FaT - Focus at This

What is FaT?

FaT is short for Focus at This and it is a JavaScript library that you can customize and use for any kind of focus effect in your web pages; be it a flashing effect, fade in and/or fade out or set complete focus to an element and then escape with a keyboard shortcut.

Try out the demo to see FaT in action.

An example image of FaT


FaT is free to use in any personal or business web site that is free for visitors to use, if this text is included at the top of the JavaScript file:

FaT is developed by Robert Nyman, http://www.robertnyman.com
For more information and copyright information, please see http://www.robertnyman.com/fat

If you implement it in a situation where you charge your users to see the content, please contact me so we can make an agreement.


Download the example package or the JavaScript file and start focusing!