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Introducing Robert’s read: great links and suggestions from latest week, August 17th 2011

I’ve always been interested in reading all kinds of inspirational articles, blog posts and just fun things on the Internet, and most of the time I just tweet about it. But now, both for my sake and yours, I will write a weekly blog post listing the links for the latest week.

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Why I use a Mac

The reason why I use Macs is pretty simple:

A picture of a dialog in Windows Vista reading 'A system call that should never fail has failed'

Image taken from FAIL Blog.

And, to be honest, I think this epitomizes my view on Vista: it’s something which should never fail, but just did.

Going sailing

From September last year till this summer, I was working on a project which demanded some extra time and efforts, especially at the end before launch (which doesn’t), and the customer was nice enough to treat us to a reward trip for our success; basically, for doing what we’re paid to do in the first place. :-)

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A weekend and a Monday

This post might be a bit direct, or too open about my life, so refrain from reading if you don’t want to know (or else you might stop reading what I write altogether). Or maybe it just seems plain boring, and I totally understand you; it does get funnier at the end, though. If you’re not discouraged yet, allow me to describe my last three days.

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