Interesting Google rankings

I thought it would be interesting to give some examples of how some terms, from my posts, are ranked in Google; both funny and more serious ones. It seems like I know How to get a good search engine ranking. :-)

It should be mentioned that these rankings are at the time of writing this post, and that they will definitely change over time; some for good, others for bad. Also, none of the searches are performed using quotes. So, lets start the self indulgence…

Beneficial search engine rankings

Term Google Ranking No. of results
getElementsByClassName 1 372 000
good search engine ranking 2 8 760 000
ajax javascript 4 66 400 000
ajax slideshow 5 3 370 000
javascript photo gallery 5 11 100 000

Funny or personal post rankings

Term Google Ranking No. of results
being negative 1 121 000 000
afraid of dying 1 2 000 000
hippo racing 1 895 000
bob dylan gig 3 1 440 000
winter womit 3 1 270 000

There are actually many more to share, but I thought I’d limit myself to ten phrases this time. Maybe I’ll write a follow-up one day. :-)

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