Geek Meet

Geek Meet is a meet-up of web developers and other people interested in the web scene, and it’s taking place in the wonderful city of Stockholm in Sweden. It is completely free to attend, and the idea is to get a blog type friendly ambience, but in real life.

Each time there will be one or several guest speakers and discussions about certain topics. This will be accompanied by free food and drinks for your pleasure!

Talk to peers, network or hire someone. Whatever suits you.

The idea for speakers in the meeting is to let them choose the topic themselves, hence they will present something they’re really engaged in and it will make a great presentation. Most other meetings in the business is just about forcing speakers to talk about certain things within specific boundaries, and that’s not what we want. The lesson is: choose good people to speak and you can trust them to give a good performance.

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Previous meetings

Posts about previous Geek Meets can be found in the Geek Meet category, and pictures are to be seen in the Stockholm Geek Meet Flickr page.

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Organize Geek Meet in your city/country

You love the idea, but it’s too far to get to Stockholm? Are you interested in organizing a Geek Meet in your own country, and you want it to be a franchise part of this? The general guidelines are:

  • It should be free to attend
  • It should be independent, i.e. no company will own the event or set up the rules
  • Sponsorship from companies is allowed, but shouldn’t interfere with the above guideline
  • Everyone should be treated equal, and technical talks should be in a constructive manner

Geek Meets organized in other locations/countries

Geek Meet Romania (in Romanian). Pictures can be found in their Flickr page.

Please contact me to let me know about your event!