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I have no problem with people posting comments with links to other web sites. I do however react less positive depending on who posts the link, and that person’s comment track record.

Let me explain what I’m talking about: if I write about a topic or release some code snippet or library, there are always people comparing to what other have written or coded, which is just fine. A comparison can be very justified, and make me re-evaluate my opinion or improve my code.

However, in this web site and others you’ll now and then see comments in line with these:

Interesting! Read my post at [insert URL of choice here]


Nice script. But my [insert link and script name here] script is much better, go download it!

And really, I can live with people pimping their own stuff. Hell, that’s how I did it when I had just started blogging and no one else knew who I was. The only way to get attention then (that is, from someone not close to you, hence forced to read) was to write good comments in other blogs with your name linked back to your own web site, and occasionally tell them that you’ve written something similar that might be a good additional read.

However, when the comments above are the only comments you receive from such a person, you soon get tired of it. Vary yourselves, please! Partake in the discussion, in-site, without one-liners and links back to your own web site every time.

Also, to me it very much depends on who does it. If it’s a beginner in the game, I have no problem with it, and I do sincerely hope it helps and gets them some new readers. I remember the first time I got a comment from someone I didn’t actually know, and it was exhilarating! But, if you’re fairly well-know in the web community, you really shouldn’t have to do this, unless you’re comment linkage is really, really valid in the context.

So, when you link away to your posts or code, please think about it again. Is this really proper in this scenario? Is this the only type of comment I write? Have I already done it five times in a row in this guy’s blog?

Is this just me being a cranky ol’ sod? Bloggers and readers, what do you think when you read/get such comments?

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