Google Chrome 1.0 officially released

The time is here: Google Chrome is now officially released.

Why released now?

Yesterday, Google interestingly decided to officially release and remove it’s beta label from Google Chrome. Why this is especially intriguing is that it was released as a beta just this September, and is already a real release. That’s a pretty short testing period, and the reasons for this is either of these:

  • It is actually ready for prime time.
  • It still has some kinks and flaws, but Google deem it just that important to get it official and seriously start competing with other web browser vendors.

Other platforms, no support

It should be noted that Google Chrome is still only available for Windows. While I agree that it is the most important market, especially for converting/stealing any possible Internet Explorer user they can, I think it’s a bit of a let-down with still no Mac or Linux version. When it was in its beta state, I think it was cool, but now when 1.0 is released, it’s not that good.

Maybe this is just for the first version, but I’m afraid that this is an indication that versions for other platforms will always lag behind, conclusively making Google Chrome a less interesting option. To be a serious contender in the long run, it has to offer simultaneous releases for all platforms, and the same goes for possible extension models and plans.

Download Google Chrome

If you’re a Windows user, I definitely think you should give this version a go, and evaluate it. Download Google Chrome now, and let me know what you think!


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