Which web browser do you use?

Writing such a post as this might seem like such an obvious way to get a lot of comments. And that’s just what it is!

I was looking at the visitor statistics for my web site for the latest year, and specifically the statistics for web browser usage. Granted, most visitors here are web developers and therefore use a wider spectrum of web browsers, so this is probably not reflecting the visitors to a more mainstream web site.

Anyway, I wanted to share my statistics and then compare with the comments to see if it seems about right, and any other connection such as if a person using a certain web browser is more comment-prone, who are regular readers etc.

My statistics

  • Firefox: 53.19%
  • Internet Explorer 32.84%
  • Safari 7.88%
  • Opera 3.38%
  • Others (Mozilla compatible, Camino, Konqueror etc): 2.71%

So, which web browser do you use?


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