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Yesterday I ran into my friend Phil Sherry (yes, the Phil Sherry) in the street, and as a consequence of that, he humbly asked me if I could mention that his company is looking for people. Normally I don’t accommodate to such inquiries, but I’ll tell you why this is different.

Last week I was invited to their office, where I meet a lot of cool people and got to see the amazing things they’re actually up to. Imagine ambitious people who actually read blogs, who want to constantly learn new things and who like what they do. An environment where people know and respect web standards et al, as opposed to thinking it’s some underground guerilla movement.

Therefore, I truly recommend you apply since this is different from most jobs you can get. And if you’re not Stockholm-based, what better reason can you find to move here than this?

The job description reads:

Seeking Experienced Front End Web Developers, Stockholm


We are creating a major new entertainment and community portal built on Ruby On Rails. We now need to expand our team with experienced web developers with a passion for web standards, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

We are located in a very attractive office at “München Bryggeriet”, (Södermälarstrand 57b) overlooking the water and the old town in central Stockholm.

The project is very ambitious and fast paced with many talented people involved.


You will be required to:

  • transform Photoshop mockups into accessibile and standards-compliant templates that display correctly in all modern browsers.
  • integrate your templates with the Ruby on Rails code by working with loops and conditionals in the template logic.
  • componentise the templates for reuse across the site by developing Rails (ActiveView) helper methods.

What we’re looking for:

  • Successful candidates will have several years experience and a proven track record of producing cleanly coded bulletproof CSS layout templates.
  • Experience of working on Ruby on Rails projects would be extremely beneficial as would experience with other templating systems or scripting languages such as PHP.
  • Priority will be given to the candidates who can demonstrate a keen understanding of accessibility and usability issues.
  • Knowledge of the latest web trends, particularly concerning communities would be beneficial.
  • Written and verbal communication skills in English are necessary.
  • Experience of working on Mac OS X in a team environment with subversion version control would be advantageous.


Dependent on experience and there is a stock option programme offered to employees.

How to apply:

Please send your CV including sample URLs to:
Tim Heighes tim[dot]heighes[at]adocca[dot]com, Project Manager


  • Maarten Leewis says:

    Oh man, i would love to work there. I went to SFI there and i can’t imagine a much better place to work. The location is beautifull. I’d love this as a reason to move back to Sthlm. But my Ruby skills are non-existent… I need to upgrade my skills more!

    hehe is see Roger posted this as well… I wonder where this will pop up more

  • Marco says:

    Why didn't you apply yourself? It sounds like a kick ass job.

    I guess they're only looking for someone from Sweden? 😉

  • Martin S. says:

    This one sounds interesting.. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kanashii says:

    I wish I knew where stockholm was >.

  • Erik says:

    So exactly what is is Adocca's business?

  • Robert Nyman says:


    That's a very good question! 🙂

    The reasons are basically that I'm happy with my current employment and also that I have some upcoming time off in the near future (more on that later).

    I think they're looking for people from anywhere. You just have to move here, that's all. 🙂


    Ah, dude, you just have to find out! 🙂

    Maarten, Martin S,

    Go for it! Really! 🙂


    That's is something that I'll leave Tim at Adocca to explain; I can't reveal anything more here.

  • Tim Heighes says:


    Robert's correct – successful candidates may come from anywhere (although it's best if you already have the right to work in the European Union) and are prepared to move to Stockholm


    It's Stockholm the capital of Sweden, not any of the 6 Stockholms in the US, for instance.


    adocca's aim is to be the leading entertainment community portal on the web with connections to non-web channels such as magazines and television. To know any more than that, you'll have to apply and be asked to come and see us for an interview 🙂

    Good luck with your applications everyone! I look froward to hearing from you.


    Thanks very much for posting this, it was great to meet you the other week. I notice you have a few more comments to this on your blog when compared to Roger's 😉


  • Wow, does sound an awesome job – totally what I'm into on a daily basis!

    If Tim ever needs contract work where telecommuting is acceptable, I'd be delighted to apply 🙂

  • Kanashii says:

    Oh, seems my comment wasn't posted after all. Rob your system hates me 😛

    Anyways I found out where Sweden is… only 14970 Kilometers away. Ah well.

    Good luck to everyone that applies though.

  • Marco says:

    Ok I'm definitely going to apply for this job. It looks like the perfect job for me and… I'll gladly leave the Netherlands. In fact, leaving this country within a couple of years has been a major objective for me for quite a while already!

  • Marco says:

    The torpedo is in the water! 😀

    Wish me luck 😉

  • Andreas says:

    Wow, looks really interesting, I'm applying aswell.

    And i even know where Stockholm is 🙂

  • MÃ&Acir says:

    <blockquote cite="Robert Nyman">underground guerilla movement.

    That totally cracked me up 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Robert Nyman says:


    No problem, I'm just glad to help. I seriously think you're on to something really interesting, so you deserve to get the word out.

    And that's probably the first (and last?) time I get more comments than Roger… 🙂


    Talk to Tim; one never knows!


    Yes, it's quite a bit away from home, right? 🙂

    Marco, Andreas,

    Good luck! Please keep me updated how it goes!


    Thanks! Apparently I have my occasional moments… 🙂

  • Marco says:


    Will do! I can't wait to hear from them 😉

  • Rowan Lewis says:

    Wish there where offers like that in Australia… half the jobs I've seen require experiance with FrontPage…

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that…

  • Marco says:

    Hmmm… I guess that went ehm… rather well! 😀 😀 😀

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Yeah, it seemed to go… eh.. well. 🙂

  • Paula says:

    This sounds like an interesting company. Not qualified to apply, but will definitely start to follow… Worked on a dot.com launch in '99 when no one reallly knew what they were doing. Amazing how 7 years can feel like more like 70 years in 'web time'. Good luck to all!

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