facedesk – a stand-alone Facebook application

With the advanced level of sophistication when it comes to web sites and web applications, there are a number which would suit better as stand-alone applications. Therefore, I’ve created facedesk.

What is facedesk?

Since most people who are addicted to Facebook use it constantly throughout the day (and evenings, and nights… :-) ), I thought it would be better to use it as a stand-alone and cross-platform application, and to avoid cluttering the web browser with an extra tab and the risk of showing of your Facebook surfing, when you probably should have been doing, theoretically at least, something completely different.

A picture of the Facebook web site

For now, facedesk offers you the possibility to do this, and to have it side-by-side with all your other installed applications. Just alttab (on Windows or Linux) or Cmdtab (on Mac) to shift between this application and the other ones you are running.

Future plans

To begin with, this application is pretty simple and just there to tend to a need you might have; I sure know I have that need. This was also to get the infrastructure of the application in place, with automatic updates, install methods and so on.

If it gains popularity and people appreciate it, I have a plan to continuously add some small nice features to make your life easier. So, please try facedesk out and let me know what you think!

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