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BUY ZITHROMAX NO PRESCRIPTION, Pearl Jam. Online ZITHROMAX without a prescription, I've always thought they are a good band, but not at the top of my list, ZITHROMAX treatment. Real brand ZITHROMAX online, However…
Last night I got to see something purely magical during their gig in Stockholm. They were amazing, ZITHROMAX maximum dosage. ZITHROMAX images, Mind-blowing.

They played for 2 hours 50 minutes and it's one of the best concerts I've ever seen, BUY ZITHROMAX NO PRESCRIPTION. Such dedication, ZITHROMAX photos, Buy generic ZITHROMAX, passion and something something so genuine I didn't know what to say or do.


It seemed like they never wanted to go off the stage. They played around immensely, comprar en línea ZITHROMAX, comprar ZITHROMAX baratos, Where can i order ZITHROMAX without prescription, both on the stage and with the audience, and the ambiance in there is something that I'll keep with me forever, online buying ZITHROMAX hcl. ZITHROMAX canada, mexico, india, The Swedish news papers also gave it their highest grades in their reviews, since they KNEW that this gig was one of a kind - the type you're happy to get to witness once or a couple of times in your lifetime:

Review in Aftonbladet (in Swedish)
Review in Expressen (in Swedish)

And if that wasn't enough (there's more, ZITHROMAX dosage, ZITHROMAX brand name, you say?), I got to go there with my beloved Cecilia, order ZITHROMAX online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy ZITHROMAX without prescription, who has been a huge Pearl Jam for a long long time. To see the sheer joy and awe in her face really brought tears my eyes, ZITHROMAX trusted pharmacy reviews, Order ZITHROMAX from mexican pharmacy, and I'm so SO happy I got to be there that magical night, and to share it with such a magical person, buy ZITHROMAX from mexico. Buy ZITHROMAX online cod. Online buying ZITHROMAX. Purchase ZITHROMAX for sale. ZITHROMAX samples. Order ZITHROMAX from United States pharmacy. Online buy ZITHROMAX without a prescription. ZITHROMAX overnight. Effects of ZITHROMAX. Order ZITHROMAX no prescription. After ZITHROMAX. About ZITHROMAX. ZITHROMAX description. Purchase ZITHROMAX. ZITHROMAX schedule. ZITHROMAX cost.



SPIRIVA OVER THE COUNTER, Yesterday one of, if not the, best heavy metal vocalist of all times passed away.

Ronnie James Dio was around in the music world for over 50 years, SPIRIVA use, Online buying SPIRIVA, and without a doubt he has influenced and inspired almost anyone in the heavy metal scene - for instance, just read the letter from Lars Ulrich of Metallica, order SPIRIVA online overnight delivery no prescription, SPIRIVA schedule, condolences from Iron Maiden and post from Kiss. Also, SPIRIVA dosage, Where to buy SPIRIVA, based on accounts by numerous people, he was one of the kindest persons in the music business, low dose SPIRIVA, Purchase SPIRIVA online, and humble as few.

Ronnie had one of the strongest voices ever and it kept on going strong throughout his entire career, SPIRIVA used for, SPIRIVA images, spanning from the bands Elf, Rainbow and Black Sabbath to his own band, online buy SPIRIVA without a prescription, Online buying SPIRIVA, entitled Dio. During his last years, SPIRIVA for sale, Buy no prescription SPIRIVA online, he was playing with the band Dio and again with the friends from Black Sabbath under the name Heaven and Hell.

Personally, SPIRIVA recreational, SPIRIVA natural, I can't believe he's gone - I always felt certain he would live forever, and given his enormous form the two times I was blessed to see him perform live there was nothing to prove anything different, buy SPIRIVA from canada, Where can i buy SPIRIVA online, and they were evening I will never forget.

It is a sad sad day for music when Ronnie has been taken away from us, get SPIRIVA. SPIRIVA brand name, Rest in peace, Ronnie, SPIRIVA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, SPIRIVA maximum dosage, and thank you for everything. Ordering SPIRIVA online. My SPIRIVA experience. Buy cheap SPIRIVA no rx. Where can i cheapest SPIRIVA online. SPIRIVA without a prescription. SPIRIVA reviews. Canada, mexico, india. Where can i order SPIRIVA without prescription. SPIRIVA without prescription. SPIRIVA dangers. Kjøpe SPIRIVA på nett, köpa SPIRIVA online. Online SPIRIVA without a prescription. Buy generic SPIRIVA.



ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, Wow. I can't really believe these are my first words of blogging again in almost two months. It always feels a bit funny getting back in the saddle, but once there, I'm as happy as a butterfly on a flower. Cheap ANTABUSE no rx, A picture of a butterfly

At times, it's been a warm summer here in Sweden, and at other times, just endless drizzle... We did have a peak, though, ANTABUSE pictures, with 48 degrees Celsius/118 degrees Fahrenheit. Granted, it was in-the-sun temperature, but still, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. :-)

A picture of a thermometer showing 48 degrees Celsius/118 degrees Fahrenheit

Family time

With planning, economical as well as any other aspect, I am so so happy that I have managed to stay home the last few summers with my children. ANTABUSE without a prescription, It's time that is truly priceless, and I will continue to do it for as long as I can.

We've been traveling around in Sweden together, having a fantastic time, and my life feels so rich when I am with them.

Computer leave

As usual during my summer leaves, purchase ANTABUSE for sale, I usually try to stay away from the computer as long as possible. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, Recharge my batteries, if you so will, but mainly there are two reasons.

  1. Working/spending time with the Internet, both professionally and in my spare time, is very rewarding but also very demanding. After ANTABUSE, I need to have a computer break just to get a mental pause, and to keep my burning fire for what is both my mean of income and hobby.

  2. When I have time set aside with my family, I sure don't want to waste it checking e-mails or reading feeds. Family time is family time. Period.

This year I managed to completely stay away from the computer for four weeks (and this includes stowing away the iPhone as well). Felt really good, but it was also an important lesson in how hard everyday tasks (like finding information) becomes when you don't have access to the Internet, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. Truly something for us to consider: how do we offer options to people, ANTABUSE maximum dosage, and how do we sell it to those not interested (besides stupid statements like "they just don't get it").

What happened on the web/in the IT industry

I think a lot of interesting things took place this summer on the web and in the IT industry. I thought I'd just go through a few of the most interesting ones here, and express my own opinions about them. Order ANTABUSE no prescription,

XHTML 2 got cancelled

By now, I'm sure the entire web development community are aware that XHTML 2 got cancelled, and that one thing that this hopefully will lead to is more focus on HTML 5, helping it to evolve. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, My personal take is that XHTML 2, while nice and pure in theory, completely fell on not being backwards compatible and, as far as I know, no collaboration with web browser vendors.

If we look at HTML 5, it is backwards compatible, buy ANTABUSE online cod, developers can bring to the table what they already know and last, but definitely not least: web browser vendors have already started implementing it.

What really baffled me, though, ANTABUSE steet value, is the ruckus that came out of this announcement. People started bashing XHTML and its syntax, personal attacks against Jeffrey Zeldman and others for advocating developing with XHTML in books and so on. All-in-all, a lot of bullshit and ignorance, if you ask me, online buy ANTABUSE without a prescription. Here's the deal:

  • HTML 5 can be in HTML format or in XHTML format (i.e, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. quick closing of tags etc). Basically, the XHTML syntax and sending it as application/xhtml+xml isn't going anywhere. The only thing cancelled was XHTML 2.

  • Jeffrey Zeldman's work spreading knowledge about web standards, ANTABUSE from canada, semantics and proper web development has really helped paving the road for a web with better code. I don't care if his examples were HTML or XHTML - anything that educates people and makes them get better is a good thing in my book, at least.

So, just stop the crap, look into what HTML 5 offers you and move on.

A picture of an angry tiger

Google Chrome OS

Google outed that they're working on a light-weight operating system entitled Google Chrome OS ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, (catchy name...). It will include a new windowing system on top of Linux, ANTABUSE mg. I for one think this is very interesting, and with Windows and Mac OS X in mind, it will be nice with a high-profile operating system being open source (Ubuntu is the only other one I can think of that has gotten some exposure worth talking about).

At this time, Rx free ANTABUSE, there's virtually nothing to see, but I hope it turns out well. Here's to new options.

Mozilla Open Web Tools Directory

Mozilla announced their Open Web Tools Directory, consisting of a collection of open tools for web development, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. While their main interface is interesting from a technical perspective, I definitely prefer the simple version of the Open Web Tools Directory.

Not sure if it was there from get-go, ANTABUSE schedule, but I was glad to find DOMAssistant to a part of it when I last looked. You can also contact them and submit things you think should be featured there.

Seeing a number of Firebug extensions, I thought they'd gladly accept my pretty popular extensions Firefinder and Inline Code Finder for Firebug, ANTABUSE dosage, so I submitted them as soon as the directory was released - no word and they haven't been added yet, though.

IE 6 supported till 2014

Microsoft have ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, prolonged their IE 6 support four extra years, till 2014. That's the way to go... NOT. Seriously, DROP IE 6 and help people and businesses move forward, buying ANTABUSE online over the counter.

HTML 5 doctor

A nice site with tips, tricks and help for anyone interested in HTML 5 was launched during the summer: HTML5 doctor. It's being run by, amongst other people, my friends Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp, and I'm sure it will become (and actually, already is) an invaluable resource for development with HTML 5, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER.

Why People Don’t Upgrade Their Browser

The Mozilla Metrics team wrote a very interesting blog post entitled Why People Don’t Upgrade Their Browser – Part I. It is based on the attempt to get people to upgrade from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 back in May, ANTABUSE duration, and in the prompt that was presented to end users, they got the option to provide feedback.

This feedback is presented in the blog post, and it's a very interesting read. The team then follows up in Why People Don’t Upgrade Their Browser – Part II with how they tried to address the major concerns with the Firefox 3.5 release.

I would love ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, to see such a survey performed on users of other web browsers as well, and then having the results presented completely in the open (one particular web browser especially comes to mind...).

A picture of a couple of Staropramen beer bottles in the sun

The Pirate Bay selling out?

The Pirate Bay has gone through a lot of commotion the last few years, ANTABUSE class, including court visits and fines. In the eye of the public, though, they have always been the underdog, ANTABUSE treatment, the people fighting for the freedom of information. It felt like they were the idealists who would continue forever.

In a surprise move, The Pirate Bay site sold to a game firm in June. This seemed to be widely regarded as selling out, and before the new owner has taken over, their Swedish Internet provider got a court order yesterday to shut them down from Internet - in my opinion, a very scary move in a democratic society, and I could list A LOT of web sites that should be shut down before a torrent tracker; money talks, I guess, and record and movie companies have them.., ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER.

Naturally, life pirates always find a way, ordering ANTABUSE online, and currently their web site is up again...

iPhone 3GS

Apple's latest version of the iPhone, iPhone 3GS, started shipping, ANTABUSE dose, and from what I have heard, people are very satisfied with it and its performance. Just one small thing... The name. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, I mean, the S in the name is supposed to stand for speed: 3G Speed. Is that really all their marketing team could come up with. Bring back Steve Jobs, real brand ANTABUSE online. What will the next version be named. iPhone 3G SS.

Spotify for iPhone

Spotify, the great music service, submitted their iPhone app for approval to be in the App Store, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. Man, I sure hopes it gets let through. ANTABUSE no rx,

Trying new challenges

During the spring this year, I had a lunch with Joakim Jardenberg In Swedish, who is best described as an entrepreneur who has done a lot of things. We had an interesting talk, and the discussion came into Mindpark In Swedish, which he is now the CEO of, order ANTABUSE online overnight delivery no prescription.

He asked me if I wanted to be part of a blog team for Mindpark, over 20 people, who write posts in Swedish there about a wide range of topics, although mostly focused on media-related things. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, I said yes, because it seems interesting to reach new, and other sorts of, people and it will be a nice addition to blog a little in my native tounge. Purchase ANTABUSE online no prescription, Maybe it will be great fun, or just something I that didn't suit me. It's good to try, though. For those of you who speak Swedish can read my first post so far: Vad är en upplevelse värd. In Swedish, where can i cheapest ANTABUSE online.


I had the please of seeing three concerts during the summer (besides from AC/DC at Ullevi Stadium June 21st 2009 before I stopped blogging):

New York Dolls

My brother called me the day before: "What are you doing tomorrow night?" He'd found out that New York Dolls were playing at a very small club in Stockholm, and asked if I wanted to go, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. After just a moment of unnecessary hesitation, I said yes.

It was hotter than probably any concert I've been too; when standing completely still, the sweat still poured down from all of my body. Generic ANTABUSE, The gig, though, was really nice, although I can't say I'm a 100% into all of their material. However, their front man David Johansen, buy cheap ANTABUSE, who is a spitting image of Mick Jagger, both visually and voice-wise, really makes it all worth while. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, All-in-all, a nice evening, and I'm glad I went.


For the first time in 19 years, Order ANTABUSE from mexican pharmacy, Madonna decided to play two concerts in Sweden, and being the icon she is, I felt I had to go see her. Fredrika and I went on a road trip down to Gothenburg to see the event.

Overall, I have to say that Madonna's performance was very professional and it was a great show, ANTABUSE from canadian pharmacy. I'm not really a fan of some of her music, but I have to hand it to her that she's indeed very versatile. The problem with something as produced as this show was, though, is that it doesn't really feel personal or unique, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. Great evening, though. Is ANTABUSE addictive, One thing that got to me is that she didn't play Like a Virgin, which, to me, is one of her most famous songs. But, I guess I just have to add that to the heap with seeing Deep Purple perform without playing Smoke on the Water and Kiss without performing Heaven's on Fire, ANTABUSE trusted pharmacy reviews.

Rhapsody in Rock

I got to see the concert at Skansen with Rhapsody in Rock - Handful of keys 2009. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, It's basically a concept show with lots of guest artists and performances, all organized by Robert Wells. I've seen Rhapsody in Rock once before, last year, and overall I think it was more even and better planned then. Is ANTABUSE safe, However, this year's event had something fantastic: Glenn Hughes.

When he came on stage, he completely stole the show, with some amazing singing. It was really intriguing to see how he owned the stage, kjøpe ANTABUSE på nett, köpa ANTABUSE online, and everyone's eyes were right at him, all the time. The songs performed with him were outstanding, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER.

It was also an exclusive night with four artists who are very famous in China performing, and it was all filmed by Chinese TV. Where can i buy ANTABUSE online, So, if you're in China and suddenly think you see me sitting in the audience, your eyes aren't playing a trick on you. :-)

Back, back, back, back, back!

My friends, I'm back. I've missed you and writing, and it sure is good to be here again. Please, please say hi. :-).



BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, Last weekend, me and my brother embarked on a journey to Gothenburg to see AC/DC play at the Ullevi arena.

I had the pleasure of seeing AC/DC a few months ago in Stockholm, February 20th 2009, Taking NEXIUM, and now, June 21st, it was time again.

Driving to Gothenburg and accommodation

Sunday morning, NEXIUM price, coupon, we embarked on our journey down to Gothenburg by car. Both of us love the freedom of driving instead of taking the train or similar, NEXIUM used for, and hey, who could say no to a road trip. :-)

It was a good 5 hours in the car, with the necessary pit stop for food and candy, NEXIUM wiki, drinks etc. And by the way, isn't it amazing that, no matter how healthy you eat at home, when you're on the road, no rules apply; basically, you can eat whatever you like, BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION.

We arrived down in Gothenburg at around 5 in the afternoon, NEXIUM pictures, and luckily we were to stay at the place of my brother's wife's cousin. She was living in the outskirts of central Gothenburg, and she rented a section of a house there. Very cute house, NEXIUM without prescription, by the way: it looked, more or less, After NEXIUM, like Villa Villekulla In Swedish.

We got settled in our quarters there, and then went by tram to the Ullevi stadium. BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, It took about half an hour to get there, and Gothenburg was packed with AC/DC fans getting ready for the concert. Just before we reached the venue, NEXIUM steet value, rain started pouring down. Everyone was trying to squeeze themselves in under the roof at Ullevi, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, to stay dry for a while longer.

It rained quote a lot, for about half an hour or so, but after that it was just clear-blue skies and sunny weather the rest of the evening, buy NEXIUM without prescription. We got into the arena, bought something to eat and then moved closer to the stage.

The concert

The stadium was, naturally, sold out with 57 205 people attending, BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. Where can i find NEXIUM online, First, there were two opening acts: Swedish band Bullet, and Irish band The Answer. I didn't hear that much of Bullet, NEXIUM results, but what I heard sounded very good, and I definitely need to check them out. NEXIUM description, With a concert of this magnitude, it's probably even worse being the second opening act; everyone is waiting for the main attraction, many people don't know there are two support bands etc.

So, about NEXIUM, no matter what you think of The Answer, there were a lot of disappointed faces when they got on stage. BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, They played pretty well, but still, everyone just wanted AC/DC by then. Where can i cheapest NEXIUM online, A picture of AC/DC at the Ullevi arena

Picture taken by Peter Wixtröm, Aftonbladet

At about 9.30 in the evening, the opening video began and AC/DC finally entered the stage. Since they're on the same tour as when I saw them in February, NEXIUM duration, not many things (read: hardly anything) have changed since then. But, Comprar en línea NEXIUM, comprar NEXIUM baratos, I'm so immensely grateful every time I get the chance to see AC/DC, because they are, without a doubt, one of the best live acts you can ever see, purchase NEXIUM for sale. They're so totally dedicated to delivering and make the night as memorable as possible for the crowd.

What especially gets to me is the energy they all have, with Angus being pretty much all over the place, BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. It also makes me truly happy to see vocalist Brian Johnson. Low dose NEXIUM, He's so there, all the time, and when he's not singing, he's standing next to the other guys, order NEXIUM from United States pharmacy, moving to the music or interacting with the crowd. Definitely a lesson for other vocalists who tend to get off the stage as fast as they can, Buy NEXIUM from canada, as soon as there an instrumental part/passage...

But sure, one could argue that a number of years ago, they were even more physical, NEXIUM long term, but it's not really that much noticeable. BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, First time I saw them was back in 1991, and then Angus was completely crazy, throwing himself everywhere, lying on the floor playing constantly, kicking around etc. But what he's doing now is not far from that. Canada, mexico, india, A picture of Angus Young of AC/DC at the Ullevi arena

Like my brother mentioned, though, the only downside of seeing several AC/DC concerts in a short amount of time is that what feels unique for that night and special just for you, is the same thing they would do the other nights as well, buy NEXIUM online no prescription. It's all carefully crafted, but, NEXIUM without a prescription, you could lose some of that special once-in-a-lifetime feeling. By the way, I should also mention that the sound was very very good, at least from where I was standing, NEXIUM over the counter, and every note came through crystal clear.

Only thing that gave me some distaste was that, during the song The Jack (which is about a woman with venereal disease), the camera men like to film women in the audience to imply that they are "dirty women", BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. All fine and well, NEXIUM pharmacy, and for a laugh, but it loses all its joy when they start filming twelve year-old girls... What's wrong with you, camera men, real brand NEXIUM online.

Picture taken by Peter Wixtröm, Aftonbladet

The set list

With the treasure chest of songs AC/DC have, NEXIUM canada, mexico, india, they could hardly go wrong. The songs they played were exactly the same as a few months ago, and in the same order, except for adding Dog Eat Dog to the set as well (it's an ok song, order NEXIUM online c.o.d, but personally I know a lot of other songs that I feel would have suited better; e.g. BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, Jailbreak, High Voltage, It's a Long Way to the Top etc).

In my opinion, Purchase NEXIUM online no prescription, though, the middle of the set list is the weaker part, with too many new songs. They actually grow on me, purchase NEXIUM, though, except for Anything Goes, Buy generic NEXIUM, which I think is just a waste of time. If they made the middle a little stronger, I feel that no other band or concert would be able to top it.

The ending is, australia, uk, us, usa, however, completely amazing, NEXIUM from canadian pharmacy, and could not be done better. :-D

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Train

  2. Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be

  3. Back in Black

  4. Big Jack

  5. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  6. Shot Down in Flames

  7. Thunderstruck

  8. Black Ice

  9. The Jack

  10. Hells Bells

  11. Shoot to Thrill

  12. War Machine

  13. Dog Eat Dog

  14. Anything Goes

  15. You Shook Me All Night Long

  16. T.N.T.

  17. Whole Lotta Rosie

  18. Let There Be Rock

  19. Highway to Hell

  20. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)

My thoughts and the future

This was the fifth time I saw AC /DC Live, BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. First time was back in 1991, then 1996, two times in 2000 (New York and Stockholm) and now two times this year (Stockholm and Gothenburg). I believe an AC/DC concert experience is about as good as it can get, but I can't help start wondering about the future.

Brian Johnson will turn 62 this year, and Angus Young is the youngest member at 54. AC/DC started out back in 1973 and have been around for an astonishing 36 years. Very impressive, but also makes me think that this were perhaps their last great tour. There might be one more, if we're lucky, but then they will probably retire.

So, if you have the chance, go see AC/DC live, because it's a truly unforgettable experience.



VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE, Last night I attended Metallica's sold out show in The Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden


Metallica were to play two shows in March in Sweden this year, but after the first show, James Hetfield got food-poisoned and couldn't get well in time to perform the second night. I had tickets to that second gig, and it was a huge disappointment when the rest of the band came on stage and announced the cancelled show, online VIBRAMYCIN without a prescription.

Making it up to the fans

The show last night was rescheduled from March, Buy VIBRAMYCIN online no prescription, and I get it, people get sick, so Metallica could just have told the fans they're sorry and that would have been cool, my VIBRAMYCIN experience. But, Low dose VIBRAMYCIN, they really stepped up.

The Globe area was filled, 16 531 people, VIBRAMYCIN pharmacy, which I believe is a new audience record, Order VIBRAMYCIN from United States pharmacy, and everyone attending got a custom made t-shirt stating that it was exclusively for this rescheduled show.

A picture of the text on the front of the custom t-shirt

The back of it depicted Hetfield throwing up in a toilet and the rest of the band watching, accompanied with, shall we say, alternate lyrics to the song Seek & Destroy:

Stockholm – on our way.

Oysters – he will pay.

Dying, one thousand deaths.

Stockholm – spoilt your day.

Puking – he did pay!

Dying, one thousand deaths.


sick and destroy!

A picture of the back of the custom t-shirt

On top of that, everyone also got a free download of the entire show last night (Metallica record all their live shows) to listen to it afterwards, VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE.

I have to say I'm really impressed by this, and I think it's a great way for Metallica to show they're sorry and sincerely want to make up for it to their fans, fast shipping VIBRAMYCIN.

The show

Machine Head

There were two opening acts, Comprar en línea VIBRAMYCIN, comprar VIBRAMYCIN baratos, and if you ask me that is almost always one too many. I didn't see the first one, The Sword, VIBRAMYCIN blogs, and only got a couple of glimpses of the second one, Buy VIBRAMYCIN no prescription, Machine Head. Machine Head's bass player, by the way, VIBRAMYCIN class, had to go and do an emergency root canal, Buy VIBRAMYCIN from canada, so the bass player in Swedish band The Haunted filled in for him. VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE, Can't say I'm really a fan of Machine Head, or, well, rather just indifferent about them. They did play a cover of Iron Maiden's Hallowed Be Thy Name, though, VIBRAMYCIN schedule, and that was nice. Discount VIBRAMYCIN,

Show start

At around a quarter after nine in the evening, Metallica got up on stage and the crowd, naturally, canada, mexico, india, went wild. VIBRAMYCIN price, coupon, I'm sure I have told you before, I'm a very active concert goer and I love going crazy down on the floor. Within a few songs, about VIBRAMYCIN, I had reached the fence, Get VIBRAMYCIN, and was very very close to the actual stage.

A picture of the stage

Picture by Erik Mörner

The stage

In regards to the stage, Metallica have their stage in the middle of the arena, so they're completely surrounded by the audience all around, VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE. This means that everyone get closer to the stage, and if you're on the floor, effects of VIBRAMYCIN, a lot more people get the chance to stand very close to any of the band members. Cheap VIBRAMYCIN, The stage is also only about two meters up, so it's not like those festival stages that are up there in the clouds.

Another nice thing is that the drummer get to be part of the show, VIBRAMYCIN without prescription, and not just hidden away in the back. Cheap VIBRAMYCIN no rx, A picture of the stage

Picture by Erik Mörner

The centered stage has its cons too, though. VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE, When a band member is close to you, it's awesome and everyone's very happy, but there are times when no band member is present and you can't even see all of them (because they might be on the opposite side of the drum set or just very far away on the other edge) - and if this happens in a new song/less interesting part, it becomes so obviously stale and less fun then.

So, VIBRAMYCIN samples, I don't know. Order VIBRAMYCIN online overnight delivery no prescription, Half of me loves the centered stage, half of me thinks it becomes too much of a mix between lows and highs.

Show grading

It was, VIBRAMYCIN recreational, I think, VIBRAMYCIN dosage, the 8th time I saw Metallica live (first time was almost 17 years ago) and they never fail to deliver. Last night, though, where can i cheapest VIBRAMYCIN online, I have to say that it was good, VIBRAMYCIN alternatives, but not fantastic. And it's not because of the band, because they seemed hungry to finally play this show, and Hetfield really seemed happy, VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE.

A picture of the stage

Picture by Erik Mörner

The stage set-up was great, too; very nice light show, where to buy VIBRAMYCIN, very hot fire columns (no explosions, Online buying VIBRAMYCIN, though) and coffin shaped spotlight holders hoisted up and down. The sound was a bit off in the beginning, at least where I stood, generic VIBRAMYCIN, but it gradually got better. Kjøpe VIBRAMYCIN på nett, köpa VIBRAMYCIN online, But what it fell on, I'd say, is that the new songs, buy VIBRAMYCIN without prescription, in my book at least, VIBRAMYCIN trusted pharmacy reviews, doesn't cut it - especially live. And when 6 out of 18 songs are from the last album, it definitely loses tempo as well as audience attention, VIBRAMYCIN without a prescription. VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE, And yes, I know, naturally they want and need to play new stuff as well to motivate themselves, but that makes the show as a whole an uneven experience. In a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best, I think I'd rate this show a 3.


During the last song, inflated balls were raining from the ceiling, and the audience were tossing them around all over the place - they also landed on the stage and the band were kicking them out again. And, at the end, lucky me managed to get a hold of a ball to bring home.

And as if that wasn't enough, I finally managed to get a guitar pick as well. Previously, I have gotten guitar picks from Iron Maiden (Dave Murray - on two occasions!), Black Sabbath (Tony Iommi) and Alice Cooper but at last, I now also have one from Metallica.

A picture of me with the Metallica inflatable ball and a guitar pick

Set list

Regular set

  • That Was Just Your Life

  • The End Of The Line

  • For Whom The Bell Tolls

  • Holier Than Thou

  • One

  • Broken, Beat And Scarred

  • My Apocalypse

  • Sad But True

  • Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

  • The Judas Kiss

  • The Day That Never Comes

  • Master Of Puppets

  • Blackened

  • Nothing Else Matters

  • Enter Sandman


  • Am I Evil?

  • Motorbreath

  • Seek and Destroy


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April 4th I had the fantastic pleasure of seeing D-A-D ATENOLOL OVER THE COUNTER, playing at Klubben in Stockholm.


The initial idea was that I and my girlfriend were to go and see them and have a night out. Buy ATENOLOL without a prescription, Unfortunately, our youngest child got sick, and we discussed back and forth what to do, about ATENOLOL. She has liked D-A-D for quite some time, Get ATENOLOL, so I really wanted to go - in the end, though, she wanted to stay at home with our daughter, ATENOLOL results, so me and my brother Martin went together instead (God knows how many concerts he and I have been together). ATENOLOL australia, uk, us, usa, The week or so before the event night, I had been swamped, been abroad and other things, ATENOLOL without a prescription, so I was really worked out, Buying ATENOLOL online over the counter, and honestly, I just wanted to stay at home, and sit in the couch watching TV.., purchase ATENOLOL online.

At Klubben

The concert was sold out since long, and the place was packed with people when we got there, ATENOLOL OVER THE COUNTER. Klubben is a great rock arena: black walls, ATENOLOL reviews, small and very intimate. We walked into the venue and the support act Ammotrack were playing. We saw a part of their set, ATENOLOL from mexico, and overall they seemed pretty good - at least a lot better than most opening bands I'm used to seeing. Generic ATENOLOL, When they were done, the ambience in Klubben was great. ATENOLOL OVER THE COUNTER, Everyone was happy and excited about seeing D-A-D very soon. The best way to describe it is like a "Danish-happy-mode", order ATENOLOL no prescription. If you've met Happy Danes, Buy ATENOLOL online no prescription, you know exactly what I mean - if not, try and get that experience. :-)


After some waiting, ATENOLOL long term, which seemed to take ages, ATENOLOL photos, D-A-D finally entered the stage and the crowd went wild.

A picture of the concert start

During the first few songs, the audience seemed very happy and content, online buying ATENOLOL hcl, but not really crazy. However, a bit in the concert things really started to heat up, and eventually everyone was ecstatic, ATENOLOL OVER THE COUNTER. ATENOLOL images, I should confess that I haven't really listened much to D-A-D, don't really know why, to be honest, ATENOLOL price, coupon, and I've only seen them live once before. Buy generic ATENOLOL, As the night progressed, though, the fantastic performance by the band and how everyone in the band as well as the crowd were so into every song, where can i buy cheapest ATENOLOL online, it was extremely contagious. ATENOLOL schedule, Me being tired was completely forgotten, and I was partaking in the fun as much as I could.

A picture of Jesper Binzer and Laust Sonne

And, order ATENOLOL from United States pharmacy, one thing that really impresses me with the band is how versatile they are in their songs and their playing style, ATENOLOL duration, and I'm a big fan of their lead guitarist Jacob Binzer (who's the brother of lead vocals and guitar man Jesper Binzer). ATENOLOL OVER THE COUNTER, Especially some of his solos are awesome.

A picture of Jacob Binzer

To complement that, their bass player Stig Pedersen seems to have an abundance of self-distance, ATENOLOL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and I love it that he has decided to have only strings on his bass when he's playing. Doses ATENOLOL work, Yes, for real. Stig also has hilarious bass designs, ATENOLOL trusted pharmacy reviews, and if you liked Gene Simmon's axe base, ATENOLOL class, it's nothing compared to Stig's creations. Overall, I think he used at least four different basses during the evening, ATENOLOL dosage.

A picture of Stig and his basses

Lead man Jesper switched between speaking Swedish and Danish to the audience, and the result was some very funny conversations:

- Stockholm!


- [incomprehensible Danish]

- ???, ATENOLOL OVER THE COUNTER. (everyone but the Danes in the audience)

- [more incomprehensible Danish]

- ????????

- Stockholm?


- [incomprehensible Danish]

- ????

and so on... :-)

D-A-D played a very intense two hour-set, About ATENOLOL, with coming back to the stage twice for extras, and I was genuinely amazed by the tempo they held and number of songs they played.
Unfortunately I don't have any set list, ATENOLOL steet value, since I don't know most of the songs, ATENOLOL for sale, but if anyone do, please let me know.


All the photos I could find from the concert, ATENOLOL from canadian pharmacy, as well as from where the ones above are taken from, Buy no prescription ATENOLOL online, are available in the D-A-D web site photos section. Worth noting: it makes me very happy to see the band encourage fans to take their own pictures during the show and then publish them in the official band web page - very coll, and they way it should be, fast shipping ATENOLOL.


A thing which was a let-down is that D-A-D performed a truly great concert, Order ATENOLOL online c.o.d, one of the best in quite some time for me, but there was no mention in the media whatsoever, no concert reviews. Beats me why, since this should get media coverage, D-A-D deserves the attention.

Anyway, if you are about to see D-A-D, you're in for a real treat, and I'm utterly convinced you will have a great time. :-).



ARMOUR FOR SALE, Friday night last week I had the immense pleasure of seeing AC/DC live in quite some time.

How I got there

Last fall when the tickets were released, Online buying ARMOUR, on a Saturday of all days, I was away from home and only saw the notice in the paper in the afternoon. By then, buy no prescription ARMOUR online, due to high demand in conjunction with ticket scalpers and a complete non-existence of proper legislation, Where can i buy ARMOUR online, both of the upcoming February shows with AC/DC were sold out.

In December, I embarked on a lobbying journey, is ARMOUR addictive, trying every way I could to get a hold of tickets - asking literally everyone if they could help me, ARMOUR forum, pulling strings, using connections: you name it. And, online buying ARMOUR hcl, against all possible odds, Doses ARMOUR work, I managed to get tickets Thursday afternoon, just a little over 24 hours before the first concert.

Thanks my my main man J, personal favors called, I and my brother got two representational tickets from the event company hosting the concert, meaning that we were in section A, having probably one of the best views from the seating area one could possibly have, ARMOUR FOR SALE.

A picture of the Globe arena with an AC/DC logo on it

The gig

It was the fifth time I saw AC/DC live, ARMOUR long term, and nowadays it is truly a rare occurrence to get to do that. ARMOUR recreational, Previous concerts have been 1991 (Stockholm), 1996 (Stockholm) and twice in 2000 (New York City and Stockholm respectively), and those events have been in par with their touring schedule, ARMOUR results.

The concert itself started with a movie of train on its way crashing into a station, Where can i find ARMOUR online, with, naturally, a number of hot women and sexual innuendos, ARMOUR use, wait, Purchase ARMOUR, strike that, sexual acts on board. Just as the crash is about to happen, ARMOUR dangers, a huge train crashes onto the stage with explosions and smoke: enter AC/DC.

A picture of the stage set ARMOUR FOR SALE, Following that is a mix of both new songs and old hits. Herbal ARMOUR, Unfortunately, though, they chose to play as much as five songs from the new album, where can i buy ARMOUR online. Not bad songs, ARMOUR from mexico, but at the same time, not even close to all the other legendary tunes they play. And sure, purchase ARMOUR for sale, I understand they need the motivation and want to play something new as well, ARMOUR cost, but five were at least two songs to many; just imagine which old hits could've taken their place.

Back in 2000 as well as this time around, Brian Johnson has sort of stepped up, where can i order ARMOUR without prescription, and is consistently entertaining the crowd and participating with them. Angus Young is the legend, the one everyone loves to see do his antics, but at the same time, it looks like he needs his rest too, ARMOUR FOR SALE. ARMOUR online cod, As far as I can recollect at least, he was more wild and crazy back in 1991 and 1996, being completely out there all the time, is ARMOUR safe.

And don't get me wrong, ARMOUR price, the crowd do get their fair share of duck walks, lying on the floor and playing, guitar solos, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, stripping and all that. Fast shipping ARMOUR, It's just that it feels like he picks his moments more now - which is completely understandable.

Reading the reviews in the newspapers, I was happy to see that all of them praised the rhythm section - Malcolm Young, doses ARMOUR work, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd - who are truly the ones creating the out-of-this world drive and force. ARMOUR FOR SALE, Throughout the entire gig their playing is so extremely tight, and in some of their most well-known songs, we were actually witnessing true magic. Comprar en línea ARMOUR, comprar ARMOUR baratos, Few people seem to know that Malcolm Young, the rhythm guitarist and Angus' older brother, is the true leader and main man in AC/DC, discount ARMOUR. Most just think that he's the poor sibling playing in the background, ARMOUR pictures, which couldn't be further from the truth. Putting Angus in front and making him the star was a deliberate decision taken back in the 70's, but before that, ARMOUR interactions, Malcolm and Angus actually used to play solo duels. Buying ARMOUR online over the counter, Man, how I would love to witness something like that.

A picture of AC/DC playing Whole Lotta Rosie

The stage set looks very nice, with the walk-out "tongue" in the middle of the crowd which they have had for quite some years now, ARMOUR FOR SALE. The train crash in the movie in the beginning was a great start, ARMOUR duration, and a huge inflatable Whole Lotta Rosie character and cannons do their part. ARMOUR pharmacy, However, just like my brother said:

It dooesn't matter what the set looks like, because AC/DC is one of the few bands pulling off just standing there and playing - just because they're so damn good!

The set list

The set list was overall very well balanced, buy ARMOUR without a prescription, although (as mentioned above), Order ARMOUR no prescription, it would have been fantastic with some other songs than the new ones.

  1. Rock 'n' Roll Train

  2. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

  3. Back in Black

  4. Big Jack

  5. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  6. Shot Down in Flames

  7. Thunderstruck

  8. Black Ice

  9. The Jack

  10. Hells Bells

  11. Shoot to Thrill

  12. War Machine

  13. Anything Goes

  14. You Shook Me All Night Long

  15. T.N.T.

  16. Whole Lotta Rosie

  17. Let There Be Rock

  18. Highway to Hell

  19. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)

In my opinion, the best songs of the night were:

  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  • Thunderstruck

  • Hells Bells

  • T.N.T.

  • Let There Be Rock (awesome!)


Playing Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap


With the fantastic playing which literally moved the ground, I was going crazy where I was standing - and so was everyone around me too. The only thing keeping the concert from getting a grade of 5 out of 5 is the new songs, but at the very least it deserves a 4+ for their passion, dedication and amazing roughness.

Pictures & movie clips


Angus guitar solo

I was taking some pictures and filming some, and all of it can be viewed in AC/DC, Globe Arena, Stockholm February 20th 2009.



DESYREL FOR SALE, The end of 2008 is near, and I felt it was time to summarize the passed year.

As with every year, lots of things happened, so I've struggled a bit with the things I'd like to mention and which ones I think will follow (or haunt?) us in 2009, buy DESYREL without prescription. Prepare for some very varying topics as well as a link-o-rama. :-)

Interesting events

Google releasing Google Chrome

In september, DESYREL price, coupon, Google outed their contribution to the web browser world: Google Chrome. It has some interesting features with separate processes and very fast rendering, and even though it was officially released in December, I think it still has a far way to go with extensibility, DESYREL over the counter, cross-platform support etc.

A screenshot of Google Chrome


In October, one of the most interesting services out there, Spotify, launched and I wrote a little about it
and gave away some invites (and attended a lovely Spotify party), DESYREL FOR SALE. And, Is DESYREL safe, to today's date I've shared a total of about 150 Spotify invites - oh my, ain't I generous. :-)

Anyway, if you get the chance, fast shipping DESYREL, you should really try it out.

Microsoft bidding on Yahoo!

As I'm sure everyone knows, Online buying DESYREL, Microsoft put a bid on Yahoo!, and after that it was a circus with speculations and opinions. Currently, as far as I know, DESYREL class, Yahoo!'s value has sunk far below the initial biddding, and Microsoft claim they're no longer interested. DESYREL FOR SALE, I guess we just have to wait and see... Ordering DESYREL online,

Adobe launched Photoshop online

I must say that I never ever thought Photoshop would be an application available online, and for free at that. But lo and behold, with the launch of Adobe Photoshop Express, DESYREL use, that's just what we got.

Barack Obama

At the time it happened, DESYREL no prescription, I really wanted to write a blog post about Barack Obama being elected. I mean, an eloquent and colored president of the United States. For real, DESYREL FOR SALE. I think I, DESYREL pharmacy, and lots of others with me, still have a problem to fathom what has actually happened. Online buy DESYREL without a prescription, "Stop going on about his color", some people say, but that's just the thing here: he being able to get elected just shows that we finally have passed the line where race doesn't matter anymore, and with the history of US and the slavery, DESYREL wiki, I'm very very happy that this happened. And his victory speech: oh my God, DESYREL results, that's talent.

Everyone keep mentioning at what a tough time he will come to the presidency and how hard it will be, but look at it like this instead: with the state George W. DESYREL FOR SALE, Bush has left the country, whatever Obama does, it can only go uphill, right.

My brother getting married!

In September my kid brother got married, DESYREL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Congratulations Martin & Karolina.

A picture of my brother Martin getting married

Happenings, Cheap DESYREL, reflections and change of paths

Some reflections and mentioning a few decisions I made:

Geek Meet

December 4th, Geek Meet had a staggering amount of 150 people attending Geek Meet with Chris Heilmann - I'm really happy and proud to see how the event has taken off.

I also had the opportunity to show Stockholm to Chris and get to know him a little better - I think we had a special moment, but I'll let you judge for yourselves :-) :

A picture of me and Chris

For some unknown reason, australia, uk, us, usa, Tim and Chris got into some groin-touching fixation, so I just helped documenting it... :-)

Leaving DOMAssistant

This year, I decided to leave the DOMAssistant project, DESYREL FOR SALE. Buy cheap DESYREL no rx, It was extremely good and helped me evolve to create and run something like that, but it was time to move on to other challenges, and so far I haven't regretted it.

Number of readers

Since some time during the fall, buy generic DESYREL, I have steadily had over 3000 readers to my RSS feed. As long as the number of followers increase, DESYREL from canadian pharmacy, I must be doing something right, right. :-)

MVB for DZone

In November, I was asked to become an MVB for DZone, DESYREL natural, which I was proud for. DESYREL FOR SALE, Also, getting the possibility to reach out to even more readers should never be overlooked. :-)

Owning an iPhone

After bitching and moaning, About DESYREL, I eventually got an iPhone, and I have to say that it has drastically improved my cell phone/device usage. And when one's past all the flashy fish ponds, guitar and flute playing etc, DESYREL description, it's actually very easy to get dramatically more productive with it.

So yeah, DESYREL alternatives, I love it, although it hasn't improved my sex life (just yet, at least)... :-)

Funny songs

I might be partial here, DESYREL dangers, but I was very satisfied with my song rewrites in Behind Blue Es and A CSS class hero. :-)

Most interesting blog posts

Let's start the link listing frenzy with the posts I think shaped and/or helped me, my development style or opinions, and hopefully made the largest impact with you as well, DESYREL FOR SALE. I strongly recommend reading these, Order DESYREL from mexican pharmacy, and shaping your opinion and takes on these topics:

JavaScript articles

I must say that this year was my most productive in writing JavaScript articles, where can i buy DESYREL online, which would help both me and people struggling with getting the concept of some parts of JavaScript. Here's the list of the most useful ones:

General JavaScript posts

JavaScript inheritance, DESYREL no rx, scope, closures and namespacing

Released code

Looking back at 2008, I was pretty productive in terms of releasing code for you. Here's a list of the most interesting things I brought you:

Firefox extensions

DESYREL FOR SALE, This fall I finally started developing Firefox extensions, and overall it has been a very pleasurable experience (I'll try and write a post about soon). Trying to help myself as well as a lot of other developers out, I put a lot of effort into Inline Code Finder (Inline Code Finder release post), cheap DESYREL no rx, and released it at the end of the year. Available downloads are:

A picture of the Inline Code Finder panel for Firebug

So far, to my happiness, it has been very popular, and I'm proud to see it worthy of being listed amongst other great Firebug extensions

JavaScript badges

Some time during the summer, DESYREL duration, I got into a badge-developing mode, and came up with two useful scripts:

When I develop things for other services, Buy DESYREL online no prescription, it is always interesting to see how they handle that. The nice Tumblr people liked, told me so and kindly listed it amongst the Tumblr Developer Resources. The FriendFeed people, online buy DESYREL without a prescription. Never heard from them.., DESYREL FOR SALE.

JavaScript code

Naturally, I also had a few releases with some good ol' regular JavaScript code as well :-) :

Adobe AIR applications

During spring, I played around with the Adobe AIR framework, and produced a few applications. At the moment, I feel too restrained by some of its shortcomings (perhaps I'll go into that another day), so currently I don't do any further development with it.

The interest in GMDesk, though, has been overwhelming (which also resulted in a visitor record), so I hope people who downloaded it have use for it, and at the same time I feel a bit saddened that I couldn't make it out to be all that I wanted.

People who died in 2008

Perhaps a bit morbid, but I have a strange fascination with knowing which well-known people passed away in the year that went. Some noteworthy names for 2008 are:

  • Heath Ledger

  • Roy Scheider

  • Charlton Heston

  • Isaac Hayes

  • Paul Newman

  • DESYREL FOR SALE, Arthur C. Clarke

  • Eartha Kitt

  • Sir Edmund Hillary

  • Sydney Pollack

  • Yves Saint-Laurent

  • Bo Diddley

  • Michael Crichton

  • Robert Prosky

On a personal level

In the spring of 2008, I lost my grandfather. I would just like to express my sadness for him leaving us, and for anyone else who have lost a loved one - life can be extremely cruel.

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for reading, for being there for me, for helping me out when I constantly harass you. I love writing, and I hope you love reading.

Thank you for 2008 and Happy New Year.


Twisted Sister live at Solnahallen/Stockholm November 14th 2007

As you might have noticed, I love going to concerts and experiencing live music in general. Yesterday was a special night for me, seeing the band which was the first major rock concert I ever attended, play again in Sweden. In 1986, 12 years old, I went to see Twisted Sister play at Isstadion in Stockholm. I remember that outside of the arena we haggled down the price for two scarves from 40 SEK down to 50 SEK for two. I tied it around my head like a bandana, and there I was, eager like never before and filled up with anticipation. I might have had glasses that were slightly too big for me, and perhaps I didn't look all that cool, but it didn't really matter. I was happy! :-) 21 years later, I get the chance to see Twisted Sister play once again on Swedish soil. Many mixed emotions: 21 years since last time, I'm ancient! And in that case, how old must they be?! How will it sound? Will I be disappointed and perhaps ruin a good memory, or will it be a wonderful trip down memory lane? Lucky to say, it was the latter and I had a great, great time!

The band

Nowadays, Twisted Sister play very few gigs, and according to the band themselves yesterday, they have only played 55 gigs in the latest five year, since they reunited. Last night was only their fifth gig in a row, and I believe they will be going home to the US after this. I have to say that I'm amazed that it basically sounds the same like it did back in the day (meaning the 80s)! Maybe they're not the tightest band on the planet, but if they had more road time, I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem. Another thing that hit me, and especially opposed to some other reunited bands I've seen, Twisted Sister seemed to seriously enjoy themselves, and the sheer happiness and enthusiasm the band radiated was fantastic! TO me it seemed they were exuberant. Not everyone must be dead serious all the time, but instead just focus on having fun. Something more people definitely should focus on.

Their outfits

Basically, they were wearing the same clothes like they did during the Stay Hungry-era, and they wore identical make-up as well. If you didn't get too close, you could actually imagine that you were back in 1986, seeing a great and entertaining band. Their physical appearances have changed a little since 20 years ago, but not any major chances (except for a wig on one of them, that is).

Dee Snider

Dee blew me away yesterday! The energy he has, constantly giving everything he has, was outstanding. His crowd interaction, anecdotes and talks were very funny and amusing, and I must say that he's a fantastic front man! I'm sure he has also influenced a lot of the best front men we see today.

Music unifies

What struck me the most yesterday was that everyone, both the band and the audience, were so happy! The crowd, to say the least, was very mixed with people who would probably never even talk to each other under normal circumstances. But once the music started, everyone was delighted, smiling and feeling a togetherness which is very rare to see. I was a touched by feeling so good, and also to share this nostalgic moment with all these other people, who it apparently meant a great deal for too. If ever get the chance to see Twisted Sister live, and these moments are rare, make sure not to miss out on it!


There are few concerts where I'd say, the day after, that I'd love to go see the same show that night again. But yesterday is without a doubt something I would love to relive tonight again! However, this evening is dedicated to explaining to my daughters why I, last night, would rather go see men with make-up dancing on a stage, than spending time with them instead... Oh well, I just guess I'm an SMF at times. :-) – an example of when online ticket booking goes wrong

I've always wondered when non-functioning web sites will start to be replaced by good ol' real-life stores, which people will go to instead of using the online service. Yesterday it happened with I was about to book some concert tickets for when Iron Maiden will visit Sweden next summer on their SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR 2008, where the stage set will be inspired by the Powerslave era. The interest for Iron Maiden tickets is huge in Sweden, and they've been very popular here for a long time now. They will be playing two stadium gigs in Sweden, one in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg, for a total of over 80 000 people. Yesterday the tickets went on sale, and most people buy their tickets through the Ticnet web site. However, that web site has become increasingly infamous because of it's poor performance and lack of stability during major ticket releases.

Crash and burn

They use a kind of, I think, iframe-based queuing system where it says how many more minutes you have to wait before they let you into the web site to book. I tried accessing the web site with three different web browsers, my brother at his location with another, and a friend at yet another place. All our sessions crashed and/or timed out. The iframe fails to load or it loses the connection to the web site altogether. And when happens then? You lose you place in the line. Another thing that bugs me here is that the tickets can get sold out, and still your web browser just keeps on queuing till it gets in, even though the tickets are since long sold out. If the tickets are gone, why not send them to a hard-coded web page which informs them about this, instead of letting them waste hours just to find out that there haven't been any tickets available since several hours?

Web sites anno 2007

I mean, really, shouldn't a web site, selling tickets to high-profile events, be able to take some load? I understand the technical implications of getting a lot of sudden visitors, but this happens every time they release tickets. It shouldn't come as a surprise that certain events are very popular, and technically, they must be aware that their current system just can't cope.

Some people always get tickets

What really annoys me is that everyone is dependent on this web site to work, and I really feel sorry for all the people taking time out from their jobs or schools to desperately wait in line to a web page that literally betrays them when they least expect it. Also, Ticnet have implemented a feature which only allows you to buy tickets using an Internet bank account connection, if you want to fetch the tickets at one of the myriad of representatives available all over Sweden. If you want to pay with a credit card, you can only collect the tickets at their very own representatives, of which there are maybe 30 all in all in Sweden. This is to prevent black market scouts to buy up a lot of tickets, but apparently this only affects people actually wanting to go to the concert, and not the ones selling the tickets for steep prices. Swedish web site Biljett Nu (meaning: Ticket Now) are one of these organizations focused on buying tickets from Ticnet and then selling them on to private persons, collecting a lot of money in-between. Hell, they even let you pre-order tickets to an event! All of this affects the little man: the one who's trying to get tickets the legitimate way by queuing, and who also normally can't afford exorbitant prices, since Ticnet can offer a fair manner of selling the tickets in the first place. And those are the ones missing out on the event, and they can't turn to anyone other, since Ticnet has a monopoly on the entire situation. This means that Ticnet can offer, or rather neglect to offer, any level of service they want, and everyone still have to turn to them to get tickets.

How to get tickets

Luckily, I had a number of friends waiting in line outside of real stores selling the tickets, so I got a hold of some for me and my closest ones. And later yesterday, I heard all kinds of tales of people going to stores to buy tickets. No lines, no nothing. Just walk in and get the tickets, and Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, off they go. I'm happy for their sake, but a bit amazed by the situation. I think this is a prime example of when poor Internet infrastructure fails, and people turn to regular standing in line and going to stores downtown instead. Sad, really, and it gives web sites and the Internet in general a bad reputation of being unreliable.

The null incident

When I already know I had gotten tickets, and also knew that all tickets were sold out since long, I still let my web browser wait in line to see how it would work once I got in. When I got in, there was no information whatsoever that the event was sold out, so I tried choosing 2 tickets in the dropdown and clicking "Sök biljetter" (Search tickets) to try and book them. And what happens? Well, of course me, of all people, Mr. JavaScript lover, is met by a JavaScript dialog simply stating: null. A picture of the null dialog in the Ticne web site Great work Ticnet, really. I applaud you. I definitely know and relate how to things can go wrong in a web site, but seriously? Object detection, anyone? Defensive coding? Hell, even try...catch would have made me happier.

Higher prices and stricter DRM will encourage illegal downloading

By now, I'm sure you know about the controversy between NBC and Apple, where NBC decided to ditch Apple's iTunes Store and instead sell their shows through Amazon Unbox. The reasoning behind NBC's decision is that they wanted different prices for different shows. It might, to some people, sound like a reasonable demand. However, this stance basically comes from greed, and failing to acknowledge that one of the major things behind Apple's success with iTunes store is the pricing model seems to me like a fundamental business error. At iTunes, no matter what artist you want to buy music from, the price per song is the same. No matter what video/show clip you want, it's the same price, and it's reasonably low and fair. The consistency in this model has proven to be great in reaching people, because with such simplicity people will know what to expect and find it just. Another reason for switching is that Amazon offers stricter DRM than Apple, which will, of course, make it less flexible for the end users and deliver less value per price for the product. So, NBC might very well get a higher price for their shows at Amazon, but since they will, I'm convinced, sell a lot less copies with that higher price and more "protection", they're bound to earn less money and gain more bad-will. The sum is that NBC had a shot at actually selling more shows for downloading, lost out on it because of greed, and there will soon be a higher concentration of their shows available at any torrent web site. If they are serious about stifling illegal downloading and actually deliver something worth its price to their customers, my advice is for them to seriously rethink. I also read that some analyst thought that this would mean less iPod sales because there wouldn't be sufficient availability of video shows. Yeah, right. Like there's no way for users themselves to convert video clips for iPod usage (Windows alternative), clips that they could get from any other source of their liking.


Related reading

Spotify blows me away!

I completely missed the train this spring when betas for Spotify were given to a very select few, but the other day my brother had seen the service and was blown away! He called me and told me about it, so I just had to check into it too. Vaguely remembering the name of the service and that some other people had mentioned it in passing to me before, I looked for all the information I had. It turned out that I had meet the CTO of Spotify at a Geek Meet (I remembered him but not where he was working), so I e-mailed him, practically begging for a beta invite. Being the nice guy that he is, he let me in, and man, am I grateful for that!

What is it then?

Spotify will, if it continues to deliver such a great experience as it currently does, revolutionize the way we access and listen to music! It's like Joost but for music, with outstanding performance and without the stupid geographic restrictions the video service has. Basically, it's an iTunes-like interface where you can listen to radio adapted to what decade and music type your like, or, and this is what really blows me away, search for any song or artist you want to hear, and it is immediately streamed to you! Then you can also create playlists of any songs you like. Just imagine the power of having any music you want to listen to just by your fingertips, without the need of transferring it to each and every computer where you want to listen to it. Imagine having all the music you ever owned, and more, available to you at any computer or location. Amazing!

Eh... How much does this cost?

Nothing! In the long run, it is supposed to be ad-sponsored in the most unobtrusive way. If they can succeed with doing this in a decent manner, there's no end to the possibilities. Really! I must say that this is the product with the best potential I've seen for a long time (hell, maybe the best software product I've ever seen), and if they don't screw this up, I'm thoroughly convinced that they will change the way the world consumes music. Keep your eyes on this!

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Mötley Crüe in Stockholm, June 5th 2007

Last night I went to see Mötley Crüe play at the Globe arena in Stockholm (even if you don't like Mötley Crüe, read on, it might be entertaining anyway :-) ). Way back, in the 80s and maybe early 90s they had some good material, but after that it has pretty much been uninteresting. But, they've managed to live on their old stuff (Shout at the Devil etc) and their attitude and media coverage, and then especially Tommy Lee. Let me share how yesterday was for me:

Getting there

Since I live in a suburb north of Stockholm, I decided to take my car there to easier get home after the gig. Besides, I didn't have any plans on drinking so it felt like a good choice. However, what I had missed was that yesterday was the day before a holiday (June 6th, the Swedish National Day), and everyone was going with their cars to their country homes to desperately stay away from home for one day. It was also a very warm day yesterday, around 27 degrees Celsius/81 degrees Fahrenheit, traffic jams like you would never believe, cars overheating, road work, you name it. I was stuck in our car with no air condition, and I had to have the windows up or I would've died from exhaust fumes. So, basically, I was in my sauna (sorry, I meant to type 'car' but my recollections forced me to choose another word) constantly drinking water from a 1½ litre bottle.

Almost there...

All in all, it took me 2 hours (!) to manage to get the about 40 kilometers/25 miles to the arena. I parked my car and started to run towards the Globe arena, making just a short pit stop at a huge tree to pee out all the water I had drunk. When I was running there, sporting a Metallica t-shirt and my bottle with an unidentifiable transparent liquid in it, lots of rockers hailed me for, as they saw it, running with some home-brewn booze or something. With all those encouraging cheers, hell, one guy even saluted me, I really couldn't bare revealing the truth for them: this old man needs water to make it through a rock concert.

What's the rush?

By now you have probably started wondering why I was in such a rush. The thing is, I just love to go crazy in the mosh pit, getting as close to the stage as possible and seeing the musicians faces close up. As probably most people, I have a lot of steam to occasionally let loose, so what better way than to do it in a happily manner? So, to be able to get within the front enclosure closest to the stage, one has to invest a couple of hours waiting outside the arena before they open the doors. Luckily, my brother Martin, who I was going with, had been waiting there for about an hour when I finally got there.

Just one more thing

At about 18.00, they could open the doors anytime now, I ran up to Martin, left him my (now super-cool drinking binge) bottle, and continued to run to finish two more things that had to be done. The first one was to cash in a couple of ZZ Top tickets for their now cancelled Stockholm gig in July (I wouldn't want them on me in the mosh pit; besides, I figured I would have had plenty of time to do it before the concert), the other was to grab something to eat at McDonalds for martin and me, to be able to make it through the evening. Got into the ticket place, where they naturally couldn't get their ticket machine to accept the not-laser-precision-super-flat tickets... She had to make a call to the office to verify that it was ok, and I asked her if I could run and get some burgers while i was waiting. She said yes. Got into McDonalds, bought the burgers (after the cashier initially mistakenly registered 1 Big Mac and 8 (!) cheeseburgers), and ran back to the ticket place. Just in time, as she got the information she needed, so she could give me the money for the tickets. Grabbed them, and ran back to Martin.

Standing in line

Got to Martin, and apparently a guy had just gotten up from the ground and thrown up, just before I came running with my burger bag. Luckily, I didn't get that visual, and the pile of vomit was lying sufficiently far away so while I could see it, at Ieast I didn't have to smell it. Normally, at concerts there's always a number of people who are drunk, but I have to say that a vast majority seemed to be that in this line. We ate our burgers, and actually got to wait about 30 minutes more before they finally opened the door. Once inside the doors, the poor state of the ticket machines alternatively the drunken state of the attendees to the gig, resulted in that it took ages to get in, since about every second person couldn't get the ticket machines to accept their tickets (I was one of them, but I completely blame the guy who was in front of me harassing the machine...). This was about the time where Martin, 6 years younger than me, turned to me and said:

Man, all the kids here are about half my age. I couldn't even begin to imagine what it must fell like for you.

Thanks, Martin, rub it in. I'm only 32 (going on 33), ok?

In the arena

Finally, we were inside and got down the stairs to the floor. We showed our tickets to one of the security guards, and once past that I saw that the entrance to the front enclosure was still open, so I decided to make a run for it. Apparently this was a bad move, since a screech that sounded like it came right out of hell, ringing in my ears, vaguely articulated the words:


These words were accompanied by a frantic security guard, in her all-time-best state of frenzy, who literally clawed after me as she uttered that scream. Naturally, my running came to a halt, while I half-eagerly, half-shocked, eyed the Medusa woman who I apparently had offended so badly. Really, if you take a look at me and the other people who were there, you would probably decide that I would probably the least harmful guy in the entire place (although I'm not :-) ). Anyway, I walked to the front enclosure, with Martin just behind me, and we got in. Mission accomplished.

Opening act: Papa Roach

I've never really listened to Papa Roach, but I have to say that their ambitious attitude and genuine will to entertain the crowd won me over. The beginning of their set was good, the middle so-so, and the ending good. But, most notably, they were constantly giving all they had. Most of the crowd seemed to like them, or at least think they were decent, and this is probably partly out of gratitude, since most opening acts tend to suck. Hard. So, kudos to Papa Roach is all I can say.

Mötley Crüe

Just after 21.00 Mötley got on stage. They opened with Dr. Feelgood followed by Shout at the Devil, so the place went wild! Soon after that they had also gone through Home Sweet Home, Looks That Kill, Wild Side and Primal Scream. The crowd was mostly nuts all the time and ecstatic to see their idols. Sadly to say, that feeling didn't seem mutual. First of all, I could hardly hear Vince Neil sing at all (except for the fact that he has gotten porky as well). Second, since at a concert it might be hard to distinguish every tone, I soon realized how much alike their different songs sound. It was all a mash-up of similar riffs. Got to give Mick Mars the benefit of coolness factor, though. Sure, he had some white make-up in his face, but with his hair, his hat, his look, it looked like Death himself had walked into the room. I had hoped for a dazzling scene show as well, and granted, they had a lot of pyro effects, small fireworks and explosions going off about every minute. I'm definitely a sucker for all of that, but it was so often, and not alternated in any way, I soon got sick of it. It seemed so blatantly obvious that instead of delivering musically, or by at least varying the effects, they just kept on, and on, and on, with the same effects.

Other things

Also, at concerts, there are always interesting things to note: for instance, there's always one guy in the audience at every gig, shouting out replies to what the singer is saying or singing. Kind of like a heckler at a standup comedy event, but with a very positive attitude about what's going on on stage. Another thing was the big buff guy standing in front of Martin. He was very happy and enthusiastic about the music and the show, although he seemed afraid of loud bangs, so he would violently flinch every time one of the numerous explosions took place on stage. Thoroughly entertaining. :-)


Overall, Mötley seemed uninspired, and it definitely showed when they got off the stage after only an hour and a half, with no encore whatsoever. Grade-wise, I'd maybe give it a 3 with 5 being the best, because it was still ok. I just think I was disappointed since it didn't meet my expectations. Also, it's a bit of a thumb in the eye with such a short set and no encores, knowing that Tommy Lee had a planned after-party where he had the strength to be a DJ and keep on going all night. It would be nice to share at least some of that time and those efforts with the paying fans. My verdict is that it is worth seeing Mötley Crüe, anno 2007, live if you haven't before (I had once, in New York in 2000). But if you have, you're way better off putting on the Shout at the Devil record while reading The Dirt.

Surprise album of the year: W.A.S.P. – Dominator

Remember the 80s, and a band called W.A.S.P.? Most people knew about them back then, but since then it has been awfully quiet about them. That is, until now! A friend recently recommended me to listen to their brand new album, Dominator, and as soon as I had heard it once, I was blown away. It is really good! Some songs are just good, but other ones like Mercy, The Burning Man and especially Heaven's Hung in Black are great! So, if you like heavy metal, I definitely recommend taking a listen to it; you will be pleasantly surprised!

Bob Dylan club gig in Stockholm

I will never see Bob Dylan live again. And, please, let me tell you why: last night me and my brother had the unique opportunity to see the legend in a club gig(!) in Stockholm! And, knowing I'll never get such an experience again, there's no need to take that risk. Against all imaginable odds, we got two of the 600 tickets available to see Bob Dylan in a small club called Debaser Medis in Stockholm. On forehand, and then around the club, there was a great hype around this spectacular occasion; people hanging out behind the venue to get a glimpse when he were to arrive, desperate people outside who were going to pay almost anything for a ticket. Walking up to the entrance, I felt like some kind of movie star, with peoples' longingly eyes after me (or, well, my ticket). And after the concert, people were actually buying the ticket stumps from anyone who was in there, or trying to trade it for pictures taken of Bob Dylan. Such an amazing interest!

The gig

Everyone's expectations were so high, and as already stated in many magazines and forums, this was a legendary night even before it took place. As most people know, it's always a gamble when you go to a concert with Bob Dylan. If he's in the mood, it will no doubt be a memorable moment, but more often than not, there's the risk that he's in a gruff mood and will sing his songs in some weird, impulsive way, which will seldom be a pleasant evening. And, given that he's almost 66 years old, I guess it's ok to have an off night or two... So, with this in mind, the crowd expectantly saw the band come onto the stage a little after 20:00, with cheers to accompany them. And, lo and behold, Mr. Dylan was in a good mood! He actually smiled several times and sincerely seemed to enjoy himself. Against all odds, he played the guitar for the first half of the concert, something unheard of in a long time. For the latter half he played the synth, which was ok, but personally I would have preferred if he had just kept to the guitar all night through. A picture of my ticket to the Bob Dylan club gig One other thing is that he sang the songs as they are best sung (or, as some people would say, are supposed to be sung), making it a lot better than other versions he has played live of the songs at other occasions. He played tunes like Highway 61 Revisited, Lay, Lady, Lay and A hard rain’s a-gonna fall, and the gig ended with the best song in the world, All Along the Watchtower, and this time it was delivered in a satisfactory manner (though, my personal preference will always be the Jimi Hendrix version). It would have been nice to hear something like Things Have Changed, Hurricane, Knockin' on Heaven's Door or Blowin' in the Wind, but I guess it can never become perfect. And, as my brother stated, it seems with Dylan that the more famous the song is, the more prone he is to deliver some kind of weird version, so maybe it was for the best not to hear any of those. Afterwards, it was great to hear quotes like:

Dude, he played the guitar! And sang properly! Wonderful!

And that attitude seemed to be the general consensus; Dylan came, saw and delivered. Good things, this time. :-) Man, I wish every gig for any artist I like was in a small club!

The song list

Regular set

  • Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine
  • Not Dark Yet
  • I'd Have You Any Time
  • It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
  • Tears of Rage
  • Highway 61 Revisited
  • Lay, Lady, Lay
  • Rollin' and Tumblin'
  • To Ramona
  • Country Pie
  • Tangled Up in Blue
  • A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
  • Summer Days


  • Like a Rolling Stone
  • Thunder On The Mountain
  • All Along the Watchtower


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People will always download movies and music – here’s how to address it

In the times we live in, it's a fact that a lot of people download music and movies from the web through P2P or BitTorrent. The music and movie industries naturally see this as a threat and try to stifle it, but it seems these attempts are in vain. The idea is that companies, artists, actors and others should get paid for what they do, which is a fair assumption. The problem, though, is that the industry is stuck in old distributional chains where they had a lot more control. With the advent of Internet, however, things are bound to run out of control. My belief is that no matter how hard they try to legislate and to hunt people who fileshare down, the phenomenon will continue to exist, and also grow stronger in its rebelliousness against the "higher power".

"We've lost so-and-so much money"

The basic, let's be outright honest about this, crap is that companies lose so-and-so much money on people who have seen, for instance, a movie by downloading it instead of going to the cinema. Just because someone has watched a movie illegally doesn't mean that they otherwise would have paid to see it. Most people watch movies in a casual manner, and instead of having some kind of fake hopes that this would have been money in the bank for the company, just see the enormous marketing benefit of this! If they like the movie, they will tell their friends and recommend it. Their friends, in turn, might watch it in the cinema or buy the DVD; they might also just download it. Either way, if they like it, they will spread the word, and so on. Never underestimate viral marketing!

Which road to take

To me it seems like there are two fundamental paths to choose from; either, try and hunt down and punish people who fileshare, or find a new angle and offer a product that supersedes the illegal alternatives and instead makes people addicted to the "real" thing. In many cases, it comes down to availability:

Is what I want available when I want it? If not, how can I get it?

That's the core mindset of the audience, so it's time to listen to them. People love using the Internet for accessing their favorite music and movies, but the services today aren't well-developed enough and/or are so ridiculously overpriced that, as an example, a movie download will cost the same as buying the DVD in a store, but without the packaging and actual DVD record. What makes you think people would pay the same money for less value? Really?

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

DRM is a joke. Really. Whenever a legally bought product, in any way, becomes harder to use than something that can be downloaded "for free", why would people pay? Throw away all your demands for restrictions, because they simply won't work. Let people share a movie or a song as many times as they want, through whatever medium they want. Forget about proprietary solutions that limit the user to a certain computer platform or digital music (e.g. MP3) player. If, for any reason, the distribution channel forces the end user to use a product from a certain provider, you've lost. There will always be cracks, hacks and workarounds, so you have to live with it. Tough, but that's the reality; never think you can outsmart such a vast community of people who are very technically skilled. DRM of any kind is the road to failure.

People do want to do the right thing

Some people will never pay, and that's the way it is. A witch hunt will never make a difference, since their main goal is to get something for free, not the actual experience of what they're getting. However, I sincerely believe that a majority people want to go the legal route and pay for what they watch/listen to. Anyone, who is, say, 25+ of age, have grown up in a world where you actually had to buy what you wanted, in terms of records and movies. Kids who are teenagers now, and the coming generations, learn to download things from the Internet before they learn to pay. And they are really the gist of the problem. If such a habit becomes a de facto standard for accessing any entertainment material, we will have to face a downward spiral with less and less income for companies producing music and movies. And then, at the end of the day, less quality content will be produced and distribution companies will go for the quick profit. Everyone loses.

What users want

Whenever a music record, or, more importantly, a movie is released/having its premiere, people want it. Immediately! The buzz is right then, and as with all hypes, you have to let it work for you instead of against. Instead of fighting vigorously to quench it, music and movie companies have to start providing what people want. My humble take is that, if not already, the situation is on its way overboard. Listen to opinions, and try to meet the mass market's need and desires, to able to outcompete illegal file sharing. In the area of TV shows and movies, people don't want to wait for it to come to their country, or to wait another week for the next episode of their favorite series. We live in a on-demand world and if the audience wants to watch several episodes in a row, let them have it (given that it's already produced, of course).

My advice

  • When a movie (or TV show) premiers, make it instantly available as a download to all the world.
  • Make it available in a format so attractive that searching through P2P and/or BitTorrent sites for a good quality copy is a waste of time.
  • Reasonable pricing: maybe $0.50 for a song and $5 for a movie.
  • Alternatively, offer free ad-sponsored solutions, which will be a good complement to buying.
  • No DRM or any other lock-ins. Seriously.
  • General availability. Everything that's accessible through any other channel has to be available through the Internet as well.

A good example

Some TV companies in the US made their TV shows available, ad-sponsored, online the day after they were shown on TV, which is, in general, a great idea. The problem with this, though (except for the fact that they haven't been able to watch as the exact same time as the program), is, again, availability. Sure, US citizen could watch it, but what about the rest of the world? Sure, I understand the problematic situation that they can't make it available to all the world simultaneously, while also trying to sell it to international networks. But this is most likely something that has to be changed to be able to cater to the whole world at once. So, the only good example I've seen so far of thinking in the right terms is Joost. It is ad-supported but otherwise completely free for the end user, who can choose to watch whatever he/she wants no matter the time (I've been beta-testing Joost for a while now, and will write a review about it in the future; stay tuned). However, Joost doesn't yet offer movies so there's a wide open field there to target. And I think this solution is one of the ways there are to go: offer good content as easily available as possible, with a different financing plan than current alternatives have.

Rock Star Supernova – disappointing winner, but new stars presented

As you might be aware of, I'm a great fan of rock and heavy metal. I used to play guitar in a band when I was young(er), and I just love going to concerts and getting my kicks! Therefore, when the show Rock Star Supernova was shown on Swedish TV, I was an avid fan. The idea behind the show is that some already existing rock stars; Tommy Lee (former Mötley Crüe), Jason Newstead (former Metallica) and Gilby Clarke (former Guns 'n' Roses); formed a band, and the TV show was a competition where a happy few selected people were to compete about getting the role as the band's vocalist. Granted, the program was full of totally shameless sponsors, and anything hosted by MSN isn't that impressive to me. Besides, the show's URL (by the way, thanks for giving away the winner before the rest of the world had aired... :-|) and the band's official web site isn't that good, so I rather recommend reading the excellent information in Wikipedia's Rock Star Supernova page. And as a sidenote to the band's official web site: how come a non-Flash version is always labeled "low bandwidth version"; maybe I just want the info right away instead of some inaccessible Flash that takes forever to load, no matter what bandwidh I actually have! Ever thought of that? Anyway... The show consisted of a lot of very talented people (as opposed to watching some Idol crap) and naturally an elimination process would never get a 100% fair. The way it worked was that people watching the show could vote for their favorite artist, and after the votes were in the band would choose who got to go home, and who got to stay in the competition.

The winner

After a number of weeks, Lukas Rossi was crowned as the winner, and while he's an ok singer, he was far from my pick. And the thing is that, at the end of all the shows, the band decided to go with the person who got the most number of votes through the web site. While hopefully this wasn't the only reason why they chose him, and I'm sure that's the case, there's a number of reasons why it was a bad factor to give the votes such weight:
  • It will hurt the artistry to go with other people's opinions, than choosing what the band feels right, although it might not be the most popular decision right at that exact moment. But maybe they should've thought more about what's best in the long run.
  • The show only aired in the US (and maybe some other countries, I'm not sure), so how good of a demographic is the votes for such a vital decision? For instance, in Sweden, and I guess, rest of Europe, it aired about 5-6 months later.

The real stars

In my eyes, a number of the other contestants were the real stars, and I'm convinced things are looking very bright for them!


Dilana got placed second, but really, we all know she was the best one there. Apparently Gilby Clarke has also said that Lukas Rossi won because:

...he made [their] music sound more like a band, whereas Dilana sounded like a singer, with Rock Star Supernova backing her.

A picture of DilanaAnd I think that was the general fear, and perhaps with a dash of egoism. They didn't want someone who would outshine them, they just wanted another member. In the end, though, I think that it was the best for the band as well as for her. Dilana has some Janis Joplin-like qualities, and I can't wait till she gets her album released. Until then, listen to these songs with her:
  • Supersoul
  • Mother Mother
  • Behind Blue Eyes"
  • Lithium
  • Zombie
  • Every Breath You Take

Storm Large (at Wikipedia)

Storm is overall fantastic and entertaining, and definitely a wild chic! While I never thought she would be around to win, I enjoyed every episode when she was still in the show. Listen to her songs: A picture of Storm Large
  • Ladylike
  • Anything, Anything
  • Suffragette City

Toby Rand

A picture of Toby RandToby Rand is a really charismatic performer and his original song "Throw It Away" was a great hit during the show. He sings in his own band Juke Kartel and I guess I ought to listen to some of their stuff! Make sure to listen to these songs with him:
  • Throw It Away
  • White Wedding
  • Layla
  • Rebel Yell

Ryan Star (at Wikipedia)

A picture of Ryan StarRyan was never destined to win, but I think most people soon realized that he would become a fantastic solo artist, and he's pursuing his career just as we speak! Things to listen to, just to be able understand what he can do:
  • Losing My Religion
  • Back of Our Car



The future of Rock Star Supernova

While I like the people behind the band, I'm not sure their future looks that bright. They lost the legal rights to the original name, Supernova, so now their name is Rock Star Supernova. How catchy is that? And the material they presented on the show wasn't all that, and I definitely think they would need a good lead guitarist to complement Gilby; he's great for rhythm, but someone like Dave Navarro would be super next to him. Another thing is that Jason Newstead got badly injured when a bass head fell down on him, and the rehab will take a long time. Therefore, he has been replaced by Johnny Colt (former Black Crowes). However, on the other hand, I think the future lies wide open for the "non-winners" mentioned above, especially Dilana! We'll see, we'll see... :-)

Iron Maiden rocking in Stockholm

November 17th I went to see Iron Maiden play in the Globe arena in Stockholm. This was the first of four gigs in Sweden (three of them planned in Stockholm), concerts that sold out as soon as the tickets were released. I though I'd tell you a little about my history with Maiden and also what I though of Friday night.

My Maiden history

I started listening to Iron Maiden in the late 80s, around the time they came out with their Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son album, and I still remember getting the Can I Play With Madness single on an actual record as a birthday present from my brother. I've listened to them ever since and is still a major fan. This was actually my tenth concert with them! :-) The gigs I've been to are:
  • Stockholm, Hovet 1990
  • Stockholm, Globe arena 1992
  • Stockholm, Circus 1995
  • Stockholm, Hovet 1998
  • Stockholm, Globe arena 1999
  • New York City, Madison Square Garden 2000
  • Stockholm, Stockholm stadium 2003
  • Stockholm, Globe arena 2003
  • Gothenburg, Ullevi Stadium 2005
  • Stockholm, Globe arena 2006

Before the gig

I was going to the concert together with my brother Martin, and since I'm very dedicated and want to be close to the stage (I want to be able to see the musicians up front, and have fun together with them as opposed to being 200 meters away...), I got to the Globe arena as soon as I could away from work. The line was already long when I got there, but accompanied by a "happy bag" from McDonalds, it was ok to wait. A little drizzle fell on me and it was relatively cold, but the atmosphere was very nice. Eventually my brother got there too, and after a total wait of a couple of hours, the doors opened. Since, for some annoying reason, people can't leave the front enclosure once in there (no nice wristbands like there should be in every concert), I thought it a good idea to pee before, and Martin went to the closet to leave our wet jackets. Once down on the arena floor, they had already closed the front enclosure! Oh, the misery! So I went up to Martin, who was still standing in the closet line, and told him about. However, it seemed like they would let some more people in eventually, so I got back to queue up for it. And, oh joy, suddenly they opened the gate on the opposing side from where I was standing, so I sprinted over and got in! But... Martin still wasn't there. Just as I saw him walk down the stairs, they closed the gates again. No! Immediately a line formed and I told Martin to get in it, since chances seemed fairly good that they would let even more people in, in time. Martin patiently waited as time went by, and only VIPs, people knowing the guards etc got in, but at the same time "there wasn't room" for any more people (man, I hate such double standards where die-hard fans are fucked over because some other has better connections than them). So, standing in the front enclosure, I waited for half an hour and then saw the opening act, all while poor Martin still waited in line. Martin got gradually closer and closer to the gate, though, so I felt hope during all this time. And then, finally, he got in, maybe 10 minutes before Maiden got on. We hugged it out, knowing that we would share yet another great concert experience seeing Iron Maiden. I love going cray on the floor, the mosh pit if you will, during gigs. Letting all this energy out, and just putting all your troubles and musts behind you and only having fun. People who usually stand on the floor know that once you're in the front enclosure, it's a pushover to get very close to the stage. I think we spent a majority of the concert just a few meters from the stage, and had a great time!

The concert

Iron Maiden decided to play their entire latest album, A Matter Of Life And Death, during each concert on this tour, and after that, just a few extras. While I definitely like their latest album, very few albums are good enough to carry (almost) an entire concert. Personally, the only one of their albums I think would be up to the challenge is the The Number of the Beast one. Since I've seen them many times, for a time now I've been in favor of them playing other songs than The Number of the Beast, The Trooper etc. But my hope has been that they would've played other superb songs spanning their entire career, and not just what their latest album has to offer. However, I have to give it to them that they seem to have found a nice compromise. During last year, they toured and played exclusively songs from their first four albums, to satisfy everyone's needs to hear those songs. And, to balance this gig, during the concert they promised that they will come back in 2008 playing songs from the era following their first four albums. This means that there will be an Egypt theme (everyone not being around for Powerslave will go crazy with happiness over this :-)) and that a lot of olden goldies will be played. Me? I can't wait for it! All in all, it was a great concert, but it would've been better if they had skipped some of the new songs in favor of the old ones. Oh well, still a good night! And, to top it off, once again I got a guitar pick from Dave Murray (my second now, we must have some kind of connection :-)). For anyone not knowing it, Dave is the guitarist in Maiden and for a fan to get one of his guitar picks is a fantastic thing!

Set list

  • Different world
  • These colours don't run
  • Brighter than a thousand suns
  • The pilgrim
  • The longest day
  • Out of the shadows
  • The reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
  • For the greater good of God
  • Lord of light
  • The legacy
  • Fear of the dark
  • Iron Maiden


  • 2 minutes to midnight
  • The evil that men do
  • Hallowed be thy name

Dio visited Stockholm

Last night Ronnie James Dio, the man, the myth, the legend, came to town. I have always liked him and his music, during his Black Sabbath and Rainbow days, as well as his solo career. According to me, he's been greatly underrated for a long time. I went with my friend Peter E and we decided to buy tickets at the arena. Besides for a guard at the door that seemed both deaf and dumb, we got inside eventually. Two support acts were playing before him, bands that I've never listened to nor seen, so let me cover their performances first:


I'm sorry to say this, but their performance was a disaster. They had some kind of taped intro, and after that it got all quiet. After a minute or so, they waddled on stage, and started to play. The first couple of minutes, it sounded like they were tuning up, waking up or just plainly playing different tunes from each other... Terrible. It got more ok after a while, but still definitely not good. The guitarist was no doubt skilled, but he kept playing lead and soloing all the time. He should learn from the likes of Toni Iommi that less is often more...

Uriah Heep

After Asia, Uriah Heep were a delight. Their playing was very tight and they were really into it. I just loved their bass player, Trevor Bolder. His looks, the faces he made, his extraordinary good playing. Man, what a beat! I liked most of the songs and their style, but mostly how incredibly good they were at playing together. However, they were having their 35th year-anniversary, so not a big wonder...


When Dio entered the stage, people went crazy. While I didn't care too much about the musicians he brought with him (except for former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright) and especially the guitarist's never-ending useless solos, they did their work in the verse and chorus parts. Dio's singing is amazing; I can't believe his voice is still as good as it ever was. The set list was nothing short of a dream come true. Just look at these examples:
  • Don't Talk to Strangers
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Holy Diver
  • Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
  • Man on the Silver Mountain
  • Rainbow In the Dark
  • Stand Up and Shout
The concert was a fantastic evening, and I can't believe good ol' Dio still has got it in him. His age is well-discussed, but if it's true that he's 63, it's pretty unbelievable. It also got me thinking about the big and young acts today; I wonder who of them will still be playing, and even more importantly, will still be interesting to watch when they're 60. This was most likely my last concert this year, and what a way to end.


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Bob Dylan in Stockholm

Last night Bob Dylan visited the Stockholm Globe Arena. Him being a legend, I sure didn't want to see him live. I mean, he has influenced so many people through the years and written so many good songs that have been interpreted by many artists. With that said, Mr. Dylan wasn't having a good night yesterday. But let me start from the beginning: Due to a misunderstanding, my brother Martin had bought me tickets for the concert, but so had I. Trying desperately to get rid of the extra two tickets to friends, colleagues etc, failed miserably (and with the quality of the concert in hindsight, maybe it was best so). So after some dealing and wealing outside the arena, we managed to sell the tickets to a couple of guys that wanted to sit far down, rinkside (since the arena is also an ice hockey arena). They asked if it was close, and my brother said:

Yeah, sure, it's just by the rink.

Their dealing friend also looked at the tickets and said:

But this is row 4, isn't there a row three too? (We never replied to this, but of course there's a row one and two. We have no idea why he asked something like that.)

They paid for the tickets and Martin and I went by Mickey Dee's to grab a hamburger before it started. Once in there, we met someone I've met a couple of times before, Kim Sulocki (a Swedish artist). Good to see him again, we chatted for a short while and then attacked our hamburgers. When we got into the arena, we realized where the location of the tickets we'd sold to the other guys. They were sitting, height-wise, in the middle of the arena, at least 30 meters up from the rink; we weren't even sure they could see the rink from where they were sitting. Anyway, our conscience didn't feel that bad, they got the tickets for a number of kronor cheaper than what we had paid for them. Once Bob Dylan started, everyone got really happy, but it was soon replaced by a feeling of apathy. It was a long time since I saw someone as uninspired, giving such a dull and meaningless performance. Yes, I know, he goes his own way, doing as he pleases, and I don't have to hear How many roads to be happy. But this was so bland, so without feeling that it was really disheartening to see. It was definitely more entertaining to hear Gunnar Franklin at iBizkit doing his Bob Dylan impersonating once when we jammed a little. Naturally, this lead to starting to watch the audience instead. And man, was it a freak show! Nothing bad to these persons, they were just different and misplaced in their respective context. And many people seemed to be as bored and disappointed as we were, there were a constant rush of traffic with people walking up and down the stairs. Since my seat was just next to the stairs, I saw some interesting persons. Amongst all, there were three girls, a bit too young, with very low-cut dresses running a round all the time, and once they were gone for at least half of the concert. I have no idea what they were doing there in the first place. Following their departure, a big man sat down in the stairs next to me; he was the kind of person with normal legs and an upper body that looks like a balloon. Not really fat, just humongous. Anyway, he sat there for a while, trying to read his ticket, and then tried to get up again. It was soon pretty clear that he wasn't going to make it, and Martin and I watched with fascination. He was almost up, rocking back and forth, started swaying, and then fell down again. Sitting there, looking a little dazed and confused, he decided to give it another try. This time he actually made it and started a shaking staggering down the stairs. Martin turned to me and said:

At one point, I thought he was going to turn into the Hulk...

Just after "the Hulk" got down the stairs, a very drunk person started what looked like a very strenuous climb up the stairs. I guess you should've been there to see all of this, but I was laughing so hard I was shaking, and I had to bite my lower lip hard to avoid displaying to the stair-walkers how entertaining they were. At the end of the concert, he managed to destroy my favorite song all time, All along the watchtower (I prefer the Jimi Hendrix version of it, or maybe the Dave Matthews band one, but Dylan's version is usually ok, and after all, he wrote the song) with terrible singing. The band seemed mildly motivated, and at least saved the experience a little, but all in all, it was really bad. Anyway, I got to see Bob Dylan live. And that counts, doesn't it?

Alice Cooper came to town

This review has been long due, so I thought it to be time for it now. August 9th I went to see Alice Cooper play at the venue Arenan in Stockholm, and it was a joyous meet-up with old friends and new faces: Peter A, Lousie, Peter E, Micke and others. Alice is sure entertaining, and he played all the songs he should. As always, of course some people miss their personal favorites, but all-in-all a really good set list. He was throwing out lots of stuff for the people in the audience to bring home, and this is a sure way to make fans happy. Another thing that's a major part of an Alice show is of course the stage show. Many things happening all the time and he sure has got a wicked sense of humour. What surprised me is that the, to say the least, exotic dancer/female performer on stage is actually his daughter, Calico Cooper. I sure as hell wouldn't want a lot of young men (well, young-ish, at least) gawking away at my daughter! Conclusively, a great evening! And to top it off, I managed to get a pick from one of the guitarists too! :-)

Mamma Mia, what an evening

Last night I went to see the Swedish edition of the Mamma Mia musical , which is based on the music of ABBA. The evening was a gift from my parents in law so they, me, my girlfriend Fredrika, her brother and his girlfriend had a nice dinner before we went to the Cirkus arena. Fredrika and I saw it in London in 2000 so it was especially interesting to see it on home turf now, here in Stockholm. I love the music of ABBA and the composers Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus are, to me, pop music geniuses. The show is great and we had a really pleasant evening! It was also some time since I saw a musical, and every time I go I really feel glad that I did. When I worked in New York City, I tried to see a few musicals on Broadway, and the ones that really stand out are Phantom of the Opera and Jekyll & Hyde, the latter with former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach. Musicals are a great experience, seeing actors/musicians in real life! I really should go as often as I do to concerts.

A Maiden voyage

Last weekend was a strenuous but happy one! Myself, my little brother Martin and two friends Danne and Tony went on a road trip from Stockholm down to Gothenburg (around 500 kilometers) to see the Iron Maiden concert at the lovely Ullevi stadium. We started out around seven Saturday morning, to be able to get down there in time to make into the front enclosure of the standing section. On the way down we passed by a small village named "Köttkulla", which loosely translates to "meatmaid"... Due to some lack of planning we didn't have any hotel or hostel room to stay in, and literally every place in Gothenburg was sold out. The plan was to find something on the way down or drive home all night straight after the concert. About maybe 40 kilometers or so before we reached Gothenburg, Tony saw a sign that said "Cabins to lease". We took the exit and started following the signs, but all it did was getting us deeper end deeper into some woods where the Swedish equivalent of Deliverance should be filmed. We found some ghost ski hill/camping site, but by then we turned back before it was too late. I think the place was called "Bollekullen", just to warn all you other unaware travellers... Once in Gothenburg, we parked the car in a parking place close to the Liseberg amusement park and started the walk in the 30 degrees Celsius heat. And trust me, doing that in jeans and a black t-shirt was not a pleasant stroll. When we got to the arena, around maybe two in the afternoon, I was shocked to see how many people that were already queuing to get in to the standing section. Some of them had been there since Wednesday, so I really was amazed to see people waiting for four days to get in. After about an hour or so we met up with my friends Peter, Rickard and Rickard's son Oscar, and then waited for some hours in the scorching sun and the chaos that belongs to testosteron-filled men afraid of not getting a good spot. At around 4.30 they started to let us in, and it was a bit of ruckus before we got into the arena. When I got onto the field, I'm pretty sure I set some kind of sprinting record running as a maniac to make it into the front part. But I made it! Once in there, one can walk in and out of that enclosure, with a small plastic bracelet that basically is a guarantee for a good place to stand when the show starts. The weather had been terrific the whole week, so imagine my surprise when the rain started pouring down at around 5.30. Not that attractive when it comes to an outdoor concert...
It rained maybe an hour and a half, and during that time there were many theories going around, designated cloudwatchers trying to see where the wind would take them etc, but then it stopped and the weather was flawless the rest of the evening. One of the two opening bands were In Flames, originating in Gothenburg, so it really was home turf for them. Personally, I'm not really a big fan of their music, but their joy and sheer happiness was contagious, and it ended up being a really good opening band moment. Then, it was time to get ready for Maiden, time to start making one's way into the crowd to get as close to the stage as humanly possible. This was going to a very special event, for a number of reasons:
  • There were 57 000 people in the audience.
  • It would be broadcasted live on national television in Sweden and Finland.
  • They were only going to play songs from their first four records.
So, what could stop it from being the greatest thing ever? Well, unfortunately, some things...
I mean, except for the anecdote Danne told me where one guy pied in his beer glass and then put it down, just to later found out that it was gone... Anyway, let me describe the gig:

The audience

While most of them were in some kind of eternal bliss mood, they weren't really acting it out as I thought they would. During the beginning of it, I was standing some meters from the stage, but during the latter half it was just one guy between me and the front fence. People seemed to be worn out from waiting outside the arena for several days, many of them not really knowing when to jump and some actually seemed surprised and unknowing of a couple of the songs and their special differential parts. The amosphere before the gig was great but it didn't feel just that happy after a couple of songs. To compare, I think it was a much better ambience at Iron Maiden's concert in Stockholm Stadion in 2003.

The set list

I'm sorry to say this, but to me it was disappointing. This is how it looked:
  1. Murders in the Rue Morgue
  2. Another life
  3. Prowler
  4. The trooper
  5. Remember tomorrow
  6. Where eagles dare
  7. Run to the hills
  8. Revelations
  9. Wrathchild
  10. Die with your boots on
  11. Phantom of the opera
  12. The number of the beast
  13. Hallowed be thy name
  14. Iron Maiden
  1. Running free
  2. Drifter
  3. Sanctuary
Of course there are many good songs there, but first, I think that any song from the Killers album is a song too much. Well, not really, but out of the ones chosen only Wrathchild appeals to me. Murders in the Rue Morgue is an ok song, but definitely not one I'd chosen to open with. My pick? Maybe Prowler or Where eagles dare. Instead of the mediocre songs they chose from the Killers album, I think it's unforgivable that they didn't play any of these songs:
  • Charlotte the Harlot
  • Transylvania
  • Children of the Damned
  • The Prisoner
  • 22 Accacia Avenue
  • Flight of Icarus



It was a good gig, no doubt about it. But being their last concert on their Europen tour and being broadcasted live to about 20 million people, I think I expected a little more extra than an ordinary gig. Maybe it's because it's the 9th time I've seen them live, maybe I had my expectations set too high due to the above mentioned circumstances. But I still think they could've played longer (it only lasted about 90 minutes) and perhaps add some extra songs for the occasion, that they could've had a more spectacular stage show and just something that would've made me feel that it wasn't a day on the job for Maiden. Personally, I also think that they could've thrown some more stuff to the hardcore audience in the front (no, I'm not jealous since I didn't get anything, my happiness was already made on a previous Maiden evening when I managed to get Dave Murray's pick). It makes people so happy to get a little piece of plastic or something of the like from their idols. But I still have to congratulate the guy in front of me who got sweatbands from both Nicko and Dave! I haven't seen the live recording yet, so this is my perception of actually being there. It'll be interesting though to see what it looked like on TV. So, to round the review part up. It was good, but not spectacular. I'd give it a 3 out of 5. Afterwards, I was soaked with sweat and water that the guards at the fence poured at us to stop us raving fans from dehydrating. Since things can get a little crazy at concerts, I told the other guys that we would meet up at the fence separating the front and back part of the standing area. Naturally, they weren't there. I waited for maybe 20-30 minutes before I gave up and exited the arena. It was also given that it was impossible to reach anyone on their cell phone, so I wandered around outside the arena scouring the place in my search for them (especially since one of them had the car keys). Finally I found them and of course the reply was:

Oh, you meant that fence.

We got to the car and changed into dry clothes. After that, it was time to get something to eat, and inevitably we ended up at McDonald's. Like Tony said, the staff in the kitchen there seemed to multiply like rabbits, I've never though they could fit so many behind the counter. Finally, we got back to the car and Martin, our hero, drove the whole night back to Stockholm. I got home exactly 24 hours after I left the previous morning. A great weekend adventure!


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A Sabbath night

A Sabbath night

Last night, the original line-up of Black Sabbath played the Globe arena in Stockholm to an extatic crowd. I was there, of course, and really had a great time! They have inspired so many musicians and they're the base of many, if not all, heavy metal bands, so seeing them live is an extraordinary happening. Two things that really made it special:
Seeing Ozzy live
Ozzy truly is an amazing person. If you've seen the Osbournes show on MTV, you know it's a miracle that he's still alive. But there was no trace of that whatsoever last night, he was jumping intensely, laughing wildly and grinning insanly, and no one has such a crazed stare as Ozzy's. He's the mother of entertainers, controlling the whole crowd like a puppet master. If you haven't, I really recommend you to try to get and see Ozzy; it's a non-forgettable experience.
Tony Iommi
Like a Swedish newspaper wrote in their review: he's the man behind all the cool riffs ever made. Not as crazy as Ozzy, Tony was nodding his head, seeming to just totally dig what he's doing with his guitar.
I was in the standing part of the crowd, in the front enclosure rocking away just a couple of metres from the stage. Why? Since I like to go crazy at concerts, jumping up and down with a big mass of people. Having Ozzy throwing buckets of water on me and the others sure helped too! :-) And, at the end of the concert, guitar god Iommi came to the center of the stage and threw out some picks. Everyone struggled and tried to get a pick. And I managed to get one! :-D

The baton is passed…

Tommy passed the baton to me, and I'm flattered that he chose little me! There are two ways to react to a thing like this: either regard it as a "Send this e-mail to ten friends or lose a leg" kind of thing, or just something fun and different. I choose experiencing it as fun and different! So, without further ado: Here's my list!
Total Volume
Usually around 10 GB of widely (well, at least kind of) spread music flavors.
Last CD Bought
Dance of Death, Iron Maiden
Song Playing Right Now
Actually, none. Like Tommy, I usually like it quiet when working with the computer, unless I'm in a loud and crowded environment and need to focus on my things.
Five Songs I Listen to A Lot, Or That Mean A Lot to Me
This will be a mix of both cases mentioned in this part's heading, and of course it's very hard to pick just five songs. But here goes, now I reveal my secrets!
  • All Along The Watchtower, Jimi Hendrix version
  • Sound of Silence, Simon & Garfunkel
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name, Iron Maiden
  • Highway To Hell, AC/DC (I also really like Marit Bergman's version of it)
  • Layla, Eric Clapton (both the electric and acoustic version)


Five People to Whom I'm Passing the Baton
This was the fun part, picking interesting people that are very different from each other. Forgive me. :-)


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Music and developing (a day of mood swings)

During my day-to-day work as a developer, I go through a number of moods (maybe more moods than what's good for me), and I thought I'd explain them with references to songs:

My day kind of starts with I hurt myself today (and some days end with it as well):

"I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real"

Then, commuting to work:

"No stop signs, speedin' limit
Nobody's gonna slow me down"

Walk into the office:

"Standing on the gallows with my head in a noose
Any minute now I'm expecting all hell to break loose"

"This place ain't doing me any good"

"I used to care, but things have changed"

Then I get to my desk, and I feel like this:

"There must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief,
There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief"

"There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke"

Code something, and run into trouble:

"I once believed
I wouldn't bleed"

Trouble that makes me go out of my mind:

"I feel my world shake
I can't look away
Hard to see clear
Is it me
Or is it fear?"

But then I find the solution:

"God Gave Me Everything I Want"

An occasional moment of despair, that eventually turns into solving the problem:

"Fight and pray"

"Oh happy day"

And then I go home... :-)