Back from Rome – travel stories!

I’m back! Feels good to be home again. Actually, I’ve been home a little bit over a week, but that week has been spent going to a party with my new employer, attending a wedding and also starting at my new job. During that week, I have also been building and setting up our Rome trip web site, optimized for IE 4 and later (just kidding, ok?). We had a great time and you can find travel stories, pictures and video clips in the web site!

Since people found out that I had come home again, they started asking me when I was going to start blogging and write my next post. This makes me really happy, to see that people appreciate my writings!

A friend of mine, Per at Gamepepper , pointed out to me that I have at least reached #3 in the Lifecycle of Bloggers. :-)
However, I must confess that I’ve flirted with a lot of the other points as well…

I have come to the conclusion that I won’t be writing a new post every day, Monday – Friday, but maybe somewhere around 2-4 posts per week. This is not due to not having enough topics to cover or lack of motivation, rather just that I have to spend more time with my family and doing other things than just sitting in front of the computer (no, this is not a faux “retire”).
Also, writing every day has lead to some people missing a few of my posts, since they just don’t have the time to visit my web site/read the RSS feed every day (however, what would be more important than that, I have no idea… ;-)).

So, with this move I hope my posts will become better and I aim to write really interesting pieces in the future!


I would be very happy if you were to write a comment what you think about the Rome trip web site, or my move to writing fewer (and hopefully better) posts!


Update! For you web developers out there: Resize your web browser window in the Rome trip web site and look at the dynamically sized masthead image. Also, take notice of the fixed navigation bar that even works in IE 5!

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