Reflections regarding my charity initiative

Today it’s one month since the launch of my charity initiative. The turnout hasn’t really been what I hoped for, and here are my thoughts.

I somewhat feared that it would happen just as it has; people agree that it’s a good thing, and they support it. But at the end of day, almost no-one contributes. In one month, there has been only six contributions (out of which, two are very close friends to me):

I’m not sure why it is so. Maybe it’s too much of an effort to contribute (going through the steps, or basically just doing it), because I don’t think it’s about the actual money for most people. And when I had my old theme here yesterday, with ads, for just one day, I realized that having ads in the page would be a lot more lucrative.

My plan

My idea is to see what happens after this post and in the days leading up to Friday. If no significant change occurs, I will bring back ads again and instead give all the profits of the ad income to charity myself. I will additionally also keep the charity links for those who want to contribute directly.

Please don’t consider this as a threat, but rather that I really want to help out, and I desperately seek the best way to do it.


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