor here, TEMOVATE mg, TEMOVATE coupon, and instead speculate about what the most common statement/reaction will be from Apple fanboys after tonight's event:

. TEMOVATE brand name. TEMOVATE without a prescription. TEMOVATE maximum dosage. Buy TEMOVATE without a prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. TEMOVATE no rx. TEMOVATE long term. Discount TEMOVATE. Where can i buy cheapest TEMOVATE online. TEMOVATE dose. Where can i buy TEMOVATE online. TEMOVATE overnight. TEMOVATE dangers. Buy TEMOVATE from canada. TEMOVATE reviews. TEMOVATE without prescription. Purchase TEMOVATE. Kjøpe TEMOVATE på nett, köpa TEMOVATE online. Buy no prescription TEMOVATE online. TEMOVATE pictures. TEMOVATE australia, uk, us, usa. TEMOVATE dosage. Buying TEMOVATE online over the counter. Herbal TEMOVATE. TEMOVATE used for. Generic TEMOVATE. TEMOVATE schedule. TEMOVATE blogs. TEMOVATE street price.

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BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Ok, time for an admission: I now, honestly, own an iPhone.

Like my friend Big H told me, when I said I was thinking about getting one:

After all you've written and bitched about it, surely you can't get one, INDOMETACIN canada, mexico, india. Right?

So now, Where can i find INDOMETACIN online, when I have one, I think it no more than fair to write about what I think and revisit my previous criticism.

The Good

The parts which stand out with the iPhone, kjøpe INDOMETACIN på nett, köpa INDOMETACIN online.

User interface

First of all, what pushed me over is the fantastic and consistent interface, BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION. It is oh-so-pretty, Order INDOMETACIN from mexican pharmacy, cool and well-working that, to be honest, I was sure no cell phone/device would ever be able to offer me something like this, buy INDOMETACIN without a prescription. Before I've only been testing other people's iPhones but now when I have my own, INDOMETACIN for sale, I've had extensive experience using it - honestly, I find it hard just putting the phone down. :-)

App Store

The simplicity and usefulness of App Store is what really makes the iPhone come alive, purchase INDOMETACIN. There are some truly great apps making it a lot easier to retrieve information, INDOMETACIN australia, uk, us, usa, interact with some web site/service or just plain enjoying yourself.


BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION, I constantly use Gmail and Google Calendar, and it works great in conjunction with an iPhone. Not sure about you, but I wouldn't recommend wasting your money on MobileMe, buy INDOMETACIN from canada.

3G and GPS

One of the things that makes anything Internet-dependent so nice to use is the 3 G connection - I can imagine that the experience would've been a lot less pleasant on previous models with EDGE. INDOMETACIN no prescription, And, paired with the GPS, the map services, where to buy INDOMETACIN, find commuting options from where you are at the moment-apps etc gives you a lot of interesting alternatives and real-life integration. My INDOMETACIN experience,

The screen and hardware design

Naturally, as any Apple product, it looks great, where can i cheapest INDOMETACIN online, feels fantastic to hold and has an amazing screen. The screen seems, so far, not to be sensitive about getting scratches, and size-wise, it actually fits in a pant pocket with its sleek design, BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Discount INDOMETACIN,

The Bad

Generally, my opinions in iPhone letdowns still stand.

The camera

It's such a shame that it has such a lousy camera, taking INDOMETACIN, especially with some fantastic apps to make it as easy as possible to take a picture and instantly share it with the world (in this respect, Where can i buy INDOMETACIN online, SmugMug is a great example with their own official app, while Flickr once again fails to deliver a proper official uploader).


I ranted a bit about mandatory subscriptions, INDOMETACIN treatment, and it is still one of the most annoying things. Online buy INDOMETACIN without a prescription, Some countries you can just buy an unlocked iPhone, no hassle - in others, you will have to subscribe to the most overpriced (and generally, no prescription INDOMETACIN online, suckiest) mobile subscriptions for the very least a year and a half. BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION, This is effectively killing off the corporate market since they already have established pricing plans with other providers, and everyone else just have to sell their soul to an operator they want just to get an iPhone. INDOMETACIN recreational, While I'm sure Apple gains a few more dollars out of this co-operation with the operator in each country, the bad-will and lost sales surely must be worse. I'm proud to say that my iPhone is imported from another European country, online INDOMETACIN without a prescription, and also mostly paid for by my employer, Australia, uk, us, usa, so in the end I had to pay about US$ 185 for it - mind you, this is with free data traffic and no contract binding or anything.

App Store, order INDOMETACIN no prescription, and lack of installing freedom

While App Store is overall fantastic and very easy to use, INDOMETACIN description, every application have to follow ridiculously strict Apple guidelines. The problem here is that some great software, not that uncommonly better than Apple's own apps, effects of INDOMETACIN, is restricted. Then you need to first jailbreak your iPhone and then hack your iPhone with Cydia to be able to install whatever you want (also read How to Use Cydia: A Walkthrough), BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy generic INDOMETACIN, The result of installing Cydia is that it breaks your warranty, meaning you need to restore your iPhone to factory settings before you leave it to service. Another downside is that apps will run in the background constantly, herbal INDOMETACIN, which might make your iPhone a bit slower to operate. INDOMETACIN long term, The upside, of course, is installing freedom, INDOMETACIN duration.

Apple seriously have to loosen up with App Store, INDOMETACIN reviews, or offer people a proper way to install applications not condoned by Apple...

Various missing features

BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Minor things that should've just been implemented, like:

  • Copy and paste (duh)

  • Forwarding of SMS message

  • Deleting single SMS message and not entire thread

  • MMS support

  • Video recording

  • Being able to just simply choose your own ringtones (you can, however, do this manually, as written in Howto: Make your own custom Ringtones for iPhone 2.0 (3G))

The Ugly

What annoys me the most at the moment is iTunes synchronizing limitations.


Apparently, for some DRM-type, purchase INDOMETACIN online no prescription, completely misguided "Everyone-will-spread-content-EVERYWHERE"-fear, INDOMETACIN over the counter, you can only synchronize your iPhone with one iTunes library. What, you say, INDOMETACIN interactions. Yes, About INDOMETACIN, it's just that bad. Meaning, if you have content on your work computer and your home computer, it can only be synched if it's not of the same sort. I.e, BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION. I can sync, for instance, my calendar from one iTunes and my apps from another.

And what really really gets to me here is that even if I have automatic synchronizing turned off, with only manual transfers, it's impossible to drag and drop a music or video file to my iPhone if any other iTunes library has ever transfered the same sort of content. This sucks ass.

However, if you're the more adventurous type, as Martin Andersson pointed out to me, you can edit your iTunes library manually, as described in How to sync an iPhone with two (or more) Computers.


BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Let me say that due to the shortcomings and tie-ins I've been whining about before and here, I truly and honestly wanted to get another brand with equivalent features. However, the no less than marvelous interface in the iPhone and extending options and application quality offered through App Store, I just have to confess that there's no other player in the market currently being able to match this.

I even considered getting a tiny "regular" mobile phone and iPod Touch instead of an iPhone with its stupendous subscription requirements, but practically everyone advised me not to, that I should get the iPhone instead. I followed their line of thinking, and now I'm really glad I did - I constantly use services over 3G wherever I am, and it's one of the best things altogether.


This last part is about making a confession: seeing all people with their cool iPhones, I was jealous, and soon it became an obsession to own an iPhone. It's so damn pretty, and why would I settle with less than anyone else, BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION. :-)

In the end it was all about coming to terms with the current iPhone shortcomings, and focus on the good parts. At the end of the day, instead of getting annoyed or bothered when using my cell phone, I now get happy and just want to use it more, More, MORE.

And ain't that exactly the feeling a device should give to you. :-).



The reason why I use Macs is pretty simple:

A picture of a dialog in Windows Vista reading 'A system call that should never fail has failed'

Image taken from FAIL Blog.

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Operating System market share prediction

When I wrote One browser to rule them all, I also wanted to speculate a little in where the operating system market might be heading. Suffice to say, Vista hasn't meet its expectations, and Mac OS X has gained a lot of attention through iPhone and iPod.

Current market shares

If you take a look at the current operating system statistics (more detailed breakdown), it basically looks like this:
  • Windows 90.6%
  • Mac OS X 7.8%
  • Linux 0.9%

Possible future market share prediction

It seems like more and more people get their eyes open for Mac OS X and Apple products in general, which is overall a good thing, I think; as long as we get some equilibrium, please. Just as with web browsers, what would be really good if we got two or three major players having about roughly the same market share. And, to be honest, I think it could be a possibility, if Apple were to let OS X free!. I also think Linux-based operating systems are gaining more and more popularity, especially when it becomes more targeted at regular users, most notably in the form of Ubuntu. My mom has been using Ubuntu for over a year now, and making the switch from Windows XP to Ubuntu was by far the best move I've done in my support-for-parent business. She has virtually had no problems since the change.


So, let's start a little guessing-game of how the operating system market share will look like in two years:
  • Windows 75%
  • Mac OS X 22%
  • Linux 3%
(yes, all the numbers come from a very scientific calculation... :-) ) What's your take, and wishes?

An alternate iPhone review

I now own an iPhone and must reconsider what I wrote in iPhone letdowns. First, I must say that the iPhone has revolutionized my sex life. It has made me come harder than ever before. And, sometimes when I get into the mood, I use the fantastic app iRectum, turn on the vibrating and ask my friends to call, for the ultimate pleasure. Some people have complained about the pricing model, but personally I had no problem selling both my kids to be able to experience such a fantastic interface! And, oh, the camera! Sure, it might take blurry pictures, but, honestly, don't we all feel out of focus from time to time? Besides, photography and grainy quality reminds me of my fond days as a crack whore in Berlin... Also, for those who haven't tried it yet, I strongly recommend the service RapeMe to be sure of where all your savings go, while presenting your "photos" to all your friends - please remember, love is blind.


Disclaimer: I don't really own an iPhone. I do think it's a pretty good product, although it lacks some features. Perhaps I'll get one one day.
This post is rather targeted at the ridiculously biased and uncritical reviews and blog posts I read this summer about the iPhone 3G. If my harsh language has offended anyone, accept my apologies.

iPhone letdowns

In July, iPhone 3G was released, with a product hype the web world hasn't seen in a long long time. It's a nice little product, but in my opinion, there are some fundamental flaws.

The camera

Let's start with the alleged "camera". The iPhone has a 2 megapixel camera with no autofocus, and definitely no way to record video with it. This is in par with what the other cell phone manufactures were offering back in about 2005, and it doesn't just baffle me, I think it's a disgrace to release a new cell phone with such a poor camera. If I were to buy a new MacBook Pro, the equivalent were if it came with 128 MB of RAM or perhaps a 1 Ghz processor. Really, Apple, what were you thinking?

No FM radio

To me, the lack of FM radio is a big drawback. Again, all other competitors can offer in their products, but Apple just stubbornly won't. The most annoying argument against radio goes something like this:

Why would you want radio, dude? Just buy/download the music you want, it's like an iPod, man.

Personally, I like listening to the radio, since it's much more personal with people talking, any random music can come up, music that I might not own or didn't even knew I wanted to hear. It's the ultimate unpredictability, and what I love. Therefore, arguing that everyone have to own all the music they're listening to is just bullshit, and pretty much out of sync with the times of today. Of course this is due to Apple having the iTunes Store and wanting to sell more music, but still, it's a well-requested feature. Anyway, iPhone owners, you'll never get FM radio, mark my words.

Pricing & subscriptions

Mandatory subscriptions

Not sure if it's Apple being just plain naive or widely disrespectful against their customers, but the completely up-the-wall mandatory contracts/subscriptions in almost every place where the iPhone has launched is ridiculous. What it shows is that they just don't care about people actually already having subscriptions or catering to people's needs. They must also be a 100% uninterested in the company market as well. Companies naturally already have subscription deals with great fees and terms, and for them to completely drop this and just to get an iPhone is just not very likely at all; especially since, incidentally, Apple seem to have made it a sport to have deals with the most notorious cell phone subscription providers in every country they have launched.

Pricing talk

When Steve jobs presented the new iPhones, he stated that they would cost $199 respectively $299. It was implied that on top of this, there would be a subscription fee, but in my book, in the few places were they're sold without any contract obligations the price is around $600 and up. In that case, the prices Steve mentions are totally wrong. The only way they matter is that it is the internal price of the iPhone, but since it will never, under any circumstances, be the price for the end customer, why even bring it up (except it being a good lie for marketing purposes)? When I work as a consultant, I think I'll tell my company to write offers to clients that I will only cost $10 an hour. Lots of customers will of course be interested, but maybe just a tad disappointed when it turns out that on top of this they have to pay the consultant-actually-showing-up fee of a $150 per hour...

Breaking the law

There a a lot of people trying to get iPhones without subscriptions, and they're definitely open for breaking the law when it comes to importing, jailbreaking and cracking the iPhone to get it working (just look at the first version of the iPhone; Sweden was riddled with it although it wasn't even sold here). I think it's preposterous that people adapt so much to the company selling the product, instead of looking at companies actually showing them the decency of offering them what they want and actual options.

I'll probably not get one

With these arguments in my mind, I will most likely not get me an iPhone. I'll be completely honest and admit that the iPhone definitely has some nice features, and that it is overall a good product, but with such shortcomings as mentioned here, it becomes insufficient for my needs and wants. App store is nice, and it's interesting to see how how lots and lots of web sites adapt their presentation for iPhones (although weird, given the worldwide low market share for iPhones), but Apple have to deliver more and better than this to catch me in their net.

Installing Mac OS X Leopard – things to consider and eventual problems

Having upgraded/installed two Macs (Macbook Pros) to Mac OS X Leopard, I thought I'd briefly share some of my experiences.

Installing Mac OS X Leopard

Before you install, you must remove Unsanity's Application Enhancer to avoid serious problems. Read more about it in Getting Leopard's BSOD? Try uninstalling APE. I've performed two installations, one Upgrade and one Erase and Install. Both installations went painless, although the installation options themselves were a bit hidden under a More Options button in the install wizard. Upgrade, the default option, is just what it sounds like: the system files are updated, but everything else, such as your own files, installed programs, user accounts etc are kept. Very smooth. Erase and Install completely swipes your computer entirely and provides a 100% clean install.

Turn on the firewall!

Something to definitely keep in mind is that the Firewall is turned off by default after the installation! Make sure to turn it on as soon as possible. The firewall is also a bit tweaked in the sense that you don't specify what ports to open, but instead only choose a program to allow access for, and then the operating system takes care of it for you. It has, actually, I have to say, worked fine for me so far.

Small things to notice

A little thing thing which might confuse you is that when you connect to a network drive, it doesn't automatically turn up on the Desktop anymore. If you want to change this behavior back to the way it was, go to Finder > Preferences > General and check the Connected servers checkbox. For anyone expecting iLife with the package, be aware that iLife is only included and shipped with new computers, not stand-alone with the Mac OS X DVD. Apple has introduced a dialog which asks you to verify if you're sure you want to run an application or script that you have downloaded from the Internet. If you find this tedious or annoying, this can be fixed with the script in Lift the Leopard download quarantine. Some users have had problems with UTF-8 and the Terminal. A solution is presented in Displaying UTF-8 correctly in Leopard Terminal.

Application problems

  • Skype isn't working. Or rather, it works if you have your firewall off, but that's not really a set-up ypu want, right? I've tested a lot of the options in the forums, but they have only worked temporarily. More info in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Status of support for Leopard.
  • Firefox seems to have a problem correctly highlighting buttons in dialogs. Also, if you use Spaces and switch to Firefox when it is in another Space than the one you're currently in, it will switch to the application but it won't gain focus. Therefore, you need to click it to be able to use it. Highly annoying.
  • Adobe Lightroom works in general, but there are some issues. A list of the problems can be found in Lightroom 1.2 and Leopard. Adobe have stated that there will be a release mid-November which will address the problems.
  • Transmission was very shaky and instable at first for me, but with the latest update it works just as it should.

Applications which have worked

These applications have worked without any problem whatsoever for me:
  • WMvare Fusion
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Textmate
  • iTerm
  • Quicksilver (if you don't want in the dock, but can't make it go away, just re-install it)
  • Entourage (necessary for my work mail and calendar, ok? :-) )

Other problems?

Have you experienced any other problem? Please write a comment and let us know!

Higher prices and stricter DRM will encourage illegal downloading

By now, I'm sure you know about the controversy between NBC and Apple, where NBC decided to ditch Apple's iTunes Store and instead sell their shows through Amazon Unbox. The reasoning behind NBC's decision is that they wanted different prices for different shows. It might, to some people, sound like a reasonable demand. However, this stance basically comes from greed, and failing to acknowledge that one of the major things behind Apple's success with iTunes store is the pricing model seems to me like a fundamental business error. At iTunes, no matter what artist you want to buy music from, the price per song is the same. No matter what video/show clip you want, it's the same price, and it's reasonably low and fair. The consistency in this model has proven to be great in reaching people, because with such simplicity people will know what to expect and find it just. Another reason for switching is that Amazon offers stricter DRM than Apple, which will, of course, make it less flexible for the end users and deliver less value per price for the product. So, NBC might very well get a higher price for their shows at Amazon, but since they will, I'm convinced, sell a lot less copies with that higher price and more "protection", they're bound to earn less money and gain more bad-will. The sum is that NBC had a shot at actually selling more shows for downloading, lost out on it because of greed, and there will soon be a higher concentration of their shows available at any torrent web site. If they are serious about stifling illegal downloading and actually deliver something worth its price to their customers, my advice is for them to seriously rethink. I also read that some analyst thought that this would mean less iPod sales because there wouldn't be sufficient availability of video shows. Yeah, right. Like there's no way for users themselves to convert video clips for iPod usage (Windows alternative), clips that they could get from any other source of their liking.


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Back in the saddle!

Just as I'm writing this, asteroid 85275, with a diameter of at least 2 kilometers, should be passing just by Earth. If it had hit, all of us probably would have been gone by now. So, what better time and way to say that I'm back writing? :-) I hope you all have had a great summer, and that you, of course, have missed my writings. I've thought about how to write this post and what to include in it for some time now, but really (as you will soon find out) I have no proper disposition. It will just be thoughts, opinions and other things in random order; some personal, some web-related, some superfluous... But, it would be great if you'd like to join me for the ride that is my first post in quite some time here, and that it will contain at least one tidbit of information that is at least remotely entertaining or useful. So, here goes:


A picture of Emilia with a ladybug Weather has pretty much really sucked here in Sweden. It has been worse, at times, but overall way too cold and too much rain. Speaking of cold, actually, do you know what the (true) definition by meteorologists for summer in Sweden are? If it's above 10 degrees Celsius/50 degrees Fahrenheit three days in a row, it's summer. Are you f**king kidding me? Where are we; the North Pole? That is not summer in my book, I can tell you that much!

I'm an Internet junkie

My name is Robert and I'm an Internet junkie

During July I realized that I have a really hard time to detach myself from the computer and online activity. Luckily, I make sure that this doesn't affect the family, but instead spend time with the family as long as they were awake and then sit up way too late with the computer doing, when looking in the rear view mirror, nothing. Or socializing, researching, bonding; whatever you might like to call it. Getting involved on Facebook (my Facebook profile) as well was just the icing on the cake... Frankly, it got to that I point where I just had to force myself to put the computer away and just take a real proper, full-time hiatus from everything online. This took place from the end of July, to about Monday this week, when I, for the first time in a month, read my e-mails again, checked out Facebook, started the RSS reader. And to be honest, it felt great with such a break; even to the point that it felt awkward using the computer once I opened its lid again.


I've been reading books, watching TV, just chilling. And, really, reading a great book when it's just you and the book all on your own is a marvellous thing. A couple of the books read are (and please note that the links below aren't links to Amazon, trying to trick you into buying it to give me some affiliate breadcrumbs... :-)):
Chronicles, Vol. 1 - Bob Dylan
A picture of the Chronicles, Vol. 1 cover A fascinating book! Dylan's persona, life and music is truly inspirational, and that he himself writes his own memoirs is indeed a great thing. The book (part one of three planned ones), just like some of his songs, takes you away to a time and a felling which seems long gone, and within you linger in a dream world.
The Children of Húrin - J.R.R. Tolkien
J.R.R. Tolkien's son Christopher has put together a lot of his father's old writing, puzzled the pieces together, and the result is a "new" book from a fantastic author. It is a very grim and dark tale, and thinking of it now, I think it would make an outstanding movie. Just reading something new taking place in Middle-Earth is an edifying feeling! Apparently, Entertainment Weekly wrote a negative review about it, but really, would you heed their advice regarding Tolkien (or any book, actually)?

Stand up and fight, or do good behind the curtains?

A picture of Filippa thinking In mid-August, things got, to say the least, a bit heated, and I think it all originated with Molly's Dear W3C, Dear WaSP post. Later, it was followed by Roger Johansson's re-entry into the W3C HTML Working Group. I must say that I sincerely admire and look up to Molly's passion, and I'm glad that Roger, while more calm, decided to continue contributing. However, I'm just not sure that I have such strong force in me (any longer?) do get so much involved and upset. I would say that I rather agree with Jeremy Keith's Reflection post (except for the stance about comments; I think comments are a good thing, given the right environment, which is NOT web sites like Digg and YouTube): there's so much more to life than blogs, forums and such things.

A picture of Filippa pushing Emilia I'd rather do my job properly, write about web development here when it amuses me and can help others, and generally just build good web sites instead of, as it seems to be, forever putting time into bickering and fighting. I'm glad that Molly, Roger and others do get involved, that they stand strong and try to make it better. But I don't think such a role's for me, that's all.

iPhone all over the place

During June, no matter where I looked and what I read, it was iPhone, iPhone, IPHONE! Tips, tricks, reviews, videos, hacks etc etc. I believe it to be a very decent product, but given the explosion of attention over Internet, it sounds rather that it is the first cell phone that can actually give you a blow job as well...

Things of seven

July 7th this summer, a magical date: 07/07/07. Two big events took place, where one actually had a connection to the number itself:

Live Earth

The gala for the environment took place. A worthy cause, but from what I hear it didn't get the impact nor the number of viewers it expected. Either way, the artist line-up sure looked interesting, but given at least the Swedish National Television's broadcast of it, it was a few live performances, gazillions of comics showing how you can get more environmental friendly and with way too many boring studio interviews with famous Swedish musicians (that is, famous within Sweden...).

The new Seven wonders of the world

Since only the Great Pyramid of Giza stands of the original seven wonders of the world, a voting was announced which took place for many years. A lot of controversy has surrounded the voting, since people could vote multiple times, some questioned the motive behind the initiators and so on. For instance, just read more in the Wikipedia article linked in the heading above about what took place in Brazil... Personally, I truly believe it to be a shame that Angkor Wat isn't amongst the winners, and, as you might have guessed, my opinion is that the Easter Island Moais definitely should have been there too (Chile actually got a letter of apology, saying that they should have been one of the seven). Anyway, agree or not, but the new seven wonders (at least according to the New Open World Corporation) are:

Random thoughts and opinions

  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 on an Intel Mac is really a dream compared to previous, unadapted versions. And oh, the Quick Selection Tool is quite nice too!
  • Fisher-Price produces quality toys that can take a kid's beating (which is more than I can say about their web site).
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is quite nice for managing one's pictures. now, if I only knew how to copy one image from one folder to another without any reference to the original image (i.e. I don't want any Virtual Copy)...
  • The true meaning of Zune: quite clever and funny!
  • Wireless Internet sucks. Really. Poor performance, breaks etc. Ethernet cables rock!
  • I have to say that I do, honestly, think Microsoft Surface looks cool. It's like it was right out of Back to the Future Part II or something.

I'm back!

Man, that felt good! I'm sure I forgot tons of things I wanted to have in the post, but never mind. At least I have started writing again, so look forward to a fall with ramblings, web dev tips, opinions and reviews.

Ubuntu – seriously challenging Mac OS x and Windows

It all started last summer. Everyone seemed to be talking about Ubuntu, so naturally I had to try it as well. I installed it, played around with it, and then, somehow, it just went away... But now I've tried it thoroughly, and I like it a lot! I guess that if you use computers a lot, you either become jaded or you're constantly on the hunt for new experiences and new kicks. As you might understand by now, I belong to the latter category. Therefore, as of lately, I've spent way too many late nights tweaking, testing and fooling around with things, where Ubuntu has been my main interest.

What I like with Ubuntu

Ubuntu, which is a Linux-based operating system, is completely free of charge. Being open-source, there's an abundance of really top-notch applications that are out there, just for you. And if you're worried about support, stop: there's a vast community just waiting to help and aid you, and since more and more have started to use it, the web is full of articles and guides. A picture of a workspace in Ubuntu Ubuntu is also ridiculously easy to use, even for someone who aren't that used to computers, since they broken everything down to the most basic needs, and built from there up. But if hardcore terminal hacking is your thing, there's plenty of that too.

General interface

The general interface basically consists of a top bar with menus, main workspace, and a bottom bar showing all open programs, workspaces and such.

The menus

A picture of the Ubuntu menus The interesting part is the menus, which are painstakingly simple. They are divided into three main sections, to easily get an overlook of all you need:
Applications is all your preferred applications, and also where you can add or remove applications.
Places on your hard drive, external hard drives, network, connect to server-functionality and search.
This is where you have all your major preferences and administration settings, together with help information.

Best Add/Remove programs in the business

One thing that is outstanding with Ubuntu, and also a major factor for making it available to less tech-savy people, is the Add/Remove feature. Basically, when you open up Add/Remove, you are presented with a list of applications divided into categories. In this list, you can choose to see only already-installed applications, or applications available to install. A picture of the Ubuntu Add/Remove applications functionality It is then up to you to define the list of available applications, from these options:
  • All available applications.
  • All Open Source applications.
  • Supported Ubuntu applications.
  • Third party applications.
  • Installed applications
Then, and this is where the magic begins, you just check/uncheck the checkbox next to each application, and once you're done you click the Applybutton (or Ok if you want to Apply and then automatically close Add/Remove after). What happens is that it goes online (and/or to an Ubuntu CD if specified in the Preferences) to check for the necessary files, downloads them and installs the application/-s you wanted, and removes the installed applications that you unchecked. Voilà! No need to go through the registry, no "98345lkfer348.dll might be used by other applications, what should I do with it?", no hidden preferences files (to my knowledge :-) ). It just can't get any simpler. Then, as always, if you want to install something special or do some very specific things, you might have to resort to the terminal. But luckily there are a lot of guides online for that too, so you can almost achieve anything! And for each day, there's someone working even more on package management and installers, so it gets better and better.

Recommended applications

Mark Pilgrim has put together a great list of recommended applications for people switching to Ubuntu (or Linux, in general). It's called the Essentials, 2006 edition.


Mark, probably one of the most talented people in the business, made the switch from Apple to Ubuntu about a year ago (and when someone like him does something like that, you should read and listen carefully to the reasons). He then switched (sideways) to Debian, described in One year with Linux.

Eye-candy with Beryl

If you're a computer geek, you've probably seen those jaw-dropping videos, and that is accomplished through the Beryl Project. Although, when you start with Beryl, you're most likely to go haywire with all the effects, gradually you calm down and then actually have some real usage of some of them. For me to make it work, I followed the excellent description of how to get Beryl to work in Ubuntu with an ATI graphic card.

Beryl in Ubuntu examples

Here are just some example pictures of working with a desktop cube for your workspaces (virtual desktops). Note the stacking of windows if you have several applications open in the same workspace, and also the see-through capabilities to see applications from behind. A picture of the Beryl Desktop Cube functionality A picture of the Beryl Desktop Cube functionality, seen from above A picture of the Beryl Desktop Cube functionality, with multiple windows in the same workspace

Testing Ubuntu on different platforms

I've been testing the latest version, version 7.04 and named Feisty Fawn, which was released April 19, 2007. To be fair, and out of curiosity, I've tried it in three different environments: The main testing has occurred on the "real" install on the two-year old Dell laptop with 1 GB of RAM, an ATI Video card with 128 MB and a somewhat unusual resolution of 1920 * 1200 (on a 15.4-inch display; why can't Apple offer that?). Previous versions of Ubuntu has had some problems with getting the resolution correct, but this now worked flawlessly for me. Same for wireless access, hibernating and such. It was also interesting to see that Beryl worked so well with my hardware configuration, since the effects should be pretty intense for any computer out there.

Virtualized environments

It worked well in both Parallels Desktop for Mac and VMware Fusion, but unfortunately none of those offer 3D video support for Ubuntu yet (only for Windows), so no Beryl eye-candy. I should also say that I've liked Parallels from the get-go, but VMware Fusion really walked all over Parallels when running Ubuntu. In Parallels, you can't see the start-up process (it's just pitch black for a minuter or so), and when you want to turn Ubuntu off, the same thing happens, so you have no idea if it's done logging out or not. Fusion just worked, all the way, and felt very competent and stable; and still, Fusion is only a beta so far!


Ubuntu rocks! Really! As of lately, looking at the market, the only interesting operating systems on offer are Unix-based, both in terms of stability and graphical interfaces. Apple probably has the best and smooth design with Mac OS X, but interaction and control-wise, Ubuntu feels a bit snappier and more controllable/adaptable. Windows Vista (or "same shit, different name" as I like to refer to it as) just doesn't cut it. Take a look at the hardware needed to render its effects, and its still the least appealing in the market. When using Ubuntu, you somehow get the feeling that this is how Windows should have been, but miserably failed somewhere along the road. I strongly urge you to try out Ubuntu; you will be pleasantly surprised! After being a Windows-user who got sick of it after almost ten years, I'm mainly a Mac OS X user today. But believe me, I have my eyes on Ubuntu, and if I am to make the switch again, it will probably be in the direction of "Humanity to others". Right now, I will give my Dell to my mom (who hates computers) to see how she gets along with it and using Ubuntu. I'll get back to you on that one (and, please, no "Robert performs experiments on his mom"-kind of comments)... :-)


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Don’t waste your money on Apple TV – get a TViX instead!

For some time, I was looking around for the best hard drive media player to plug into my TV, and I scoured the web and harassed my friends to get some good pointers. And, finally, I found just what I needed! Basically, just to describe my needs: I wanted a product with a hard drive to save all my movies on; be it ripped DVDs, downloaded movies or any other kind. The idea was to completely move the computer out of the equation, so anyone in the family (basically, the people aren't tech freaks like me) could use it just by using a remote. As I saw it, it came down to two options, and I thought I'd do a basic comparison of them here for you:

Apple TV

A picture of the Apple TV Apple recently released Apple TV, and everybody was going crazy for it. So, let's take a quick look at specs:
  • 40 GB hard drive.
  • Option to stream video to it from the computer.
  • Only supports iTunes for transfers.
  • Only supports movies in two formats, H.264 and MPEG-4, which basically means items bought from the iTunes store, or converting your existing movies.
My take on it is that the hard drive is completely insufficient; 40 GB is almost nothing, less than some iPods, for Pete's sake. Streaming is not an option for me, because in that case I'd rather just put my MacBook Pro next to the TV instead; the idea was to become independent from the computer. And, being limited to iTunes for transferring is not a desirable situation. But, the biggest flaw of them all, a giant one, is the lack of supported video formats. Also, in many countries in Europe where it's released, you can't even buy movies from the local iTunes store. When it comes to getting around the ridiculous limitations that Apple have built-in, to learn more you can go to Apple TV Hacks and How-To: play DivX and Xvid on your Apple TV. But, to me, I'm not interested in paying for a product which so many drawbacks and limitations, and is far from ready for the prime time market. Verdict: Just like Front Row, Apple TV looks great and is completely useless. Shame on you, Apple.

TViX HD M-4000P

For about the same price (around $299), a couple of months ago I bought a TViX HD M-4000P, which has meet all of my needs. A picture of the TViX HD M-400P The specifications are:
  • 250 GB hard drive.
  • Almost no video format limitation at all. Supports wmv9, WMV, HD, .avi, .mpg, .vob, .asf, .tp, .tr, IFO, ISO. Codecs: MPEG 1 / 2, XVID.
  • Subtitle support: smi,sub,srt,aqt,utf,lrc / Image Subtitle : sub (with idx).
  • File transfers just any way you like, exactly as with any external drive.
  • Can act as a FTP server.
  • You can insert any hard drive you want to, and also connect external hard drives through USB.
And that's pretty much all I want. It is definitely not as good looking as the Apple TV, but instead it has a real remote, and, at the top of it all: It. Just. Works. The only two downsides is that it doesn't support wireless connections, so you need to connect to it via a USB cable, and that it can be just a little bit too noisy. However, with five different fan speed settings available, they are most likely to satisfy your needs (with two small children at home, I can't have the volume too loud, so maybe that's why I can hear the TViX at all; a friend who has the same model says he can't her his' when watching something). Tip for Mac users: Use the Disk Utility to format the hard drive you use to the MS-DOS File System. This is necessary for the TViX to work and for you to be able to read and write files. My recommendation is that if you look for his kind of product, TViX is definitely the way to go, since it won't hold you back in anyway. There are also a number of different models available, so just see which one is the right for you!

Slideshow – the hidden feature of Mac OS X

For those of you who aren't aware of it, Mac OS X has a fantastic, and somewhat hidden away, feature to easily view images as a slideshow or an index sheet. The feature is simply referred to as Slideshow and there are number of ways to trigger it. The most apparent option is to open up a number of images in Preview and then choose Slideshow from the View menu (Cmd + Shift + F). A picture of Preview when triggering a Slideshow Another way to start a slideshow is to select the desirable number of images in Finder and then right-click on any of them and then choose Slideshow from the context menu. What is thorougly annoying, though, is that you can't do this on a folder, but only images. Therefore, to view an entire folder with images as a Slideshowyou need to first select all files (Cmd + A) and then right-click on them to be able to start the Slideshow from the context menu. A picture of the Finder with a context menu Within the Slideshow view, when you move your mouse around, you are presented with a small toolbar giving you a few basic options:
  • Back (Arrow left)
  • Stop (actually, Pause)/Play (Space bar)
  • Next (Arrow right)
  • Index Sheet (I)
  • Fit to Screen/Actual Size (F/A)
  • Add to iPhoto
  • Close (Esc)
A picture of a Slideshow The, by far, coolest and useful feature is the Index Sheet. Just open a Slideshow and press I to zoom all the opened images out into an Index Sheet. It will automatically adapt the size of each image so they are all viewable without scrolling. Navigate around with arrow keys and press Enter to select an image and go back to the regular Slideshow view. A picture of when viewing an Index Sheet within a Slideshow Then, of course, the most outstanding way to do this is through Quicksilver. First, make sure that Slideshow Action is enabled under Plug-ins: A picture of the Plug-ins section in Quicksilver When you've made sure that it is enabled, trigger Quicksilver through your preferred keys (in my case, Cmd + Space bar), navigate to the desired folder, press Tab and then S followed by L (or browse down in the list of options with the Arrow down key) to choose Slideshow. Press Enter and your Slideshow starts! Do all of this fast, and perhaps followed by the I key to show the Index Sheet, and both you and your friends will be mightily impressed, wondering what hit them. :-) A picture of Quicksilver when starting a Slideshow So, the short list version: press this key sequence to accomplish it all:
  • Cmd + Space bar (for Quicksilver)
  • B (e.g. for the Bora Bora folder)
  • Tab (to move focus to the action field)
  • S followed by L (to select Slideshow)
  • Enter (to start the Slideshow)
  • I (for the Index Sheet)
Note: All keyboard shortcuts mentioned are case-insensitive (or rather, lower-case if there's any problem).

Add custom commands to the Mac OS X Terminal

When I use my Mac and type away in the Terminal, I've felt the need to add custom commands; e.g. launch an application with that folder/file as a parameter. The way to accomplish this is to create a hidden file in your user folder (i.e. Users/robertnyman) named .profile (you use the dot before the name to create a hidden file in Mac OS X). In that file, you just simply add your commands. Here's an example where I've added three commands to launch Preview, Photoshop and Firefox respectively with the current folder/a file as the input parameter:

    open -a /Applications/ "$1"

    open -a /Applications/Adobe\ Photoshop\ CS/Adobe\ Photoshop\ "$1"

    open -a /Applications/ "$1"
One of the power features with the code above is that when the prev command is called for a folder, it will open all images in that folder and its sub-folders in the same Preview window. So, happy customizing of commands! :-)

Bonus code: case-insensitive auto-completion

When you press the Tab key in Terminal, you auto-complete the current word you're typing (according to available commands/files). However, this is case-sensitive, which is a bit of an annoyance since many default folders in Mac OS X are named with upper-case starting letters, such as Desktop, Pictures, Movies etc. But, come to the rescue, a simple command to run in the Terminal to make it case-insensitive: echo "set completion-ignore-case On" >> ~/.inputrc Tip: remember to close the Terminal window and restart it before you try it.

Essential software for Mac OS X

I've been a Mac user for a little over a year now, coming from about 10 years with Windows, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share the applications available for Mac OS X that I find absolutely essential. Some of these are software I loved from day one, while others are fairly new finds that improve my Mac experience. The idea here is to only cover applications that aren't bundled with Mac OS X (amongst those, Preview is fantastic, and iMovie and iDVD are a must for importing and creating nice DVDs).


Quicksilver (Freeware)

If I could only choose one software to install, it would be Quicksilver. It's an amazingly powerful software, which to some are just an easy way to start applications, but for the power user, there's no end to the possibilities. Install it. Now!

muCommander (Freeware)

Are you a fan of TotalCommander or NortonCommander on Windows? After many tries, I think I've found the equivalent for Mac OS X: muCommander. It is almost as good as the above mentioned, and a personal recommendation is to open the action_keymap.xml file (located under [your user name]/Library/Preferences/muCommander) and change the keyboard shortcuts to your liking (a hint: "meta" is the name for the Command key). It also supports FTP, so no need for any separate program for that.

Transmission (Freeware)

Simply the best option for torrent files. Light-weight, simple and working like charm.

MacTheRipper (Freeware)

Outstanding software to completely rip a DVD. It works, every time!

Adium (Freeware)

Software for all kinds of IM services. A bit shaky when it comes to file transfers, but otherwise a good choice.

Skype (Freeware)

The application for Internet telephony.

The Unarchiver (Freeware)

Free software to easily unpack ZIP and RAR files.

Running other operating systems

Parallels Desktop (Price: $79.99)

An outstanding way to virtualize other operating systems on your Intel Mac. Also supports Boot Camp installations as well.

Boot Camp (Freeware)

Install Windows side-by-side with Mac OS X.


iSquint (Freeware)

A program that helps you transform your video files for playback on your video iPod.

Senuti (Freeware)

Helps you retrieving all your media files from your iPod, through an iTunes-like interface.


VLC (Freeware)

The most reliable video player. Supports a multitude of formats, subtitles and other options. Maybe not the best-looking software, but something you can trust (and that goes a far way in my book).

Apple Remote Helper (Freeware)

A great software to make your AppleRemote work with VLC.
Apparently the download link is now dead. Anyone who knows where to get this application, please let me know.

Movie Time (Freeware)

Based on QuickTime Player, but supports full-screen viewing and subtitles (something QuickTime Player should've done a long time ago...).

Flip4Mac (Freeware)

A plug-in to QuickTime Player for playback of WMV-files (a must for web sites who have chosen a crappy streaming video format). It is freeware if you follow the link above in the heading to the Microsoft web site.

Web browsers

Firefox (Freeware)

The best web browser on the market, and with all the add-ons available, it's pretty hard to beat.

Flock (Freeware)

Actually, all I use Flock for is uploading pictures to Flickr, but when it comes to that, it's superb.

SafariStand (Freeware)

If you're a Safari user, all you need to do is install SafariStand to get a proper experience (as opposed to wasting money on Saft).


TextMate (Price: €39)

Without a doubt, the most competent program for programming on the Mac. Extremely powerful and versatile adaptions available for an abundance of programming languages, the ability to customize it to your needs and bundled with superior functionality. A must, if you're a developer

RSS readers

Vienna (Freeware)

Easy-to-use RSS reader that supports three-column layouts.

NetNewsWire Lite (Freeware)

Simple and good RSS reader. Suits most people (scroll down the page in the link above).

Anything I've missed?

Anything I missed? Please let me know!

Related reading

Tabbing problems in Firefox in Mac OS X

Recently I got a bug report from marketing (don't all bug reports come from there? ;-) ), about an unexpected problem in Firefox in Mac OS X. The end users had problems tabbing through the web page, and especially through forms. Since I, at the time, sat on a PC, I couldn't test with my settings, although I knew I hadn't seen the problem on my Mac at home. Not resorting to the option of having the code riddled with tabindex attributes, since it didn't seem like the best way to go, I instead did some online research to see if it was due to any setting in Firefox or something similar. The solution I found to the problem was somewhat unexpected. How to address this is that the end user have to turn on Full keyboard access > All controls in System Preferences for it to work as expected. Like this:
  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go to Keyboard & Mouse
  3. Select All controls for Full keyboard access
A picture of the Keyboard & Mouse dialog in System Preferences in Mac OS X The interesting thing to note here is that this behavior doesn't occur in Safari, so it's a Firefox-specific problem. I'm not sure why they'd implement it this way in the first place, either. Kind of hard to have a web site with support e-mails coming in, and the reply is that they have to change their system settings...

Apple keynote and hype

As you might now, yesterday Macworld Conference & Expo 2007 started with his keynote address. I thought I'd cover the new products, my opinion about them and the Apple hype.

The news

Basically, Apple released these three new products:


The talk today seems to be about the iPhone, and sure, it seems like a nice device. But I heard somewhere that Jobs said (and I can be totally wrong here) that this product will revolutionize everything. Eh... Yeah. Or it is just yet another smart phone. Sure, it looks nice and will undoubtedly have some nice features, but some things bother me:
Hard drive size
If I have a device which I will have my music, video etc on, 8 GB is far from sufficient. The reasons is that I don't want to prepare the iPhone with what I might be interested in listening to or looking at when I leave my computer. Me, I need at least 20 GB.
Battery time
It says that battery lasting time will be about 5 hours if I listen to music, watch video and use the phone features. Who wants a cell phone that needs to be charged almost every day?
A 2 megapixel camera
Ok, I can see that then need to have a camera to compete with other cell phones (although personally I'm not interested in it), but to put one in with just 2 megapixels? When this product is available on the market, I'm sure 4 megapixel cameras with far better optics will be out there. If you ask me, I think the camera in the iPhone is just a waste of space and weight.
It is supposed to be released in summer in the US, end of this year in Europe and not in Asia till next year. Far too long to wait from its announcement, and given that Apple's first round of products are almost given to be faulty, no one but maybe some Americans will have a working one till 2008.
While the touch-screen is a great idea for having a bigger screen and saving unnecessary button clutter, I can't help but wonder how dirty and fingerprint-stained the iPhones will be. Is there an optional pen to use, for the ones of us who don't want winter vomiting disease all over it?
Now you think I'm all against smart phones and/or PDAs, but I've had my fair share of them. It started out with a Palm V in 1999, followed by getting an iPAQ 3630 the first day it was released in the US in 2000, and so on. I like the idea, but what about all of us who don't want all-in-one? We who just want a mobile phone to make calls, and instead a nice regular iPod for our music and videos? I think they should've released an iPod video version as well, without the phone and camera features. Also, just for the fun of it, silly little me thought this was an iPhone... :-)

Apple tv

Sync your videos and music from your computer to a little device to watch it on tv. The flaws in this, as I see it, is the iTunes dependency, and probably consequently FrontRow/Quicktime dependency as well. And you can read in my MacBook Pro post what I think of those. Why not use a nice Mac mini instead? What I really miss here is something that Apple really has to address soon: release a working Media Center machine! FrontRow is nice to look at, but totally useless in practice. Microsoft did the exact right thing and announced their Windows Home Server, and you can read the Windows Home Server Preview to get a better understanding of what it is. Step up, Apple!

AirPort Extreme

Faster and wider wireless connections. Nice.

The Apple hype

Naturally, Apple are very good marketers and at building a hype surrounding the keynotes and new releases, and this no doubt helps their sales tremendously. Before this keynote there were such an abundant of rumors, like the image in the Apple web site had the exact HD size so it was a hint they'd release some kind of Media Center, I heard from an Apple store that all MacBook Pro shipments had been put on hold (nothing new there...) and so on. Frankly, I'm getting a bit tired of it. Apple have some great products, no doubt, but most of the time the keynotes and releases aren't getting close to matching what they build up. Apple aren't the only ones to blame for this, of course; it's the media hype, Apple fanatics etc too. In the end though, the thing that bothers me most with fanatics (Apple, Microsoft or any other company) is that everything that their beloved company releases is the best in the world. Seriously, get some self-distance and try to be impartial and look at it objectively. Some things companies release are outstanding, some are not; simple fact of life. I know someone who loves Apple and when Apple released the 15-inch MacBook Pros, and no 17-inch ones, he said that no one would need 17-inch ones since the 15-inch ones were just so perfect. and then, when Apple released the 17-inch ones, it was of course the next natural step and a fantastic release...

2006, the year that was

So, 2006 is almost over and it's time to look ahead at 2007. Will it be an exciting year? No doubt, we have to wait to see just how riveting it can get! I thought I'd go through some notable things that happened in 2006, not just web-related, and scribble down some words about them... Actually, maybe I should've planned this post, with a list of important things to mention etc, but I prefer this way: just off the top of my head, more spontaneous (probably boring as hell, too, but at least I hope someone finds it read-worthy). I could write about which of my posts this year that I thought was best, or a long 200+ name-list (with links, so Technorati would have to work overtime...) with people who have inspired me, but hey, those are posts that you will read all over from other bloggers so I'll humbly refrain from that. But yes, I will at least mention some names, and if you're not in there, please don't think that you haven't been important to me. It's just that I (as well as the other three family members) have had a terrible cold for five days (and counting) now, and with small children, there really isn't any time to rest either, so I'm a bit dazed and confused. If you're not in here, it is solely for the fact that I'm desperately trying to get this post together and my mind might wonder. Sorry. Anyway, some things I'd like to mention:

O, Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum...

During the morning, I went out with the trash and saw a Corvette; not exactly the kind of car you see in Sweden during winter, but I guess it just goes to show you how ridiculously mild this winter is... After that I washed my hair with extra volume shampoo (no, I'm not kidding) and got ready for all the guests. Our Christmas celebrations went down really well, and it wasn't at all noticeable that our house was crammed with people. Emilia and Filippa got an extreme amount of gifts, and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. And, of course, as is tradition in my household, we got a big-ass Christmas tree as usual: about 4 metres high! A picture of our Christmas tree

My MacBook Pro

In march, I got my MacBook Pro, and while it hasn't always been a sweet experience, I've decided that I really like the platform and the hardware. Besides, through Parallels Desktop, Boot Camp and similar solutions, if you want to run Windows or any Linux flavor on it as well, there's nothing stopping you (actually, Linux might not work through Boot Camp, but it works like a charm through Parallels Desktop). A picture of my MacBook Pro All in all, I must say that an Intel Mac is really the most complete platform; when it comes to hardware design (and often performance as well), possibility to run a multitude of platforms and eye-pleasing, I don't think it has got any match on the market. At work I still use a Dell laptop, but I'm almost a 100% convinced to get a MacBook Pro next time around. Also, don't get me wrong, Windows also has some advantages, but I wouldn't want Windows to be the sole platform on any computer I use. For a way more thorough review of my switch to the Mac, please read my My MacBook Pro - first-time Mac owner.

First Swede in space!

If you're Swedish, there's no chance that you've missed that we have now had the first Swede in space. Christer Fuglesang went on a NASA trip to the International Space Station, ISS, and successfully performed his missions. No doubt, the media coverage here has gotten overwhelming and a bit too much for some people, but please don't blame poor Christer for that. A picture of Christer Fuglesang Christer has been dreaming and training his entire life for this event, and it has taken him many years to reach his goal. I sincerely respect his stamina and strong psychological will to pull this through, and it was so enlightening to see him in interviews from space, extremely happy and joyous! There aren't many better things in life than to see a dream actually come true for a person.

My trip to SXSW

In March, actually just before I got the MacBook Pro mentioned above, I went to the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas, USA. I did have a great time, although I really wasn't swept away with the panels and talks. Sure, they were ok, but not challenging, and basically just talks to an audience agreeing with everything that was said. I'm partly to blame for this, myself, too, though. I went to all the panels with the most well-known people, instead of the ones where the topics seemed interesting. I remember one specific occasion when I just came out from a panel and bumped into Nathan Smith, and he told me about the one he had been to. Man, it sounded intriguing! Overall, though, I'm not too sure about the panel format. Personally, I'd prefer more nitty-gritty hands-on talks for at least a couple of hours, giving the speakers a possibility to really dig into their topic. At least I got the chance to meet such special and influential people such as: Jeffrey Zeldman (Jeffrey, any time you want to visit Stockholm and Gamla Stan again, just give me a call!), Eric Meyer (just to shake his hand and thank him for all the inspiration) and Molly (for meeting such a strong woman who have become a role model for so many). Yes, folks, that was namedropping, and yes, I normally hate that. But in reality, lots of people have met the ones mentioned above, so really, it's nothing to brag about. Please rather just see it as a tribute to some genuinely talented and humble people. In the end, I must say that what did make my trip was meeting some people in person for the first time, and also making some new friends. Carl, Shane, Stuart, Chris, Dave; thank you! You really made my time there and I owe you all! Thanks for being the persons you are. If I ever go back to Austin, though, I'd much rather spend seven days discovering Texas and and the general Austin surroundings, together with the names just mentioned, than to it inside at some web conference. A picture of a nice dinner Honorable mentions (yes, here comes the list I promised I wouldn't write...) should also go to Jakob Heuser, Eric Shepherd, Erik Sagen, Dave Seah, Snook, Derek Featherstone; thanks for making it through my "jokes"! In Austin, I also got the chance to briefly meet and talk to an idol of mine: Henry Rollins! Henry, thanks for your time and all you have done. I hope to see you next time you're visiting Sweden! :-) A picture of Henry Rollins And last, but definitely not least, between panels, I had gotten a voice mail from my beloved Fredrika, telling me to call home. So I did, and she happily told me that we were expecting our second baby! :-) And lo and behold, little Filippa was born on November 24th!

Babies all over

Funnily enough, two other friends were also having children in November, and they both beat us to it! My family's best wishes to Stuart and Jim In Swedish!

Parental leave

All in all, I've had about five months of parental leave this year, four during the summer and one during the winter, and it has without a doubt been the best time in my life! If you have children, make sure to spend time with them! Don't waste your life on stupid CSS bugs, and web browser incompatibilities.

IE 7 was released

While it's miles better than IE 6, to me it's still a disappointment. Don't get me wrong, they're going in the right direction and I'm convinced that they have worked a lot on it, but to me it's missing some vital features. Where this leaves is now that we have just yet another additional web browser to test for quirks in and make workarounds for where it doesn't support basic standards (recommendations, if you will) that have been around for ages. The IE team took IE maybe 70-80% of the way, leaving us with both IE 6 and IE 7 to develop for a looong future. Yay. Can't wait to waste even more hours covering up for flaws and poor standards support, instead of building cool web sites... And for the record: no, I don't dislike IE because it is a Microsoft product. I just don't like it because it's sub-par.

Poor web standards adoption

Although many tool makers focus more and more on web standards, there are still a vast amount of web developers out there who doesn't get it. Large as well as small companies release such crap and superfluous code that takes up important bandwidth all over the Internet, while striving to be as inaccessible as possible. Please spread the word; teach your friends, colleagues, relatives, enemies. Also, please read The web standards war is far from over by yours truly.

Best web developer tools

The new Firebug beta is outstanding! Together with Web Developer, support for web developers have never been so good. And, naturally, these are both tools for the best web browser out there, Firefox. :-)

2007 predictions

Here are just some things that I find very likely to happen during the next year:
  • Google will release an online storage service which will be as brilliant as Gmail and Google Calendar.
  • Web applications will become more and more advanced, trying to replace desktop applications. It might be a great thing, but is just as likely to go overboard and deliver something web browsers just can't cope with and what they weren't designed to do in the first place.
  • Apple will release some serious competitor to Windows Media Center (because we all know Front Row is far from it; it just looks good, and that's about it...). They will also release some kind of cell phone and a video iPod with a bigger screen.
  • However sad it sounds, accessibility won't reach the broad mass of web developers. People might begin to validate their code, and if we're really lucky, they might get the hang of semantics as well. Accessibility? Forget it.
  • SEO companies will still have a lot of business, although they're superfluous in 90% of the cases if you just have good web developers and good copy writers.
  • At least a 100 even worse Content Management Systems will see the market, probably hand in hand with WYSIWYG tools that will make you cry...
  • IE 8 is released, and this time they get it right... ;-)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, or Gott Nytt Ã…r, as we say it in Sweden! Thanks a million for reading, for your support and insightful tips, comments, feedback and help!


PS. I will start writing more regularly around January 10th. Stick around, or subscribe to my RSS feed, and I hope I can continue to entertain and help! DS.

Unavailable fullscreen view on Mac is such a shortcoming

As you might now, I'm both a Mac and Windows user. I primarily use my Mac at home and my PC at work, and one thing that really annoys me is the inability to maximize windows in Mac OS X. I know that most Mac users don't need that feature, that they don't see the necessity for it. But just because they personally don't need it doesn't mean that it shouldn't be there; saying that is just as narrow-minded as the Mac fan boys mocking people who have one single maximized window when using a Mac (and, oh yes, those people do exist). A picture of the icons in the title bar of every window in Mac OS X It's all about choice and what the end users want. And let us all be honest, there are scenarios, more often for some than others, when the possibility to maximize a window would be nice and, dare I say it, useful! I think Apple should change the, as we all know it, fairly inconsistent behavior of the little green icon in every window's title bar to instead maximize that window. Alternatively, they could add a fourth icon, but that would just be too much, I think... Besides, how many uses the green icon with its current behavior anyway?

Apple, grow up and act professionally

Recently a minor number of Apple Video iPods were shipped with a virus, namely RavMonE.exe. What do Apple do? Well, blame Microsoft, of course. Taken from the Apple web support site:

As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses

Seriously, are you fucking kidding me?! Apple, here's how it is:
  • You shipped the product
  • You were responsible for testing it
Just because some of your employees has used a Windows machine (oh, the irony) and didn't how to protect it from viruses, and consequently gave this virus to some small poor iPods, you can never ever blame Microsoft. Microsoft aren't responsible (as far as I know) for starvation in the world nor for when you do a piss-poor job. This is exactly the reason why Apple have such a hard time being accepted by large companies all over the world: total lack of professionalism. If a kid is playing in the sand together with another kid, and he then suddenly hits the other kid with the shovel in the face, it sure isn't the the poor flat-nose-and-sand-all-over-the-face kid's fault for just sitting there. Grow up, Apple.

Let OS X free!

I use a PC with Windows at work and a Mac with Mac OS X at home and I like them both. They each have their distinct benefits but also shortcomings. What does annoy me in the computer market is when one company, no matter which company it is, gets such a monopoly that it can basically do or produce anything and the end users have no choice but to happily get into line and accept it. So, therefore I urge: Let Mac OS X Free! Let me explain what I mean with free. I don't think Apple should give Mac OS X away, but rather free in the sense that, now when it's Intel-based, being able to run on any PC as well. We need a balance out there and the only way to achieve it is to offer PC users other operating systems that will really give Microsoft a match. We won't get rid of this monopoly by the means of the European Union performing a witch hunt on Microsoft or any other ridiculous legal ways trying to get to them. The only way to make the operating system market more balanced is through competition! Offer well-known and worked-in alternatives to Microsoft so people actually have a choice. Sure, I know, Apple sell their fair share of hardware because of the Mac OS X tie-in, but I don't think that sales would decrease so dramatically if they offered Mac OS X for regular PC machines well. Most people who buy Apple hardware today would still buy it in the future, but in the mean time Apple can reach loads of other users who are just dying to switch from Windows but who aren't ready/can't afford to change from their existing computers. According to Apple there are 15 million active Mac OS X users out there today. Imagine if that number would rise to 1 billion! Wouldn't that result in enough revenue to make up for any eventual lack of sales of hardware? So, Apple: do you want to keep on being this closed-in company for only die hard users, or do you want to create a more stable and balanced world when it comes to operating systems? It's your call.


Updated October 20th

Gartner states: Apple should quit hardware business

My MacBook Pro – first-time Mac owner

First and foremost, let me tell you that I don't abide to the poor labeling of being a Mac fanatic or a Windows user. I'm a computer user, period. I use the programs and computers and programs that are good, no matter what their eventual name might be. With that said, I hope this post will be balanced and fair instead of just trying to take sides, and informative no matter from what angle you're coming. I've mostly been working with Windows since 1996, but recently I got a opportunity that I couldn't turn down. At the end of last year I put in a lot of hours working and ended up getting a cash bonus from my manager in the beginning of this year for it. Without loosing a lot of it to just taxes, I made a deal with him to instead by a new computer and then pay the difference between the bonus and the cost of the new computer. At about that time Apple announced that they would release the Intel Macs soon, so I thought that it would be a great machine and that I would also probably be able to run Windows as well on it. I decided to get a 15-inch MacBook Pro with a 2 Ghz Intel Core Duo processor and 2 GB of RAM and a 7200 rpm 100 GB hard drive; basically, a very good computer. When I finally got the computer by the end of March I was ecstatic! So, about five months later I'm ready to write about my experiences and opinions.

The hardware

The good

Everything from packaging to the actual machine, it looks extremely good coming from Apple. I seriously cannot understand why no PC provider can match this; why does all they produce have to be bulky and look completely tasteless? A picture of the MacBook Pro box The keyboard is very nice to type on and the trackpad is outstanding! I've never liked trackpads before, but since this is so wide it makes it really easy and comfortable to use, and coupled with the fantastic two-finger scrolling feature and two-finger-click equals right-click feature I don't feel the need to use a mouse (this, however, doesn't work when clicking in the top bar). The illuminating keyboard is a fantastic feature! If it eventually gets dark in the room when you're sitting there typing (this seems to happen all to often for me) it automatically illuminates the keyboard keys so you can see them. Very nice! A picture of the MacBook Pro seen from three different angles It has also got a built-in motion sensor, so if you're a Star Wars fanatic, you can make your MacBook Pro sound like a light saber when you're moving by using MacSaber. Another feature that has been appreciated is MagSafe, which is a magnetic power connector that lets go of the computer if anyone/anything gets stuck in it. Very cool, although it doesn't help that much if one has one other cable connected to the computer... :-)

The bad

The thing that definitely disturbs me the most is the heat it's generating. It's gets very warm, and I would not using it in my lap without having at least two layers of clothes. I've used Temperature Monitor and it can get as hot as almost 50 degrees Celsius/122 degrees Fahrenheit. I mean, come on, it's a laptop! I did a non-scientific test at home to see how much this actually affects the surface below the computer. I had to use 8 thick morning newspaper below it to avoid the wooden table it was standing on to get scorching hot. It is also extremely annoying that it's only one mouse button and not two. Apple, that's far behind you; nowadays you need to right-click in every application. Just add the extra button, dammit! Another annoyance is the genius that decided to put the network socket on the right-hand side of the computer. If you're not using wireless in any sort, and are right-handed and using a mouse, you're bound to hit your hand on the cable sticking right out there in the middle of the way all the time. Apple has decided to have all USB ports, Firewire etc on the sides of the computer and not on the back. I like that (except for the network cable, of course), but with this comes the limitation that you can only open the lid/screen to a certain degree; it then stops. I can imagine this is very annoying for someone sitting slouched down in a couch trying to use it. The blinking light when on standby is cool for about a second, and then just a pain. If you have the computer in the same room as you and it's dark, it will be constantly reminding you of its presence, almost looking like the northern lights. Some people have also had problems with a whining sound, and maybe a solution for them can be found in MacBook Pro Complaints.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X is truly an impressive operating system. It looks fantastic, is very classy and at the same time offers you some hacking if you're interested. The difference compared to the upcoming Windows Vista is that Mac OS X has subtle animations and transitions while Microsoft (which is often the case) starts out with a good idea but then goes overboard and becomes tacky and just too much. Unfortunately not all applications are ready to run on the Intel-based Macs, so they're emulated through something called Rosetta (this applies to, amongst many others, Adobe Photoshop). This in turn makes them much slower than they actually should be, but everyone seems to work on releasing so-called Universal binary versions.

Installing applications

Installing applications on Mac is almost overwhelmingly easy. You have the application and then you drag and drop it into your Applications folder, and voila!, it's installed. Basically, as it should be. A few applications that I have came across have install wizards, but these seem to freeze up on a regular basis, meaning that I usually just utter a sigh of relief when a new application turns out to just use the drag and drop installation approach. If you're sincerely interested how this works, make sure to read Dave Verwer's excellent Application Installation - Mixed Feelings.

Keyboard shortcuts

There are, of course, a number of keyboard shortcuts that's available; many of them are listed in Keyboard Control. Some I really like, like the ones for changing to certain folders, like the Desktop, no matter where I am in the Finder, be it in a dialog or in a window. And I love Command + 1/2/3 to easily switch between Icons/List/Columns view in the Finder. Another favorite is selecting one or multiple files and press Command + i to see more information about it/them. However, there are other less perfect ones, like when you have selected a file in the Finder. The Enter key is reserved for renaming the selected file, while Command + o or Command + arrow down opens the file. Definitely not effective; Enter should always open the item. This also comes back in dialogs in programs; not all programs supports tabbing and selecting buttons with the keyboard, while with those who do, Enter here means selecting the button with the full blue background color while the space bar now enters the scene, meaning selecting the button with the blue outline (the blue outline is moved around when tabbing; the solid blue background is locked to the default button in the dialog). Something else that I have a problem with is jumping to the first respectively the last file and selecting it when in Columns view in the Finder. I eventually found that the fn and arrow up/arrow up does the actual scrolling but no file is selected so I have to click it with the mouse... And last, but not least: setting focus to the menu bar at the top. In Windows you simply press alt to accomplish this; in Mac OS X it's Ctrl + F2. Not very handy, and I almost get a wrist strain trying to do it.

Dashboard and Exposé

Dashboard and Exposé are features that look really cool at first, but in everyday use I very seldom use them. Dashboard is a set of widgets that you can use to check things like weather, e-mail, calendar etc right on top on what you're doing at the moment, which instead gets dimmed down. A picture of the Dashboard feature Exposé are different ways of looking at one application or all applications running at the moment, side by side. with the background dimmed down. It would be very useful if one could invoke the command and then drag and drop from one application to the other. That is not the case, however; a click on one application in Exposé just sets focus to that application and no more action is possible. A picture of the Exposé feature

The iLife package

The iLife package that comes with Mac OS X comes with these applications: I'm going to cover the first three, since they are the only ones that interest me.


I really wanted to like iPhoto. But I hate it. Sure, it looks really nice and the full-screen feature are great. But there are just some things that drive me crazy:
  • A lot of the commands are available either as buttons in the interface, through right-click or in the top menu. Naturally, every alternative should be available in all those locations.
  • The default setting is to copy every image to a separate iPhoto library. Kind of upsetting when you import a lot of pictures...
  • Performance is a joke. If I import, say, a 100 pictures, my Mac soon gets sluggish and the fan runs like a little hamster on the lam. And this is even if I've turned off the copying of every picture to the separate iPhoto folder (however, it apparently saves a lot of images there anyway, in a smaller format). Given the hardware specs on my machine, this is unbelievable.
  • I want to edit the image file I have on my computer. If I rotate them, or any other action, I want it top happen to the original file. This doesn't have to be the default setting, but at least a setting that is even possible.
All the alternatives I've tried have unfortunately not turned out to be better.. How come there aren't any ACDSee or Picasa for the Mac?

iMovie HD

Generally, I like iMovie HD. It's very easy to import movies and to edit them, and then to export them to create a DVD in iDVD. Something you should read, though, is Avoid iMovie HD annoyances to be able to shy away from some common problems.

iDVD 6

It's easy to create DVD movies with iDVD 6 and there are a lot of nice themes to choose from to add menus and navigation to them. It seems a little slow to me when preparing to create a DVD from the given material, but overall it's ok to use. Microsoft really do have to come up with some equivalent to iMovie HD and iDVD 6 in Windows Vista, because these are the programs and functions that home users really need.

Oh yes, it crashes

It is said that Macs and their applications are supposed to be more stable and Windows and that they will never crash. This is not true. The complete operating system has frozen for me a couple of times (I can't actually remember when this happened to me last after using Windows XP). However, there are some applications that are far worse than others, and for some of them it might be because of the Rosetta emulation. CyberDuck has been crashing about every other time when I've been using it. Not that comforting when transferring files... However, in their defense, they released a version during late summer that seems to be working out better.

Updated August 25th

After several commenters recommended Transmit, I installed it and tried it. It seems to work fine and act stable. What I can't figure out, though, is if there's any keyboard shortcut to upload the selected file, instead of having to double-click or right-click on them.

Flickr Uploadr also crashes almost every time I'm using it and uploading more than about ten pictures. Very discomforting.

QuickTime Player

Please apologize my language now, but QuickTime is the biggest bitch of them all. When you get an error like:

QuickTime Player has unexpectedly quit

it just blows my top! It is not fucking unexpected when it happens for the 127th time in a row! And while on the topic, what's sad is that I like the interface and generally using the program, it really misses fundamental features to be used. Except for the crashing all the time, to me the two most disturbing ones are:
No support for subtitles
I think that most of you out there, at one time or another, watch movies that require subtitle files. That QuickTime in no way supports this is pathetic. Sure, you can permanently add subtitles to a QuickTime movie by using TitleLAB, but it's just too much of a hassle.
Viewing fullscreen actually costs money
You actually have to bye the Pro version of QuickTime Player to be able to watch movies in fullscreen. Outrageous! Not even Microsoft would come up with something like that.

FrontRow and the AppleRemote

The MacBook Pro comes with a remote control, AppleRemote, and FrontRow, a program in Mac OS X for multimedia purposes; i.e. watching movies, DVDs, photos or listening to music. It looks insanely good and the way it fades in and out of the Mac OS X desktop can't help but bring a smile to my face. Unfortunately, though, the joy is killed. There aren't any settings at all in FrontRow, e.g. meaning that you you can't change what player to use to watch video files. The consequence of this is that I then can't use the lovely FrontRow to watch movies, since it uses QuickTime Player(and QuickTime player, as I've told you, crashes and doesn't support subtitles...). Two alternatives to FrontRow, if you're looking for that media center feel, is MediaCentral and CenterStage. What I (and many other disappointed souls) have done is to find a video player (in my case: VLC media player) that is actually competent and designed for this century, and then there are a number of add-on software to control the AppleRemote. My favorite of those are Apple Remote Helper, which is free and basically controls everything you want to do with VLC media player. Only thing missing is that fast forwarding/fast rewind doesn't work and it just skips instead and that the volume controls the volume of VLC instead of the MAC OS X system volume. Other alternatives are:

Updated August 25th

After autoy's tip I tried out Movie Time. With its fullscreen and perfect AppleRemote support, I was really intrigued! Initially I had problems with Swedish characters in subtitles getting messed up, but after being in contact with the Movie Time creator, I changed the subtitle encoding to Western (ISO Latin 1) and now it works like a charm! Well recommended!

What web browser to use

The answer is easy: Mozilla Firefox. It's the best web browser there is, no matter the platform. The functions and the myriad of extensions that are available are very hard to beat. I've never cared much for Apple's Safari, neither as an end user or as a web developer. The only annoyances with Firefox are that keyboard shortcuts are case sensitive (meaning that if Caps Lock is incidentally pressed, nothing happens) and that it sometimes loses focus when closing a tab with Command + w so the next one doesn't respond to any key press. The runner-up that is definitely heading in the right direction is Flock, but it needs to add keyword support and more extensions before I'll try it out more. But what about Camino?, I hear you say. While it's nice that Camino has more of an OS X-look with form buttons and other things (by the way, this should really be addressed for Firefox), some keyboard shortcuts are weird to me and I miss the extensions that I've gotten dependent on.

Instant and video messaging

MacBook Pro computers have an iSIght camera built in, so I thought it would open up for more video chats. Naturally, I wanted to be able to chat with people not having Macs as well, but after an extreme amount of failed attempts (iChat and the PC version of AOL Instant Messenger sucks so hard) I gave up. All I could do was take a picture of me with the iSight camera and then send it to my brother through Adium (which is outstanding for Instant messaging). A picture of me being angry, taken with the iSight camera So, needless to say, when Skype released the 1.5 beta of Skype for Mac with the additional Skype for Mac with Video Preview, and it works like a charm. Finally!

Applications that I like and use

For your convenience, I though I'd list the applications that I have become dependent on, and which I really like and recommend as well.
QuickSilver is an amazing application for oh-so-many things directly with your keyboard and not having to be inside an application for certain actions. It also beats Apple's built-in Spotlight by far. A recommended read is how to search Google with Quicksilver.
VLC media player
A very good video player that supports most formats and subtitles. Read How to enable/use subtitles to automatically display subtitles when they are available (I can't believe this isn't default, and that it's hidden so far down).
NetNewsWire Lite
A fantastic and simple RSS reader, with great support for navigation only with the arrow keys and the Enter key (if you know of any Windows equivalent, please let me know).
Software for having virtual desktops to more efficiently get an overview of what you're doing.
Easy as pie to rip complete DVDs.
A text/code editor that's very nice and easy to use.
Mozilla Firefox
Best web browser there is.
Great light-weight BitTorrent client (if you know of any Windows equivalent, please let me know).
Parallels Desktop for Mac
Best way to run Windows, or any operating system, on a Mac.
Other alternatives can be found in the very handy Open Source Mac collection or in the How Does Open Source Software Stack Up on the Mac? article.

Running Windows on a Mac

As you all probably know by now, running Windows on a Mac became reality. There are a few options out there, but I choose to use Parallels Desktop for Mac. For me, it's working amazingly well and fast and I'd recommend it to anyone trying to do this (I will write a little more about Parallels in the near future. I hope.). A picture of Paralles Desktop for Mac running Windows Other options are:

The Apple experience

I just have to say this: Apple seems to be a toy company. Given the experience I've had since I ordered my Mac, it has been crystal clear that they're not ready to play with the big boys and reach a mass corporate market. First I wanted to place my order online through my company and get an invoice sent. After some talking with the support they told me that you had to buy for a huge amount of money to be allowed to do that. My alternatives were through credit card (not interesting since I wouldn't want to pay the money in the interim period till I got them back from my employer) or making an advance payment to their bank account. Listen; I work for a company with 600+ employees; we don't make advance payments, we turn to the company that can treat us business-like and professionally. This led to that I had to go into a local store in Stockholm to order it. The person that helped looked and behaved just a little too much like Tom Arnold for me to feel comfortable (I actually think he also had a Hawaii shirt to go with it too, but my memory might fail me on this). When I said what I wanted the started to place the order, and seemed genuinely confused when I wanted to tailor it to my needs with more RAM memory, the hard drive with the higher rpm etc (it should be mentioned that I later found out that this one of the managers and owners of the company...). He gave me a order number and told me that I could follow the order online on their web site, and most likely Apple's web site as well (although he wasn't sure about Apple's). Naturally, neither worked. After repeatedly calling them I eventually got to talk to one employee that told me that it wasn't possible, that it was only their internal order number... Anyway, after the order had been submitted it took about seven weeks to get it. I don't care if was a new model; if Dell, HP or any other would've done this, the customer would've just cancelled the order and turned to another provider. When I had used the computer for a couple of weeks I got more and more worried about the heat and from reading reports online that this was from a hardware flaw. I returned it to the store for them to attend to the issue and give me back a functioning computer. Now it took five weeks for them to get the new part, install it and test it. When I got home and tested it it got almost, if not completely, as warm as before. Now I've given up on that, there's no way I'm giving them another chance now.

Is it overpriced?

Basically, yes. If you only look at the processor, amount of RAM and hard drive, at least in Sweden you can get a matching PC laptop for 2/3 of the price of the MacBook Pro. What has to be added to this, though, is that you get the fantastic unmatched hardware and OS X with it, so in the end, it's all about your priorities. Luckily, given the deal with my manager, I ended up paying just a little more than 1/4 of the retail price, so for me it was naturally a find (I'm not gloating; just be happy for me, alright? :-)).

Would I recommend getting a MacBook Pro?

Given that you can pay the steep price: definitely. It's a great machine, best I ever had, and you can also run about any operating system you desire on it.


Finishing words

I've probably missed, or left out, tons of information that I initially wanted to share. However, I do hope that you found this article helpful (hell, if you made it here, you've got stamina!). Are you a Windows user thinking of making the switch? Or maybe a Mac user that learned something from this, or disagree with my conclusions, or (please say it is so) have the solution to the problems I've described above? Let me know!

Run Windows XP on your Intel Mac

As soon as the Intel-based Macs were revealed, people started to find ways to run Windows XP on them. The most spoken about resulted in a contest where the winner would get the money that a lot of people had contributed with. Naturally, it succeeded. To get down and dirty with the result, please visit I guess some people's desire to run Windows XP on a Mac was to finally have a lean good looking computer with the OS they prefer; for some people it was about having it all, being able to dual-boot Windows and Mac OS X on the same machine. Some prefer one OS over the other, and some need both in their daily work. An interesting twist came yesterday. Apple has officially launched a tool to run Windows XP on an Intel-based Mac. The days of wonder are apparently still here... The name of the tool is Boot Camp and for the moment it is in beta but offered for download by Apple. The final release is said to be shipped with the next major release of Mac OS X: Mac OS X Leopard. What you also need to do in order to run Boot Camp is to update the firmware in your Mac. The different downloads are: If things go terribly wrong, or if you have a change of mind, you can run the Firmware Restoration CD v 1.0 So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get it all! :-)

Related reading

My video iPod

In December, after some serious thinking, I decided to get me a video iPod, the fifth generation of iPods. I already have a third generation iPod, but took some time to find arguments to convince me (and my dear Fredrika) that it was a good idea to get another iPod just one year and nine months after the first one. How could I motivate this to myself? Well, there were some factors that pushed me over the brink:
Being able to watch video
I think the MPEG 4 format is awesome, and I love watching videos on it. To me, the screen size is just fine.
The color screen
Color is always nice, right?
The design and size
It looks oh-so-good, weighs practically nothing nowadays (4.8 ounces/136 grams) and is almost thin like a leaf.
The price
I got a 30 GB one, definitely sufficient for me, and it's actually cheaper than most of its matching alternatives (not to mention that the alternatives usually weigh three times more and are five times as thick).
I commute at least two hours a day (and if you meet me in real life, give me a hug and please tell me you share my pain) and watching videos is about the best way to kill time (perhaps for sex, but that isn't really suitable on the suburb trains...).
I've also seen that there a number of porn movies available in iPod format. I sincerely don't want to know what people are doing with an iPod in one hand and... shivers
Besides, if one would want to get off holding an iPod, the design of the iPod would be such a turn-on by itself. :-P A disturbance is that the software isn't perfect, it has a tendency of sometimes freezing when the battery goes low and you've just watched a video. Just remember to hold down the Menu key and the Play key to soft reset it and you will be fine. Aside from that, I wish they would've thrown in an AC adapter. One doesn't want to fire up the computer only to charge something through an USB port (and why does the computer have to be on for that?). Conclusively, if you're looking for a MP3 player with a nice hard drive, I most definitely recommend getting an iPod. I hesitated for a while, took the plunge, and haven't regretted it for a single second!

If you don't have movies in the MPEG 4 format, you can use free tools such as the Videora iPod Converter for Windows and iSquint for Mac to convert it.

Intel Macs released

The links are leading to articles at Newsvine where you will need to sign in. If you're interested in reading these articles, write a comment and I'll send you an invite.

So Macworld Expo has taken place and there they presented new Macs using Intel chips. What I find interesting about this is that they will make no attempt to stop people from installing Windows on these machines, meaning that you can have Mac OS X or Windows, or *gasp* both! Sounds like a pretty interesting setup to me! However, not sure what the pricing is in your country, but here the new Macs are still terribly overprized compared to the PC equivalent. But I guess you gotta pay for your high maintenance life style... :-)

Some equilibrium, please

First, I guess you need to check the description of equilibrium in the dictionary. Done? Great, let's go to my rant.
I get tired when people criticize the hell out of Microsoft all the time, just for the sake of it. I'm not a Microsoft lover, and I do think they definitely deserve some of the bashing they get. But take a look at these examples:
Microsoft bundles their own web browser, IE, in Windows
While Microsoft are in courts, trying to not get the company split up, Apple bundles their own web browser, Safari, in Mac OS X. No one says anything.
Microsoft includes Windows Media Player in Windows
Microsoft has to battle in the European Union Court to find a compromise. Concurrently, Apple includes iTunes in Mac OS X, and I don't see anyone raving about that either.
How long will it take before someone sues Microsoft for having the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer in Windows XP (and the same time no one will even mention iPhoto)? Also, to me as a Windows user, it's enormously annying that Apple forces me to download iTunes if I only want to download QuickTime to watch a movie clip. I know Microsoft are huge, I know some of the things they do stifle competition. But to me, either something's good business practice or bad business practice, no matter who does it. So please, give me a break; be consistent (and have some self-distance) when it comes to your criticism. Some equilibrium, please.


PS. A funny sidenote is that Apple's headquarter is nowhere to be found in MSN's Virtual Earth. DS.

Once you go Mac…?

Recently, I confessed about my flirting with Mac, and right after that I got the chance to go all the way. An Art Director in the company I work for resigned, and I got (read:took) the opportunity to take over his Power Mac G5 with the Panther OS installed and 1,5 GB RAM. In short, a very competent computer. Some more cynical people would say that it is a case of "knowing your enemy", but that's definitely not the way I see it, I was just very interested.
However, the things that bothered me was:
Since I'm really a keyboard shortcut freak, not being able to tab in dialogs beween "Save", "Don't save" and "Cancel" was really annoying.
The keyboard
I really like the look of the white keyboard, and it's as nice to touch as patting a puppy, but in the long run I didn't like typing on it. This might be because I normally use the ergonomic Microsoft Natural MultiMedia Keyboard.
The necessary connection to a PC
I have the need to develop things in Visual Studio.Net, and using the Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac to connect to my PC proved to be to too slow (over a 100 Mbit LAN), definitely a lot more sluggish than the equivalent Remote Desktop Connection built in to Windows XP.
It also resulted in other keyboard combinations to write characters like >, {, [ etc, which just became utterly confusing in the long run. Why I didn't use Virtual PC for Mac is because I already had the development environment I wanted on my PC, and that I didn't want to compile things in an emulated environment.
Developing tools
Except for Visual Studio.Net, I really think Macromedia HomeSite is superior to BBEdit for writing web interface code.
Maximizing windows
To the contrary belief that PC users have their application windows maximized just because they don't know how to change it, I really prefer having them maximized. It helps me keep focused on the thing I'm doing for the moment, and then I just use Alt + Tab to swith to any other programs I need to work with.
Closing of windows
I just find it weird behavior to keep the application running when I close the last window in it.
What's up with the Command key (the one with the apple on it)?
Is it really necessary to have this key? Isn't Ctrl, Alt and others sufficient? Or is to make up for the lack of an Alt Grip key?


All in all, it didn't suit me for developing purposes, but I would have nothing against using a Mac for entertainment purposes at home. Now when I'm back with Windows XP, and now sporting the silver color scheme, it feels just right! :-)


PS. Thanks to Per Zimmerman at Gamepepper for helping me finding where different characters actually were on the keyboard, as well as the discussions about a real environment vs. an emulated one. DS.

Apple – the way to go

I just have to say that Apple's image, design and software really seem to be the way to go. Don't get me wrong, I'm a PC user and I'm not about to change, given certain developing tools, more software available etc for a system with Microsoft Windows (some of the reasons in Why Windows Users Won't Switch To The Mac may also be applicable). Also, I find it terribly pricey.
However, I have been flirting with Macs for some time now since they seem to have some kind of attraction power trying to lure me in. First of all, when it comes to the hardware design there's, in my humble opinion, no one that even comes close to it. I find it unbelievable that no other company has ever been near Apple when it comes to design. How hard can it be? I'm not saying that design is easy, but what I'm going for is that I can't believe that no other company can match the Apple design. The main reason they're so popular is their design, so it really should be desirable for other companies to beat Apple in their own playing field. I mean, compare this with these (and I really do like Dell's computers, but design-wise compared to Apple: come on!). I also think the Mac mini is a great design idea, although its performance isn't really spectacular. With the gargantuan success of iPod, which has even been appointed to be one of 5 inventions to change your life by CNN Money, it has had an enormous effect on the market. I own one myself and love it. Plus it's probably the closest I'll get to owning a Mac. But many other users have taken the plunge, it seems:
The survey, which polled 400 consumers, found that 19% of PC iPod owners have purchased a Mac in the past year
When it comes to software, I really like the look and feel of Mac OS X, and I wish I didn't need Apple hardware to use it. The interface just seems more intuitive than, for example, Windows and it's also good for the world to see that something can look good and be functional. I think it's great if Apple gets more popular, I would have no problem seeing them having a 10% or 20% market share. Just as with web browsers, I'd really like to see several actors with about as much users as the other, for a level playing field and more incentive through competition to be better.