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NASONEX FOR SALE, A couple of days ago, Apple announced support for developing extensions, so I felt obliged to implement my HTML Validator extension for Safari too. NASONEX class, :-)

The HTML validator extension for Safari

A picture of the HTML Validator in Safari
A picture of errors in the HTML Validator in Safari

The extension basically offers three options:

Validate URL

Takes the URL of the current tab and opens a new tab with the W3C validator and its validation results for it.

Validate local

Takes the generated HTML of the current web page (especially good for local content) and posts it to the W3C validator. Note: Currently opens the W3C validator in the same tab, order NASONEX no prescription, Where can i buy NASONEX online, since the extension model doesn't support posting forms/content to new tabs.


If you enable Autorun (on by default) it automatically validates the URL of the current page and displays number of validation errors in the HTML Validator bar.

You can enable extensions and adjust their settings in the extensions view:

A picture of the extensions view in Safari with options


Bear in mind that this is a first version and can be a little rough around the edges. However, is NASONEX addictive, NASONEX price, coupon, if you want to try it out, download HTML Validator for Safari from GitHub, NASONEX trusted pharmacy reviews. NASONEX samples, Note: it only works in Safari 5.

The Safari extension model

So, it's interesting to see Safari bet on extensions as well, to be able to compete with other web browser, NASONEX FOR SALE. I'm glad they did, buy NASONEX online no prescription, Online buying NASONEX hcl, but being Apple, of course they have to do it their way, buy cheap NASONEX. Real brand NASONEX online,


The upside of the extension system is that it's based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, cheap NASONEX. Where can i order NASONEX without prescription, That's it. There's some pretty good descriptive documentation on how to develop extensions and the Safari Extensions Reference is a good overview for properties and methods, buy NASONEX online cod. NASONEX FOR SALE, You build/create extensions with the Extension Builder, which I hated at first (since I want a master file I can edit, not a form to fill out), but over time, it is actually quite easy to use instead of over-typing in a pkist file. NASONEX schedule,


Another web browser, another extension model, NASONEX overnight. Online NASONEX without a prescription, It is quite similar to the one find in Chrome, but still different, NASONEX brand name. NASONEX long term, If all web browsers are to start supporting extensions, as developers we must get the same means of developing them, after NASONEX. Buy no prescription NASONEX online, It's not ok with a different approach for each web browser. And, since Safari are the last ones out (well, ok, not Opera yet), they really should have matched an already existing extension model, for instance, the one found in Google Chrome, NASONEX FOR SALE.

Also, NASONEX blogs, NASONEX pharmacy, in the Apple spirit, you need to sign up for the Safari Developer program (free) just to be able to develop an extension, NASONEX from canada, Get NASONEX, and also create certificates with which you sign your extension. Basically, buy NASONEX from canada, NASONEX dangers, just a lot of hassle. Sure signing is necessary, NASONEX description, Fast shipping NASONEX, but there are other ways (see below).

What you can do in the web browser is pretty limited and some obvious features seem to be missing so far (for instance, generic NASONEX, NASONEX coupon, an event when a tab gains focus).

Also, NASONEX street price, Discount NASONEX, I can't believe they start offering extensions without a proper extension web site where people can easily share them. I know such a web site is in the works, order NASONEX from mexican pharmacy, NASONEX dose, and when it's released it will be much nicer. Also, there you can have automatic extension signing so developers don't have to care.

And, please, skip the Apple Developer Program bit...

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CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, After having owned an iPad for a little time now, I thought it deserves a review.


I got my iPad last week because someone was nice enough to help me buy it in the US and then bring it to Sweden. It took a little time to get a hold of a 64 GB version, but I really wanted it, CLONIDINE interactions, because over the years I have learned to always opt for the larger disk size.

Since then, Apple has announced upcoming iPad availability in a number of more European countries in May & July. Sweden is not one of them, though, buy cheap CLONIDINE, and besides I think the iPad is somewhat overpriced in Europe compared to the US.

The good

Let's start with the good thing about it, CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. It's a beautiful thing to watch and use; terrific screen, great viewing angle and amazing battery time. CLONIDINE price, I can use mine between 10 - 12 hours without charging and it has a long standby time. Very nice to just pick it up, do some things and then put it away again. The touch screen is, just as for the iPhone, about CLONIDINE, the best in the market with the most consistent and smooth finger gestures and reactions. CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, I also think the size is perfect: just big enough to be pleasant to look at and hold, and not too heavy. And yes, sure, CLONIDINE forum, it doesn't support Flash, but to me that's not a problem at all. When it comes to watching videos on the web, all services with some self-respect have already started offering direct video streams of their videos instead, and for those using Flash for on-demand content etc there's usually an app available that offers the same content (but usually with a better UI and no performance problems.., fast shipping CLONIDINE. :-) ).

However, where I truly think the iPad will revolutionize the market is that this is such a spot-on device for people who don't want/need to know how it works behind the scenes. I'm sure you have done your fair computer support for a relative or a friend (I know I sure have), where the discussion usually goes:

- So, where did you save the file you downloaded?

- Huh, CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. CLONIDINE price, coupon, No idea.

- Ok, then. Open Windows Explorer.

- What's that.

And so on... For those people, buy CLONIDINE online cod, who just need something that works, is reliable and easy-to-use and they can use to read e-mail and browse the web, the iPad is a perfect fit.

Usage situations

CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, For me, the iPad is not really a laptop replacement. CLONIDINE results, It is rather the perfect couch/bed/bathroom (let's be honest here :-) ) computer for surfing the Internet, check e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and more and definitely great for some research and fun gaming. It is also unbeatable for those quick checks when you don't want to pull out a laptop, CLONIDINE trusted pharmacy reviews.

Typing on it with the on-screen keyboard is better than I thought, especially if you have Apple's iPad case which you can fold into an angle. However, Order CLONIDINE from mexican pharmacy, I wouldn't want to write any longer documents, the iPad is far better suited for swiping, pulling and pinching moves.

After having played around with it and tested some applications, I see the iPad as a great tool for educational purposes, such as research, fact checking and some very inspiring applications for doing so, CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. For reading books: well, I'm not sure, herbal CLONIDINE. It might be good, but too heavy for that if you ask me. Besides, Purchase CLONIDINE, I'm an old guy who prefers paper when I'm about to read a book. :-)

Some nice applications

I thought I'd list some nice applications that I have found so far (without a doubt, if you ask me in a week's time, this list will probably look completely different):

Alice in Wonderland (Lite - FREE, Full - USD 8.99)

A picture of Alice for the iPad

Wonderful Alice in the Wonderland book, discount CLONIDINE, complete with lots of interactions and animations. CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, There's a free Lite version and a paid one.

Open Alice for the iPad - Lite in iTunes Store

Open Alice for the iPad in iTunes Store


A picture of the IMDB application

Great when watching a movie and you want to know more about that film, some actor in it or similar. Buy CLONIDINE without prescription, For instance, a nice way to look at Kristen Bell. :-)

Open IMDB in iTunes Store

National Geographic's World Atlas HD (USD 1.99)

A picture of World Atlas HD

A great way to view different amps of the worlds but the greatest thing is to be able to swiftly find information about countries, where they are located and a lots of facts about them.

Open World Atlas HD in iTunes Store

Real Racing HD (USD 9.99)

A picture of Real Racing HD

This is a nice racing game where you steer your car by rotating the iPad left and right to take those curves, CLONIDINE no rx. :-)

Open Real Racing HD in iTunes Store

The Elements (USD 13.99)

A picture of The Elements

This is like a live version of the Periodical Table where you can find information about the various elements, CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. Very nice, but the price is a bit steep.

Open The Elements in iTunes Store

The Planets (FREE)

A picture of The Planets

A really great depiction of the starry sky and the signs, Is CLONIDINE safe, and to able to look at it from your current location. What makes it even cooler is to see a rotating version of Earth and where it's currently day and night, and even cooler, rotating versions of other planets and the moon as well.

Open The Planets in iTunes Store

The bad

Naturally, CLONIDINE cost, with such a product, especially when it comes for Apple, there's bound to be some drawbacks as well.

The lock-in

CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, Just as with the iPhone, what is very annoying is that the iPad is completely locked-in. CLONIDINE steet value, This means that a few settings are possible, but besides from that, you are not allowed to tweak anything to match your needs. While this might be good, to some extent, CLONIDINE overnight, for people who are at a higher risk to mess up the device, there should really be more advanced options as well.

But aside from that, Buy CLONIDINE online no prescription, it is incredibly limiting to own an expensive device and not being able to install whatever you want with it. And contrary to what some "technical journalists" may believe, this is not about geeks wanting to hack their phones just for the sake of it, but rather about personal freedom to control what you want to to with the device you own - just the same way as you are allowed to furnish your own home any way you want to.

iTunes/App store

And naturally, this leads me to iTunes, CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. And, order CLONIDINE no prescription, well, let's summarize it: fuck iTunes. Really. CLONIDINE mg, It is slow, hard to navigate, result filtering is extremely limited etc etc. Trying to get an overview of apps. CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, No total amount visible, no pagination page sum indicator, no alternate ordering. Just a next link that goes on forever after a long list of app names.., CLONIDINE from canada.

And, what gets me the most, is that you have to use iTunes to even activate your iPad. Cheap CLONIDINE, To me, one of the main ideas of a tablet is independence - connect it to the Internet, install what you want and enjoy. Thinking about activating it and then just using App Store in the iPad to find/install new things then. Think again if you are located outside the US; this is what will greet you:

A picture of trying to access the App Store from another country than the US, where you are met with a dialog saying it's not accessible in my country

Which of course is a fucking lie, since the App Store is available in Sweden and lots of other countries, CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. I can access it through iTunes on the Mac and install apps from there, order CLONIDINE from United States pharmacy, but not at all from the device.

And if that wasn't enough, certain apps are only available in certain countries. CLONIDINE street price, This of course also goes for free apps, so if you are located in another country, you can't install anything free either, because you aren't worthy. Well, effects of CLONIDINE, luckily, if you follow the guide in Install Apps That Aren’t Available in your Country’s iTunes Store you can at least get around that. CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, Besides from that workaround, iTunes must be the crown jewel in a DRM-like Big Brother-control that you can use to make sure you control the herd of sheep, sometimes referred to as users...

So: fuck iTunes. Doses CLONIDINE work,

Not charging...

I found another little gem too. On my 4 year old MacBook pro at home (which works quite fine, thank you very much), it will not charge the iPad when connected to the computer. First I thought this was a software error of some kind, buy CLONIDINE from mexico, but it turns it is hardware-related to the USB port on my laptop and that it doesn't "provide enough power". The option is to get a new computer.., CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER.

First, WTF. CLONIDINE treatment, Second, and I may go out on a limb here, but those same USB ports can charge Ipods, iPhones, frickin' coffee machines: you name it, no prescription CLONIDINE online, so I fail to see what enormous power plant the iPad needs to charge its battery. Third: yeah, right, CLONIDINE pharmacy, I'll buy a new laptop so I can charge the iPad then... (disclosure: Yes, there's is a separate power adapter I can plug in to the wall, but still...).

Web browser

CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER, Safari on the iPad is nice, no question about it. But it seems the thinking behind some of its UI is still stuck with iPhone resolution, generic CLONIDINE. I want visible tabs, not having to leave the entire context to see a full screen of open windows, where I can switch to another or create a new one. Buying CLONIDINE online over the counter, Two taps is more than one = fail.

Also, what is completely missing is a Find in page feature to quickly find some text, which makes some browsing unnecessary difficult.


Ok, more anger than I expected there.., CLONIDINE OVER THE COUNTER. :-)

But the thing is, the iPad is a truly wonderful device when you get over those hurdles. It's a pleasure to use and everyone starting to use it, be it geeks or computer illiterates, within literally seconds they all understand how it works because it is very intuitive (don't mind Danish UI experts... :-)).

The most important to know is that it is a device for consuming, not producing. Using finger gestures instead of a keyboard and a mouse feels so much more natural, and I predict we will see more and more touch interfaces.

So, should you get it. To me, at least, it fas find a perfect usage spot in the home and I am really happy I got it (after conquering iTunes, of course... :-) ).



At MIX10 TOPROL XL OVER THE COUNTER, yesterday, Microsoft announced IE9 and spoke about its upcoming features. And, TOPROL XL description, lo and behold, they released a Internet Explorer Platform Preview for anyone to download and play around with.

I've tried to read up about it and play around with the preview as much as possible to get any indication of what to expect from IE 9, buy TOPROL XL no prescription, and here's my take:

The good

I thought I'd first browse through the things I find good or at least promising. Buy TOPROL XL without prescription,


One of the most exciting features in IE9 so far is the hardware accelerated rendering, which so far seems to give tremendously good results. IE9 also has a new JavaScript engine, TOPROL XL recreational, Chakra, Discount TOPROL XL, which has given a huge boost to JavaScript performance where it is on par with competing web browsers with a good result in the SunSpider test.

A picture of the SunSpider results including IE9

Picture taken from HTML5, Hardware Accelerated: First IE9 Platform Preview Available for Developers

I'm very glad to see this, and I hope it will drastically improve speed in IE9, and in turn in other web browsers as well - all for the gain of the end users, TOPROL XL OVER THE COUNTER.

CSS3 selectors support

Impressingly, IE9 has almost complete CSS3 selector support (many other web browsers already do), TOPROL XL pics, passing 576 out of 578 tests in the CSS3 Selectors Test. TOPROL XL without prescription, It also supports rgba colors, and border-radius, so in about ten years we don't need images to have rounded corners on the web.., buy cheap TOPROL XL. :-)

Support for real DOM Level 2 Events

About ten years after its competitors, TOPROL XL duration, Microsoft has finally implemented proper event support in IE). That means that code like this will actually work as expected:

document.addEventListener("click", function () {
}, herbal TOPROL XL, false);

This is something I thought IE8 should not have been released without.

Support for the <video> element.

Not TOPROL XL OVER THE COUNTER, available in the platform preview that is now publicly available, but showed at MIX, was support for the video element, which is great news. TOPROL XL steet value,

Styling of HTML5 elements

As I mentioned in my post An Introduction to HTML5, in previous versions of Internet Explorer you needed a HTML5 Shiv, i.e, TOPROL XL dose. a JavaScript, Buy TOPROL XL from canada, to trigger it into applying CSS styles to new elements, such as article, header, online buy TOPROL XL without a prescription, aside etc. Fast shipping TOPROL XL, This is no longer needed, and works as expected in IE9.

SVG support

Again, TOPROL XL trusted pharmacy reviews, LONG after competitors (blah, Buy TOPROL XL without a prescription, blah, blah), IE9 finally has a SVG implementation, no prescription TOPROL XL online. Remains to be tested how good it is, what parts are covered etc, but a move in the right direction, TOPROL XL OVER THE COUNTER.

XHTML. Buy generic TOPROL XL, Yes, real XHTML.

Again, almost a decade after web browsers, comprar en línea TOPROL XL, comprar TOPROL XL baratos, IE9 finally supports the application/xhtml+xml MIME type. Taking TOPROL XL, Meaning, for those who need to use true XML/XHTML, this will now become an option, low dose TOPROL XL.

Daring to speak of others

One thing that made me happy is that they dare to mention competing web browser both in their diagrams and have logos of them in their demos. TOPROL XL OVER THE COUNTER, Before it seemed like something like this was forbidden, so this new breeze of openness makes me happy. TOPROL XL no rx,

The bad

No <canvas> element support

One of the most exciting technologies to create exciting content on the web is the canvas element. Unfortunately, there is, TOPROL XL pictures, so far, TOPROL XL blogs, no support for canvas in IE9 and no mention of it whatsoever. From reading the blog post Working with the HTML5 Community, however, TOPROL XL from mexico, Microsoft state:

...Together, Cheap TOPROL XL, we’re working on <canvas> HTML prototypes to use as ‘proof of concepts’ to ensure the feature is well-designed...

If that actually means anything at all, I have no idea, but let's hope it's an indication of canvas support to come, TOPROL XL cost. Till then, Buy TOPROL XL from mexico, its omission is a letdown.

Acid3 support

At this time, IE9 scores 55 out of a 100, whereas most other web browser have scored 100/100, or are very close, TOPROL XL OVER THE COUNTER. There are many more things than an Acid3 score, but it's still a hint about on what level IE9 is playing on, TOPROL XL treatment.

A picture of the Acid3 test score for IE9

Picture taken from HTML5, TOPROL XL results, Hardware Accelerated: First IE9 Platform Preview Available for Developers

Lack of support for exciting CSS

Albeit the above-mentioned CSS3 support is good, unfortunately IE9 lacks support for box-shadow, transform, TOPROL XL samples, CSS gradients, Where can i cheapest TOPROL XL online, CSS animations and similar. Also, interestingly enough, purchase TOPROL XL online, it doesn't seem to render any of its proprietary CSS filter styles - but, Buy TOPROL XL online cod, this is just a developer preview and probably doesn't imply anything.

No support for Windows XP

Interestingly, Microsoft has decided not to offer IE9 for Windows XP. TOPROL XL OVER THE COUNTER, While I understand their motive with people upgrading OSes, not wanting to support an old operating system version etc, it's a bold (or annoying) move when 65% of the market has Windows XP. It's also a pain for developers who virtualize Windows (and yes, there are tons of them) who only want a light-weight OS and don't want to buy and install Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Extension model?

Looking at the immense success of add-ons for Firefox and also the good things Google have achieved for extension developers with Google Chrome, Microsoft sincerely need to look into simple extensibility of Internet Explorer with web technologies.

The true letdown

One thing really stands out in comparison to the bad parts.

Choice of video codec

IE9 has chosen to use the H.264 codec, and if that remains their only choice and no support for Ogg Theora it is a sad, sad day for open video on the web, and something which will severely cripple the usage of the video element. Read more about this in The video element in HTML5 – great possibilities, but also codec and licensing problems, TOPROL XL OVER THE COUNTER.

This is a huge letdown for me.

The verdict

For me, jaded from experience, I have heard lots of promises from Microsoft over the years what they will deliver and have consistently been disappointed. However, many of the above things are exciting if they make it all the way, and addressing the bad parts and the letdown could actually make this into a good release.

However, except for performance, I see no real exciter above where they will be ahead their competitors in any way, and I think Microsoft really need that to compete. SO I guess we have to wait and see what will actually be released, And as alway with Microsoft and Internet Explorer:

I believe it when I see it.



WELLBUTRIN SR OVER THE COUNTER, I put a lot of time into ensuring web interface code quality, both for code in projects I work in and in doing code audits for other web sites. WELLBUTRIN SR blogs, One of the best ways to find undesired inline styles, inline JavaScript events and javascript: links, WELLBUTRIN SR samples, WELLBUTRIN SR coupon, I believe, is my Inline Code Finder extension and now it's available for Google Chrome as well, buy WELLBUTRIN SR from mexico. WELLBUTRIN SR overnight,

What it does

A picture of Inline Code Finder having been run on, displaying inline styling, <b>WELLBUTRIN SR online cod</b>, <b>Buy cheap WELLBUTRIN SR</b>, inline JavaScript events and javascript: links

Inline Code Finder traverses through all elements in a web page, and if it finds a HTML element with any of these, WELLBUTRIN SR from mexico, Buy WELLBUTRIN SR without prescription, it will highlight them:

  • Inline JavaScript events

  • Inline style

  • javascript: links

The idea is to help separating content (HTML) from presentation (CSS) and interaction (JavaScript), and also for performance, is WELLBUTRIN SR addictive, WELLBUTRIN SR without a prescription, to make sure HTML pages are as lightweight as possible to load while all styling and JavaScript code should be kept in separate files so they can be cached and reused.

I strongly encourage you use it to improve your interface code: Download Inline Code Finder for Google Chrome.

NOTE: To be able to install extensions, online buy WELLBUTRIN SR without a prescription, WELLBUTRIN SR mg, on Windows/Linux you need to have Google Chrome for Windows/Linux from the beta channel. For Mac users, WELLBUTRIN SR maximum dosage, Canada, mexico, india, you need to install Google Chrome from the Dev channel for Mac. Unfortunately, though, at the time of this writing, extensions are turned off in the Mac version, but instead you can use Chromium for Mac (the base for Google Chrome) to use it (I have heard they will soon be enabled in Google Chrome for Mac as well), WELLBUTRIN SR OVER THE COUNTER.

What it's like writing an extension for Google Chrome

Coming from a background of having written a number of extensions for Firefox and Firebug, buy WELLBUTRIN SR online no prescription, Kjøpe WELLBUTRIN SR på nett, köpa WELLBUTRIN SR online, I was eager to offer my functionality in another web browser, and also evaluate the developer experience of the Google Chrome extension model, buying WELLBUTRIN SR online over the counter. WELLBUTRIN SR natural, I have to say that, so far, herbal WELLBUTRIN SR, WELLBUTRIN SR price, it has been extremely pleasant writing an extension for Google Chrome. It seems like they have carefully studied in what areas Firefox have succeeded, real brand WELLBUTRIN SR online, WELLBUTRIN SR schedule, and also its problem areas, and just made sure that extension development goes as smooth as possible, cheap WELLBUTRIN SR. WELLBUTRIN SR from canadian pharmacy, It literally just takes a few minutes to get your first extension loaded into Google Chrome, and from there on, where can i buy cheapest WELLBUTRIN SR online, Order WELLBUTRIN SR from United States pharmacy, there's a good documentation for achieving most things you would probably want to do when developing an extension. WELLBUTRIN SR OVER THE COUNTER, For instance, one thing's that's quite cool is using the HTML5 localStorage for storing options for your extension.

To share your extension with the world, WELLBUTRIN SR no prescription, WELLBUTRIN SR australia, uk, us, usa, or just find other extensions you might be interested in, Google have launched the Google Chrome Extensions gallery, WELLBUTRIN SR pictures. WELLBUTRIN SR no rx, What's quite nice here is that as a developer, unless you try to access you try to access the user's files on disk or use certain APIs in your extension, online buying WELLBUTRIN SR, Buy no prescription WELLBUTRIN SR online, there's no review process. This means that I can deploy, WELLBUTRIN SR wiki, WELLBUTRIN SR steet value, and update, my extension at any time I want to and it will be live immediately. People who have gotten used to waiting with the review processes of Apple's App store or Mozilla's add-ons will absolutely love this.

I for one just hope that they can manage to keep it this way, but at the same time, I'm a bit wary that it will maybe only be like this until Google Chrome will suffer from some serious exploit, and then they will have reviewing queues just like anyone else, WELLBUTRIN SR OVER THE COUNTER. Only the future can tell, I guess.

Both with developing extensions, and getting rid of the review process for most extension types, I think Google have gotten many many things right. I sure hope the work with Jetpack for Mozilla, which is planned in practice be the future extension model of Firefox, will achieve similar results - so far it looks very promising with existing and upcoming API support, and jQuery being included by default in Jetpack.

The dream, which will most likely only remain a dream for some time, would naturally be to have identical extension models for as many web browsers as possible, so any developer can offer their extensions to everyone, no matter the web browser.

For now, though, I'm quite happy with the extension development process for Google Chrome, and I hope to release more extensions for it soon. :-).



VIBRAMYCIN OVER THE COUNTER, Let's face it: developing CSS that should work across various web browsers and platforms is hard, and could prove to be quite a challenge. This is where Object-Oriented CSS (OOCSS) steps in, VIBRAMYCIN from canada. Fast shipping VIBRAMYCIN,

What it is

OOCSS is being developed by Nicole Sullivan, with a background at Yahoo!, VIBRAMYCIN long term, Order VIBRAMYCIN from mexican pharmacy, who now consults for Facebook. The objective is to make CSS development as stable, VIBRAMYCIN for sale, About VIBRAMYCIN, modular and, very importantly, where can i buy VIBRAMYCIN online, VIBRAMYCIN class, predictable as possible.

There are a number of different modules, VIBRAMYCIN reviews, Purchase VIBRAMYCIN for sale, where the most important parts are good CSS resetting (taken from Yahoo!), template and grid handling, australia, uk, us, usa. However, there are also parts for tabs, talk bubbles, content media etc, VIBRAMYCIN OVER THE COUNTER. Where can i order VIBRAMYCIN without prescription, The best way to see it in action is to go to the OOCSS page at GitHub to watch and download the examples.

What I like

I have been working with the base files for my current project, VIBRAMYCIN duration, VIBRAMYCIN treatment, to evaluate it and also make things easier for me. Having a good framework for your basic CSS is vital in any web site you will ever build, VIBRAMYCIN cost. VIBRAMYCIN street price, You will get a consistent result, and instead of building the same things over and over, VIBRAMYCIN recreational, VIBRAMYCIN pharmacy, you can put your time and effort into what will make that specific web site into the best possible. VIBRAMYCIN OVER THE COUNTER, OOCSS is extremely easy to use, has overall worked flawlessly, and extending the good base is very simple. I also like it being very light-weight (my combination of resetting, no prescription VIBRAMYCIN online, Buy cheap VIBRAMYCIN no rx, template & grids weighs in just under 5 kb), which means my own web site-specific CSS becomes much easier to write, what is VIBRAMYCIN, VIBRAMYCIN interactions, and it becomes much smaller because of not having to write redundant CSS.

What I don't like

As you might be aware of, VIBRAMYCIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Purchase VIBRAMYCIN online, using good semantics is very important to me, and when it comes to both elements being used as well as the naming of CSS classes, taking VIBRAMYCIN, VIBRAMYCIN canada, mexico, india, I believe it should contain a meaning for what it will contain. OOCSS contains class names like .leftCol, VIBRAMYCIN alternatives, Comprar en línea VIBRAMYCIN, comprar VIBRAMYCIN baratos, .rightCol, .body, effects of VIBRAMYCIN, VIBRAMYCIN trusted pharmacy reviews, .h1, .h2 etc, effects of VIBRAMYCIN. Buy no prescription VIBRAMYCIN online, And to me, and what I believe is to be in line with the notion of the semantic web, buy VIBRAMYCIN without prescription, Purchase VIBRAMYCIN online, is that one of the fundamentals with CSS class names is to not use class names which describes the actual presentation/layout, but rather what it will contain, VIBRAMYCIN class.

And fair enough, I think one of the choices behind this was to make it easy to beginners, but still, when you end up with code like <h1 class="h2">, that's just wrong to me, VIBRAMYCIN OVER THE COUNTER. No class name should ever be named after an actual element name if you ask me (especially not the name of another element).

I got to meet Nicole at, and naturally had to ask her about her choices for class names. She said that she thought it was ok to also use "visual semantics", i.e. class names that would describe how it would actually be presented. VIBRAMYCIN OVER THE COUNTER, Trying to be open and understandable, I could somewhat see where she was coming from with this.

But, I suggested using other names that would have more meaning and be easy to understand at the same time, like .main-heading, .complementary etc. The reply I got was that she had tried it, but "It was too hard for people to remember it". And that I'm mot just buying. Sure, .rightCol might be a tad easier to remember, but just going the easiest route time doesn't always make it right.

So, in my files, I use class names that convey actual meaning.


Despite my little rant on class names (which you can easily change to whatever you want), OOCSS is quite exciting, and so far I have experienced good results with, and the possibility for me to focus on more important things. I definitely recommend you try it out, and give Nicole any input or feedback you might have.



BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, Last weekend, me and my brother embarked on a journey to Gothenburg to see AC/DC play at the Ullevi arena.

I had the pleasure of seeing AC/DC a few months ago in Stockholm, February 20th 2009, Taking NEXIUM, and now, June 21st, it was time again.

Driving to Gothenburg and accommodation

Sunday morning, NEXIUM price, coupon, we embarked on our journey down to Gothenburg by car. Both of us love the freedom of driving instead of taking the train or similar, NEXIUM used for, and hey, who could say no to a road trip. :-)

It was a good 5 hours in the car, with the necessary pit stop for food and candy, NEXIUM wiki, drinks etc. And by the way, isn't it amazing that, no matter how healthy you eat at home, when you're on the road, no rules apply; basically, you can eat whatever you like, BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION.

We arrived down in Gothenburg at around 5 in the afternoon, NEXIUM pictures, and luckily we were to stay at the place of my brother's wife's cousin. She was living in the outskirts of central Gothenburg, and she rented a section of a house there. Very cute house, NEXIUM without prescription, by the way: it looked, more or less, After NEXIUM, like Villa Villekulla In Swedish.

We got settled in our quarters there, and then went by tram to the Ullevi stadium. BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, It took about half an hour to get there, and Gothenburg was packed with AC/DC fans getting ready for the concert. Just before we reached the venue, NEXIUM steet value, rain started pouring down. Everyone was trying to squeeze themselves in under the roof at Ullevi, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, to stay dry for a while longer.

It rained quote a lot, for about half an hour or so, but after that it was just clear-blue skies and sunny weather the rest of the evening, buy NEXIUM without prescription. We got into the arena, bought something to eat and then moved closer to the stage.

The concert

The stadium was, naturally, sold out with 57 205 people attending, BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. Where can i find NEXIUM online, First, there were two opening acts: Swedish band Bullet, and Irish band The Answer. I didn't hear that much of Bullet, NEXIUM results, but what I heard sounded very good, and I definitely need to check them out. NEXIUM description, With a concert of this magnitude, it's probably even worse being the second opening act; everyone is waiting for the main attraction, many people don't know there are two support bands etc.

So, about NEXIUM, no matter what you think of The Answer, there were a lot of disappointed faces when they got on stage. BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, They played pretty well, but still, everyone just wanted AC/DC by then. Where can i cheapest NEXIUM online, A picture of AC/DC at the Ullevi arena

Picture taken by Peter Wixtröm, Aftonbladet

At about 9.30 in the evening, the opening video began and AC/DC finally entered the stage. Since they're on the same tour as when I saw them in February, NEXIUM duration, not many things (read: hardly anything) have changed since then. But, Comprar en línea NEXIUM, comprar NEXIUM baratos, I'm so immensely grateful every time I get the chance to see AC/DC, because they are, without a doubt, one of the best live acts you can ever see, purchase NEXIUM for sale. They're so totally dedicated to delivering and make the night as memorable as possible for the crowd.

What especially gets to me is the energy they all have, with Angus being pretty much all over the place, BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. It also makes me truly happy to see vocalist Brian Johnson. Low dose NEXIUM, He's so there, all the time, and when he's not singing, he's standing next to the other guys, order NEXIUM from United States pharmacy, moving to the music or interacting with the crowd. Definitely a lesson for other vocalists who tend to get off the stage as fast as they can, Buy NEXIUM from canada, as soon as there an instrumental part/passage...

But sure, one could argue that a number of years ago, they were even more physical, NEXIUM long term, but it's not really that much noticeable. BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, First time I saw them was back in 1991, and then Angus was completely crazy, throwing himself everywhere, lying on the floor playing constantly, kicking around etc. But what he's doing now is not far from that. Canada, mexico, india, A picture of Angus Young of AC/DC at the Ullevi arena

Like my brother mentioned, though, the only downside of seeing several AC/DC concerts in a short amount of time is that what feels unique for that night and special just for you, is the same thing they would do the other nights as well, buy NEXIUM online no prescription. It's all carefully crafted, but, NEXIUM without a prescription, you could lose some of that special once-in-a-lifetime feeling. By the way, I should also mention that the sound was very very good, at least from where I was standing, NEXIUM over the counter, and every note came through crystal clear.

Only thing that gave me some distaste was that, during the song The Jack (which is about a woman with venereal disease), the camera men like to film women in the audience to imply that they are "dirty women", BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. All fine and well, NEXIUM pharmacy, and for a laugh, but it loses all its joy when they start filming twelve year-old girls... What's wrong with you, camera men, real brand NEXIUM online.

Picture taken by Peter Wixtröm, Aftonbladet

The set list

With the treasure chest of songs AC/DC have, NEXIUM canada, mexico, india, they could hardly go wrong. The songs they played were exactly the same as a few months ago, and in the same order, except for adding Dog Eat Dog to the set as well (it's an ok song, order NEXIUM online c.o.d, but personally I know a lot of other songs that I feel would have suited better; e.g. BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, Jailbreak, High Voltage, It's a Long Way to the Top etc).

In my opinion, Purchase NEXIUM online no prescription, though, the middle of the set list is the weaker part, with too many new songs. They actually grow on me, purchase NEXIUM, though, except for Anything Goes, Buy generic NEXIUM, which I think is just a waste of time. If they made the middle a little stronger, I feel that no other band or concert would be able to top it.

The ending is, australia, uk, us, usa, however, completely amazing, NEXIUM from canadian pharmacy, and could not be done better. :-D

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Train

  2. Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be

  3. Back in Black

  4. Big Jack

  5. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  6. Shot Down in Flames

  7. Thunderstruck

  8. Black Ice

  9. The Jack

  10. Hells Bells

  11. Shoot to Thrill

  12. War Machine

  13. Dog Eat Dog

  14. Anything Goes

  15. You Shook Me All Night Long

  16. T.N.T.

  17. Whole Lotta Rosie

  18. Let There Be Rock

  19. Highway to Hell

  20. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)

My thoughts and the future

This was the fifth time I saw AC /DC Live, BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. First time was back in 1991, then 1996, two times in 2000 (New York and Stockholm) and now two times this year (Stockholm and Gothenburg). I believe an AC/DC concert experience is about as good as it can get, but I can't help start wondering about the future.

Brian Johnson will turn 62 this year, and Angus Young is the youngest member at 54. AC/DC started out back in 1973 and have been around for an astonishing 36 years. Very impressive, but also makes me think that this were perhaps their last great tour. There might be one more, if we're lucky, but then they will probably retire.

So, if you have the chance, go see AC/DC live, because it's a truly unforgettable experience.



BUY ARMOUR NO PRESCRIPTION, Last week, Opera launched an alpha release of Opera Unite. My idea here here is to write an unbiased post about it, to answer some the most common questions and queries, where can i buy ARMOUR online.

Background on Opera Unite

If you feel you want some background on Opera Unite before we start, ARMOUR recreational, please read Opera's release blog post Taking the Web into our own hands, one computer at a time. If you want a direct critical view to complement that, purchase ARMOUR online, you could also read Chris Messina's Thoughts on Opera Unite, ARMOUR reviews, which, amongst other things, raises some valid questions, ARMOUR images.

So, Online ARMOUR without a prescription, what is Opera Unite?

Opera Unite is basically offering people a simple way to share content, photos and files in general, by embedding a web server directly into the Opera web browser, is ARMOUR addictive. This is to get around common problems with making two computers talk to each other, and to avoid having your content saved on some third-party server or provider; instead, it puts you as a user directly in control of the content, BUY ARMOUR NO PRESCRIPTION.

You get a URL to share to anyone to access your content, No prescription ARMOUR online, and the offerings can also be extended, by you (or someone else) writing their own service for Opera Unite.

What you need to share

Currently, ARMOUR schedule, what you need to share content is an alpha build of Opera Unite and a My Opera account:

Oh, Buy ARMOUR online cod, and you need some friend(s) to connect to, as well... :-)

Common questions and wonderings

Here I want to go over the frequently asked questions, order ARMOUR no prescription, by me and others, Where to buy ARMOUR, and also give a clear answer to some possible misconceptions. I know some people working for Opera, and have had the opportunity to get some good and direct answers and clues, ARMOUR overnight.

Do I really need a My Opera account?

BUY ARMOUR NO PRESCRIPTION, It has been understood by most that to share content, and to complement Opera Unite, you need a My Opera account, and that everything shared has to go through the Opera proxy server. You do need the account, Effects of ARMOUR, but you can avoid using the Opera proxy server if you want to. In the article Setting up custom domains for Opera Unite, you can find out how to use any other domain name, buy cheap ARMOUR.

Can anyone access my content?

Anyone who you have given the URL to can access what you share. Buy ARMOUR no prescription, They don't have to have an Opera web browser or a My Opera account.

Is anything saved online?

Nope, nothing, BUY ARMOUR NO PRESCRIPTION. The idea with Opera Unite is to have two computers connected directly to each other, and if you use a domain name of your own, ARMOUR trusted pharmacy reviews, there's really no middle hand. ARMOUR dangers,

What if I actually do want to save something online?

Some people like the safety of having pictures etc saved on a remote server, or in the cloud, if you will, herbal ARMOUR. This is not offered by default, ARMOUR photos, but if you want to, you can develop an Opera Widget, as an Opera Unite service, rx free ARMOUR, to automate saving to a third party. ARMOUR pharmacy,

Why is having my content via Opera Unite and My Opera better or more trust-worthy than services in the cloud?

This is more a matter of preference than anything else. BUY ARMOUR NO PRESCRIPTION, If you trust and like services like Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc, that's just fine. But if you prefer just having the content on your machine, then Opera Unite might be an option for you, buy ARMOUR from canada.

Will this ever be available in other web browsers/without any Opera connection?

I can't give any promises or details, Real brand ARMOUR online, but rumors hint at this possibly becoming open-source (Yay!).

Can I use Opera Unite behind proxy servers?

My own attempts with this have failed, but you might be successful by using some of the suggestions in the Setting up custom domains for Opera Unite article, ARMOUR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

My opinions about Opera Unite

From my own needs, Buy ARMOUR online cod, Opera Unite probably won't fill a gap or any need I have. However, especially for people not too tech-savvy, I believe it could be very useful, BUY ARMOUR NO PRESCRIPTION. It is very easy to set up, and from the tests I have done with it, ARMOUR use, it has worked remarkably well (kudos to the technical team for an excellent release!). Order ARMOUR no prescription, Personally, I don't have much of a problem with saving things online, and I prefer the security of having my content backed up in various locations, ARMOUR dosage. That way, Kjøpe ARMOUR på nett, köpa ARMOUR online, if I lose my computer/backup drive, something crashes etc, I have the security of always having it elsewhere, taking ARMOUR. I like accessing or sharing content, What is ARMOUR, no matter which computer I'm using. BUY ARMOUR NO PRESCRIPTION, With Opera Unite, I don't get that at all.

Therefore, from my perspective, purchase ARMOUR, a huge downside of Opera Unite is that my shared content is only available when my computer is running. Order ARMOUR from United States pharmacy, I don't know about you, but I only use laptops, and when I'm done with that I want to do, ARMOUR forum, I close the lid and put it away.

Last, but not least, while the technology and approach is interesting, I have a problem with the Opera tie-in. Sure, I understand it is in their best interest, but the only way it would be interesting to me is if it were open-source, and available in any web browser of my choice (and naturally, with no need for My Opera or similar).

So, here's to hoping that this will be available to anyone under their own terms.

What's your thoughts or questions on Opera Unite.



QUININE OVER THE COUNTER, Microsoft, in a surprise move, have decided to ship Windows 7 in Europe without any web browser at all. QUININE without a prescription,

Yes, it's true...

After making sure it still isn't April 1st, QUININE over the counter, Kjøpe QUININE på nett, köpa QUININE online, I re-read the news. Apparently, QUININE without prescription, QUININE reviews, this is Microsoft's reaction to the antitrust allegations in the European Union, to just ship it blank so to speak (details can be found in Europe to get Windows 7 sans browser), buy QUININE without prescription. Online buy QUININE without a prescription,

My thoughts

To begin with, while I'm very far from being an IE fan, doses QUININE work, Effects of QUININE, I'm not really sure about this to begin with. Sure, buy no prescription QUININE online, My QUININE experience, Microsoft got a lot of the market this way, but now the web browser market is more balanced than in a long long time, QUININE use. Therefore, maybe this isn't needed, QUININE OVER THE COUNTER. QUININE wiki, And, in terms of business practices and included software, QUININE treatment, QUININE trusted pharmacy reviews, Apple are doing the exact same thing, but no one talks about it, QUININE pictures. Where can i find QUININE online, And sure, OS X isn't close to having the same market share as Windows, QUININE australia, uk, us, usa, Online buying QUININE hcl, but, in my opinion, QUININE no rx, QUININE used for, it has a fairly substantial share as well. So, QUININE price, coupon, QUININE from mexico, if we're going down this path, fair has to be fair, QUININE samples. Rx free QUININE,


I think this leads to some interesting, and in some cases, QUININE street price, Order QUININE online c.o.d, saddening conclusions:

  • It will be hell for a number of users to get a hold of any web browser to install at all. QUININE OVER THE COUNTER, IE 8 will instead be distributed it via CDs, FTP and similar. What is this, where can i cheapest QUININE online. After QUININE, 1995?

  • There will be a free IE 8 pack for computer manufacturers to install. If that's true, QUININE natural, Purchase QUININE, isn't that about the same unbalanced competition as before?

  • Instead of giving users more choice, they get even less than before.

  • Apparently IE isn't that tied to the operating system which Microsoft has claimed again and again for years, buy QUININE online cod. QUININE mg, Great. Offer us multiple stand-alone versions side-by-side now then!

How it should be done

The only common sense here would to ship Windows 7, where the user can start a program to install any web browsers they want to, QUININE OVER THE COUNTER. This program should not contain installers for any web browsers, about QUININE, QUININE price, but rather predefined download links to all the major web browser vendors, so each of them can ensure it's the latest and most suitable version being installed.

And really, it's not that hard, is it. Instead of messing with poor end users, do the sane thing and offer users options and freedom to choose. Like it should have been from day one.

Trackbacks from: QUININE OVER THE COUNTER. QUININE OVER THE COUNTER. QUININE OVER THE COUNTER. QUININE OVER THE COUNTER. QUININE OVER THE COUNTER. QUININE OVER THE COUNTER. QUININE OVER THE COUNTER. Doses QUININE work. QUININE blogs. Where to buy QUININE. QUININE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. QUININE dose. Online QUININE without a prescription. Discount QUININE.


ALLOPURINOL OVER THE COUNTER, A little while ago, Apple released Safari 4. Buy cheap ALLOPURINOL, While it's a very competent and fast web browser, there's something seriously wrong with it: on a Mac, ALLOPURINOL pics, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, it can't be uninstalled.

Wanting to uninstall

If you install Safari 4 in Windows, purchase ALLOPURINOL for sale, ALLOPURINOL brand name, it's immediately there. If you install it in Mac OS X you need to restart your entire operating system, ALLOPURINOL dangers, ALLOPURINOL alternatives, plus a pretty long installation time. That's warning sign 1, what is ALLOPURINOL.

If you think about removing it in Windows, the option is right there:

A picture of where to uninstall Safari 4 in Windows

If you think about removing it in Mac OS X, can't find a way to do it and test out AppZapper to get rid of it, AppZapper warns you that it can't remove it, ALLOPURINOL OVER THE COUNTER. Ordering ALLOPURINOL online, Warning sign 2.

The most logic train of thought at this point is that you think you have just missed something, buy cheap ALLOPURINOL no rx, Order ALLOPURINOL online overnight delivery no prescription, surely it can be uninstalled, right, buy ALLOPURINOL no prescription. ALLOPURINOL overnight, So, you start by looking into Apple Discussions about uninstalling Safari 4, cheap ALLOPURINOL no rx. ALLOPURINOL description, The suggestion is to Archive and install, i.e, comprar en línea ALLOPURINOL, comprar ALLOPURINOL baratos. ALLOPURINOL OVER THE COUNTER, reinstalling the entire operating system. ALLOPURINOL long term, Very scary warning sign 3.

So, generic ALLOPURINOL, ALLOPURINOL no prescription, as it turns out, and with all information I have gotten, ALLOPURINOL from canada, Is ALLOPURINOL safe, you can't uninstall Safari 4.

Offering the uninstall option

The beta of Safari 4 came with a package that offered an uninstaller, fast shipping ALLOPURINOL, ALLOPURINOL from canadian pharmacy, but no such thing with the final release of Safari 4. Naturally, ALLOPURINOL forum, Low dose ALLOPURINOL, Apple can and must offer it. Now, ALLOPURINOL OVER THE COUNTER.

Microsoft have gotten a lot of crap for including Internet Explorer with Windows, ALLOPURINOL for sale, Buy ALLOPURINOL from canada, stifling competition and such, but you know what, ALLOPURINOL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buying ALLOPURINOL online over the counter, If you have upgraded Internet Explorer in Windows, you can at least uninstall it back to the previous version, ALLOPURINOL results. ALLOPURINOL dose, A picture of where to uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows

"Why uninstall" is not a relevant question

When I and other people ask for help, instead of looking for options how to do it, ALLOPURINOL images, Order ALLOPURINOL from mexican pharmacy, you rather get met by the constant question why you want to uninstall it. To me, ALLOPURINOL dosage, Real brand ALLOPURINOL online, that's a completely irrelevant question. ALLOPURINOL OVER THE COUNTER, Sure, I can say that I need Safari 3 back, that Multi-Safari isn't sufficient, that I just dislike Safari 4. It does not matter.

My opinion is that any software I have installed naturally can be uninstalled. To me, it's the core principle of software and the right every user should have. It should always be an option to uninstall an installation of a web browser or any other application.

Microsoft has done very bad things with Internet Explorer in this aspect, and now Apple are just as bad (or worse), ALLOPURINOL OVER THE COUNTER. Take a look at the commendable work with Mozilla Firefox and Opera: you can install as many versions as you want, side-by-side, uninstall them at will and all without restarting the operating system or anything.

No application should be tied so closely to the operating system, no matter if it's Internet Explorer, Safari or anything else. This is extremely disrespectful to end users.

The slogan for Safari 4 is:

See the web in a whole new way

Yeah, the way Apple sees it. Where they choose what you can uninstall, not you.



DELTASONE FOR SALE, Twitter. Some people love it, some hate and some actually have a worrying addiction to it, buying DELTASONE online over the counter. I thought I'd express my own thoughts on Twitter here. Buy generic DELTASONE,

The good parts

Twitter is an excellent tool to just let the world/your friends know what you're doing right now, throw out a question or have a short discussion about virtually any topic there is. The instantness of it is really invigorating and extremely powerful, buy DELTASONE from mexico.

Something I particularly like is at a event - be it a concert, conference or similar - the ability to immediately see what other people are thinking, what they're doing and share the experience live with people that you might not have the chance to see face to face to talk with, DELTASONE FOR SALE.

And, DELTASONE blogs, without a doubt, it is revolutionary in it how it has improved and made swift communication easier and faster between people.

The bad parts

There are a number of things I'm not too fond about Twitter; part of it is due to Twitter, buy DELTASONE online cod, part of it is, Is DELTASONE addictive, in my humble opinion, complete over usage of Twitter for something it wasn't intended nor is optimal for.

Technical issues

I know things are getting better, DELTASONE no rx, but Twitter must still be one of the web services with the highest amount of errors, DELTASONE long term, timeouts, sporadic downtime and similar. Frankly, DELTASONE price, I can't believe that people put up with it. DELTASONE FOR SALE, When web sites are dedicated to check if a service is down, that's a really bad sign. Kjøpe DELTASONE på nett, köpa DELTASONE online, E.g. Is Twitter Down?.

Character limitation

As everyone is aware of, where can i find DELTASONE online, the total amount of characters allowed for a Twitter message is 140. DELTASONE coupon, The reason for this limitation is that most mobile phone and systems have a limit of 160 characters, and the background to that is pretty random - read more in Why text messages are limited to 160 characters. Off the top of their heads, Twitters creators felt 20 extra characters should be sufficient for people's user names, DELTASONE FOR SALE.

Some people have got really addicted to this, DELTASONE interactions, stated that this is the main reason for Twitter's success, DELTASONE samples, and that they wouldn't have it any other way. Personally, I think it's ok at times, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, but truly stifling and annoying at others. Is DELTASONE safe, One would think that this limitation would lead to people choosing their words more wisely, but, naturally with humans, doses DELTASONE work, the result of this is that people instead use ridiculous acronyms and various desperate ways to make things shorter. Comprar en línea DELTASONE, comprar DELTASONE baratos, Just as with SMS, people seem to get more and more illiterate by these limitations. DELTASONE FOR SALE, From my own point of view, I hate rewriting an entire message since it was, like, two characters too long. And sure, purchase DELTASONE online, there's no magic limit that would suit everyone, DELTASONE forum, but personally I feel that it should be removed or lifted higher. You don't have to use every character available, just that it could be an option, DELTASONE used for,

For people reading Twitter through SMS on mobile phones, DELTASONE pics, just give them multiple messages. For people writing Twitter messages with SMS, just use any number of characters you have available, DELTASONE dangers. Simple as that.

Lack of tagging

Like I mentioned above: it's great to read messages from a certain event or about a topic I'm interested in, DELTASONE FOR SALE. Buy cheap DELTASONE, The downside here is that there's no built-in way to tag or categorize your comment, so creative people have started tagging content by adding keywords preceded by a hash (#) character. For example, DELTASONE description, if you wanted to tweet about JavaScript, Purchase DELTASONE online no prescription, you would write your message and then end it with #javascript.

They are then findable via the Twitter Search, which usually does its job but is far from optimal, buy DELTASONE from canada.

Naturally, Effects of DELTASONE, since you already have the character limitation for messages and then use a number up for tagging, it means that by adding it to messages, the actual content will be even shorter, DELTASONE without prescription.

Short URLs

DELTASONE FOR SALE, Again, back to the character limitation. If you want to write a message and include a link, Online DELTASONE without a prescription, almost always you have to cut it short so it fits within 140 characters (through services like TinyURL, etc). The result of this when reading messages is that you don't know where the URL will lead, DELTASONE alternatives, so you need to click it to find out. Online buying DELTASONE hcl, Some programs have started by expanding them when you click them, but that is still not a good user experience.

And, purchase DELTASONE for sale, worst of all, DELTASONE no prescription, is that what used to be URLs between web sites before, indexed by Google and with nice semantic text, we now have non-indexed, DELTASONE trusted pharmacy reviews, shortened URLs collected in a place where they almost immediately lose their meaning as soon as the moment is gone.

Lack of image support

Let's say you'd want to complement your message with an image, DELTASONE FOR SALE. Most applications for Twitter support adding it, but it will never be an option to show up inline in your message, Instead you get dependent on other services, like Twitpic, where the images will be uploaded and your message will only contain links to the actual image.

Different usage

I think some people have gone overboard with their usage of Twitter. I'm glad they like it, I really am, but when it becomes the replacement for blog comments, bookmarking, all photo sharing etc, I find it way too much.


Twitter is great in the sense of fast communication and sharing things, and I'm very happy it exists. DELTASONE FOR SALE, I definitely understand peoples' needs to share and mini-blog things without setting up a web site of their own, but in that aspect, I think Tumblr is a much more versatile and useful service.

Unfortunately, I think Twitter is filled with numerous limitations people constantly try to abuse, which actually leads to making the web a less good place to use. We need the content on the web to be searchable and interconnected, with easy ways to go through any history, conversations and its likes.

So, my humble request is: use Twitter as much as you want when it makes sense and becomes usable to you and everyone interested in it. Please don't try to make it into the ultimate tool for everything and into what it isn't. No tool will live up to that.

Me on various services

If you think that, in any remote way, my ramblings are interested, you can follow me at:




AUGMENTIN FOR SALE, Over time, lots of people have developed the need to run web applications/sites in a stand-alone manner, and many major player try and cater to that. AUGMENTIN pictures, Adobe have Adobe AIR which can offer that, Fluid has been very popular and Safari 4 used to have the option to create Site-Specific Browsers (SSB) from any URL, AUGMENTIN pics, Get AUGMENTIN, although it has been removed from the latest beta (no idea why).

Mozilla Prism

Now Mozilla launches its first beta of Prism 1.0, AUGMENTIN samples, AUGMENTIN price, coupon, and it has come a good way from its first stumbling steps back in 2007. It offers a number of interesting features and good integration into its hosting environment, order AUGMENTIN online overnight delivery no prescription. Purchase AUGMENTIN, Get started by downloading Prism and/or the Firefox extension to turn a a URL into a Prism app. When you start Prism, you get to fill in a few values for your new application:

A picture of the Prism application creation dialog

Using Prism for Gmail was a given for me, to avoid hogging Firefox down - I'm testing it now to see if it works sufficiently, AUGMENTIN FOR SALE. So far it seems to go well with things such as links opening properly in my operating system's default web browser, AUGMENTIN from canadian pharmacy. Ordering AUGMENTIN online, A picture of running Gmail in Prism

If you want to, you can choose to have a navigation bar visible for your application, purchase AUGMENTIN for sale, AUGMENTIN long term, which gives you back and forward buttons, home button and a reload button:

A picture of the navigation bar in Prism-created applications


Without a doubt, online AUGMENTIN without a prescription, Cheap AUGMENTIN, one of the most exciting thing about Prism is that it supports add-ons. Imagine extending any web site in any way you want, AUGMENTIN alternatives. AUGMENTIN canada, mexico, india, This is exactly what I wanted out of Adobe AIR, buy they never offered it, AUGMENTIN for sale. AUGMENTIN FOR SALE, I'm very happy to see Mozilla carry on in the same fashion with a strategy that has been very successful for Firefox. Order AUGMENTIN from United States pharmacy, Any extension which works in Firefox could work in Prism-created applications; the key word in that sentence is could. Just as with any Mozilla application (Firefox, AUGMENTIN natural, Where can i buy AUGMENTIN online, Thunderbird etc) you need to do some developer tweaks to your extension to make it happen.

I sure hope this catches on and that extension developers will start offering versions for Prism-created applications as well, comprar en línea AUGMENTIN, comprar AUGMENTIN baratos. AUGMENTIN coupon, If you're an extension developer and wants to do this, but not sure how to go about it, where can i buy cheapest AUGMENTIN online, AUGMENTIN blogs, please read more in Jan Odvarko's Extending Prism guide.

In the long run, I hope they will be able to port existing Firefox extensions to Prism extensions, so developers don't have to manage several extensions for, more or less, the same thing, AUGMENTIN FOR SALE. I also hope there will be some sort of built-in Greasemonkey support to easily add existing userscripts to applications, AUGMENTIN use. Where to buy AUGMENTIN,

Things which need to be improved

I know Prism just came out in a beta, but these are the things I wish to see improved:

  • There's no way to change the base/home URL for an already created application - then you need to create a new one, AUGMENTIN trusted pharmacy reviews. AUGMENTIN without a prescription, Not hard now, but in the future, order AUGMENTIN from mexican pharmacy, Buy AUGMENTIN from canada, with a number of add-ons installed etc, it will be a hassle.

  • You can have a URL bar visible, AUGMENTIN duration, AUGMENTIN no prescription, put the cursor in it, but can't type anything, AUGMENTIN steet value. AUGMENTIN over the counter, In my book, naturally it should be typable.

  • At this time, AUGMENTIN reviews, AUGMENTIN results, there are, to my knowledge, no add-ons available, and when I click the various links in the Add-ons dialog nothing happens.

  • I'm a Mac user, and the navigation bar looks hideous to me... And yeah, I know, Ubiquity wasn't pretty to begin with either (it is now), but I don't think design should be underestimated when it comes to winning over early adopters.


I have to say, though, that Prism truly has potential. I sure hope Mozilla will continue to develop Prism and dedicate resources to it, because if they do and especially if add-ons for prism pan out, it will without a doubt offer the best, cross-platform, ground to create/use stand-alone web applications.



VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE, Last night I attended Metallica's sold out show in The Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden


Metallica were to play two shows in March in Sweden this year, but after the first show, James Hetfield got food-poisoned and couldn't get well in time to perform the second night. I had tickets to that second gig, and it was a huge disappointment when the rest of the band came on stage and announced the cancelled show, online VIBRAMYCIN without a prescription.

Making it up to the fans

The show last night was rescheduled from March, Buy VIBRAMYCIN online no prescription, and I get it, people get sick, so Metallica could just have told the fans they're sorry and that would have been cool, my VIBRAMYCIN experience. But, Low dose VIBRAMYCIN, they really stepped up.

The Globe area was filled, 16 531 people, VIBRAMYCIN pharmacy, which I believe is a new audience record, Order VIBRAMYCIN from United States pharmacy, and everyone attending got a custom made t-shirt stating that it was exclusively for this rescheduled show.

A picture of the text on the front of the custom t-shirt

The back of it depicted Hetfield throwing up in a toilet and the rest of the band watching, accompanied with, shall we say, alternate lyrics to the song Seek & Destroy:

Stockholm – on our way.

Oysters – he will pay.

Dying, one thousand deaths.

Stockholm – spoilt your day.

Puking – he did pay!

Dying, one thousand deaths.


sick and destroy!

A picture of the back of the custom t-shirt

On top of that, everyone also got a free download of the entire show last night (Metallica record all their live shows) to listen to it afterwards, VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE.

I have to say I'm really impressed by this, and I think it's a great way for Metallica to show they're sorry and sincerely want to make up for it to their fans, fast shipping VIBRAMYCIN.

The show

Machine Head

There were two opening acts, Comprar en línea VIBRAMYCIN, comprar VIBRAMYCIN baratos, and if you ask me that is almost always one too many. I didn't see the first one, The Sword, VIBRAMYCIN blogs, and only got a couple of glimpses of the second one, Buy VIBRAMYCIN no prescription, Machine Head. Machine Head's bass player, by the way, VIBRAMYCIN class, had to go and do an emergency root canal, Buy VIBRAMYCIN from canada, so the bass player in Swedish band The Haunted filled in for him. VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE, Can't say I'm really a fan of Machine Head, or, well, rather just indifferent about them. They did play a cover of Iron Maiden's Hallowed Be Thy Name, though, VIBRAMYCIN schedule, and that was nice. Discount VIBRAMYCIN,

Show start

At around a quarter after nine in the evening, Metallica got up on stage and the crowd, naturally, canada, mexico, india, went wild. VIBRAMYCIN price, coupon, I'm sure I have told you before, I'm a very active concert goer and I love going crazy down on the floor. Within a few songs, about VIBRAMYCIN, I had reached the fence, Get VIBRAMYCIN, and was very very close to the actual stage.

A picture of the stage

Picture by Erik Mörner

The stage

In regards to the stage, Metallica have their stage in the middle of the arena, so they're completely surrounded by the audience all around, VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE. This means that everyone get closer to the stage, and if you're on the floor, effects of VIBRAMYCIN, a lot more people get the chance to stand very close to any of the band members. Cheap VIBRAMYCIN, The stage is also only about two meters up, so it's not like those festival stages that are up there in the clouds.

Another nice thing is that the drummer get to be part of the show, VIBRAMYCIN without prescription, and not just hidden away in the back. Cheap VIBRAMYCIN no rx, A picture of the stage

Picture by Erik Mörner

The centered stage has its cons too, though. VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE, When a band member is close to you, it's awesome and everyone's very happy, but there are times when no band member is present and you can't even see all of them (because they might be on the opposite side of the drum set or just very far away on the other edge) - and if this happens in a new song/less interesting part, it becomes so obviously stale and less fun then.

So, VIBRAMYCIN samples, I don't know. Order VIBRAMYCIN online overnight delivery no prescription, Half of me loves the centered stage, half of me thinks it becomes too much of a mix between lows and highs.

Show grading

It was, VIBRAMYCIN recreational, I think, VIBRAMYCIN dosage, the 8th time I saw Metallica live (first time was almost 17 years ago) and they never fail to deliver. Last night, though, where can i cheapest VIBRAMYCIN online, I have to say that it was good, VIBRAMYCIN alternatives, but not fantastic. And it's not because of the band, because they seemed hungry to finally play this show, and Hetfield really seemed happy, VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE.

A picture of the stage

Picture by Erik Mörner

The stage set-up was great, too; very nice light show, where to buy VIBRAMYCIN, very hot fire columns (no explosions, Online buying VIBRAMYCIN, though) and coffin shaped spotlight holders hoisted up and down. The sound was a bit off in the beginning, at least where I stood, generic VIBRAMYCIN, but it gradually got better. Kjøpe VIBRAMYCIN på nett, köpa VIBRAMYCIN online, But what it fell on, I'd say, is that the new songs, buy VIBRAMYCIN without prescription, in my book at least, VIBRAMYCIN trusted pharmacy reviews, doesn't cut it - especially live. And when 6 out of 18 songs are from the last album, it definitely loses tempo as well as audience attention, VIBRAMYCIN without a prescription. VIBRAMYCIN FOR SALE, And yes, I know, naturally they want and need to play new stuff as well to motivate themselves, but that makes the show as a whole an uneven experience. In a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best, I think I'd rate this show a 3.


During the last song, inflated balls were raining from the ceiling, and the audience were tossing them around all over the place - they also landed on the stage and the band were kicking them out again. And, at the end, lucky me managed to get a hold of a ball to bring home.

And as if that wasn't enough, I finally managed to get a guitar pick as well. Previously, I have gotten guitar picks from Iron Maiden (Dave Murray - on two occasions!), Black Sabbath (Tony Iommi) and Alice Cooper but at last, I now also have one from Metallica.

A picture of me with the Metallica inflatable ball and a guitar pick

Set list

Regular set

  • That Was Just Your Life

  • The End Of The Line

  • For Whom The Bell Tolls

  • Holier Than Thou

  • One

  • Broken, Beat And Scarred

  • My Apocalypse

  • Sad But True

  • Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

  • The Judas Kiss

  • The Day That Never Comes

  • Master Of Puppets

  • Blackened

  • Nothing Else Matters

  • Enter Sandman


  • Am I Evil?

  • Motorbreath

  • Seek and Destroy


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INDERAL OVER THE COUNTER, Lately I've been investigating newer versions of JavaScript, and what web browser support they have. And, as usual when I create something I find useful, Real brand INDERAL online, I want to share it with the world. :-)

How JavaScript has evolved

Web development life for most of us is based on JavaScript 1.5, or corresponding support in JScript for IE and ECMAScript 3 (more info can be found in John Resig's Versions of JavaScript). But what's beyond that, INDERAL results. Mozilla, especially due to having JavaScript creator Brendan Eich on board, Generic INDERAL, have been pushing JavaScript feature support forward.

I have looked at the three latest issued releases of JavaScript: 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8, tested the code in various web browsers and evaluated the results, INDERAL OVER THE COUNTER.

The JavaScript tests and compatibility tables

For this, I've created a mini-web site for JavaScript testing and web browser compatibility, which offers you:

  • JavaScript tests which runs immediately in your web browser

  • Web browser compatibility tables

  • Code examples, discount INDERAL, together with expected results (when tests were successful)

It currently contains three sub-sections for each version of JavaScript:

It should also be noted, for anyone looking for support in Internet Explorer, INDERAL for sale, that neither IE 6, IE 7 or IE 8 supports anything of this...

Below I will list the new features for each JavaScript language release of these three, and code examples, buy INDERAL without prescription. All of this code, runnable, INDERAL price, is also available in the test site, but listed here for convenience for anyone who wants to get a overview of the new features.

JavaScript 1.6

  • Array extras

    • indexOf

    • lastIndexOf

    • every

    • filter

    • forEach

    • map

    • some

  • Array and String generics

    • Array generics

    • String generics

(For complete information and documentation, read New in JavaScript 1.6.)

Array extras

New features to enhance the usability of array objects, INDERAL recreational.

The indexOf method

INDERAL OVER THE COUNTER, Returns the index of the first occurrence of the item.

var arr = ["Microsoft", "Mozilla", Kjøpe INDERAL på nett, köpa INDERAL online, "Apple"];

The lastIndexOf method

Returns the index of the last occurrence of the item.

var arr = ["Firefox", "IE", "Chrome", no prescription INDERAL online, "Firefox"];

The every method

Runs a function on each item in the Array, while it returns true. Buy INDERAL no prescription,

var arr = [4, 7, 10];
arr.every(function (value) {
return value > 5;

var arr = [6, 7, where can i buy INDERAL online, 10];
arr.every(function (value) {
return value > 5;

The filter method

Runs a function to filter an Array, and returns all items where the function returned true. INDERAL without a prescription,

var arr = [4, 7, 10];
arr.filter(function (value) {
return value > 5;

The forEach method

Runs a function on each item in an array.

var arr = ["Firefox", "IE", "Chrome", "Opera", "Safari"]
resultValues = [];
arr.forEach(function (value) {

The map method

Runs a function on each item, and returns the results in an array, INDERAL OVER THE COUNTER.

var arr = [4, cheap INDERAL, 7, 10]; (value) {
return value + 5;

The some method

Runs a function on each item in the Array, INDERAL dosage, while it returns false.

var arr = [4, 7, 10];
arr.some(function (value) {
return value > 5;

var arr = [1, where can i order INDERAL without prescription, 2, 4];
arr.some(function (value) {
return value > 5;

Array and String generics

Using methods from other object types to enhance the existing one. INDERAL natural, I.e. use String methods on Array objects, and Array methods on String objects.

Array generics

 INDERAL OVER THE COUNTER, var words = "These are just words";
Array.filter(words, function (value) {
return value.indexOf("s") === -1;

String generics

var arr = ["Firefox", "Safari", "Opera"];
String.replace(arr, /[aoueiy]/g, "");

JavaScript 1.7

  • Generators and Iterators

    • Generators

    • Iterators

  • Array comprehensions

  • Using let for block scope

    • let statement

    • let expression

    • let definition

  • Destructuring assignment

  • Destructuring assignment with let statement

(For complete information and documentation, read New in JavaScript 1.7.)

Generators and Iterators

Helper features for iterating over items.


Creating generator iterators with the yield keyword, INDERAL from canadian pharmacy, to have state variables.

function double5() {
var i=0, Is INDERAL safe, j=5, k;
while (true) {
yield i;
k = i;
i = j;
j += i;

var g = double5(),
resultValues = [];
for (var i=0; i<5; i++) {


A special object making it easier to iterate over a certain amount of informatíon.

var lostInfo = {
name : "Lost", INDERAL samples,
location : "Island",
numbers : "4 8 15 16 23 42"

var iteratorObj = Iterator(lostInfo), Order INDERAL from United States pharmacy, resultValues = [],
while (true) {
next =;
resultValues.push(next[0] + ": " + next[1]);
catch (err if err instanceof StopIteration) {
resultValues.push("END OF LIST");
catch (err) {
resultValues.push("UNKNOWN ERROR");

var lostInfo = {
name : "Lost",
location : "Island",
numbers : "4 8 15 16 23 42"

// Notice true below - will return only parameter names and not values, INDERAL pictures, as opposed to the example above
var iteratorObj = Iterator(lostInfo, true), What is INDERAL, resultValues = [];
while (true) {
catch (err if err instanceof StopIteration) {
resultValues.push("END OF LIST");
catch (err) {
resultValues.push("UNKNOWN ERROR");

Array comprehensions

Powerful initialization of arrays.

function setVal (start, end) {
for (let i=start; i<end; ++i) {
yield i;
var evenValues = [i for each (i in setVal(0, 15)) if (i % 2 == 0)];

Using let for block scope

Connecting certain variables with statements or blocks, buy INDERAL from canada, effectively creating block scope variables.

let statement

var x = 5,
y = 7,
resultValues = ["Before let statement: " + x + ", " + y];

let (x=15, y=12) {
resultValues.push("In let statement: " + x + ", " + y);

resultValues.push("After let statement: " + x + ", " + y);

let expression

var x = 1,
y = 3,
resultValues = ["Before let expression: " + x + ", " + y];

let (x=7, y=8) resultValues.push("In let expression: " + x + ", " + y);

resultValues.push("After let expression: " + x + ", " + y);

let definition

var letDefinitionResults =
for (var i=0; i<5; i++) {
item = document.createElement("div");
item.innerHTML = "Click me - I will say " + i;
let j = i;
item.onclick = function () {
alert("I am " + j);

Destructuring assignment

Allows you to get data from arrays, and swap values between various array objects, INDERAL OVER THE COUNTER.

var a = 1, INDERAL maximum dosage, b = 2;
// Value swapping
[a, b] = [b, a];

var a = 1,
b = 2, purchase INDERAL online no prescription,
c = 3,
d = 4;
// Value swapping
[a, Buy cheap INDERAL no rx, b, c, d] = [d, c, online buying INDERAL hcl, b, a];

var a = 1, INDERAL without prescription, b = 2;

function newValues () {
return [10, 20];

// Assigning new values
[a, b] = newValues();

var a = 1,
b = 2;

function newValues () {
return [10, get INDERAL, 20, 30];

// Assigning new values, INDERAL wiki, ignoring the second one
[a, , b] = newValues();

Destructuring assignment with let statement

Destructirung assignments can get even more powerful in conjunction with let statements.

var griffins = {
father : "Peter", buy INDERAL online no prescription,
mother : "Lois",
son : "Chris", INDERAL interactions, daugher : "Meg",
baby : "Stewie",
dog : "Brian"
resultValues = [];

for (let [type, INDERAL over the counter, name] in Iterator(griffins)) {
resultValues.push(type + ": " + name);

JavaScript 1.8

  • Expression closures

  • Generator expressions

  • Array extras

    • reduce

    • reduceRight

(For complete information and documentation, read New in JavaScript 1.8.)

Expression closures

Basically, Online buying INDERAL, just a shorthand notation for functions.

// Notice the omission of braces and return statement
function expressionClosure () "Yeah, ok"

Generator expressions

Using generator expressions to complement generators introduced in JavaScript 1.7.

var animals = {
dog : "Nice",
cat : "Independent",
horse : "big"
resultValues = [],
iterating = (i + 3 for (i in animals));
try {
while (true) {
catch (err if err instanceof StopIteration) {
resultValues.push("END OF LIST");

Array extras


Runs on each item in the array, collecting the results from the previous iteration.

var numbers = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5],
returnValues = [];

numbers.reduce(function (prev, current, index, array) {
returnValues.push("Previous: " + prev + ", current: " + current + ", index: " + index);
return current;


Runs on each item in the array, collecting the results from the previous iteration, but in reverse order.

var numbers = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5],
returnValues = [];

numbers.reduce(function (prev, current, index, array) {
returnValues.push("Previous: " + prev + ", current: " + current + ", index: " + index);
return current;

My own takes

Personally, I'm very excited by new features being introduced to JavaScript, and especially some of them (like the let statement) will change and simplify a lot of code. It's good to see a number of the other web browsers vendors being aboard with at least some of the features, although (as usual) it's disheartening to see that Internet Explorer has effectively not gotten any of these features...



April 4th I had the fantastic pleasure of seeing D-A-D ATENOLOL OVER THE COUNTER, playing at Klubben in Stockholm.


The initial idea was that I and my girlfriend were to go and see them and have a night out. Buy ATENOLOL without a prescription, Unfortunately, our youngest child got sick, and we discussed back and forth what to do, about ATENOLOL. She has liked D-A-D for quite some time, Get ATENOLOL, so I really wanted to go - in the end, though, she wanted to stay at home with our daughter, ATENOLOL results, so me and my brother Martin went together instead (God knows how many concerts he and I have been together). ATENOLOL australia, uk, us, usa, The week or so before the event night, I had been swamped, been abroad and other things, ATENOLOL without a prescription, so I was really worked out, Buying ATENOLOL online over the counter, and honestly, I just wanted to stay at home, and sit in the couch watching TV.., purchase ATENOLOL online.

At Klubben

The concert was sold out since long, and the place was packed with people when we got there, ATENOLOL OVER THE COUNTER. Klubben is a great rock arena: black walls, ATENOLOL reviews, small and very intimate. We walked into the venue and the support act Ammotrack were playing. We saw a part of their set, ATENOLOL from mexico, and overall they seemed pretty good - at least a lot better than most opening bands I'm used to seeing. Generic ATENOLOL, When they were done, the ambience in Klubben was great. ATENOLOL OVER THE COUNTER, Everyone was happy and excited about seeing D-A-D very soon. The best way to describe it is like a "Danish-happy-mode", order ATENOLOL no prescription. If you've met Happy Danes, Buy ATENOLOL online no prescription, you know exactly what I mean - if not, try and get that experience. :-)


After some waiting, ATENOLOL long term, which seemed to take ages, ATENOLOL photos, D-A-D finally entered the stage and the crowd went wild.

A picture of the concert start

During the first few songs, the audience seemed very happy and content, online buying ATENOLOL hcl, but not really crazy. However, a bit in the concert things really started to heat up, and eventually everyone was ecstatic, ATENOLOL OVER THE COUNTER. ATENOLOL images, I should confess that I haven't really listened much to D-A-D, don't really know why, to be honest, ATENOLOL price, coupon, and I've only seen them live once before. Buy generic ATENOLOL, As the night progressed, though, the fantastic performance by the band and how everyone in the band as well as the crowd were so into every song, where can i buy cheapest ATENOLOL online, it was extremely contagious. ATENOLOL schedule, Me being tired was completely forgotten, and I was partaking in the fun as much as I could.

A picture of Jesper Binzer and Laust Sonne

And, order ATENOLOL from United States pharmacy, one thing that really impresses me with the band is how versatile they are in their songs and their playing style, ATENOLOL duration, and I'm a big fan of their lead guitarist Jacob Binzer (who's the brother of lead vocals and guitar man Jesper Binzer). ATENOLOL OVER THE COUNTER, Especially some of his solos are awesome.

A picture of Jacob Binzer

To complement that, their bass player Stig Pedersen seems to have an abundance of self-distance, ATENOLOL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and I love it that he has decided to have only strings on his bass when he's playing. Doses ATENOLOL work, Yes, for real. Stig also has hilarious bass designs, ATENOLOL trusted pharmacy reviews, and if you liked Gene Simmon's axe base, ATENOLOL class, it's nothing compared to Stig's creations. Overall, I think he used at least four different basses during the evening, ATENOLOL dosage.

A picture of Stig and his basses

Lead man Jesper switched between speaking Swedish and Danish to the audience, and the result was some very funny conversations:

- Stockholm!


- [incomprehensible Danish]

- ???, ATENOLOL OVER THE COUNTER. (everyone but the Danes in the audience)

- [more incomprehensible Danish]

- ????????

- Stockholm?


- [incomprehensible Danish]

- ????

and so on... :-)

D-A-D played a very intense two hour-set, About ATENOLOL, with coming back to the stage twice for extras, and I was genuinely amazed by the tempo they held and number of songs they played.
Unfortunately I don't have any set list, ATENOLOL steet value, since I don't know most of the songs, ATENOLOL for sale, but if anyone do, please let me know.


All the photos I could find from the concert, ATENOLOL from canadian pharmacy, as well as from where the ones above are taken from, Buy no prescription ATENOLOL online, are available in the D-A-D web site photos section. Worth noting: it makes me very happy to see the band encourage fans to take their own pictures during the show and then publish them in the official band web page - very coll, and they way it should be, fast shipping ATENOLOL.


A thing which was a let-down is that D-A-D performed a truly great concert, Order ATENOLOL online c.o.d, one of the best in quite some time for me, but there was no mention in the media whatsoever, no concert reviews. Beats me why, since this should get media coverage, D-A-D deserves the attention.

Anyway, if you are about to see D-A-D, you're in for a real treat, and I'm utterly convinced you will have a great time. :-).



BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION, Source Code Management (SCM) is a vital support tool for any serious code development, especially with many team members and for sharing as well as rollback opportunities. Today, I thought I'd introduce you to Distributed Version Control System (DVCS).

Regular SCM approaches

I'm sure most, RETINA samples, if not all, of you have dabbled with source control in some form. Perhaps via SourceSafe (*shivers*), Team System (*still shaking*) or Subversion.

First of all, RETINA wiki, what I'd say SCM should offer is non-exclusive check-outs, i.e. that several developers can work on the same file, and then their changes are (hopefully) successfully merged, BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION. SourceSafe didn't offer that, Buy RETINA online cod, and was the reason for many development problems, especially in regards to exclusive check-outs (anyone remember files checked out to someone who had quit their job...?).

Team System and Subversion (and lots of other SCMs) offer developers to work on the same file, but with Team System, first it's not optimal, buy RETINA without a prescription, and second, its tight integration to Visual Studio and just being one of many tools in a very large toolbox, at least throws me off. Ordering RETINA online, That leaves us with Subversion, which is very wide-spread nowadays, and Google also chose it for Google Code, their online code hosting service.

The downside with the above

The problem with the mentioned tools/solutions is that they all depend on a central location, canada, mexico, india, and neither of them is optimal when it comes to more complex development with a lot of code merging and branching going on. BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION, If we start with the central location issue, it means that the developer needs to have a constant connection to that central repository, and if not, there's no way to get updates or, more importantly, version control different code steps that has just been developed locally.

Another downside with Subversion specifically, is that each folder of your project will get a hidden .svn folder, Order RETINA online overnight delivery no prescription, which should be removed at deployment, and it definitely creates a world of pain if you mistakenly copy a Subversion-controlled folder into another folder already controlled by Subversion.

Enter Distributed Version Control System (DVCS)

The upside of using DVCS is that each developer have their own repository to which they can constantly commit and make changes to, even if there's no connection available to the outside world. In a team project, RETINA natural, it allows every developer this opportunity, and if they they need to exchange versions with each other, they can easily push and pull code from the other person's repository. Where to buy RETINA, It is also, very importantly, about conflict management. When you push your repository into someone else's, your entire code is regarded as one revision, making sure all dependencies are in there and, likewise, making it much more easy to perform a complete rollback, if that were to become necessary, BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION.

The central location thing

However, there are naturally cases where one wants a central repository to be in sync with all different developer's changes, RETINA alternatives, and it might also be a public repository (especially in open-source cases) where this is the location from where all code should be offered. This is easily done with a DVCS, and when a developer takes out the code for the first thing, RETINA recreational, it's not a check-out or update, it's actual cloning of the central repository, so it then is completely stand-alone at the developer's computer for code commits etc. The developer can then choose to push in his/her updates to the central location again.

For the lone ranger

Even if you don't count on sharing your code with anyone, where can i find RETINA online, never ever, I find DVCS a great tool to version-control the code on my computer. BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION, That way I can consistently have back-ups and versioning for my code, in a very easy manner.

Don't fear the reaper terminal

Now is a good time to mention that the examples I will show below will be written out in a terminal. RETINA interactions, If you're not used to it, it might look scary at first, but don't worry, I'm convinced you will soon feel how easy and clean it is, and that you get a good overview of everything's that going on, real brand RETINA online. In no time, you will probably feel just as cool as the Matrix guys... :-)

Each code line will be preceded by a $ character, Buy RETINA without prescription, and that's just to indicate the start of a new line/command. The Terminal can be found in Windows at Start > Run, enter cmd and press enter and on a Mac it's located at /Applications/Utilities/Terminal, BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION. With Linux, it varies a bit between packages, but the most common places are at:

  • Applications menu > Accessories > Terminal (Gnome/Ubuntu).

  • Applications menu > System > Terminal (Xfce/Xubuntu)

  • KMenu > System > Terminal Program (named Konsole, applies to KDE/Kubuntu)

Introducing Mercurial

The DVCS of my choice for the moment, RETINA overnight, and the one I will use here, is Mercurial. It has gained a fair amount of popularity, Low dose RETINA, and amongst the most well-known who uses it are Mozilla, Python and Adium, and a more extensive list is available in Some projects that use Mercurial.

Getting Mercurial

First, you need to get Mercurial, australia, uk, us, usa, and basically you can choose between downloading a binary package or download source code and build it (for you hardcore devs out there). My estimate is that Linux people will do just fine with the instructions in either of the two above links, but let's be a bit clearer for you Windows and Mac folks.

For Windows

The best bet is to go to Mercurial binary packages for Windows and Mac OS X BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION, and download an installer there. Where can i cheapest RETINA online, For those of you who are fans of Tortoise for Subversion, you could go for TortoiseHg.

For Mac OS X

Just like the Windows people, you can go to Mercurial binary packages for Windows and Mac OS X and find an installer there, or you can take your first plunge into the Terminal world, is RETINA addictive. My recommendation is the latter, and then you have a couple of options.

Start with opening the Terminal. If you have a modern version of Python already installed, just type this on a line and press enter (remember: the $ is just to indicate a new line/command which will be entered):

$ easy_install -U mercurial

Installation should start now, BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION. Online buying RETINA, If that doesn't work for you, or if you already have MacPorts installed (if not, it's generally a good thing to have it, so install it then), type in this line in the Terminal:

sudo port install mercurial

Enter your password and off you go, RETINA cost.

Taking the first baby steps with Mercurial

So, the above parts might have been messy for you, or you just got a hunger for something new. My RETINA experience, Either way, that's usually the worst part, and now we're on to some version control goodies.

I recommend for anyone to read Mercurial Quick Start, but I'll walk you through some of the first easy steps, RETINA coupon.

Setting a username

BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION, The first step is to find and alter your user profile file, which will be found at ~/.hgrc for Mac and Linux (the ~ charecter indicates your Home folder. e.g. /Users/robertnyman on a Mac), and at %USERPROFILE%\Mercurial.ini in Windows. Discount RETINA, Open that file, and enter your desired username, like this:

username = Code Shaker <>

Creating a repository

Navigate to your desired project folder, for instance named test, and enter this line of code in the Terminal:

$ hg init

That's it, RETINA used for. Yes, really. You have now created a new Mercurial project, and can now start working with it any way you want to, BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION. What this in essence does is to create a hidden folder named .hg in the root of your project. RETINA pharmacy, No more contamination of each folder, this is the only connection Mercurial needs.

Adding ignore list

Something to make your development life a bit more enjoyable is to add an ignore list, i.e. file types and file names which you don't want to see when you work with Mercurial (for instance, RETINA online cod, the annoying .DS_Store files for you Mac users). This is done by creating a file named .hgignore BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION, in the root of your repository, and then give it content like this:

syntax: glob

syntax: regexp

As you can see, it's easy to add/alter any of that code to match your needs.

Checking status

Let's go into your above created testfolder, where you ran the hg init command, RETINA mg, and create three files:

  • magic.html

  • magic.css

  • magic.js

Enter this line in the Terminal:

$ hg status

It checks the version control status of your current project, and the result will be:

. magic.css
. magic.html
. magic.js

The question mark before each file name indicates that it is not yet under source control, buy RETINA no prescription. Like-wise, later on, an A preceding the file name means it's added to the repository, but never committed, and an M shows that is in the repository, but that your version has changes in it (i.e, BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION. M as in Modified) which needs to be committed when ready.

Tip: you can write st instead of status, as it is a shortcut connection for the status command. RETINA use,

Adding files

To add a file, enter this command:

$ hg add

That command will add all unversioned files in your repository. If only want to add a certain file/certain files, enter the file name(s) as well:

$ hg add magic.html

Committing files

Just as with the add command, you can commit all added and recently modified in your repository, cheap RETINA no rx, or you can specify which files you want to commit. BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION, Also remember that you need to specify a commit message, to be able to easily trace your changes and revision history.

$ hg commit -m "Commit of all files"

$ hg commit magic.css -m "Worked around weird CSS error"

Tip: you can write ci instead of commit, as it is a shortcut connection for the commit command. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal,


Cloning is if you want to start your work with an already existing Mercurial project. What you do is that you clone that existing repository to get a complete local copy, and then you just work with it. It's done like this:

$ hg clone


If you want to push your changes into another repository, be it something you use as a central location or just one your team members, RETINA description, you use the push command:

$ hg push


The opposite to push is naturally pull, and is used to update your repository from another location:

$ hg pull

Recommended is also to add the flag -u to immediately get the updates into your files:

$ hg pull -u

Adding default push and pull paths

In your repository, create a file named hgrc under your .hg file. In that file, enter this code:

default-push =
default-pull =

Then you can use the push and pull command without adding any URL parameter, BUY RETINA NO PRESCRIPTION. RETINA maximum dosage,

Mercurial hosting

If you want to share your code with the world, or just have a central backup location for yourself, there are some interesting Mercurial project hosting web sites out there. The three most well-known are Bitbucket, mozdev and SourceFoge, and others are available in the Free hosting of Mercurial repositories list.

Personally, I've only used Bitbucket so far, but I have been very happy with their services.


I hope this has been an exciting introduction to DVCS and that you have started to think about how to improve your own Source Code Management. My strong advice is to start and play around with this, and I promise you will like the new opportunities and more hassle-free code management. :-).



Maybe some of you remember I had the fantastic opportunity to see Bob Dylan in a club gig in Stockholm in 2007 BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, . Last night, generic CIALIS, CIALIS street price, against all possible odds (and in under two years time) I again (!) got the chance to see Bob Dylan play a club gig.

As the first gig on this tour, CIALIS treatment, CIALIS trusted pharmacy reviews, Dylan had decided he wanted to play in a little club, and had chosen Berns in Stockholm as the venue for this, canada, mexico, india. Herbal CIALIS, Berns is in my eyes a very suiting place to see Bob Dylan, not just because it's small but also because it's a nice place with a great ambience, buy CIALIS from mexico. Cheap CIALIS no rx,

A picture of Bob Dylan at Berns in Stockholm, taken by Anders LarssonPicture by Anders Larsson

Comparing this gig to the previous club gig he did in Stockholm, CIALIS from mexico, Doses CIALIS work, I would like to say that yesterday was a bit better. Dylan seemed very happy and really into his playing, and, lo and behold, he actually spoke to and thanked the audience, BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION. And it feels so good seeing him glad and liking what he does, CIALIS samples. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, :-)

I've never been a Dylan fanatic, rather someone who really likes some of his stuff and then I'm fairly neutral about the rest of it, where to buy CIALIS. CIALIS dose, So, last night, purchase CIALIS online no prescription, CIALIS schedule, during some songs it felt like: "Yeah, well, where can i cheapest CIALIS online, Online CIALIS without a prescription, this is ok, but it sounds a bit like the previous one", buy CIALIS without a prescription, CIALIS brand name, but at other times, and this is really when it blows you away, is CIALIS addictive, CIALIS from canada, it is true magic we're witnessing. Occasionally, CIALIS cost, Online buying CIALIS hcl, I also get the feeling that I'm not worthy to stand there, that there are so many Dylan lovers who deserve to get a chance like this, low dose CIALIS. BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, Another thing that really made it into a fantastic evening was him playing the song "Things Have Changed", which I really like. CIALIS overnight, Any song, and I mean any song containing these lyrics is a great song:

I used to care, order CIALIS online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy cheap CIALIS, but things have changed

Set list

These were the songs he played:

Regular set

  • Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)

  • Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)

  • I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight

  • Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again

  • Tryin’ To Get to Heaven

  • Things Have Changed

  • Watching the River Flow

  • Blind Willie McTell

  • I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)

  • I Believe In You

  • Honest With Me

  • Billy 4

  • Summer Days

  • All Along The Watchtower


  • Cry A While

  • Like A Rolling Stone

  • Forever Young

Personal highlights were Things Have Changed, Blind Willie McTell and All Along the Watchtower, after CIALIS, Where can i buy cheapest CIALIS online, but I'm sure other people would have chosen other songs. And just imagine if the tired Like A Rolling Stone had been exchanged with Hurricane, fast shipping CIALIS. Cheap CIALIS, :-)

Looking at the set list from the club gig in 2007, maybe that was better overall, where can i find CIALIS online, CIALIS reviews, though.


PS, comprar en línea CIALIS, comprar CIALIS baratos. If you were there and have pictures and/or video to share, let me know and I can link to it from here.




ARMOUR FOR SALE, Friday night last week I had the immense pleasure of seeing AC/DC live in quite some time.

How I got there

Last fall when the tickets were released, Online buying ARMOUR, on a Saturday of all days, I was away from home and only saw the notice in the paper in the afternoon. By then, buy no prescription ARMOUR online, due to high demand in conjunction with ticket scalpers and a complete non-existence of proper legislation, Where can i buy ARMOUR online, both of the upcoming February shows with AC/DC were sold out.

In December, I embarked on a lobbying journey, is ARMOUR addictive, trying every way I could to get a hold of tickets - asking literally everyone if they could help me, ARMOUR forum, pulling strings, using connections: you name it. And, online buying ARMOUR hcl, against all possible odds, Doses ARMOUR work, I managed to get tickets Thursday afternoon, just a little over 24 hours before the first concert.

Thanks my my main man J, personal favors called, I and my brother got two representational tickets from the event company hosting the concert, meaning that we were in section A, having probably one of the best views from the seating area one could possibly have, ARMOUR FOR SALE.

A picture of the Globe arena with an AC/DC logo on it

The gig

It was the fifth time I saw AC/DC live, ARMOUR long term, and nowadays it is truly a rare occurrence to get to do that. ARMOUR recreational, Previous concerts have been 1991 (Stockholm), 1996 (Stockholm) and twice in 2000 (New York City and Stockholm respectively), and those events have been in par with their touring schedule, ARMOUR results.

The concert itself started with a movie of train on its way crashing into a station, Where can i find ARMOUR online, with, naturally, a number of hot women and sexual innuendos, ARMOUR use, wait, Purchase ARMOUR, strike that, sexual acts on board. Just as the crash is about to happen, ARMOUR dangers, a huge train crashes onto the stage with explosions and smoke: enter AC/DC.

A picture of the stage set ARMOUR FOR SALE, Following that is a mix of both new songs and old hits. Herbal ARMOUR, Unfortunately, though, they chose to play as much as five songs from the new album, where can i buy ARMOUR online. Not bad songs, ARMOUR from mexico, but at the same time, not even close to all the other legendary tunes they play. And sure, purchase ARMOUR for sale, I understand they need the motivation and want to play something new as well, ARMOUR cost, but five were at least two songs to many; just imagine which old hits could've taken their place.

Back in 2000 as well as this time around, Brian Johnson has sort of stepped up, where can i order ARMOUR without prescription, and is consistently entertaining the crowd and participating with them. Angus Young is the legend, the one everyone loves to see do his antics, but at the same time, it looks like he needs his rest too, ARMOUR FOR SALE. ARMOUR online cod, As far as I can recollect at least, he was more wild and crazy back in 1991 and 1996, being completely out there all the time, is ARMOUR safe.

And don't get me wrong, ARMOUR price, the crowd do get their fair share of duck walks, lying on the floor and playing, guitar solos, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, stripping and all that. Fast shipping ARMOUR, It's just that it feels like he picks his moments more now - which is completely understandable.

Reading the reviews in the newspapers, I was happy to see that all of them praised the rhythm section - Malcolm Young, doses ARMOUR work, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd - who are truly the ones creating the out-of-this world drive and force. ARMOUR FOR SALE, Throughout the entire gig their playing is so extremely tight, and in some of their most well-known songs, we were actually witnessing true magic. Comprar en línea ARMOUR, comprar ARMOUR baratos, Few people seem to know that Malcolm Young, the rhythm guitarist and Angus' older brother, is the true leader and main man in AC/DC, discount ARMOUR. Most just think that he's the poor sibling playing in the background, ARMOUR pictures, which couldn't be further from the truth. Putting Angus in front and making him the star was a deliberate decision taken back in the 70's, but before that, ARMOUR interactions, Malcolm and Angus actually used to play solo duels. Buying ARMOUR online over the counter, Man, how I would love to witness something like that.

A picture of AC/DC playing Whole Lotta Rosie

The stage set looks very nice, with the walk-out "tongue" in the middle of the crowd which they have had for quite some years now, ARMOUR FOR SALE. The train crash in the movie in the beginning was a great start, ARMOUR duration, and a huge inflatable Whole Lotta Rosie character and cannons do their part. ARMOUR pharmacy, However, just like my brother said:

It dooesn't matter what the set looks like, because AC/DC is one of the few bands pulling off just standing there and playing - just because they're so damn good!

The set list

The set list was overall very well balanced, buy ARMOUR without a prescription, although (as mentioned above), Order ARMOUR no prescription, it would have been fantastic with some other songs than the new ones.

  1. Rock 'n' Roll Train

  2. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

  3. Back in Black

  4. Big Jack

  5. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  6. Shot Down in Flames

  7. Thunderstruck

  8. Black Ice

  9. The Jack

  10. Hells Bells

  11. Shoot to Thrill

  12. War Machine

  13. Anything Goes

  14. You Shook Me All Night Long

  15. T.N.T.

  16. Whole Lotta Rosie

  17. Let There Be Rock

  18. Highway to Hell

  19. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)

In my opinion, the best songs of the night were:

  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  • Thunderstruck

  • Hells Bells

  • T.N.T.

  • Let There Be Rock (awesome!)


Playing Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap


With the fantastic playing which literally moved the ground, I was going crazy where I was standing - and so was everyone around me too. The only thing keeping the concert from getting a grade of 5 out of 5 is the new songs, but at the very least it deserves a 4+ for their passion, dedication and amazing roughness.

Pictures & movie clips


Angus guitar solo

I was taking some pictures and filming some, and all of it can be viewed in AC/DC, Globe Arena, Stockholm February 20th 2009.



CAFERGOT OVER THE COUNTER, For the fifth year in a row, I've been watching all five movies nominated in the Oscar Academy Awards Best Motion Picture of the Year category, to know if the winning actually was the best one.

This year, CAFERGOT maximum dosage, CAFERGOT brand name, contrary to most others, all movies were actually good and deserved to be in this category, buy CAFERGOT from mexico. Buy cheap CAFERGOT no rx, Much a relief for me, and much easier to get through them, what is CAFERGOT. Buy CAFERGOT online no prescription, :-)

What I also liked is that it was mainly, to me, online CAFERGOT without a prescription, CAFERGOT overnight, new actors starring in these movies, or at least actors who hadn't have tremendous overexposure over the years, where can i find CAFERGOT online. CAFERGOT dosage, I have given the movies grades from 1 to 5, where 1 basically means it sucks, CAFERGOT gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Taking CAFERGOT, and 5 is very good.

The nominated movies

Let's go through the movies, in the order I saw them:

Slumdog Millionaire

A picture of the movie poster for Slumdog Millionaire

This movie is about Jamal, a boy who grows up in the Mumbai slum, and eventually ends up on the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?", CAFERGOT OVER THE COUNTER. It's a wonderful story about him growing up, after CAFERGOT, CAFERGOT samples, the tough reality in India, meeting good and thoroughly evil people on the way - and- it's about true love.

It's a very good movie, is CAFERGOT addictive, CAFERGOT description, and it's different to most other movies I've seen. In the beginning, where to buy CAFERGOT, Ordering CAFERGOT online, some parts really had me clenching my teeth, wondering what dreadful thing were the next to happen, online buying CAFERGOT hcl. Real brand CAFERGOT online, I would have to say that it did get just a little bit easier/nicer in the as the movie went along, but still exciting.

Definitely recommended.

Grade: 4-


The Reader

A picture of the movie poster for The Reader

Young boy meeting one woman one day, CAFERGOT schedule, My CAFERGOT experience, and evolving his first strong feelings of love. They have a very interesting relationship, CAFERGOT from canadian pharmacy, Low dose CAFERGOT, and she's quite reserved all the time. CAFERGOT OVER THE COUNTER, Recommended is that you don't read more about the plot than the above sentence, and you will probably get the most out of it.

What I like about Kate Winslet, playing the woman, is her acting to begin with, but also that I find her really sexy. In these days of botox, CAFERGOT mg, CAFERGOT blogs, plastic surgery, she's so natural and just oozing sensuality.

It's a good and interesting movie, CAFERGOT no rx, CAFERGOT over the counter, and very touching at times.

Grade: 3+



A picture of the movie poster for Frost/Nixon

Frost/Nixon revolves around the interviews David Frost did with former president Richard Nixon, after the Watergate scandal and Nixon's resignation, CAFERGOT alternatives. CAFERGOT used for, Very interesting twists and turns, and I love the sense of that era one gets when watching it.

In the beginning, CAFERGOT pics, No prescription CAFERGOT online, you get the feeling that the people behind this move genuinely hate Nixon, but gradually it goes to show that although what he done, CAFERGOT australia, uk, us, usa, Kjøpe CAFERGOT på nett, köpa CAFERGOT online, he was just a human as well.

Grade: 3+


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

A picture of the movie poster for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Probably the most well-known movie amongst the broader public. The character Benjamin Button is born as an old man, generic CAFERGOT, and as time goes by, he becomes younger and younger. The effects and views on this is intriguing to see, although the movie has a number of parts that just doesn't get your interest that much.

However, while I'm not such a sucker for romance in movies, when it comes to the topic of death and about children/being a parent, it reaches my most inner feelings. One part in the movie had me bawling like there was no tomorrow, and it really touched me.

A wise man told me that you don't know if a movie was good just after you watched, you know it a few days, when you see if you go and think about it, if it affects your dreams and thoughts, CAFERGOT OVER THE COUNTER. While the movie overall perhaps isn't worth a grade over 3, seeing how I was moved by the movie, I allowed it to get a 4.

Grade: 4-



A picture of the movie poster for Milk

This story is about Harvey Milk, who was the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. This movie goes from him being uninterested in politics and being open about his homosexuality, to the bitter ending.

Sean Penn, as always, is absolutely fantastic. The movie itself is good too, but nothing more, nothing less. It does show a terrible history, though, with persecution of homosexual people and failure in trying to understand people with other values and norms than oneselfs'.

Grade: 3


And the winner is...

Given other awards and how different it is, my guess is that Slumdog Millionaire will take this one home. CAFERGOT OVER THE COUNTER, What I'm happy to say, though, is that any of these movies do deserve the prize, and contrary to previous years, no matter the winner, I won't be upset.

Have you watched any of these movies, and if yes, what did you think.


Previous years' movies

If interesting, take a read about the nominated movies the previous years:


Slumdog Millionaire won a a fair victory in the category. Congratulations!

Sean Penn got a well-deserved Oscar for Best Actor (although I'm sure Mickey Rourke would have deserved it too), Kate Winslet finally got an Oscar for Best Actress. It is also note-worthy that Heath Ledger got an Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.


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MEDROL FOR SALE, Sometimes I notice great things, but just forget to blog about them. However, australia, uk, us, usa, My MEDROL experience, having Chris H in town reminded me - I just have to write about


We always chase every single byte when it comes to minifying, online buy MEDROL without a prescription, MEDROL maximum dosage, compressing, obfuscating and what-not in the case of our JavaScript files (and to some extent, buy MEDROL without prescription, Rx free MEDROL, HTML and CSS files as well). What we fail to target, order MEDROL online c.o.d, Buying MEDROL online over the counter, though, is image sizes, MEDROL no prescription, Buy cheap MEDROL no rx, who are the biggest culprit in download size, and the least seen-to performance problem, MEDROL coupon. Where can i find MEDROL online, One reason it is so is probably due to the vast number of of image optimizers out there, all specialized at different formats; also, MEDROL dosage, MEDROL brand name, many times they're far from user friendly as well.


Stoyan Stefanov and Nicole Sullivan are the great people behind, and it is a service to help you optimize your images, MEDROL FOR SALE. The key sentence in the description statement is:

It uses image format specific non-lossy image optimization tools to squeeze the last bytes out of your images - without changing their look or visual quality.

What this means is that, doses MEDROL work, MEDROL use, practically, all the images you use can have a smaller file size without losing an ounce of it visual glare and perfection, buy MEDROL from mexico. MEDROL forum, Ain't that sweet. :-)

How it works

They use a number of different open-source algorithms and services, MEDROL treatment, Order MEDROL no prescription, all combined into one interface, to deliver the most optimized images to you, MEDROL samples. MEDROL without a prescription, You can download all images, now smaller in file size, purchase MEDROL online, Buy MEDROL online no prescription, in a ZIP file and then just update your own web site with better-performing images. MEDROL FOR SALE, The only thing which can get you is that they, at times, deliver a PNG image instead of an upload GIF image. While I agree that PNG is generally a better format for 8-bit versions of images, MEDROL street price, MEDROL blogs, it does lead to that you as a developer have to update your references. On the other hand, MEDROL dose, Is MEDROL addictive, this could be a good incentive to stop using GIF altogether. :-)

Ways to use

The lovely thing about is that they make it so easy to use, MEDROL dangers. MEDROL from canada, You can optimize images by:

  • Upload images in the web browser

  • Provide image URLs

  • Use a bookmarklet, which gets triggered for all images in the current web page

  • Use the Firefox extension, generic MEDROL, Online buying MEDROL hcl, which also gets triggered for all images in the current web page

The result for either way is a ZIP file with optimized images.

So, order MEDROL online overnight delivery no prescription, MEDROL blogs, what are you waiting for. Start optimizing now, cheap MEDROL.



BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Ok, time for an admission: I now, honestly, own an iPhone.

Like my friend Big H told me, when I said I was thinking about getting one:

After all you've written and bitched about it, surely you can't get one, INDOMETACIN canada, mexico, india. Right?

So now, Where can i find INDOMETACIN online, when I have one, I think it no more than fair to write about what I think and revisit my previous criticism.

The Good

The parts which stand out with the iPhone, kjøpe INDOMETACIN på nett, köpa INDOMETACIN online.

User interface

First of all, what pushed me over is the fantastic and consistent interface, BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION. It is oh-so-pretty, Order INDOMETACIN from mexican pharmacy, cool and well-working that, to be honest, I was sure no cell phone/device would ever be able to offer me something like this, buy INDOMETACIN without a prescription. Before I've only been testing other people's iPhones but now when I have my own, INDOMETACIN for sale, I've had extensive experience using it - honestly, I find it hard just putting the phone down. :-)

App Store

The simplicity and usefulness of App Store is what really makes the iPhone come alive, purchase INDOMETACIN. There are some truly great apps making it a lot easier to retrieve information, INDOMETACIN australia, uk, us, usa, interact with some web site/service or just plain enjoying yourself.


BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION, I constantly use Gmail and Google Calendar, and it works great in conjunction with an iPhone. Not sure about you, but I wouldn't recommend wasting your money on MobileMe, buy INDOMETACIN from canada.

3G and GPS

One of the things that makes anything Internet-dependent so nice to use is the 3 G connection - I can imagine that the experience would've been a lot less pleasant on previous models with EDGE. INDOMETACIN no prescription, And, paired with the GPS, the map services, where to buy INDOMETACIN, find commuting options from where you are at the moment-apps etc gives you a lot of interesting alternatives and real-life integration. My INDOMETACIN experience,

The screen and hardware design

Naturally, as any Apple product, it looks great, where can i cheapest INDOMETACIN online, feels fantastic to hold and has an amazing screen. The screen seems, so far, not to be sensitive about getting scratches, and size-wise, it actually fits in a pant pocket with its sleek design, BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Discount INDOMETACIN,

The Bad

Generally, my opinions in iPhone letdowns still stand.

The camera

It's such a shame that it has such a lousy camera, taking INDOMETACIN, especially with some fantastic apps to make it as easy as possible to take a picture and instantly share it with the world (in this respect, Where can i buy INDOMETACIN online, SmugMug is a great example with their own official app, while Flickr once again fails to deliver a proper official uploader).


I ranted a bit about mandatory subscriptions, INDOMETACIN treatment, and it is still one of the most annoying things. Online buy INDOMETACIN without a prescription, Some countries you can just buy an unlocked iPhone, no hassle - in others, you will have to subscribe to the most overpriced (and generally, no prescription INDOMETACIN online, suckiest) mobile subscriptions for the very least a year and a half. BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION, This is effectively killing off the corporate market since they already have established pricing plans with other providers, and everyone else just have to sell their soul to an operator they want just to get an iPhone. INDOMETACIN recreational, While I'm sure Apple gains a few more dollars out of this co-operation with the operator in each country, the bad-will and lost sales surely must be worse. I'm proud to say that my iPhone is imported from another European country, online INDOMETACIN without a prescription, and also mostly paid for by my employer, Australia, uk, us, usa, so in the end I had to pay about US$ 185 for it - mind you, this is with free data traffic and no contract binding or anything.

App Store, order INDOMETACIN no prescription, and lack of installing freedom

While App Store is overall fantastic and very easy to use, INDOMETACIN description, every application have to follow ridiculously strict Apple guidelines. The problem here is that some great software, not that uncommonly better than Apple's own apps, effects of INDOMETACIN, is restricted. Then you need to first jailbreak your iPhone and then hack your iPhone with Cydia to be able to install whatever you want (also read How to Use Cydia: A Walkthrough), BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy generic INDOMETACIN, The result of installing Cydia is that it breaks your warranty, meaning you need to restore your iPhone to factory settings before you leave it to service. Another downside is that apps will run in the background constantly, herbal INDOMETACIN, which might make your iPhone a bit slower to operate. INDOMETACIN long term, The upside, of course, is installing freedom, INDOMETACIN duration.

Apple seriously have to loosen up with App Store, INDOMETACIN reviews, or offer people a proper way to install applications not condoned by Apple...

Various missing features

BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Minor things that should've just been implemented, like:

  • Copy and paste (duh)

  • Forwarding of SMS message

  • Deleting single SMS message and not entire thread

  • MMS support

  • Video recording

  • Being able to just simply choose your own ringtones (you can, however, do this manually, as written in Howto: Make your own custom Ringtones for iPhone 2.0 (3G))

The Ugly

What annoys me the most at the moment is iTunes synchronizing limitations.


Apparently, for some DRM-type, purchase INDOMETACIN online no prescription, completely misguided "Everyone-will-spread-content-EVERYWHERE"-fear, INDOMETACIN over the counter, you can only synchronize your iPhone with one iTunes library. What, you say, INDOMETACIN interactions. Yes, About INDOMETACIN, it's just that bad. Meaning, if you have content on your work computer and your home computer, it can only be synched if it's not of the same sort. I.e, BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION. I can sync, for instance, my calendar from one iTunes and my apps from another.

And what really really gets to me here is that even if I have automatic synchronizing turned off, with only manual transfers, it's impossible to drag and drop a music or video file to my iPhone if any other iTunes library has ever transfered the same sort of content. This sucks ass.

However, if you're the more adventurous type, as Martin Andersson pointed out to me, you can edit your iTunes library manually, as described in How to sync an iPhone with two (or more) Computers.


BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Let me say that due to the shortcomings and tie-ins I've been whining about before and here, I truly and honestly wanted to get another brand with equivalent features. However, the no less than marvelous interface in the iPhone and extending options and application quality offered through App Store, I just have to confess that there's no other player in the market currently being able to match this.

I even considered getting a tiny "regular" mobile phone and iPod Touch instead of an iPhone with its stupendous subscription requirements, but practically everyone advised me not to, that I should get the iPhone instead. I followed their line of thinking, and now I'm really glad I did - I constantly use services over 3G wherever I am, and it's one of the best things altogether.


This last part is about making a confession: seeing all people with their cool iPhones, I was jealous, and soon it became an obsession to own an iPhone. It's so damn pretty, and why would I settle with less than anyone else, BUY INDOMETACIN NO PRESCRIPTION. :-)

In the end it was all about coming to terms with the current iPhone shortcomings, and focus on the good parts. At the end of the day, instead of getting annoyed or bothered when using my cell phone, I now get happy and just want to use it more, More, MORE.

And ain't that exactly the feeling a device should give to you. :-).



DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, Saturday night, I had the pleasure of attending a Spotify party, thrown by Spotify - the best music service available.


If you're expecting more information about the Spotify service, I unfortunately need to quench your hopes right now; this post is just about the party (although I did find out some things about Spotify, Cheap DIFLUCAN no rx, which makes its future even more promising!). At the time, Spotify is only available through invites, and sorry, buy DIFLUCAN from mexico, I don't have any invites to give away.

The party

I had been feeling very low all day, DIFLUCAN without prescription, since I seemed to have caught some variation of the flu. Therefore, I just dragged my feet around, just wanted to sleep, DIFLUCAN reviews, but still, I knew I couldn't miss an event such as the Spotify party. So, I collected myself, took forever to shower and shave, and decided to take the car to the event (since there was no chance I'd survive either of drinking and commuting), DIFLUCAN FOR SALE. Effects of DIFLUCAN, The party took place at Berns, and when I got there at about 21.00, it was almost already filled to the brim.

A picture from inside the Spotify party, <b>canada, mexico, india</b>, depicting partying people, chandeliers and a stage

Photo courtesy of Spotify Party

Drink tickets

At the door, DIFLUCAN street price, I got a couple of drink tickets to enjoy myself with. "Drink tickets", perhaps a few people from the US might ask.

Over here, comprar en línea DIFLUCAN, comprar DIFLUCAN baratos, all drinks are free at the really good parties.

Well, here in Sweden drinks costs about the same amount of money your banks seem to be losing every day, Buy DIFLUCAN from canada, and people here drink a lot. DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, So, if any company would have a party of this magnitude, with completely free drinks for everyone all night, it would soon go into bankruptcy. Yeah, really.

Except for the drink tickets, is DIFLUCAN addictive, though, there were some small booze bottles available for the daring ones... Online buying DIFLUCAN hcl,


Having just one invite, going alone, I drifted around, back and forth, DIFLUCAN forum, desperately looking for someone I knew. Being IT people there, Where can i find DIFLUCAN online, I was sure I'd stumble upon someone, sooner or later.

The only people I did find was two people I know at Spotify: Andreas Ehn and Magnus Hult, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE. While they're both very nice, I didn't want to harass them for too long, buy no prescription DIFLUCAN online, mainly out of two very obvious reasons, really: it was their event and tons of people wanted to talk to them, DIFLUCAN no rx, and also that I was probably the least fun and interesting company available.

Guitar Hero

Oh, how I loathe Guitar Hero. I hate that game, DIFLUCAN long term. Or really, there's nothing wrong with the game, Purchase DIFLUCAN for sale, per se, and it's somewhat fun playing (although I prefer to play a real guitar). DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, But I really, strongly wish that I will, in the foreseeable future, attend a party where Guitar Hero isn't present. Why. Because while it's ok playing, DIFLUCAN use, it's dead boring watching and standing around.

However, DIFLUCAN from mexico, since I was practically alone, me and my glass of Coke (the drink) had to find some place to stand and hang out, since it was getting tiresome walking around, trying to look busy and/or like I was looking intensely for someone, DIFLUCAN interactions.

A picture from inside the Spotify party, with some people playing Guitar Hero

Photo courtesy of Spotify party - Guitar Hero

So what did I do. Together with a number of Guitar Hero deadheads, I stood watching people playing Guitar Hero like it was my favorite interest in the whole wide world.., DIFLUCAN FOR SALE. Low dose DIFLUCAN,

Call for help

After having been at the party for about an hour, I started to feel a bit lonely, and called Emil, since I knew him and Lady S, buy DIFLUCAN without a prescription. (his squaw-to-be?) were to attend. Luckily, Buying DIFLUCAN online over the counter, they were on their way there, so I exhaled and felt a bit better.

You're not alone

Kept on watching Guitar Hero (yay), and while doing that I felt a tap on my shoulder, DIFLUCAN mg. It was my pal Jim DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, , who I didn't even know was going. Apparently, his neighbour was one of the artists performing later that night, DIFLUCAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, so he and his friend Adam had gotten tickets to the event as well.

Jim and Adam went to leave their jackets, and while doing that, Emil and Lady S, DIFLUCAN online cod. popped in. Finally, DIFLUCAN pictures, I knew loads of people.


We first mingled at the bar for quite some time, and when the performances started, we moved into the large party room/concert venue and watched, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE. There were tons of people now at the party, and it really took some effort to get anywhere amongst the masses, not to mention the ridiculously long lines to the bathroom, no prescription DIFLUCAN online.

When I couldn't bother standing in one of the lines, I went into an adjacent room looking for another bathroom in another section, Where to buy DIFLUCAN, but found none. When I went back, two guards were standing where I had initially walked into the room, and stared furiously at me, DIFLUCAN samples. The conversation went something like this:

- Are you in a band?

- Huh?

- Are you in a band?

- No (thinking: why would I be in a band?).

- So what the hell were you doing in there?

- Looking for a bathroom.

No more replies, except for some possible grunting, Buy DIFLUCAN no prescription, but with looks filled with hate.

Really, they took the pretty old, fairly short, completely sober and somewhat sick-from-a-flu guy to pick a fight with, buy DIFLUCAN online no prescription. DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, Jeez...

I mean, I have bad days at work too, Is DIFLUCAN safe, but the intern isn't the first one in the line of fire. Or... well, anyway, DIFLUCAN from canada, moving on... :-)


After the performance of Jim's neighbour, Where can i buy cheapest DIFLUCAN online, he got an SMS from him, wanting to meet. After a cat-and-mouse chase and some very vague descriptions, we finally found our way backstage (no guards there, why would there be, they were busy guarding potential bathroom-queue elopers), DIFLUCAN FOR SALE. After following a maze of fire-stairs, corridors and what-not, we eventually got to the backstage area.

Something I found fantastic, since there were nice couches to sit in, free coke to drink (and naturally, alcohol for those physically fit for it) and free candy in bowls for anyone to eat. Given how tired and worn I felt at this moment, it was heaven to me. No being pushed every other second by over-refreshed people, no overpriced drinks (I was out of drink tickets at this time), and no loud music, so we could actually talk.

The conversation

DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, We were back there for about an hour, and occasionally now and then some more people would drop in. When we introduced ourselves to the "new people", an interesting conversation took place, when Jim's friend Adam introduced himself:

- Hi, I'm Adam.

- Are you Jewish?

- No.

- Oh, ok. It's cool, either way.

Being actually there, let me be the first to point out that it was totally clear that it wasn't a racist question, but rather an attempt to find a topic to start a conversation with. It did sound both funny and weird when it came out, though.

I think this is due to that, as far as I know, to begin with we don't have that many people with a Jewish heritage in Sweden, and second, we don't really care where people are from, so the word Jewish is just very seldomly mentioned here, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE.

Going home

After some people was thinking that it was a bit lame/low-key backstage (still heaven for me :-) ), they started to play some music and bringing some life to it. Something I would've liked under usual circumstances, but now I was just way too tired. I decided to leave them to their fun and avoid ruining their party out of being plain boring, and instead started my journey home.

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VPXL FOR SALE, Having done an amount of cell phone research lately, I've had the not-so-pleasant experience of seeing the level of quality of certain cell phone vendor web sites. Therefore, I'd like to compare Nokia vs, VPXL from canadian pharmacy. Sony Ericsson. Order VPXL no prescription,


When I see a web site used as a base for all the different national web sites for a company, spread out through the world and where getting information about and selling the product is key, there are some criteria I think must be met:

  1. It must be accessible to as many people as possible.

  2. You should always be able to navigate around in the web site.

  3. By making information more accessible, order VPXL online c.o.d, it will also result in a better search engine ranking.

Web sites tested

I decided to test the UK version of Nokia and the UK version of Sony Ericsson against the above mentioned measurements. Kjøpe VPXL på nett, köpa VPXL online, Naturally, a test could be a lot more detailed than what I am about to show you, but I think it gives you a hint of the technical level and how the rest of the web sites probably are implemented, purchase VPXL online no prescription.

Start page, with JavaScript enabled


A picture of the Nokia start page

Sony Ericsson

A picture of the Sony Ericsson start page

Start page, with JavaScript disabled


A picture of the Nokia start page, with JavaScript disabled, <b>VPXL FOR SALE</b>. Everything works, <b>Online VPXL without a prescription</b>, but it has some different content and layout.

Sony Ericsson

A picture of the Sony Ericsson start page, with JavaScript disabled. Onlu sporadic patches of content is visible.

Products page, VPXL no prescription, with JavaScript enabled


A picture of the Nokia products page

Sony Ericsson

A picture of the Sony Ericsson products page

Products page, VPXL used for, with JavaScript disabled


A picture of the Nokia products page, with JavaScript disabled. All cell phone models are clearly listed, <b>doses VPXL work</b>, with picture and text; looks a bit different from the JavaScript version

Sony Ericsson

A picture of the Sony Ericsson products page, <b>Get VPXL</b>, with JavaScript disabled. Virtually no content is to be seen, but a green background color.

Analyzing the results

After having tested the two pages for both respective companies, buy cheap VPXL, let's run it by my three points of quality I mentioned in the beginning.

VPXL FOR SALE, 1. Where can i buy cheapest VPXL online, It must be accessible to as many people as possible.

Looking at the above screen dumps, suffice to say, Nokia has realized that you should never, is VPXL safe, ever completely rely on JavaScript for a web site. VPXL australia, uk, us, usa, Nokia have created good fallback web pages with easy links to other parts of the web site and the products.

Sony Ericsson has completely failed to acknowledge this factor, thus resulting in pages being totally broken for users without JavaScript, VPXL steet value.

Why it really matters

Taking a quick look of how many web surfers have JavaScript enabled, Where can i cheapest VPXL online, it states that it is about 93%. That means missing a whopping potential 7% of your customers, just out of not doing a professional job to begin with, VPXL FOR SALE.

But the problem doesn't really stop there. Add to the mix overzealous anti-virus programs, VPXL coupon, strict company proxy servers and firewalls, VPXL mg, effectively blocking JavaScript to a lesser or larger extent, but leaving that number of users outside of the statistics; a perfect case for unobtrusive JavaScript, though, VPXL pics.

Nokia: pass. About VPXL, Sony Ericsson: failed.

VPXL FOR SALE, 2. You should always be able to navigate around in the web site.

As you can see, all parts of the Nokia web site is available without JavaScript, purchase VPXL online no prescription, and the menu navigation looks and behaves exactly the same. Doses VPXL work, Without JavaScript on the Sony Ericsson web site, you practically don't get any content, and the menus are solely Flash-based without fallbacks, ordering VPXL online.

Nokia: pass. Order VPXL from mexican pharmacy, Sony Ericsson: failed.

3, VPXL FOR SALE. By making information more accessible, it will also result in a better search engine ranking.

Why this is interesting from a search engine ranking perspective, VPXL no rx, making it even more important from a business standpoint, Real brand VPXL online, is that when there's almost no proper internal linking going on in a web site, and fewer elements to find text in and virtually no proper and semantically marked-up code, it will affect the search results, VPXL schedule.

I took the liberty by searching on Google for one each of the companies' products, Australia, uk, us, usa, together with the word "specifications" (on; local variations may apply). The results, literally, no prescription VPXL online, are as follows:

Google search for "nokia n96 specifications"

A picture of the Google search results for the search 'nokia n96 specifications'.  <b>VPXL overnight</b>, The first link goes the Nokia web site.

As you can see, a Nokia web page is result number one, just as expected.

Google search for "sony ericsson w980 specifications"

A picture of the Google search results for the search 'sony ericsson w980 specifications', <b>buy VPXL without prescription</b>.  <b>VPXL FOR SALE</b>, The first link goes to the CNET web site, the second and third to the GSMArena web site, and the fourth to Sony Ericsson.

To prove above established point, Sony Ericsson fails to gain the first position, and isn't actually found until the fourth place, surpassed by CNET and GSMArena.

So, again: Nokia: pass. Sony Ericsson: failed. VPXL pictures,

Usability concerns

Another thing which I thought I'd mention, but is a little bit our of the scope for this article, is that, kjøpe VPXL på nett, köpa VPXL online, for both companies, VPXL forum, by using Flash for their products pages, it raises some usability concerns:

  • The Flash with the available cell phones has a fixed height, which makes it far less than optimal in the web browser window; the height should naturally be adapted to its environment.

  • A native scrolling method is introduced in the Flash, after VPXL, where the result is both a small local scroll instead of just the page scroll, and also that the scroll wheel doesn't work for any of them.

  • If I for instance want to open three product detail pages in different tabs, it's impossible. In their choice of Flash as a technology, they have crippled my normal web surfing behavior, with a "we think we know what work flow is best for you"-attitude.


There are lots of other things which could, and probably deserve to, be dissected when it comes to these web sites and factors such as truly accessible and semantically correct code, HTML validation errors, performance etc, but let's leave that for now.

I think what this shows is that the overconfidence in Flash is very much still out there. And please, let me point out that I have no problem with using Flash, but given the usability and accessibility challenges offered, why go down that road if it doesn't really offer any heightened end user experience. Just use the right tool for the job, really.

The Flash in the Sony Ericsson web site states, for every page load:

There's a lot to load, but it's worth the wait

In your case, it'd say it's not worth it, neither for you as a business nor your end users.

Therefore, I strongly urge any Web Developer out there to seriously take accessibility into concern, and to anyone ordering a web site from a company, demand that this crucial factor is seen to.

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BUY SPIRIVA NO PRESCRIPTION, The other day I got a letter from the Swedish Tax Authority in regards to taxation of my daughter Emilia.

This is Emilia, SPIRIVA reviews. Low dose SPIRIVA, A picture of Emilia

Emilia is four years old, just an innocent child, buy SPIRIVA without a prescription. Where can i order SPIRIVA without prescription, But apparently the Tax Authority thinks she's a little finance shark, and deemed that she owned them money, SPIRIVA natural. SPIRIVA cost, Apparently, Emilia made 5 Swedish kronor last year (approximately US$0.76), SPIRIVA treatment, Purchase SPIRIVA online, and they taxed her for 2 Swedish kronor (US$0.30). Also, SPIRIVA without a prescription, Buying SPIRIVA online over the counter, she has no way of reclaiming this tax, since the Tax Authority only make payments of sums of 100 kronor (US$15.20), SPIRIVA samples. SPIRIVA from canadian pharmacy, I have a few questions about that:

  • Isn't the tax level a bit high for a four-year old child?

  • How much did the postage stamp cost for sending us this letter with the information?

  • How come the authority has the right to take money, and keep them till the sum is high enough to reach their return payments limit?

, SPIRIVA from canada. SPIRIVA long term. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Get SPIRIVA. What is SPIRIVA. SPIRIVA used for. SPIRIVA from mexico. SPIRIVA maximum dosage. SPIRIVA no prescription. SPIRIVA trusted pharmacy reviews. Where to buy SPIRIVA. Order SPIRIVA no prescription. SPIRIVA duration. Online SPIRIVA without a prescription. Online buying SPIRIVA hcl. Online buy SPIRIVA without a prescription. SPIRIVA results. Buy SPIRIVA from mexico. Cheap SPIRIVA no rx. Buy SPIRIVA no prescription. SPIRIVA online cod. Buy SPIRIVA from canada. Online buying SPIRIVA.

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Flickr vs. SmugMug – a comparison of the picture services

As every other web developer on Earth, I initially clung on to Flickr for my photos, but recently I did a little evaluation round, and instead fell for SmugMug. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to write down a comparison of those two services. The idea is to take a number of areas and compare them to each other, so you can be judge of which service you think suits your needs best.


A picture of the Flickr start page Both services have understood that the only reasonable way to go is to offer a flat rate for unlimited storage and bandwidth, and this goes for both images and videos. Flickr offers free accounts where there's a monthly upload limit of 100 MB per month, and one type of billed account, which costs US$24.95 per year. A picture of the SmugMug start page SmugMug doesn't have any free accounts, but instead offer a 14 day free trial, which doesn't demand any credit card or other sensitive information. Besides from that, SmugMug offers three types of accounts:
  • Standard US$39.95/year
  • Power US$59.95/year
  • Pro US$149.95/year

Video support

The two of them do have time restrictions for videos, where the limit is 90 seconds for Flickr, and SmugMug offers no video for the Standard account, DVD-quality (usually 640x480) for Power accounts with a time limit of 2.5 minutes, and HD-video quality (not full HD, mind you, but normally 1280x720) for Pro accounts, with a time restriction of 5 minutes (or 10 for DVD-quality). Personally, I think both services are ok for sharing video clips, but neither is probably your first choice if video sharing is the only thing you're interested in.


There are a vast number of uploading tools for both Flickr and SmugMug, stand-alone apps as well as integrated plugins. Looking at the official tools, you have the Flickr Uploadr and MacDaddy for Mac users (impossible to get a link to Windows version if I'm on a Mac... :-( ).

Uploading performance

I have compared Flickr to SmugMug intensively for about three months now, and uploading to SmugMug is consistently and considerably faster. Also, Flickr uploads seems to sometimes time out, and either the official Flickr Uploadr is extremely shaky or the uploading service is just not stable (ironically, while writing this, I was uploading to Flickr in the background, and it performed like never before :-) ).

Uploading options

What I do like about SmugMug is that they, out of the box, offer integrated uploads and instructions for Photoshop, Picasa, Adobe CS Bridge etc. Additionally, as opposed to Flickr where you have to pay for an iPhoto plugin, the official SmugMug Mac uploader has this functionality built-in; a little treat for you iPhoto fans (although, sorry, I'm not one of you :-) ).

My choice: Lightroom plugins

Jeffref Friedl has put together two great plugins for Adobe Lightroom, my application for image control, and those are the only ones I use:


For me, using these services are as much for backup purposes as being able to present my pictures to friends and family. Therefore, one very important part to me is what possibilities I have to download my images again, in their established albums, tagged data etc. What amazes me here is that none of the services has any good and proper support for this! In this area, there are tons of third-party options for Flickr, while I haven't really found anything good for SmugMug. For Flickr, I use FlickrBackup, and with SmugMug, I've tried their SmugDAV solution, but it was incredibly slow and unstable. I would really like to call for an official shape-up here.

Sharing: public and private

When it comes to sharing, or, better put, protecting and controlling who sees your images, the companies have taken two very different routes, and both have pros and cons.

Security with Flickr

Flickr has a model where you can set for images whether they should be seen by anyone, people marked as your friends, considered your family or completely protected. This check is done through the help of accounts, where your friends or family have to have accounts to be put into one of those categories. The upside is that you can have a photo set with some pictures available for the public, some more in the same set for your friends etc. The downside is that for images with any sort of protection, this demands of the viewer to have a Yahoo! account. So, basically, this is making it harder to use, but more secure.

Security with SmugMug

SmugMug has chosen a path where your image albums should be unlisted or not, meaning that if they're unlisted, no one can find them through the SmugMug web site or Google. That is, unless they know the URL to it. There was a controversy a little while ago that you could guess the SmugMug URLs and find pictures which were never meant to be shared, but since then they've applied GUID-like URLs for new albums (the problem persists with old album links, though). The upside of this is that I can have my hidden images, for instance, pictures of my daughters only meant for family and friends to see, and just give them a URL to navigate into; less hassle for them. I can also password-protect a specific album with a password of my choosing. Another option is to bundle a number of albums into a so-called Sharegoup with a hidden URL, but the problem there is that I can't have the Sharegroup automatically get new content from new albums, nor make already existing albums or groupings into a Sharegroup. The downsides are that these security settings only apply on an album level, which makes me having to use two albums for the same event, if I want some people to see a few more pictures from it. Also, it's always a safety risk where you can find hidden pictures by merely getting a hold of a certain URL.

Communities, and being found

Looking at my statistics for my pictures on Flickr and SmugMug, and looking at people contacting me, Flickr seems by far a better way to have your images found and made popular by people you don't know. I've had a number of people contacting me about using my pictures in web sites, children magazines and one for making a drawing through Flickr. Through SmugMug, nothing. Personally, I also think groups seem to work much better with Flickr.

Layout and layout control

When it comes to actually presenting your pictures, I believe this is one of the areas where SmugMug revels. SmugMug offers picture presentation in context, meaning one large image accompanied by thumbnails for the other images in that set/album (just the same thing I addressed with PictureSlides). What's so good about this is that you get a sense of where an image belong, and how it all connects together. Compare our pictures from China on Flickr and on SmugMug below: A picture of the set view in Flickr A picture of the album view in SmugMug After that, compare viewing the first picture in a large view, where Flickr almost completely loses its relations, but SmugMug stays just the same, since it shows the large picture together with accompanying thumbnails: A picture of the single picture view in Flickr A picture of the album view in SmugMug To me, this is one of the vital things it comes down to in the end: how easy is it to look at the images, and how good to I deem this approach to be when I want my pictures to be seen by friends, family and others? SmugMug blows Flickr away here, if you ask me. Or, to be more somewhat more nuanced: when there's no context or album, the single image page on Flickr is quite ok for viewing and commenting, but it's far from pleasing if it belongs to a set.

Keyboard shortcut support

SmugMug has the nice decency to allow a viewer to move back and forward between images with the arrow keys; an approach also implemented by Picasa Web Albums as well. When I wrote my Flickr pros and cons post, Stewart Butterfield (one of Flickr's co-founders) liked the idea of keyboard navigation, but nothing ever happened (and Stewart has, by the way, now left Flickr). As a bonus, SmugMug also offers the shortcut Shift + arrow keys to navigate between thumbnail pages.

Organizr and Control Panel

I'd say that both Flickr's Organizr and SmugMug's Control Panel are very competent tools offering you lots of settings and information control. What I like about SmugMug is that the sorting of images is superb; basically, any way you can think of, they support, making it extremely easy to control in what order your pictures is presented.

Domain name and customization

While Flickr only offers you a few options whether to present images, sets and collections in your user start page, with a SmugMug Power or Pro account, you have the control to write code and tweak your themes any way you want to. This means that with the power that SmugMug offers you for presenting images, at the same time you can give it any layout you want to! Another upside is that you can add your own code for statistics, such as Google Analytics or StatCounter, giving you the opportunity to completely follow up your visitor numbers and behaviors. And, to top it off, with a Power account you can also get a custom URL (given that you can play nice with your host provider) and properly set it up for use with your SmugMug pictures. For instance, my pictures can be found at


In this day and age, naturally every picture has to have information attached where it was taken, right? And for those of us who don't have a super-new and/or expensive camera, this isn't automatically added to the images, meaning that you have to add this information manually to your images. In that respect, it's pretty easy to do that with Flickr as well as SmugMug. But, when it comes to presenting that information, it is always available when viewing an image with Flickr, while it can only be used in your start page to put markers on a map with SmugMug.

Badge in your web site

As some of you might be aware of, I'm a sucker for presenting badges in my web site for the services I use and like, and also want to drive traffic into. What I want out of a badge for an image service I use are these, seemingly, easy criteria:
  • Being able, in a single call, to get a specified of random images from my entire public collection.
  • Having those images linked to the sets they're in, with the clicked picture selected and shown.
  • Getting the data as JSON, so I can control it myself, instead of some dreadful page-stalling document.write-scripts.
Apparently, this is very hard to find and match. One of Flickr's official scripts offers this, more or less, except that there's no way I can get the data as JSON (it might be possible with an API key, but really, should that be necessary?). SmugMug is far behind in this area. They do have an API and JSON data retrieval, but getting random images out of all my images seem impossible. Then they have some solution where I can get a random image, but the call is done for each image, and the image in turn only links to the image's album, but not the image itself (which is naturally what anyone would want, and, more importantly, expect). SmugMug fans and staff seem very friendly, so I posted a message asking how I could get a JSON badge with random images. I was, to say the least, surprised when I didn't get any reply whatsoever.


To make it easy for you, I thought I'd list who I see as the winner in each of the above categories:
Video support
Sharing: public and private
Communities, and being found
Layout and layout control
Organizr and Control Panel
Domain name and customization
Badge in your web site
Flickr: 5 wins, SmugMug: 3 wins, 3 ties. One would think that I'd prefer Flickr after this, but at the end of the day, SmugMug win in those categories which really matters to me: picture presentation and uploading performance and reliability.

I use both

But, as you might have seen by now, both service complement each other, sometimes a bit too well. Therefore, at the moment, I use both. This is for spreading the risk with backups, as well increasing the change of my pictures being seen. However, if I am to send over a link to a friend with pictures from an event, I use the SmugMug one, since I think it offers the best and most professional way to present photos. Take a look at my pictures and be the judge for yourself:

Moving from Flickr to SmugMug

If you're interested in trying out SmugMug, and you're already a Flickr user, there's an excellent Firefox extension called SmuggLr. It worked great for migrating almost 10 000 images from Flickr to SmugMug for me. Only thing to take into consideration when it's done, is to update possible security limitations and image sorting.

iPhone letdowns

In July, iPhone 3G was released, with a product hype the web world hasn't seen in a long long time. It's a nice little product, but in my opinion, there are some fundamental flaws.

The camera

Let's start with the alleged "camera". The iPhone has a 2 megapixel camera with no autofocus, and definitely no way to record video with it. This is in par with what the other cell phone manufactures were offering back in about 2005, and it doesn't just baffle me, I think it's a disgrace to release a new cell phone with such a poor camera. If I were to buy a new MacBook Pro, the equivalent were if it came with 128 MB of RAM or perhaps a 1 Ghz processor. Really, Apple, what were you thinking?

No FM radio

To me, the lack of FM radio is a big drawback. Again, all other competitors can offer in their products, but Apple just stubbornly won't. The most annoying argument against radio goes something like this:

Why would you want radio, dude? Just buy/download the music you want, it's like an iPod, man.

Personally, I like listening to the radio, since it's much more personal with people talking, any random music can come up, music that I might not own or didn't even knew I wanted to hear. It's the ultimate unpredictability, and what I love. Therefore, arguing that everyone have to own all the music they're listening to is just bullshit, and pretty much out of sync with the times of today. Of course this is due to Apple having the iTunes Store and wanting to sell more music, but still, it's a well-requested feature. Anyway, iPhone owners, you'll never get FM radio, mark my words.

Pricing & subscriptions

Mandatory subscriptions

Not sure if it's Apple being just plain naive or widely disrespectful against their customers, but the completely up-the-wall mandatory contracts/subscriptions in almost every place where the iPhone has launched is ridiculous. What it shows is that they just don't care about people actually already having subscriptions or catering to people's needs. They must also be a 100% uninterested in the company market as well. Companies naturally already have subscription deals with great fees and terms, and for them to completely drop this and just to get an iPhone is just not very likely at all; especially since, incidentally, Apple seem to have made it a sport to have deals with the most notorious cell phone subscription providers in every country they have launched.

Pricing talk

When Steve jobs presented the new iPhones, he stated that they would cost $199 respectively $299. It was implied that on top of this, there would be a subscription fee, but in my book, in the few places were they're sold without any contract obligations the price is around $600 and up. In that case, the prices Steve mentions are totally wrong. The only way they matter is that it is the internal price of the iPhone, but since it will never, under any circumstances, be the price for the end customer, why even bring it up (except it being a good lie for marketing purposes)? When I work as a consultant, I think I'll tell my company to write offers to clients that I will only cost $10 an hour. Lots of customers will of course be interested, but maybe just a tad disappointed when it turns out that on top of this they have to pay the consultant-actually-showing-up fee of a $150 per hour...

Breaking the law

There a a lot of people trying to get iPhones without subscriptions, and they're definitely open for breaking the law when it comes to importing, jailbreaking and cracking the iPhone to get it working (just look at the first version of the iPhone; Sweden was riddled with it although it wasn't even sold here). I think it's preposterous that people adapt so much to the company selling the product, instead of looking at companies actually showing them the decency of offering them what they want and actual options.

I'll probably not get one

With these arguments in my mind, I will most likely not get me an iPhone. I'll be completely honest and admit that the iPhone definitely has some nice features, and that it is overall a good product, but with such shortcomings as mentioned here, it becomes insufficient for my needs and wants. App store is nice, and it's interesting to see how how lots and lots of web sites adapt their presentation for iPhones (although weird, given the worldwide low market share for iPhones), but Apple have to deliver more and better than this to catch me in their net.

Thoughts on developing with the Adobe AIR framework

Having developed a few Adobe AIR applications now (Memory, facedesk, GMDesk), and having talked to some people of the Adobe AIR Team, I thought it was time to express my feelings on what it's like developing with Adobe AIR. A picture of the Adobe AIR logo My idea is to list the things I like respectively the things I think need improvement or I outright dislike. The not-so-god parts is probably most interesting, since it contains a few things which would refrain me from using Adobe AIR. It should also be mentioned that this is written out of the perspective as a HTML and JavaScript developer.

What's good

Cross-platform functionality

Installing AIR applications on different platforms, both through the installer badge (I've only used the beta AIR Badge) and from an .air file has worked great. I've tried it on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X. Once installed, it looks and behaves exactly the same (with an exception I'll get to later on).

Getting started

Environment setup

Once I decided to get started, it was very easy to develop one's first test application. Following these steps, found in the good, but overall sparse, Developing Adobe AIR Applications with HTML and Ajax, anyone should be up and running within a very short time: Personally, I use TextMate and Remy Sharp's AIR TextMate Bundle to develop Adobe AIR applications. Haven't tested Adobe's Flex Builder, but it seems very interesting.

Hello World, AIR-style

After that, I went through the Creating your first HTML-based AIR application with the AIR SDK, which helps you setting up the necessary files, and then explains how to test the application, create an installation file and how to manually create certificates. Good stuff, and as you know, as soon as your first Hello World is out the door, there's nothing to beat that feeling of accomplishment and being on the path to great things! :-)

JavaScript access to Flash objects and the native system it's installed on

From within JavaScript, and especially if you use the included AIRAlias.js file, you have very easy and complete access to everything exposed to an ActionScript Developer. This is great, and offers a way to create truly compelling things. Hand in hand with that, you can very easily access the user's computer and write/read files etc.

Adobe AIR Developer Center for HTML and Ajax

The Developer Center is filled with articles, explanations and good links. Probably a good start for most things you might be looking for.

Adobe AIR Marketplace

The Adobe AIR Marketplace is a good place to have your applications seen, and get a first round of users.

What isn't good

At this time, however, I have to bring up my main problems and objections:


The way the application installer is presented to your end users is in a dialog which uses certificate technology to detect if the publisher of the application is trust-worthy. If the certificate isn't issued by such an authority, but rather a home-brewn one, the dialog will have two scary looking icons and a text which is bound to discourage anyone (at least most people) from installing the application. A picture of the Adobe AIR installation dialog I do understand the reasoning behind this, but the implications are terrible! As it is, only companies have the right to get certificates (or re-use already existing ones), meaning that no private developer will ever be able to deliver an application that seems to deserve any trust. Just imagine how this is a showstopper for all kinds of people wanting to deliver great applications on a promising platform, but the platform itself tells the end users that it isn't safe to install it. While the certificates are there to protect the end user, Adobe has to, some way or another, step in and relieve the developers from the burden of proving that the application is ok. I mean, Apple will offer that possibility with iPhone App Store, and Adobe could definitely add that to Adobe AIR Marketplace. My suggestion is that any application released to the public should get the opportunity to go through an approval process with Adobe, to get Adobe to vouch for the application's integrity and security. If this means that it has to be submitted to the Adobe AIR Marketplace, getting a green light, and then getting ready for the public, so be it. But as it is now, the situation is unacceptable for any developer not being part of, or running, a company,

Updating procedures

Pushing out automatic updates to the end users isn't as easy as it seems nor as it should be. I've created a script to automatically update AIR applications, inspired by others, but it was far too much work. I'd suggest that the Updater object should itself have a method that just takes a URL to an .air file, compare those two, and present a dialog to the end user telling them there's an update and offering them the option to retrieve it right away or later. This could very easily be done by comparing the version number (given that it is number-based) in the application descriptor file or just plain datestamps of the .air files themselves. For those who want to create more elaborate updating schemes, fine, give them any possible option. But for most people who just want the runtime to do this for them and help them out, it has to become easier.

Lagging version of WebKit

The web browser in Adobe AIR is based on the WebKit rendering engine, which is fine (although it's not my personal favorite). It is very fast, and things generally look ok. There's a debugger available, AIR Introspector. To be honest, I haven't used it much, but right off the bat I'd prefer Firebug any day. What might become a risk, though, is that the version in Adobe AIR is very much prone to constantly be one version after the latest release of the Safari web browser (based on the same rendering engine). While I understand that Adobe might need to tweak it, this will lead to a situation similar to the one with Firefox and Mozilla web browsers being one version ahead of the Netscape releases; a situation no one wants. Preferably, the Safari Team and the Adobe AIR Team should synchronize their releases, or there should be an option to push out a certain version of WebKit to your application users. Developers don't want to get more worried about how certain features work in just a specific framework's version.

Web browser sniffing

This really isn't Adobe's fault, but since it uses WebKit, it will render the pages the same as Safari. However, in the navigator.userAgent and navigator.appName properties only the text "WebKit" is available, and no trace of Safari. While that is actually correct, many web sites use web browser sniffing; think Google, Facebook etc. Generally, this is a bad practice and those instances should have been based on object detection instead (except for the few times where web browser detection is unfortunately a necessity). So, while Adobe is doing the right thing, the real world isn't really adapted to it. And, it would be much easier for Adobe to have talks with at least some of the most popular web sites to find a common ground, or to add something like Safari to its value (although it would be incorrect), than just hoping everyone in the world creating web sites will start writing better code. But, as long as the situation stays like the current one, Adobe AIR will offer a Safari-cloned web browsing experience, but it might not always get that treatment. I think that creating any kind and sort of mash-ups is an important factor for gaining popularity for both the involved web sites and the Adobe AIR framework, and I do hope Adobe will look into what they can do here.

Even more focus on "regular" Web Developers needed

There is a pretty good focus on Web Developers working mostly with HTML and JavaScript, but still, there seem to be way too many examples and talks about the ActionScript way. Understandable, since most people who work for Adobe or write for them have a solid ActionScript background, but there are a lot more "regular" Web Developers out there than ActionScript Developers. Just imagine winning the bulk of them over!

Form fields

I really don't know why, but form fields look dog-ugly in Adobe AIR applications. Especially select elements seem to have gotten a beating by the ugly-stick. And what's even worse, it doesn't have a system-native look in any of the operating systems. To me, this is a capital error. Aside from just looking bad, it's about user recognition and how easy-to-use and familiar the experience is to them. Also, with select elements, they seem to get an extra space at the bottom of them when running applications on a Mac, while at the same time not having that space in Windows. Really, when in Rome...


Adobe AIR offers a very promising future for creating great Rich Internet Applications. The certificate situation has to change, and some of the above-mentioned issues need tending to; at the moment, it is apparent that it is a 1.0 release, and a number of things can definitely be made easier or just plain better. It's a good start, though, and if Adobe listen to developers, this can become something really good!

Book review: JavaScript: The Good Parts

As I'm sure you know, I have a very strong interest in JavaScript, and what better way to try and feed that, than to read a brand new book by Douglas Crockford entitled JavaScript: The Good Parts!

Being a fan and being inspired

When I first started reading about Douglas' mindset and ideas, and seeing him doing a live presentation, he immediately felt very right on track. Extremely experienced, almost to the extent that some find him cynical or bitter, but if people just read/listened to what he says more thoroughly, they'd find out that he tears something down to able to become constructive and truly inspiring at the end. Some of his work has fundamentally changed the way I look at JavaScript, and it has definitely made me become a better JavaScript developer. His most influential work is, I'd say:

The book

Basically, this book is about the conclusions he has come to over years in relation to write the best-performing, most-easy to read and maintain, and last, but not least, the most stable JavaScript code. It mainly deals what he finds to be the best parts, but what I'd say is most gratifying is when he, especially in the appendixes, brings up the bad parts and why they are indeed bad (kind of like why IE sucks; most people know it, but it's good to bring out some hard facts from time to time). Douglas begins each chapter with a Shakespeare quote; perhaps pretentious to some, but I don't mind. Either way, this is totally compensated for with some great Lost references in the code samples! Also, it feels a bit ironic about praising JavaScript and at the same time only being able to produce a book containing of merely 145 pages talking about what's good with it. :-)

The Chapters

The book consists of 10 chapters and 5 appendixes:
  • Chapter 1. Good Parts
  • Chapter 2. Grammar
  • Chapter 3. Objects
  • Chapter 4. Functions
  • Chapter 5. Inheritance
  • Chapter 6. Arrays
  • Chapter 7. Regular Expressions
  • Chapter 8. Methods
  • Chapter 9. Style
  • Chapter 10. Beautiful Features
  • Appendix A. Awful Parts
  • Appendix B. Bad Parts
  • Appendix C. JSLint
  • Appendix D. Syntax Diagrams
  • Appendix E. JSON

My take

Overall I think it's a good book, but I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed that there was no real eye-opener; not anything like Dan Webb's chapter in The Art & Science of JavaScript. Most likely, however, this is due to me having adapted the ideas and mindsets described above from Mr. Crockford even before, and as anyone who has used JSLint and really cared to find out why those warnings showed up, I've learned from it and has gotten better. So, to anyone being a seasoned JavaScript developer and already agreeing with advice and approaches such as those offered by JSLint and the JavaScript Module Pattern, this book will maybe fill in some blanks, but I'm sure you know most of it already. However, to anyone being an experienced developer, but in other languages than JavaScript, this is a fantastic book which explains how JavaScript really works, and how you can see the object, inheritance and prototype model in JavaScript as something good, instead of an obstacle. And, for anyone who has just started out with JavaScript, I'd say that JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Fifth Edition is a mandatory read, and after about six months, you should read JavaScript: The Good Parts as a perfect complement to that book.

Book review: The Art & Science Of JavaScript

A while ago I received a book which I had anticipated to have the chance to read: The Art & Science Of JavaScript.


First time I heard about it was when Dan Webb mentioned it in his talk at @media JavaScript and we discussed it shortly afterwards; he really made me curious about the book. While some JavaScript books, usually with one or perhaps two authors, build things from scratch where each chapter is taking a concept further to the end chapter summarizing it all, this one is completely different. In this book each author has one chapter each, to write about widely different topics totally unrelated to each other. It doesn't have any ambition to have one single and huge story line, but is instead basically a JavaScript goodie bag. :-) It seems like everyone of the author has found a topic which amuses them, and just went off on respective subject. It's a bit like:

Hey, canvas seems cool, let's delve into that.

The authors are:

The book itself

Let's just briefly start with some hardware talk: SitePoint create beautiful books, with nice colors, pictures and conventions to make the reading as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you, dear reader. One thing baffled me, though, and that was that for each chapter, there's no information about who has actually written it; not in the table of contents nor at the beginning of each chapter. The chapter contents themselves offer some clues, and knowing some of the authors, I had a pretty good grasp about who had written what, but I still find it weird.

The chapters

The book consists of seven chapters, each written by a different author, and vary from table-scripting to canvas coding and metaprogramming with JavaScript. I thought I'd briefly cover each chapter below and my take on it.

1. Fun with Tables

This chapter starts with explaining that you can access elements with document.getElementById. "Oh, man, I'm in for a long boring ride", I thought, but it quickly evolved into some advanced scripting with table elements, such as client-side sorting and drag and drop support. Having spent way too much work with tables and their "magic" throughout the years, I generally refrain from them, and will continue to do so. However, if you're bound to create an advanced table for an intranet or so, this is definitely the chapter to read to get some inspiration.

2. Creating Client-side badges

Chris Heilmann was written a number of blog posts and articles about how to create and control client-side badges to present in your, or any other, web site. What I like about Chris' writing is that unobtrusiveness and accessibility is heavily emphasized, leading to better practices and better code. This chapter is a good introduction to implement something in the above-mentioned manner, and it also contains an explanation of how JSON can help you get content cross-domain (since that is not possible using XMLHttpRequest). It also takes failed connections to third party content providers into account, which is a simple yet important thing to take into consideration.

3. Vector Graphics with canvas

To be honest, I haven't really had any real-world scenario where using the canvas element has been an alternative option as a solution, but it is indeed a highly interesting technology, offering vector-based coding on the client side. This chapter starts with coding simple drawing lines, and then delves into creating pie charts and assorted shapes. What about Internet Explorer then, which doesn't support the canvas element? The fantastic solution ExplorerCanvas, by fellow Swede Emil A Eklund (now with Google), is mentioned and it is a script which transforms your canvas code into Vector Markup Language, VML, which works in IE.

4. Debugging and Profiling with Firebug

Most likely, each and everyone of you are using Firebug (and if you aren't, you should. Now!). This part of the book covers general debugging and profiling, and I think it had one or two things which I had overlooked. One thing bothered me, though, and that was that the author suggested to leave in the ultra-lite edition for all web browsers, just in cause you still left a console call in there somewhere. I definitely disagree with this: either have a deploy script that removes such things, or just use your editor to find and remove such occurrences. Shipping something with superfluous code is just a case of patching, instead of fixing the actual problem.

5. Metaprogramming with JavaScript

This chapter is golden. Dan Webb is da man! What he does here is brilliant, and he completely breaks down JavaScript and explains how it actually works. How to check what an object consists of, what an object actually is and using closures to get proper contexts to work in. And by doing all of this, he reveals how truly powerful JavaScript is, and how you can use what some consider to be its shortcomings to instead create truly marvelous things. Such a thing as self-learning code is great, and it will make your code run considerably faster. It does turn into a little Prototype-pimping at the end, but it's ok, since it still is on topic with the nature of the chapter, and it's actually show-casing how it all could be used in larger real-world situations.

6. Building a 3D Maze with CSS and JavaScript

To start with, this chapter is most likely something that you will never ever have to consider. That being said, it is mightily impressive how James is building a 3D maze game with just JavaScript and CSS. I thought he'd resort to canvas and some heavy scripting to tweak vectors, but this is just CSS. What he does is using how borders are rendered in web browsers, and completely adapts them to create paths and corridors. Doing things like this sincerely shows that the sky is (perhaps) the limit.

7. Flickr and Google Maps mashups

In the concluding chapter of the book, Simon offers a basic introduction of creating nice widgets with Google Maps and Flickr. It kind of revisits the concepts in the Client-side Badge chapter with getting external content through JSON, but I believe people who have, for instance, never created something with Google Maps will appreciate this explanation of how to start out with it. Something slightly disappointing, though, is that he occasionally uses inline styling and events on HTML elements. Maybe it's just to show how something can be achieved, but as we ll know, people copy-and-paste code, meaning that it will spread like wildfire. Another thing is that his usage of filter in the CSS for Internet Explorer is the old version of having filters in IE 4-5.0, where there's a much more improved, performance-wise, option since IE 5.5. However, all in all, it is a nice chapter going through the steps necessary to create a compelling presentation of maps and pictures together; two of my favorite things!


Usually when I have read a book, I give it away, since I want to spread the knowledge, and that it is, most of the times, not of much use to me anymore. However, with this one it's hard: this book is a keeper! If, for no other reason, to dig down into Dan's excellent chapter when I feel I have to exercise the cogs in my brain. :-) If you want something to read, that will show and introduce you to concepts you're not normally getting in contact with in your everyday lives, this is definitely a recommended read!

Reviewing Best Motion Picture of the Year for the Oscar Academy Awards

I've always liked watching movies, so in 2005, for the first time, I decided to watch all the movies nominated in the Best Motion Picture of the Year before the Oscar Academy Awards. Just to know what I think about the result, and whether they actually were good movies. I don't have any aspirations to write perfect film critique or something, but rather just express what I think about the nominated movies. It will indeed be interesting to see which one wins, and what the general take on that decision is. I've graded the movies where the scale works like that 1 is very bad and 5 is very good.

The nominated movies

Here are the movies and my opinions about them, in the order I watched them:
No Country For Old Men
A picture of the movie poster for No Country For Old Men

First one out, and I was really interested to see what the Coen brothers had achieved this time. They're fantastic at creating an ambiance and interpret some of the local US phenomenons and characters. The movie starts out with the quality and originality we've gotten used to from them, but then it somewhat fails to deliver. It loses momentum, and nothing really happens or has gotten you spellbound watching.

What makes this movie worth seeing, though, is the outstanding and truly scary performance by Javier Bardem. The grade is maybe not completely fair, but I think it's a bit low because I expected more, and that it started out well but couldn't keep it as good.

Grade: 2+

A picture of the movie poster for Juno

Juno is about a teenage pregnancy. Doesn't sound to alluring, right? But this movie is actually very cool with down-to-earth characters, a witty dialog (which I've heard some people think is a bit too Gilmore Girls-ish) and good actors.

Given the topic, don't be discouraged. It's a movie with some interesting turns and overall, it makes you feel good about people and life. Shit happens, but in the end it's all about attitude.

Grade: 3

There Will Be Blood
A picture of the movie poster for There Will Be Blood

This movie is utter crap. It sickens me to see the overwhelming reviews and bunch of Oscar nominations it have gotten. Don't get me wrong, the movie itself is a good craft and Daniel-Day Lewis is a really good actor.

But the story... Oh my God. It's so long and it's soo boring. Really. I thought No Country For Old Men was a bit slow, but Jesus... This is quicksand in movie form. I was going to give it a grade of a weak 2, but then came the ending (don't worry, I won't give it away). Let's just say that it takes place 25 years after the bulk of the movie, and one of the characters look exactly the same! Couldn't they at the very least given him a fucking beard?!

Don't waste your life on this. Really.

Grade: 1

A picture of the movie poster for Atonement

A Romance/Drama taking place in England, and sort of a costume movie. Not really the criteria which gets me going, I can tell you that. But you can just guess how pleasantly surprised I was then that this movie turned out to be great! It caught my interest fairly soon, or rather, had me thinking that this won't be too shabby.

Then, with its turn and twists, and some incredible scenes, it elevated itself into the best movie out of the nominated, no doubts. Love, drama, sorrow, hardships. It has it all, and this, my friends, is quality.

Grade: 4

Michael Clayton
A picture of the movie poster for Michael Clayton

George Clooney definitely stars in very different kinds of movies; some rubbish, and some pretty good. I'd say that his is neither. It's just ok. The movie itself starts out quite good with a very intense dialog, and the mystery surrounding some things gets you in a pretty good grip.

The things is, though, that the movie never succeeds in taking it to the next level. It's decent, and you do want to know how it turns out. Problem is, it gets too ordinary in the end and promising implications ends up in solutions you've seen too many times before.

Grade: 2+

Which one should win?

Without a doubt: Atonement. If any of the others were to win, I guess I could still live with it; just as long as it's not There Will Be Blood.

Are these the best movies?

Previous years when doing this, I've claimed that most of the movies were far from the best ones the preceding year, and that most of them, more or less, were a waste of time. This is generally true this year around too. After I've done this, I can watch movies that actually seem interesting (thinking Sweeney Tood, Into the Wild etc) and of which I am sure that they must be better than the majority of the above mentioned. However, I have to say that doing this made me watch a movie I wouldn't have seen otherwise, Atonement, and for that I'm very grateful! Have you seen any of these movies, and what do you think?

And the winner is...

No Country For Old Men won. In retrospect, I think it was ok, although I still think it could've been much better.

Prison Break addiction went to Prison Break disappointment

*SPOILER ALERT*. If you haven't seen till episode 9 of season 3 of Prison Break, please don't read this; it'll spoil your fun. In 2005, when Prison Break started, I was an avid follower of the series. Besides from being very good and thrilling TV show, it also contained fellow Swede Peter Stormare, who was performing excellently. The other main characters, unknown to me, have also been great actors, completely delivering in their respective role. Season 1 was very exciting indeed, and season two was still good. However, with season 3 I believe they have really hit a new low mark. In basically every episode they're almost on their way out of the Sona prison, and then it all goes to hell. Again, and again and again. If the plot at least evolved or something, but it's basically the same thing over and over. In the last episode, number nine in the third season, they managed to completely introduce a new character, imply many new paths and solutions, and then after 40 minutes, kill him off in the most ridiculous way. Pathetic, and a such a waste of everyone's time. Another thing in season 3 which was hugely disappointing is the killing-off of the character Sara Tancredi (played by Sarah Wayne Callies). Complete lack of emotion and how to deal with taking out a major character. I'm not opposing the fact that they decided to get rid of her (although it was a shame, and they had a good story going around her), but rather in the complete context-free approach they decided to take. Just compare to when they took out Charlie (Dominic Monaghan)in the series Lost. They created a background to what happened, why it actually did happen and at the the end he almost got a complete episode about him when he died. It shows respect to the viewers who have grown fond of that special character, and, most all, it shows some logical drive behind what's happening. Tonight episode of season three of Prison Break will be aired. Please, oh please, shape up!

AdvancEd DOM Scripting – a book review

Quite recently I finished reading the book AdvancEd DOM Scripting by Jeffrey Sambells, together with Aaron Gustafson. Don't you hate it when you're going to say something, or blog about a topic, and someone beats you to it (in this case, Roger's review of this book)?

The book

Anyway, let me try and complement that review with my opinions and takes. AdvancEd DOM Scripting is for those who have dabbled some with DOM scripting, have gotten hooked, or at least curios enough, and want to delve deeper. The chapters are:
  • 1. Do It Right with Best Practices
  • 2. Creating Your Own Reusable Objects
  • 3. Understanding the DOM2 Core and DOM2 HTML
  • 4. Responding to User Actions and Events
  • 5. Dynamically Modifying Style and Cascading Style Sheets
  • 6. Case Study: A Photo Cropping and Resizing Tool
  • 7. Adding Ajax to the Mix
  • 8. Case Study: Enabling Asynchronous File Uploads with Progress Indicators
  • 9. Using Libraries to Increase Productivity
  • 10. Adding Effects to Enhance User Experience
  • 11. Mashups Galore! Using APIs to Add Maps, Searching, and Much More
  • 12. Case Study: Style Your select with the DOM
Read those chapter names carefully; taste them for a little while. Come to think of it, aren't those topics basically everything you need to know and more to create compelling and modern web sites? And isn't at least three of them hitting the nail on the head on what you wanted to learn, but haven't had time for yet? I've read the book, and I can give a strong yes to that! Jeffrey's writing style and the book's disposition, together with a chapter addition by Aaron Gustafson, cover the key parts about developing JavaScript code today, and things you really should learn if you're developing JavaScript. It makes me so happy to see JavaScript books covering closures and scope, all the different ways one can create objects, functions, applying methods etc. Hands up, how many times have you wondered when you assigned i in a loop to something, and it wasn't what you expected? Here you will get the explanation, and not only that, but also a diagram explaining why it is so. It builds up from the basics and how you can do things, and when going more advanced, it has established the foundations so there shouldn't be any misunderstandings. It also goes through JavaScript libraries such as DOMAssistant, jQuery, MochiKit, Prototype and YUI, and dissects them. For my part, DOMAssistant has improved drastically since, but I still think it's good to have all those JavaScript libraries compared in one place.

DOMAssistant support

A long time back, when doing research for this book, Jeffrey contacted me about DOMAssistant, analyzed it, and give me the small pointers needed to make sure it could run without any problem side-by-side with any other JavaScript library. That takes skill and genuine knowledge about the options, and is yet another reason why it is good to listen to Jeffrey.

The criticism (from others)

Roger mentioned some spelling errors, but I was more amused by great names like "fuction" (still trying to figure out what that actually means :-)), than disheartened. Also, some HTML code isn't the best you have ever seen, but really, just for a JavaScript developer to actually care about best practices, understanding that JavaScript is a part of a greater solution and not the only thing in the universe, is very relieving, and it sets a great example for people new to web development about doing your job professionally, instead of trying just to flash people with fancy illegible code. (maybe I should shut up about this, since I and a colleague was actually comparing who had the longest (but as optimized as possible, of course) regular expression the other day...)

What's great about his book

What I really like is that it takes the approach of teaching someone how to write a JavaScript library. Why that is so good is that I think it's important for people to not download any of the major JavaScript libraries, without knowing what it does and why they want that particular one. Web developers need to learn about web browser inconsistencies, different implementations and weird bugs. When they've learned that, they can either build their own JavaScript library, or they're competent enough to choose which JavaScript library to choose, since they now know what they want in a library, and know that the library developer(s) have put the utmost attention to those tricky bits that are so important.

Who is this book for?

If you're a medium skilled JavaScript developer, and hungry for more, this is a great book to get you going. If you consider yourself as advanced, it would rather fill some gaps, I think, rather than completely blowing your mind. But we can always learn something new, can't we? :-)

Spotify blows me away!

I completely missed the train this spring when betas for Spotify were given to a very select few, but the other day my brother had seen the service and was blown away! He called me and told me about it, so I just had to check into it too. Vaguely remembering the name of the service and that some other people had mentioned it in passing to me before, I looked for all the information I had. It turned out that I had meet the CTO of Spotify at a Geek Meet (I remembered him but not where he was working), so I e-mailed him, practically begging for a beta invite. Being the nice guy that he is, he let me in, and man, am I grateful for that!

What is it then?

Spotify will, if it continues to deliver such a great experience as it currently does, revolutionize the way we access and listen to music! It's like Joost but for music, with outstanding performance and without the stupid geographic restrictions the video service has. Basically, it's an iTunes-like interface where you can listen to radio adapted to what decade and music type your like, or, and this is what really blows me away, search for any song or artist you want to hear, and it is immediately streamed to you! Then you can also create playlists of any songs you like. Just imagine the power of having any music you want to listen to just by your fingertips, without the need of transferring it to each and every computer where you want to listen to it. Imagine having all the music you ever owned, and more, available to you at any computer or location. Amazing!

Eh... How much does this cost?

Nothing! In the long run, it is supposed to be ad-sponsored in the most unobtrusive way. If they can succeed with doing this in a decent manner, there's no end to the possibilities. Really! I must say that this is the product with the best potential I've seen for a long time (hell, maybe the best software product I've ever seen), and if they don't screw this up, I'm thoroughly convinced that they will change the way the world consumes music. Keep your eyes on this!

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Ubuntu – seriously challenging Mac OS x and Windows

It all started last summer. Everyone seemed to be talking about Ubuntu, so naturally I had to try it as well. I installed it, played around with it, and then, somehow, it just went away... But now I've tried it thoroughly, and I like it a lot! I guess that if you use computers a lot, you either become jaded or you're constantly on the hunt for new experiences and new kicks. As you might understand by now, I belong to the latter category. Therefore, as of lately, I've spent way too many late nights tweaking, testing and fooling around with things, where Ubuntu has been my main interest.

What I like with Ubuntu

Ubuntu, which is a Linux-based operating system, is completely free of charge. Being open-source, there's an abundance of really top-notch applications that are out there, just for you. And if you're worried about support, stop: there's a vast community just waiting to help and aid you, and since more and more have started to use it, the web is full of articles and guides. A picture of a workspace in Ubuntu Ubuntu is also ridiculously easy to use, even for someone who aren't that used to computers, since they broken everything down to the most basic needs, and built from there up. But if hardcore terminal hacking is your thing, there's plenty of that too.

General interface

The general interface basically consists of a top bar with menus, main workspace, and a bottom bar showing all open programs, workspaces and such.

The menus

A picture of the Ubuntu menus The interesting part is the menus, which are painstakingly simple. They are divided into three main sections, to easily get an overlook of all you need:
Applications is all your preferred applications, and also where you can add or remove applications.
Places on your hard drive, external hard drives, network, connect to server-functionality and search.
This is where you have all your major preferences and administration settings, together with help information.

Best Add/Remove programs in the business

One thing that is outstanding with Ubuntu, and also a major factor for making it available to less tech-savy people, is the Add/Remove feature. Basically, when you open up Add/Remove, you are presented with a list of applications divided into categories. In this list, you can choose to see only already-installed applications, or applications available to install. A picture of the Ubuntu Add/Remove applications functionality It is then up to you to define the list of available applications, from these options:
  • All available applications.
  • All Open Source applications.
  • Supported Ubuntu applications.
  • Third party applications.
  • Installed applications
Then, and this is where the magic begins, you just check/uncheck the checkbox next to each application, and once you're done you click the Applybutton (or Ok if you want to Apply and then automatically close Add/Remove after). What happens is that it goes online (and/or to an Ubuntu CD if specified in the Preferences) to check for the necessary files, downloads them and installs the application/-s you wanted, and removes the installed applications that you unchecked. Voilà! No need to go through the registry, no "98345lkfer348.dll might be used by other applications, what should I do with it?", no hidden preferences files (to my knowledge :-) ). It just can't get any simpler. Then, as always, if you want to install something special or do some very specific things, you might have to resort to the terminal. But luckily there are a lot of guides online for that too, so you can almost achieve anything! And for each day, there's someone working even more on package management and installers, so it gets better and better.

Recommended applications

Mark Pilgrim has put together a great list of recommended applications for people switching to Ubuntu (or Linux, in general). It's called the Essentials, 2006 edition.


Mark, probably one of the most talented people in the business, made the switch from Apple to Ubuntu about a year ago (and when someone like him does something like that, you should read and listen carefully to the reasons). He then switched (sideways) to Debian, described in One year with Linux.

Eye-candy with Beryl

If you're a computer geek, you've probably seen those jaw-dropping videos, and that is accomplished through the Beryl Project. Although, when you start with Beryl, you're most likely to go haywire with all the effects, gradually you calm down and then actually have some real usage of some of them. For me to make it work, I followed the excellent description of how to get Beryl to work in Ubuntu with an ATI graphic card.

Beryl in Ubuntu examples

Here are just some example pictures of working with a desktop cube for your workspaces (virtual desktops). Note the stacking of windows if you have several applications open in the same workspace, and also the see-through capabilities to see applications from behind. A picture of the Beryl Desktop Cube functionality A picture of the Beryl Desktop Cube functionality, seen from above A picture of the Beryl Desktop Cube functionality, with multiple windows in the same workspace

Testing Ubuntu on different platforms

I've been testing the latest version, version 7.04 and named Feisty Fawn, which was released April 19, 2007. To be fair, and out of curiosity, I've tried it in three different environments: The main testing has occurred on the "real" install on the two-year old Dell laptop with 1 GB of RAM, an ATI Video card with 128 MB and a somewhat unusual resolution of 1920 * 1200 (on a 15.4-inch display; why can't Apple offer that?). Previous versions of Ubuntu has had some problems with getting the resolution correct, but this now worked flawlessly for me. Same for wireless access, hibernating and such. It was also interesting to see that Beryl worked so well with my hardware configuration, since the effects should be pretty intense for any computer out there.

Virtualized environments

It worked well in both Parallels Desktop for Mac and VMware Fusion, but unfortunately none of those offer 3D video support for Ubuntu yet (only for Windows), so no Beryl eye-candy. I should also say that I've liked Parallels from the get-go, but VMware Fusion really walked all over Parallels when running Ubuntu. In Parallels, you can't see the start-up process (it's just pitch black for a minuter or so), and when you want to turn Ubuntu off, the same thing happens, so you have no idea if it's done logging out or not. Fusion just worked, all the way, and felt very competent and stable; and still, Fusion is only a beta so far!


Ubuntu rocks! Really! As of lately, looking at the market, the only interesting operating systems on offer are Unix-based, both in terms of stability and graphical interfaces. Apple probably has the best and smooth design with Mac OS X, but interaction and control-wise, Ubuntu feels a bit snappier and more controllable/adaptable. Windows Vista (or "same shit, different name" as I like to refer to it as) just doesn't cut it. Take a look at the hardware needed to render its effects, and its still the least appealing in the market. When using Ubuntu, you somehow get the feeling that this is how Windows should have been, but miserably failed somewhere along the road. I strongly urge you to try out Ubuntu; you will be pleasantly surprised! After being a Windows-user who got sick of it after almost ten years, I'm mainly a Mac OS X user today. But believe me, I have my eyes on Ubuntu, and if I am to make the switch again, it will probably be in the direction of "Humanity to others". Right now, I will give my Dell to my mom (who hates computers) to see how she gets along with it and using Ubuntu. I'll get back to you on that one (and, please, no "Robert performs experiments on his mom"-kind of comments)... :-)


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Google Maps Street View is fantastic!

Just playing around on the Internet, I'm finding out that Google has implemented yet another outstanding, supremely cool feature, this time for Google Maps. Now, you can get virtually explore neighborhoods at street-level virtually with Street View. Basically, when you go to Google maps you have, for places that support it, a new option next to map types, and it's called Street View. A picture of the Google maps Street View option What you get is a little person icon which you can drag around on the map and just drop where you want a photographic street view. A picture of the Google maps Street View icon Within the street view you are presented with, you can then zoom in/out, turn around or go forward/back up. A picture of the Google maps Street View functionality This is completely outstanding! Thank you, Google, for constantly blowing my mind! (and I hope this will be available for Sweden before 2010... :-))

Henry Rollins in Stockholm, May 2007

Yesterday, a gloomy and rainy day in Stockholm, and with the suburb train situation messed up, I felt generally depressed. How to feel better? With some humor and aggression, of course, and what better way to find that than watching Henry Rollins in Stockholm! Actually, sitting on the train, which was way late, I browsed through one of the free morning papers handed out everywhere. I turned the page and, lo and behold, Henry Rollins was making a spoken word performance in Stockholm the very same evening! Cursing myself for missing this, I called my brother and asked if he could get some tickets online, but apparently there were only available at convenience store resellers, since it was the same day as the event. I went by one on my way to work (in the puring rain), and yes, they had two tickets left! I've seen Henry perform two times before, in Stockholm 2001 at Göta Lejon and in 2005 in Rival, both times outstanding. I also had the luck of actually meeting him and talking a little at SXSW in Austin in 2006, so I really didn't want to miss this evening. A picture of Henry Rollins in Austin

The show

I think Henry was in good form, and he always performs these killer sets that get close to three hours long. This time, in the same Venue as last time, Rival, he did an encore, which I haven't seen before. Lots of good stuff in it, by then he was all worked up and excited. Overall, the show was good, but it also felt different to the previous ones I've been to. He was actually less serious this time, and he had completely new ideas and schemes; I love it when performers evolve! However, and this might probably offend Henry to no liking: he actually seemed happy. He was smiling and the tone in his stories was generally more positive, no matter how hard the punchlines were. In some weird way, it felt like he has fallen in love. But fret not! The show was still filled with aggression and disliking for various things in our world that are fucked up, so we definitely got our well-needed dose of rants. How I felt after? Much better, thank you very much! :-)

Don’t waste your money on Apple TV – get a TViX instead!

For some time, I was looking around for the best hard drive media player to plug into my TV, and I scoured the web and harassed my friends to get some good pointers. And, finally, I found just what I needed! Basically, just to describe my needs: I wanted a product with a hard drive to save all my movies on; be it ripped DVDs, downloaded movies or any other kind. The idea was to completely move the computer out of the equation, so anyone in the family (basically, the people aren't tech freaks like me) could use it just by using a remote. As I saw it, it came down to two options, and I thought I'd do a basic comparison of them here for you:

Apple TV

A picture of the Apple TV Apple recently released Apple TV, and everybody was going crazy for it. So, let's take a quick look at specs:
  • 40 GB hard drive.
  • Option to stream video to it from the computer.
  • Only supports iTunes for transfers.
  • Only supports movies in two formats, H.264 and MPEG-4, which basically means items bought from the iTunes store, or converting your existing movies.
My take on it is that the hard drive is completely insufficient; 40 GB is almost nothing, less than some iPods, for Pete's sake. Streaming is not an option for me, because in that case I'd rather just put my MacBook Pro next to the TV instead; the idea was to become independent from the computer. And, being limited to iTunes for transferring is not a desirable situation. But, the biggest flaw of them all, a giant one, is the lack of supported video formats. Also, in many countries in Europe where it's released, you can't even buy movies from the local iTunes store. When it comes to getting around the ridiculous limitations that Apple have built-in, to learn more you can go to Apple TV Hacks and How-To: play DivX and Xvid on your Apple TV. But, to me, I'm not interested in paying for a product which so many drawbacks and limitations, and is far from ready for the prime time market. Verdict: Just like Front Row, Apple TV looks great and is completely useless. Shame on you, Apple.

TViX HD M-4000P

For about the same price (around $299), a couple of months ago I bought a TViX HD M-4000P, which has meet all of my needs. A picture of the TViX HD M-400P The specifications are:
  • 250 GB hard drive.
  • Almost no video format limitation at all. Supports wmv9, WMV, HD, .avi, .mpg, .vob, .asf, .tp, .tr, IFO, ISO. Codecs: MPEG 1 / 2, XVID.
  • Subtitle support: smi,sub,srt,aqt,utf,lrc / Image Subtitle : sub (with idx).
  • File transfers just any way you like, exactly as with any external drive.
  • Can act as a FTP server.
  • You can insert any hard drive you want to, and also connect external hard drives through USB.
And that's pretty much all I want. It is definitely not as good looking as the Apple TV, but instead it has a real remote, and, at the top of it all: It. Just. Works. The only two downsides is that it doesn't support wireless connections, so you need to connect to it via a USB cable, and that it can be just a little bit too noisy. However, with five different fan speed settings available, they are most likely to satisfy your needs (with two small children at home, I can't have the volume too loud, so maybe that's why I can hear the TViX at all; a friend who has the same model says he can't her his' when watching something). Tip for Mac users: Use the Disk Utility to format the hard drive you use to the MS-DOS File System. This is necessary for the TViX to work and for you to be able to read and write files. My recommendation is that if you look for his kind of product, TViX is definitely the way to go, since it won't hold you back in anyway. There are also a number of different models available, so just see which one is the right for you!

Amazon S3 – Amazon Simple Storage Service

March 14 last year, Amazon launched Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). At the time, you could only program against an API to use the service to transfer files, so I waited for a while, convinced that proper services would be offered. Now that day is here! Actually, I was going to write this post in last November since most options already existed back then, but I encountered a problem when trying to access my Amazon account (more on that below). Anyway, the idea with Amazon S3 is that you can store any amount of data for a very low cost on their servers, and use it as a secure back-up.


Current pricing

$0.15 per GB-Month of storage used
Data Transfer
$0.20 per GB - data uploaded
$0.20 per GB - data downloaded

Pricing as of June 1st 2007

$0.15 per GB-Month of storage used
Data Transfer
$0.10 per GB - all data uploaded
$0.18 per GB - first 10 TB / month data downloaded
$0.16 per GB - next 40 TB / month data downloaded
$0.13 per GB - data downloaded / month over 50 TB
$0.01 per 1,000 PUT or LIST requests
$0.01 per 10,000 GET and all other requests (No charge for delete requests)
Basically, what this means is that I pay about 20 - 24$ a year for a safe and reliable backup of about 10 GB of data. Not too shabby, eh? :-)

Third-party tools

Available on the market is an abundance of third-party tools, and amongst them I've found JungleDisk to be ultimately superior. It uses a local WebDAV server and basically it works just like connecting an external drive. Other recommended options are:

Jungle Disk

Since transfers seems to fail now and then (it kind of makes me sometimes actually wonder about the reliability), it's great o use a tool like JungleDisk, because it will keep trying to transfer your files, automatically, in the background if the initial transfer fails. It also stores your files locally, so no transfer fees are applicable for watching existing files if they're in the local Jungle Disk cache. The downside of this is that you might have duplicates of your files; one copy on your hard drive in its original location, and one copy on the WebDAV server. Personally, I only keep files on the WebDAV server that that I frequently watch, the other ones are removed.

Use the program

It will show up on your Desktop on Mac and in the System Tray in Windows:

On Mac

A picture of the Desktop icon on a Mac

In Windows

A picture of the System Tray icon in Windows

Moving files

Since it works just as an external drive, it's accessible through the Finder respectively Explorer. You just drag 'n' drop your files into it or copy and paste.

On Mac

A picture of the Finder with Jungle Disk on Mac

In Windows

A picture of the Windows Explorer with Jungle Disk in Windows

Monitoring transfers

When files are being transferred, you can use the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor to overlook operations:

On Mac

A picture of the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor on Mac

In Windows

A picture of the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor in Windows

Not hassle-free

When I first set up my account and used various third-party software to access my account, I got this error:

AccountProblem - There is a problem with your AWS account that prevents the request from being served. Please contact customer service.

After that, I repeatedly contacted customer service, but they had no idea what the problem could be. We e-mailed back and forth for some days (they're good at fast replies, I give them that at least), but to no avail. After some Googling, I eventually found that this problem was related to my payment information. I contacted customer service again, but no, they said things should work, or something was wrong with my middle-ware product. So, what I did was to create a new account at Amazon, with the exact same information about me and payment information, and it worked from day one. therefore, I naturally had to contact them to show this, but they still refused that there were any problem at their end whatsoever with my initial account. Yeah, right...


If you're looking for safe and very cheap backup, I would really recommend Amazon S3. No need to worry about malfunctioning external disk drives, burning backup CDs/DVDs all the time or other issues. Transfer the files to Amazon and you're safe!

Testing Joost, the Internet TV service

For some time now I've been beta-testing Joost, a TV service through the Internet, and it allows you to choose when to watch which program; basically, total control for the end user. Joost, which is supposed to be pronounced "juiced", is an initiative by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, the people behind the highly successful and great Skype service. All the content is "free", so to speak, in the sense that it is only ad-sponsored. The ads, however, are only shown for a short while, so personally I never even notice them. The user interface consists of three major parts: My Channels (to the left), My Joost (to the right) and program information (at the top). A picture of Joost while watching a movie

Program information

If you click the program name at the top, an information overlay is put on top of the clip being played, showing basic information about the selected program. A picture of Joost, watching a movie with the program information visible

My Channels

If you go into the My Channels view, you have a number of channels listed which you can watch. You can also add/remove channels, so it only consists of your favorite ones. A picture of the My Channels view in Joost If you choose a certain program in the list, you can get a listing of all the programs that that specific channel contain, and then choose the exact one you want to see at that time. A picture of a channel listing while also seeing some program information Also offered is a Channel Catalog, where you can see suggestions for new channels to watch, browse through them based on popularity, staff picks, category or alphabetical order. A picture of the Joost Channel Catalog

My Joost

A section for interacting with other users and adding your favorite widgets is the My Joost one. A picture of My Joost, with some widgets visible At the moment, not so many widgets are available, but I'm certain that this area will explode in the future. A picture of the Joost widget menu

My take

I think Joost is a great service, I really do! The interface is really nice, and it's easy to find channels and watch what you want. One other thing that is so good about it is that it is legal, since I'm convinced most people want to do the right thing and not download pirate copies. It's a perfect example of giving people what they want, to compete with illegal downloading, as opposed to some legislation witch-hunt, which will never succeed. There's just one worry I have, and it is a major one that can put a halt to the entire idea. If you look at the Channel overview, you can see that a number of channels are only offered to certain geographical areas (something that I noticed when the National Geographic channel suddenly wasn't available any more). This is so wrong! While I'm sure that US users won't care (since most programs are offered to them), things like this is exactly what leads to the rest of the world throwing Joost out of the window and just go back to something like The Pirate Bay instead. I'm sure this is not based on what the Joost creators envision, but instead stubborn TV companies trying to retain control over something they don't realize they've already lost. Internet is worldwide, remember? Hence, if the service isn't, people won't use it. Period. Another thing I've heard, but for which I haven't got any facts to back it up with, is that major shows (like Lost, Prison Break, CSI etc) won't be offered through Joost. If that's true, great! Only offer the crap no one want to watch anyway through Joost, and encourage people to continue downloading them through torrents instead... All in all, though, you can turn this around! Offer everything worldwide, and this is a service that really has the potential to change the way we view watching TV through the Internet, and decrease illegal downloading. Make the change before it's too late!


I have two invites to test out the great Joost beta service. Donate to any of the charities below (minimum donation: £2) and I will send you an invite. First two people will get the invites.


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Windows Vista doesn’t rock my world

Windows Vista is now finally released, and Microsoft are banging on their marketing drum, blowing their PR horn. I had the chance to try out a release candidate of it and have also seen some of the final version. I have to be honest and say that I haven't tested it too much, so my view probably isn't as balanced as it should be (therefore I won't cover deeper functionality). But from what I've seen, frankly, I'm not impressed. Some things do look nice in Vista, while others feel totally over the top; some are outright tacky. Maybe an evil comparison, but Vista, overall, give me an impression of a slightly too old woman who has put on a lot of make-up to cover up the flaws. But, sooner or later, they will shine through all the layers of mascara... A picture of Vista A lot of features are similar to those that can be found in Mac OS X, but with changed names, as this video points out. In all fairness, it's impossible to tell what feature was ripped off (sorry, "inspired") by the other company, but suffice to say, Apple got them released first. When I look at stuff like Instant Search in Vista, I can't help but think of Spotlight in Mac OS X that has been around forever. A picture of Instant Search in Vista Same goes for a lot of other features: what took them so long? Sure, they have a much wider user-base, hardware setups to cater to etc. but still! There are a number of years since we saw them in OS X, so why should we wait for Microsoft to release it way later? Another thing that I find entertaining is the horde of Microsoft fans who start to drool about things like transparency, 3-dimensional window flip etc. I'm convinced that a majority of Windows users haven't ever seen Mac OS X; otherwise, they wouldn't be so vocal about it, but instead just be somewhat content and try to comfort themselves that Windows is at least getting better. For instance, when it comes to productivity, compare Windows Flip 3D to Exposé in Mac OS X, and then you tell me which gives you the best overview; I know which solution I'd put my money on. Sure, Vista's solution is eye-pleasing at a first glance, but after the initial take, what's actually useful?

Windows Flip 3D in Vista

A picture of Vista

Exposé in Mac OS X

A picture of Vista

It's behind, just as the web browser

Writing this, and looking at Vista, I can't help but make the reflection that Windows Vista is just about as behind its competitors as Internet Explorer is behind all other web browsers. So, at least we have to give Microsoft that; they're consistent. :-) As the Microsoft Vista slogan goes:

The "Wow" starts now.

I beg to differ.


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Pro JavaScript Techniques by John Resig

For a time now, I've wanted to read an advanced book about JavaScript, to perhaps fill in the blanks, and to get some inspiration and different perspective on how to implement various features. Therefore, after some consideration, I picked up Pro JavaScript Techniques by John Resig. John is the author behind jQuery, and has in that and other contexts shown to be a very knowledgeable JavaScript developer. Thus, it was with great anticipation I opened the book a couple of weeks ago and started reading. The first page actually start with some object-oriented code in the form of a constructor; if you're a JavaScript junkie, just how cool is that?! :-) A picture of the Pro JavaScript Techniques book cover With such a beginning, I was having really high hopes for this book, but they were only somewhat met. The first chapter is a good introduction to modern JavaScript programming, but the second is, without a doubt, the best one in the book. It deals with object orientation, and more importantly, topics such as scope and closures. You won't see that in many (if any) JavaScript books! A fantastic read, and two great things brought up are the constructor property of a variable to see what type it is (more solid than typeof), and the call and apply methods. I've actually missed out on the latter methods, but they are superb for setting context for a function/event. From there on, the book goes through unobtrusive JavaScript, where it deals with accessing the DOM, and after that, event handling is covered, and it points out the differences (and problems thereof) between the W3C event model and the IE event model. Vital information needed to write proper cross-browser and cross-platform scripts. This is followed by scripting with forms and then how to build an image gallery (not so sexy for me, per se, but I'm sure people are interested in the logic behind it). John then explains AJAX in a good way, and then he presents three use cases:
  • Enhancing blogs with AJAX
  • Autocomplete search
  • An AJAX Wiki
I liked the one about auto-completing search, since it's exactly what we see in all the fancy web-apps out there, while the other two were, frankly, kind of uninteresting. I would've preferred more "real" scenarios that web developers come across every day, than two cases, albeit technically challenging, who weren't that interesting from a business and end user perspective. Maybe sometimes the use cases focuses too much on the goal, and not the way to get there. I think I would've preferred him delving into the depths of jQuery; what obstacles he has come across, which interesting design decisions he has made etc. After all, I think the people reading this book are more prone (and hungry) to be creating their own libraries, as opposed to using existing ones. However, I guess some people would just see the book as jQuery pimping then, so I can understand why it is mentioned so sparsely. The round-up covering the future of JavaScript and other cutting-edge technologies is very interesting, and the coming possibilities would almost make you drool (eh... or something). Always good to have something to look forward to!

Other people's code

The book mentions and displays a fair amount of code from other people, where Douglas Crockford's and especially Dean Edwards' work is prominently featured. My stand on this swayed a little; sometimes I felt that maybe I instead should've read a book from one of those gentlemen, while at other times, I thought John did what was the right thing to do: showing and mentioning the best code out there. In the end, though, I'm happy to see the best code and solution out there, no matter whose name is on it.


I would say that any JavaScript web developer out there, from intermediate to advanced, can learn something sincerely valuable from this book. If you've just hooked on JavaScript, and want to be a scripting star, this is the book that explains how to learn about the inner workings of object-orientation in JavaScript, event handling and stretching the limits. With some more appealing use cases, this would be almost a perfect advanced book about JavaScript. Pick it up, if you dare! :-)


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Iron Maiden rocking in Stockholm

November 17th I went to see Iron Maiden play in the Globe arena in Stockholm. This was the first of four gigs in Sweden (three of them planned in Stockholm), concerts that sold out as soon as the tickets were released. I though I'd tell you a little about my history with Maiden and also what I though of Friday night.

My Maiden history

I started listening to Iron Maiden in the late 80s, around the time they came out with their Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son album, and I still remember getting the Can I Play With Madness single on an actual record as a birthday present from my brother. I've listened to them ever since and is still a major fan. This was actually my tenth concert with them! :-) The gigs I've been to are:
  • Stockholm, Hovet 1990
  • Stockholm, Globe arena 1992
  • Stockholm, Circus 1995
  • Stockholm, Hovet 1998
  • Stockholm, Globe arena 1999
  • New York City, Madison Square Garden 2000
  • Stockholm, Stockholm stadium 2003
  • Stockholm, Globe arena 2003
  • Gothenburg, Ullevi Stadium 2005
  • Stockholm, Globe arena 2006

Before the gig

I was going to the concert together with my brother Martin, and since I'm very dedicated and want to be close to the stage (I want to be able to see the musicians up front, and have fun together with them as opposed to being 200 meters away...), I got to the Globe arena as soon as I could away from work. The line was already long when I got there, but accompanied by a "happy bag" from McDonalds, it was ok to wait. A little drizzle fell on me and it was relatively cold, but the atmosphere was very nice. Eventually my brother got there too, and after a total wait of a couple of hours, the doors opened. Since, for some annoying reason, people can't leave the front enclosure once in there (no nice wristbands like there should be in every concert), I thought it a good idea to pee before, and Martin went to the closet to leave our wet jackets. Once down on the arena floor, they had already closed the front enclosure! Oh, the misery! So I went up to Martin, who was still standing in the closet line, and told him about. However, it seemed like they would let some more people in eventually, so I got back to queue up for it. And, oh joy, suddenly they opened the gate on the opposing side from where I was standing, so I sprinted over and got in! But... Martin still wasn't there. Just as I saw him walk down the stairs, they closed the gates again. No! Immediately a line formed and I told Martin to get in it, since chances seemed fairly good that they would let even more people in, in time. Martin patiently waited as time went by, and only VIPs, people knowing the guards etc got in, but at the same time "there wasn't room" for any more people (man, I hate such double standards where die-hard fans are fucked over because some other has better connections than them). So, standing in the front enclosure, I waited for half an hour and then saw the opening act, all while poor Martin still waited in line. Martin got gradually closer and closer to the gate, though, so I felt hope during all this time. And then, finally, he got in, maybe 10 minutes before Maiden got on. We hugged it out, knowing that we would share yet another great concert experience seeing Iron Maiden. I love going cray on the floor, the mosh pit if you will, during gigs. Letting all this energy out, and just putting all your troubles and musts behind you and only having fun. People who usually stand on the floor know that once you're in the front enclosure, it's a pushover to get very close to the stage. I think we spent a majority of the concert just a few meters from the stage, and had a great time!

The concert

Iron Maiden decided to play their entire latest album, A Matter Of Life And Death, during each concert on this tour, and after that, just a few extras. While I definitely like their latest album, very few albums are good enough to carry (almost) an entire concert. Personally, the only one of their albums I think would be up to the challenge is the The Number of the Beast one. Since I've seen them many times, for a time now I've been in favor of them playing other songs than The Number of the Beast, The Trooper etc. But my hope has been that they would've played other superb songs spanning their entire career, and not just what their latest album has to offer. However, I have to give it to them that they seem to have found a nice compromise. During last year, they toured and played exclusively songs from their first four albums, to satisfy everyone's needs to hear those songs. And, to balance this gig, during the concert they promised that they will come back in 2008 playing songs from the era following their first four albums. This means that there will be an Egypt theme (everyone not being around for Powerslave will go crazy with happiness over this :-)) and that a lot of olden goldies will be played. Me? I can't wait for it! All in all, it was a great concert, but it would've been better if they had skipped some of the new songs in favor of the old ones. Oh well, still a good night! And, to top it off, once again I got a guitar pick from Dave Murray (my second now, we must have some kind of connection :-)). For anyone not knowing it, Dave is the guitarist in Maiden and for a fan to get one of his guitar picks is a fantastic thing!

Set list

  • Different world
  • These colours don't run
  • Brighter than a thousand suns
  • The pilgrim
  • The longest day
  • Out of the shadows
  • The reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
  • For the greater good of God
  • Lord of light
  • The legacy
  • Fear of the dark
  • Iron Maiden


  • 2 minutes to midnight
  • The evil that men do
  • Hallowed be thy name

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is outstanding!

I love taking and looking at photographs, but I am in no sense a professional photographer; rather the happy amateur! Therefore, I'm constantly on the look-out for better photo management and photo editing tools, making viewing and enhancing images better. As of lately, I've been taking Aperture and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for some test drives. The one I definitely prefer and regard in that "war" is definitely Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and wanted to tell and show you some things about it.

What's in a name?

Ok, now I've written the name of the application a couple of times already, and some of you may wonder about it. It was initially named Adobe Lightroom and then changed to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, something certain people were definitely more sensitive about it than me. While I agree that the Photoshop part of the name isn't necessary or in no way actually related to the Photoshop application, I don't really care. If they think that the strong Photoshop name will help sell and market the application, so be it; live and let live.

What is the program about?

Mainly it is about photo management and professional editing, although most features are very easy to use for the layman as well. Basically, you certain views you're working with, which are:
A grid overview of the currently chosen folder or photo shot.
Working with a specific image doing basic and fairly advanced editing. And yes, loupe is basically just a fancy word for magnifying glass... :-)
More advanced editing options


The default view when you open the program is the Grid view of the library. If working in any other view, just press G to come back to the Grid view again. Use the arrow keys to navigate around and Enter or E to go into the Loupe view. The side panels consists of existing folders and/or photo shoots and they're filled to the brim with metadata end editing options. A picture displaying the Grid view Use the tab key to show/hide the side panels: A picture displaying the Grid view with the panels hidden

Lights out

In any view, you have the wonderful Lights Out-function, where you can partially dim everything but the selected image or make everything around it black. A picture displaying the Grid view with the Dim Lights out option A picture displaying the Grid view with the Lights Out option A picture displaying the Grid view with the Lights Out option, where one image is selected


Just select any number of images in the Grid view and then press C to compare them side-by-side. After that, press the arrow keys to keep one fixed image and switch the other (Note: the first one you selected is the one that will be switched). A picture of the Compare view


The Loupe view, available by pressing E, is displaying one image at a time where you have the same information and ways to edit like in the Grid view. You can use the arrow keys here as well to navigate back and forth between images, and Z to toggle the zoom view. A picture of the Loupe view A picture of the Loupe view, with the Lights Out option


The Develop view is the most advanced editing view, where you have a myriad of ways to alter and change settings for an image. To switch between the main views, just press Command(Mac)/Ctrl(PC) + 1 for the Library view and Command(Mac)/Ctrl(PC) + 2 for the Develop view. A picture of the Develop view There's also a very sophisticated Crop feature, where you easily crop and twist and turn your image: A picture of the Develop view, when cropping an image


Almost all of the key navigation and view operations can be found under the View and the Window menus. Learn the keyboard shortcuts by heart and your work will go phenomenally fast! :-) A picture of the View menu A picture of the Window menu


I noticed that it got a little sluggish in the Grid view when having several thousands of images to show. It wasn't that bad, but most likely something they will address before the final release. Overall, though, I recommend that you use it on a fairly fast machine, since it is definitely resource demanding.

Download for free!

Right now, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is in beta (currently version 4.1), and it is free for anyone to download; all you need is an Adobe account that anyone can register for. The beta will then, naturally, expire when the final version is released. So, go download it now!


What I love about it is that I have photo management and editing in the same program. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is truly a great application, and I'm sure it will fundamentally change photo editing for a lot of photographers as well as happy amateurs.

Picasa Web Albums – A serious Flickr contender

When I wrote my post about the Flickr photo service, I promised that I'd review another one within the next week or so. Well, as we all know, time flies but now I'm ready to tell you about a service that I believe have a serious potential to become a Flickr contender. This is Google's picture service: Picasa Web Albums Back in 2004, Google bought Picasa Inc, a digital photo company, and it become known as one of the numerous items in Google's product flora: Picasa. Picasa is a software for organizing, editing and sorting your pictures, aimed at PC users, but there's also a Linux version available in Google Labs. Personally, I think it's a shame that it isn't available for Mac OS X as well, since iPhoto is sub-par (more about that and Mac in general in My MacBook Pro - first-time Mac owner). During June this year they took the natural next step and released Picasa Web Albums: online photo sharing. While it isn't as sophisticated as Flickr, its simplicity and some of the features are definitely better than Flickr's. All you need to start is a Google Account, and you here's my albums if you want to test drive the service. A picture of my start page in Picasa Web Albums

What's good?

Gallery view

One of the things I really like is the possibility as an end user to, in the gallery overview, choose in what size you want to view the thumbnail images. You can make them small to get a good overview, medium, or large if you want to look at all the pictures in the same page, hence eliminating the need to go into each photo's page to be able to view it. Naturally, the preference you choose in one gallery is then kept in the other galleries as well. Another upside of this is that you directly in the overview can see any eventual caption for the images.
Small thumbnail view
A picture of the small thumbnail gallery view
Medium thumbnail view
A picture of the medium thumbnail gallery view
Large thumbnail view
A picture of the large thumbnail gallery view

Single photo view

One more great, and given, feature is that in a photos separate page, you can navigate to the previous or next picture with your left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. This is also accompanied by arrows pointing left and right. Way more user-friendly than Flickr's small thumbnails where the current one also mysteriously disappears. Another thing I like, compared to Flickr, is that if you don't give an image a caption, no text is shown. Compare that to Flickr who defaults to showing the image file name as the title; not nice. A picture of the single photo page

Slideshow view

A nice addition is the slideshow view. You get to see large versions of every image, and again, it is up to the end user to choose whether to display each image's caption or not. Superb! A picture of the slideshow view


The free account includes 250 MB of storage, and you can upload as many photos you want, an when you want, within that range; compare that to the Flickr monthly 20 MB bandwidth upload limit. Extra storage is only available to people in the US at the time of writing this, and they will get a fixed 6 GB limit for $25 a year.


For PC and Linux users, the Picasa software is the given way to go. For Mac users, there's a Mac OS X uploading tool that, as opposed to the Flickr Uploadr, actually works and doesn't crash every second time. Also, according to the What's New page, people with 6 GB storage can now also upload videos.

What's bad?

The first basic things that are missing:
  • No way to have (totally) private photos.
  • No way to share specific albums/photos with certain other users.
  • No groups.
  • A fixed 6 GB storage; it's actually not that much. For the Flickr Pro account, one has a 2 GB monthly upload limit, but no storage limit whatsoever.
The biggest fear for me, though, is to lose all the images I've uploaded to a service; either if my paid account expires or if anything else happens. Here's what Picasa Web Albums respectively Flickr has to say about that:

Picasa Web Albums

If I cancel my subscription for additional storage, what will happen to my photos?

Picasa Web Albums comes with 250MB of free storage, and the option to get a 6GB subscription for $25.00 per year. If you cancel your subscription at any time, your Picasa Web Albums account will revert to 250MB of free storage space, and any photos beyond the 250MB limit may be deleted.


What happens to my photos if my Pro Account expires?

If your Pro account expires, don't panic! None of your photos have been deleted!

This means instead of enjoying the super-duper capacity of your Pro account, you are now subject to the limits of a free account. When you upgrade again, all of your photos will be waiting for you.

Any sets you've created that disappear when your Pro account expires will also return when you renew or upgrade.

Picasa Web Albums' stance doesn't sound too comforting, does it? I wouldn't dare to put any important pictures there, while I love Flickr's actions about it coupled with their humble attitude. Flickr definitely wins my trust, and that's the key to getting customers.


Picasa Web Albums has some nice and simple features that Flickr lack (something they should add as soon as possible), and they're far better in the uploading tools field. They still miss some major features, but they definitely have the ground to build them on. In the end, though, they lose my trust with their policy about deleting images and I sincerely think they should rethink the 6 GB storage limit, especially if they will start to add video to the service as well. At the same time, I think Flickr needs to get their act together, especially when it comes to small features and usability enhancements. There's competition out there, and it's getting better everyday.


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Lost, season three, is finally here – do we ever want Lost to end?

Season three of Lost has just begun, and episode one is outstanding! The first five minutes probably had me sitting with my jaw dropped, and the "reward" scene had me laughing out loud (don't worry, there will be no more spoilers here)! Let me try and speculate here why Lost is so good and what I think about its future. A picture of the Lost castI seriously think Lost has revolutionized the TV-series business. Just watch the sheer number of people following it; devotees all over the world addicted to just getting their latest Lost fix, to be able to make it just one more week. And just search for Lost on the Internet. Countless forums and web sites are discussing what the hell happened in the last episode, people sharing their view and interpretation on it. The hype has no TV match as I see it. I've met people who have gotten annoyed by Lost. They think that nothing happens, and they get upset that they don't get any perfectly clear and detailed explanation for anything that happens in every episode.

What the hell is up with those polar bears?

and so on... To me, that's the gist of Lost and its outstanding charm. Just like the superb X-files, one doesn't want everything to be dissected and explained. Lost is instead a state of wonder and mystery, and it gives a fantastic tingling feeling.

Do we want it to end?

The way I'm feeling about it right now, I'm not looking forward to an end, or some kind of concluding episode. If they keep up their so far excellent work with Lost, I can think it can just go on and on. A new and riveting mystery every week, something totally different and spectacular to speculate about. Doesn't sound too bad, eh? :-)


So, if you're looking for a regular series, Lost is clearly not for you. But if you want something outside of the box, challenging your mind and your fantasy, make sure you don't miss it!

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I’m on Flickr – pros and cons

When I first heard about Flickr I liked the idea, but being the rebel I am, I was a bit reluctant to use it since everyone was hyping it so much. However, for those of you that haven't noticed the little Flickr icon and link I've added to this web site: I now have a Flickr Pro account. During this summer I decided to finally take the plunge, and this post is about what I think is good respectively not-so-good with Flickr.

My pictures

First, let me just tell you a little about my pictures: I've done a pretty good amount of traveling in my life and I have lots and lots of pictures from various places I want to share. When I started uploading my pictures a couple of people immediately started to add pictures of Fredrika to their favorites. This is cool, I suppose, but when I say their other favorite pictures (we're talking "yeah-let's-spank-my-monkey" type of photos), it felt kind of weird and queasy that they were looking at her like that. I mean, it goes with the service, but for me she's the mother of my daughter; not a sex object just because some pimpled teenager finds her in a bikini in one of our travel pictures when she's on a beach. Oh well... Anyway, this lead to me desperately protecting any picture of Emilia, so none of them are publicly available. Fredrika's a grown up, she can take care of herself, but I definitely don't want any closet Flickr pedophile to get off by watching Emilia: hell no! Only family contacts can now see the photos of Emilia. A picture of my Flickr start page But don't fret: at the time I have 2,575 photos publicly available, so there should be enough for you to look at (especially if you're a travel fan). I recommend that you start with looking at my photo sets to find them chronologically ordered by the place they're taken at. My main photo page is also a good way to start browsing around.


First I thought I'd just list what's good with Flickr and why I chose to buy a Pro account: A picture of my Flickr photo sets page
  • No storage limit: Basically, you can upload as many pictures as you want; all you have to do is abide the monthly 2 GB bandwidth limit.
  • You can edit photo titles, tags and create photo sets.
  • Interaction: visitors can comment on your photos, make notes within the pictures and watch photo sets as a slideshow.
  • Visitors can subscribe to a RSS feed with your 20 latest pictures.
  • Your images will be resized for viewing on the web site, but you always have a safe and permanent backup of your original images.
  • It's cheap: $24.95 per year is practically no money at all for all the functionality and storage you get.
  • The Organizer is overall a very competent tool for working with your images.
  • It's a very well used photo service if you want to get your pictures noticed by others.
  • There are countless of third-party tools and software to work with your pictures.
A picture of the Flickr photo Organizer


I will go into a little more detail here what is missing or isn't so good; not to whine, but instead it's meant as constructive criticism to make Flickr a better service (the customer is always right, right? :-)).
  • There are many many ways to upload images to Flickr, but no official tool to batch download them. Naturally, it's a given that this has to be offered to at the very least Pro account holders.
  • If I do a lot of work with my images in the Flickr web site (e.g. giving them good titles, tags etc), I want to be able to download them with all this info, so countless hours of editing wasn't spent in (almost) vain.
  • When watching a set page (take the Bora Bora set as an example), a couple of things are missing:
    • You have to hover every image to see its title/caption. There should be a link for the end user alternatively a setting for the account owner to automatically display them as text adjacent to the thumbnails.
    • You can only see the images in a certain size. It would be nice to be able to choose between, say, small, medium and large, to faster get an overview of the images or, granted that you have the necessary broadband, crank it up to large and watch all the images in a set in just one page.
  • When watching a specific picture, you have the the set/-s it belongs to in the right-hand column. However, the image you're watching is mysteriously removed from that set (instead of selected) and you have to click the previous/next image to go to that one. Of course there should be very clear and visible previous/next links; so many users are altogether missing this photo browsing functionality.
  • Also, when watching a specific picture, I miss not being easily able to see the rest of the thumbnails in the set/-s it belongs to.
  • How about keyboard navigation support? It would be nice to, when watching a picture, just press down the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate amongst them.
  • The default title for an uploaded image is its file name. I think that it should be optional to have a title at all, and the default title should be empty or the name of the set it belongs to.
  • No way to give multiple images the same name: I have thousands and yet thousands of images to share, and there's no way I'm going to give each and everyone of them a descriptive name. And, of course, I don't want my images to have titles like "IMG_4465.jpg"...
  • The thumbnails in the slideshow are too small and it's not that intuitive that you have to hover the current displayed image to see the slideshow controls and thumbnails.
  • I really miss not seeing the current image's title/caption in the slideshow, and it was one of the reasons I created JaS and its functionality (yes, Flickr, you're allowed to use it; just give me some credit for it :-)).
  • Sorry for being blunt here, but the Flickr Uploadr sucks (on Mac, at least). There's still not any Universal Binary-version ready (to me, it's not that big an application to port), it crashes every second time I use it and there's no way to turn off the preview of images that can at times be slow. The batch editing features are very limited; for instance, you can't batch edit image names.
  • No export functionality from iPhoto is offered (Flickr should really offer this in some way), but instead everyone have to resort to the, in my opinion, overpriced FlickrExport (it costs almost as much as the Flickr account itself).
  • Within my start page, it would be nice to be able to control what images are visible there, and not just the default behavior with showing the pictures that were last uploaded (a setting to have only your sets instead the pictures would also be nice).
  • To add a contact, you have to hover that person's image to get a menu with actions; no visible link anywhere else. Not very intuitive.
  • It would be nice to get e-mail notifications when someone has commented on one of your pictures. As of now, I have to visit the site or subscribe to a RSS feed for comments.

Tools I use

After a lot of usage trying to make the presentation of my pictures as good as possible, I've come across a number of helpful tools to make your Flickr life easier: A picture of the 1001 program
1001 (Mac OS X)
A very good tool for, amongst other things, batch edit your pictures and upload them.
Flock (Mac OS X, PC, Linux)
The web browser that has a built-in Photo Uploader tool for uploading images. Also allows batch editing.
FlickrBackup (Mac OS X, PC, Linux)
Great for batch downloading your original images from Flickr.
FlickrFinder (Mac OS X)
An application that mimics the Finder functionality in Mac OS X, but is instead used to browse your images and photo sets.
FlickrDown (PC)
A .NET-based program to batch download your images.
Title + Description Batch Tools
If you have the Greasemonkey extension installed in Firefox, this wonderful script adds a lot of very useful batch editing support in the Organizer.
A picture of the Flock Photo Uploader A good summary of a lot of available tools can be found in The Great Flickr Tools Collection.


Closing words

Despite what impression this post might give you, I do like Flickr. I just think there are some fundamental things that they should address, and others that are very easily to attend to. Please write a comment if there's something missing in my lists, or if you are of a differing opinion. This is actually the first time I've bought any web service online, but given my overall positive experience, I'm definitely open for doing it again. Within the next week or so I will also review another web photo service that I really think has potential. Stay tuned... Please give my pictures a chance now, add me as a Flickr contact, and write comments, Comments, COMMENTS on them! :-)


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My MacBook Pro – first-time Mac owner

First and foremost, let me tell you that I don't abide to the poor labeling of being a Mac fanatic or a Windows user. I'm a computer user, period. I use the programs and computers and programs that are good, no matter what their eventual name might be. With that said, I hope this post will be balanced and fair instead of just trying to take sides, and informative no matter from what angle you're coming. I've mostly been working with Windows since 1996, but recently I got a opportunity that I couldn't turn down. At the end of last year I put in a lot of hours working and ended up getting a cash bonus from my manager in the beginning of this year for it. Without loosing a lot of it to just taxes, I made a deal with him to instead by a new computer and then pay the difference between the bonus and the cost of the new computer. At about that time Apple announced that they would release the Intel Macs soon, so I thought that it would be a great machine and that I would also probably be able to run Windows as well on it. I decided to get a 15-inch MacBook Pro with a 2 Ghz Intel Core Duo processor and 2 GB of RAM and a 7200 rpm 100 GB hard drive; basically, a very good computer. When I finally got the computer by the end of March I was ecstatic! So, about five months later I'm ready to write about my experiences and opinions.

The hardware

The good

Everything from packaging to the actual machine, it looks extremely good coming from Apple. I seriously cannot understand why no PC provider can match this; why does all they produce have to be bulky and look completely tasteless? A picture of the MacBook Pro box The keyboard is very nice to type on and the trackpad is outstanding! I've never liked trackpads before, but since this is so wide it makes it really easy and comfortable to use, and coupled with the fantastic two-finger scrolling feature and two-finger-click equals right-click feature I don't feel the need to use a mouse (this, however, doesn't work when clicking in the top bar). The illuminating keyboard is a fantastic feature! If it eventually gets dark in the room when you're sitting there typing (this seems to happen all to often for me) it automatically illuminates the keyboard keys so you can see them. Very nice! A picture of the MacBook Pro seen from three different angles It has also got a built-in motion sensor, so if you're a Star Wars fanatic, you can make your MacBook Pro sound like a light saber when you're moving by using MacSaber. Another feature that has been appreciated is MagSafe, which is a magnetic power connector that lets go of the computer if anyone/anything gets stuck in it. Very cool, although it doesn't help that much if one has one other cable connected to the computer... :-)

The bad

The thing that definitely disturbs me the most is the heat it's generating. It's gets very warm, and I would not using it in my lap without having at least two layers of clothes. I've used Temperature Monitor and it can get as hot as almost 50 degrees Celsius/122 degrees Fahrenheit. I mean, come on, it's a laptop! I did a non-scientific test at home to see how much this actually affects the surface below the computer. I had to use 8 thick morning newspaper below it to avoid the wooden table it was standing on to get scorching hot. It is also extremely annoying that it's only one mouse button and not two. Apple, that's far behind you; nowadays you need to right-click in every application. Just add the extra button, dammit! Another annoyance is the genius that decided to put the network socket on the right-hand side of the computer. If you're not using wireless in any sort, and are right-handed and using a mouse, you're bound to hit your hand on the cable sticking right out there in the middle of the way all the time. Apple has decided to have all USB ports, Firewire etc on the sides of the computer and not on the back. I like that (except for the network cable, of course), but with this comes the limitation that you can only open the lid/screen to a certain degree; it then stops. I can imagine this is very annoying for someone sitting slouched down in a couch trying to use it. The blinking light when on standby is cool for about a second, and then just a pain. If you have the computer in the same room as you and it's dark, it will be constantly reminding you of its presence, almost looking like the northern lights. Some people have also had problems with a whining sound, and maybe a solution for them can be found in MacBook Pro Complaints.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X is truly an impressive operating system. It looks fantastic, is very classy and at the same time offers you some hacking if you're interested. The difference compared to the upcoming Windows Vista is that Mac OS X has subtle animations and transitions while Microsoft (which is often the case) starts out with a good idea but then goes overboard and becomes tacky and just too much. Unfortunately not all applications are ready to run on the Intel-based Macs, so they're emulated through something called Rosetta (this applies to, amongst many others, Adobe Photoshop). This in turn makes them much slower than they actually should be, but everyone seems to work on releasing so-called Universal binary versions.

Installing applications

Installing applications on Mac is almost overwhelmingly easy. You have the application and then you drag and drop it into your Applications folder, and voila!, it's installed. Basically, as it should be. A few applications that I have came across have install wizards, but these seem to freeze up on a regular basis, meaning that I usually just utter a sigh of relief when a new application turns out to just use the drag and drop installation approach. If you're sincerely interested how this works, make sure to read Dave Verwer's excellent Application Installation - Mixed Feelings.

Keyboard shortcuts

There are, of course, a number of keyboard shortcuts that's available; many of them are listed in Keyboard Control. Some I really like, like the ones for changing to certain folders, like the Desktop, no matter where I am in the Finder, be it in a dialog or in a window. And I love Command + 1/2/3 to easily switch between Icons/List/Columns view in the Finder. Another favorite is selecting one or multiple files and press Command + i to see more information about it/them. However, there are other less perfect ones, like when you have selected a file in the Finder. The Enter key is reserved for renaming the selected file, while Command + o or Command + arrow down opens the file. Definitely not effective; Enter should always open the item. This also comes back in dialogs in programs; not all programs supports tabbing and selecting buttons with the keyboard, while with those who do, Enter here means selecting the button with the full blue background color while the space bar now enters the scene, meaning selecting the button with the blue outline (the blue outline is moved around when tabbing; the solid blue background is locked to the default button in the dialog). Something else that I have a problem with is jumping to the first respectively the last file and selecting it when in Columns view in the Finder. I eventually found that the fn and arrow up/arrow up does the actual scrolling but no file is selected so I have to click it with the mouse... And last, but not least: setting focus to the menu bar at the top. In Windows you simply press alt to accomplish this; in Mac OS X it's Ctrl + F2. Not very handy, and I almost get a wrist strain trying to do it.

Dashboard and Exposé

Dashboard and Exposé are features that look really cool at first, but in everyday use I very seldom use them. Dashboard is a set of widgets that you can use to check things like weather, e-mail, calendar etc right on top on what you're doing at the moment, which instead gets dimmed down. A picture of the Dashboard feature Exposé are different ways of looking at one application or all applications running at the moment, side by side. with the background dimmed down. It would be very useful if one could invoke the command and then drag and drop from one application to the other. That is not the case, however; a click on one application in Exposé just sets focus to that application and no more action is possible. A picture of the Exposé feature

The iLife package

The iLife package that comes with Mac OS X comes with these applications: I'm going to cover the first three, since they are the only ones that interest me.


I really wanted to like iPhoto. But I hate it. Sure, it looks really nice and the full-screen feature are great. But there are just some things that drive me crazy:
  • A lot of the commands are available either as buttons in the interface, through right-click or in the top menu. Naturally, every alternative should be available in all those locations.
  • The default setting is to copy every image to a separate iPhoto library. Kind of upsetting when you import a lot of pictures...
  • Performance is a joke. If I import, say, a 100 pictures, my Mac soon gets sluggish and the fan runs like a little hamster on the lam. And this is even if I've turned off the copying of every picture to the separate iPhoto folder (however, it apparently saves a lot of images there anyway, in a smaller format). Given the hardware specs on my machine, this is unbelievable.
  • I want to edit the image file I have on my computer. If I rotate them, or any other action, I want it top happen to the original file. This doesn't have to be the default setting, but at least a setting that is even possible.
All the alternatives I've tried have unfortunately not turned out to be better.. How come there aren't any ACDSee or Picasa for the Mac?

iMovie HD

Generally, I like iMovie HD. It's very easy to import movies and to edit them, and then to export them to create a DVD in iDVD. Something you should read, though, is Avoid iMovie HD annoyances to be able to shy away from some common problems.

iDVD 6

It's easy to create DVD movies with iDVD 6 and there are a lot of nice themes to choose from to add menus and navigation to them. It seems a little slow to me when preparing to create a DVD from the given material, but overall it's ok to use. Microsoft really do have to come up with some equivalent to iMovie HD and iDVD 6 in Windows Vista, because these are the programs and functions that home users really need.

Oh yes, it crashes

It is said that Macs and their applications are supposed to be more stable and Windows and that they will never crash. This is not true. The complete operating system has frozen for me a couple of times (I can't actually remember when this happened to me last after using Windows XP). However, there are some applications that are far worse than others, and for some of them it might be because of the Rosetta emulation. CyberDuck has been crashing about every other time when I've been using it. Not that comforting when transferring files... However, in their defense, they released a version during late summer that seems to be working out better.

Updated August 25th

After several commenters recommended Transmit, I installed it and tried it. It seems to work fine and act stable. What I can't figure out, though, is if there's any keyboard shortcut to upload the selected file, instead of having to double-click or right-click on them.

Flickr Uploadr also crashes almost every time I'm using it and uploading more than about ten pictures. Very discomforting.

QuickTime Player

Please apologize my language now, but QuickTime is the biggest bitch of them all. When you get an error like:

QuickTime Player has unexpectedly quit

it just blows my top! It is not fucking unexpected when it happens for the 127th time in a row! And while on the topic, what's sad is that I like the interface and generally using the program, it really misses fundamental features to be used. Except for the crashing all the time, to me the two most disturbing ones are:
No support for subtitles
I think that most of you out there, at one time or another, watch movies that require subtitle files. That QuickTime in no way supports this is pathetic. Sure, you can permanently add subtitles to a QuickTime movie by using TitleLAB, but it's just too much of a hassle.
Viewing fullscreen actually costs money
You actually have to bye the Pro version of QuickTime Player to be able to watch movies in fullscreen. Outrageous! Not even Microsoft would come up with something like that.

FrontRow and the AppleRemote

The MacBook Pro comes with a remote control, AppleRemote, and FrontRow, a program in Mac OS X for multimedia purposes; i.e. watching movies, DVDs, photos or listening to music. It looks insanely good and the way it fades in and out of the Mac OS X desktop can't help but bring a smile to my face. Unfortunately, though, the joy is killed. There aren't any settings at all in FrontRow, e.g. meaning that you you can't change what player to use to watch video files. The consequence of this is that I then can't use the lovely FrontRow to watch movies, since it uses QuickTime Player(and QuickTime player, as I've told you, crashes and doesn't support subtitles...). Two alternatives to FrontRow, if you're looking for that media center feel, is MediaCentral and CenterStage. What I (and many other disappointed souls) have done is to find a video player (in my case: VLC media player) that is actually competent and designed for this century, and then there are a number of add-on software to control the AppleRemote. My favorite of those are Apple Remote Helper, which is free and basically controls everything you want to do with VLC media player. Only thing missing is that fast forwarding/fast rewind doesn't work and it just skips instead and that the volume controls the volume of VLC instead of the MAC OS X system volume. Other alternatives are:

Updated August 25th

After autoy's tip I tried out Movie Time. With its fullscreen and perfect AppleRemote support, I was really intrigued! Initially I had problems with Swedish characters in subtitles getting messed up, but after being in contact with the Movie Time creator, I changed the subtitle encoding to Western (ISO Latin 1) and now it works like a charm! Well recommended!

What web browser to use

The answer is easy: Mozilla Firefox. It's the best web browser there is, no matter the platform. The functions and the myriad of extensions that are available are very hard to beat. I've never cared much for Apple's Safari, neither as an end user or as a web developer. The only annoyances with Firefox are that keyboard shortcuts are case sensitive (meaning that if Caps Lock is incidentally pressed, nothing happens) and that it sometimes loses focus when closing a tab with Command + w so the next one doesn't respond to any key press. The runner-up that is definitely heading in the right direction is Flock, but it needs to add keyword support and more extensions before I'll try it out more. But what about Camino?, I hear you say. While it's nice that Camino has more of an OS X-look with form buttons and other things (by the way, this should really be addressed for Firefox), some keyboard shortcuts are weird to me and I miss the extensions that I've gotten dependent on.

Instant and video messaging

MacBook Pro computers have an iSIght camera built in, so I thought it would open up for more video chats. Naturally, I wanted to be able to chat with people not having Macs as well, but after an extreme amount of failed attempts (iChat and the PC version of AOL Instant Messenger sucks so hard) I gave up. All I could do was take a picture of me with the iSight camera and then send it to my brother through Adium (which is outstanding for Instant messaging). A picture of me being angry, taken with the iSight camera So, needless to say, when Skype released the 1.5 beta of Skype for Mac with the additional Skype for Mac with Video Preview, and it works like a charm. Finally!

Applications that I like and use

For your convenience, I though I'd list the applications that I have become dependent on, and which I really like and recommend as well.
QuickSilver is an amazing application for oh-so-many things directly with your keyboard and not having to be inside an application for certain actions. It also beats Apple's built-in Spotlight by far. A recommended read is how to search Google with Quicksilver.
VLC media player
A very good video player that supports most formats and subtitles. Read How to enable/use subtitles to automatically display subtitles when they are available (I can't believe this isn't default, and that it's hidden so far down).
NetNewsWire Lite
A fantastic and simple RSS reader, with great support for navigation only with the arrow keys and the Enter key (if you know of any Windows equivalent, please let me know).
Software for having virtual desktops to more efficiently get an overview of what you're doing.
Easy as pie to rip complete DVDs.
A text/code editor that's very nice and easy to use.
Mozilla Firefox
Best web browser there is.
Great light-weight BitTorrent client (if you know of any Windows equivalent, please let me know).
Parallels Desktop for Mac
Best way to run Windows, or any operating system, on a Mac.
Other alternatives can be found in the very handy Open Source Mac collection or in the How Does Open Source Software Stack Up on the Mac? article.

Running Windows on a Mac

As you all probably know by now, running Windows on a Mac became reality. There are a few options out there, but I choose to use Parallels Desktop for Mac. For me, it's working amazingly well and fast and I'd recommend it to anyone trying to do this (I will write a little more about Parallels in the near future. I hope.). A picture of Paralles Desktop for Mac running Windows Other options are:

The Apple experience

I just have to say this: Apple seems to be a toy company. Given the experience I've had since I ordered my Mac, it has been crystal clear that they're not ready to play with the big boys and reach a mass corporate market. First I wanted to place my order online through my company and get an invoice sent. After some talking with the support they told me that you had to buy for a huge amount of money to be allowed to do that. My alternatives were through credit card (not interesting since I wouldn't want to pay the money in the interim period till I got them back from my employer) or making an advance payment to their bank account. Listen; I work for a company with 600+ employees; we don't make advance payments, we turn to the company that can treat us business-like and professionally. This led to that I had to go into a local store in Stockholm to order it. The person that helped looked and behaved just a little too much like Tom Arnold for me to feel comfortable (I actually think he also had a Hawaii shirt to go with it too, but my memory might fail me on this). When I said what I wanted the started to place the order, and seemed genuinely confused when I wanted to tailor it to my needs with more RAM memory, the hard drive with the higher rpm etc (it should be mentioned that I later found out that this one of the managers and owners of the company...). He gave me a order number and told me that I could follow the order online on their web site, and most likely Apple's web site as well (although he wasn't sure about Apple's). Naturally, neither worked. After repeatedly calling them I eventually got to talk to one employee that told me that it wasn't possible, that it was only their internal order number... Anyway, after the order had been submitted it took about seven weeks to get it. I don't care if was a new model; if Dell, HP or any other would've done this, the customer would've just cancelled the order and turned to another provider. When I had used the computer for a couple of weeks I got more and more worried about the heat and from reading reports online that this was from a hardware flaw. I returned it to the store for them to attend to the issue and give me back a functioning computer. Now it took five weeks for them to get the new part, install it and test it. When I got home and tested it it got almost, if not completely, as warm as before. Now I've given up on that, there's no way I'm giving them another chance now.

Is it overpriced?

Basically, yes. If you only look at the processor, amount of RAM and hard drive, at least in Sweden you can get a matching PC laptop for 2/3 of the price of the MacBook Pro. What has to be added to this, though, is that you get the fantastic unmatched hardware and OS X with it, so in the end, it's all about your priorities. Luckily, given the deal with my manager, I ended up paying just a little more than 1/4 of the retail price, so for me it was naturally a find (I'm not gloating; just be happy for me, alright? :-)).

Would I recommend getting a MacBook Pro?

Given that you can pay the steep price: definitely. It's a great machine, best I ever had, and you can also run about any operating system you desire on it.


Finishing words

I've probably missed, or left out, tons of information that I initially wanted to share. However, I do hope that you found this article helpful (hell, if you made it here, you've got stamina!). Are you a Windows user thinking of making the switch? Or maybe a Mac user that learned something from this, or disagree with my conclusions, or (please say it is so) have the solution to the problems I've described above? Let me know!


As all of our lives, or rather the services we use, become more and more web-based and moving away from being locked down to one specific computer, online storage capabilities is definitely a huge part of that transformation. Sure, one can drag an USB memory stick around or a MP 3 player with a hard drive etc, but I prefer just getting online and downloading things. As of lately, I've been testing the service, which has a nice sleek interface and is easy on the eyes. A picture of The general features are:
  • 1 GB storage for free (with prices starting at $4.99 per month for 5GB)
  • Private sharing
  • Public sharing
  • Desktop Sync software (upcoming)
  • Work groups


There are two basic ways to upload files: through Flash and through drag and drop, and since I'm a big fan of drag and drop, that's the option I use.

Flash upload dialog

A picture of the upload dialog

Drag and drop upload dialog

A picture of the drag and drop upload dialog


One great feature is sharing your files. You can either share them privately with other users or you can share them at a public URL for anyone to download, with optional password protection. Very handy, as opposed to e-mailing large files, sending them over IM or something similar.

The Public sharing dialog

A picture of the public sharing dialog

What I miss

I would love to have FTP access to my account, for easy and swift uploading. Sure, Desktop Sync might happen, but I'd like to have free access to my file structure and to use my FTP tool of choice.


Conclusively, I think is going places. They're still working on some minor issues, but they're also very humble and open for feedback, so just let them know if you have any questions. Except from a good service, Goowy's file sharing is based on the API and they have also become a module in Netvibes, so they seem get their share of attention. :-) The creators of also blog about the service and what's going on in terms of competitors' services, for anyone wanting to stay on top of things. Go try it out now!

Testing Google Calendar

As of recently, I've had enough of trying to keep track of appointments and other assorted obligations. Fredrika writes things for hand in her little secret calendar, which means there's no way I can stay on top of things going on or actually double-check when I'm not actually in the same room as here. This led to me starting to look around for web-based calendar services, where one can enter data and it will be available from any computer at anytime, and also get reminders. Just as I was testing some services, Google were kind enough to apply to my needs and released Google Calendar. Google Calendar has got the look and feel of GMail and other Google applications and you can just start using it with your existing Google account.

Different views

Google Calendar supports five different views:
A picture of Google Calendar's Day view
A picture of Google Calendar's Week view
A picture of Google Calendar's Month view
Next 4 Days
A picture of Google Calendar's Next 4 Days view
A picture of Google Calendar's Agenda view

Creating events

It is very easy to create an event: just click the desired date/time and enter a subject. You can then drag and drop existing events to move them to another date/time. A picture of creating an event in Google Calendar


It's possible to get a notification through an alert box, e-mail or a SMS text message. I would love that last option, but it seems like it's only available for US citizens.


You can also share your calendar and events with others, which is a great thing! This lets you have your own calendar, share some or all events and then also color-code your and other calendars' events to easy distinguish whose appointment it really is. Your calendar with the events labeled as public is made available at a public address, and there's also a private address you can use in other calendar applications.

Missing features

I would love some way to synchronize the information with a PDA or cell phone and be able to use it offline.


All in all, a great service that is yet another step for me from being dependant on just one specific computer.

My video iPod

In December, after some serious thinking, I decided to get me a video iPod, the fifth generation of iPods. I already have a third generation iPod, but took some time to find arguments to convince me (and my dear Fredrika) that it was a good idea to get another iPod just one year and nine months after the first one. How could I motivate this to myself? Well, there were some factors that pushed me over the brink:
Being able to watch video
I think the MPEG 4 format is awesome, and I love watching videos on it. To me, the screen size is just fine.
The color screen
Color is always nice, right?
The design and size
It looks oh-so-good, weighs practically nothing nowadays (4.8 ounces/136 grams) and is almost thin like a leaf.
The price
I got a 30 GB one, definitely sufficient for me, and it's actually cheaper than most of its matching alternatives (not to mention that the alternatives usually weigh three times more and are five times as thick).
I commute at least two hours a day (and if you meet me in real life, give me a hug and please tell me you share my pain) and watching videos is about the best way to kill time (perhaps for sex, but that isn't really suitable on the suburb trains...).
I've also seen that there a number of porn movies available in iPod format. I sincerely don't want to know what people are doing with an iPod in one hand and... shivers
Besides, if one would want to get off holding an iPod, the design of the iPod would be such a turn-on by itself. :-P A disturbance is that the software isn't perfect, it has a tendency of sometimes freezing when the battery goes low and you've just watched a video. Just remember to hold down the Menu key and the Play key to soft reset it and you will be fine. Aside from that, I wish they would've thrown in an AC adapter. One doesn't want to fire up the computer only to charge something through an USB port (and why does the computer have to be on for that?). Conclusively, if you're looking for a MP3 player with a nice hard drive, I most definitely recommend getting an iPod. I hesitated for a while, took the plunge, and haven't regretted it for a single second!

If you don't have movies in the MPEG 4 format, you can use free tools such as the Videora iPod Converter for Windows and iSquint for Mac to convert it.

A closer look at Ma.gnolia

A while ago I got an invitation to beta test the new social bookmarking service on the block: Ma.gnolia. I was interested in it from day one I heard about it, however back then I had no idea what it was about. My reason for being biased is that I love magnolia trees, Fredrika and I used to go look at a huge one in a park close to where we first lived together and I also recently got her two magnolia trees for her birthday. First, let me outright say that I've never really found a need for a bookmarking service, my main need and interest lies in following feeds; instant information and then it's gone. If there's anything I have a great need for finding again, I search on the web using Google and mix of suitable keywords. Therefore, it's interesting to see that Ma.gnolia's slogan is:

Found is the New Search

I personally don't think that it will ever happen; I and a lot of other people do constant searching on the web and in applications. I'm sure a good service can complement searching, but it will never replace it. A picture of the Ma.gnolia header and the navigation


The idea is to save all your bookmarks and have them available on the web from any place. It's also about tagging your bookmarks and finding other people's. So far, just like but looking a lot better. There are, however some features and here's a list of them:
  • Save bookmarks, publicly or privately
  • Tag bookmarks
  • Send bookmark to one or several of your contacts
  • Send bookmark to one or several of your groups
  • Find other people's bookmarks
  • Join special interest groups
  • See your contact's latest additions
  • See your groups' latest additions
The factors I find very appealing is the ability to join certain groups covering special topics, and to add a few key people to your contacts' list that you know will add interesting bookmarks. The nice thing with contacts is that it doesn't have to be a two-way relationship. You can have anyone as a contact without getting permission and anyone can add you as a contact. They way I see it, there's no downside with people adding you as a contact without your consensus, all they can see is your latest bookmarks. However, I guess in the long run it might be interesting with closed groups that require an invitation, or perhaps a "Make this bookmark only available to certain contacts". There are also different views in the Tags section where you can browse your tags, your contact's top tags, your groups' top tags and everyone's top tags, and they can all be viewed in a tag cloud or in an A - Z listing. A picture of the Tags section

The start page

During the beta period, the start page consisted of your, your contact's and your groups' latest bookmarks. A good initial view that unfortunately was replaced with a Ma.gnolia Hot Bookmarks and a Ma.gnolia Featured Linkers section after it was launched February 15th. The hot bookmarks are fine, but I would definitely prefer seeing my contact's latest bookmarks as opposed to the featured linkers that I haven't chosen nor is interested in. Now you have to go to the Bookmarks section to get the beta start page view. Also, once you've left the start page, the only way of getting back is clicking the logo. Perhaps a Home link should be added? A picture of the Ma.gnolia start page Other sections on the start page, in narrower right column, are Recent Bookmarks, Hot Groups and Hot Tags (and also Hot Bookmarks for other pages than the start page). All valid, but I really miss a listing of my tags. I gather most people will use this service as an archive for their bookmarks, nothing more, nothing less, so I think it's a waste of an extra click to go the Tags section first. A picture of the right column sections, containing sections like Recent Bookmarks, Hot Groups and Hot Tags Something that's weird here, though, is that the start page just exclaims:

Welcome back

and then I go to the Bookmarks section that says:

Hello, Robert

Shouldn't the start page be the most personal one?


Most bookmark listings contain three actions for every bookmark, with the addition of a fourth to easily switch your bookmarks between being private or public. The problem arises when I look at listing for a specific tag; then there's no way to add it to your bookmarks and its name is linked to the URL itself. I missed it a couple of times, but the only way to add it is to choose the option View Details. I definitely feel an add functionality is missing there. Another thing which I dislike is that the listing in the right column leads directly to the URL that the bookmark point to. I guess makes it easy to just go to that web page right away and see if it's interesting, but there's no way to add it from that list. Functionality I think should be added as soon as possible. Another thing that would be nice to see right away in the listings is how popular a bookmark is, i.e. how many people have the same bookmark.

Design & code

The design is very nice with smooth and balanced colors. Default font size is good and it's very easy to get a fast overview on what's every page. Unfortunately, there's a an ad space in the header, something that has to be there for revenue, most likely, but also something that ruins the cleanliness of the web site (it was so beautiful during the beta period :-)). I also like the dimming of the entire web page when I want to delete something. Kind of hard to miss... :-) A picture of the delete dialog Another thing that looked good during the beta period was the state of the code, but now there seems to be some minor flaws in every page and also a few inline events. All-in-all, though, the code seems to be well-structured and semantic, so there's definitely hope.


The web site is, most of the time, fairly slow. This is disheartening since it's a very nice service otherwise, and I really advise them to look into this as soon as possible. Soon the honeymoon period is over with the service being new, so it should be addressed right away. Also, for performance and small usability enhancements, dare I *GASP* suggest using some AJAX (Pssst! Look at ASK...)? The issues with the listings are annoying but minor. I don't think it would be a big deal to change that.


Conclusively, I'm not sure that I have the need for a bookmarking service. But if I ever will, Ma.gnolia would be my choice. The good news is that Ma.gnolia is publicly available now for everyone, so I urge you to go check it out!


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