The other week I got one of those calls I’m sure a lot of you get as well.

Yeah, you guessed it: it was a headhunter. The call went something like this:

– Hi, I’m [woman] calling from [magic beans headhunter agency], and I wonder if you have some time for a few questions?
– Sure.
– Well, we have this client who needs a “Web Developer”. Going by the tone in her voice, I could just see her making air quotes as she said it.
Are you a “Web Developer”?
– Eh, yes…
– Ok, goodie! Our client wants a “Web Developer” for some very interesting projects. Do you know the .NET framework? Heavy air quotes.
– Yeah, but mostly I shy away from it like the plague. Overall, I prefer other environments.
– Oh… Oh… Well, ok then, then maybe this specific opening is not best targeted at you.
– No, maybe not. Thanks for your call.

Not to blow my own horn (or any other dubious love-yourself act), but I would like to humbly claim that I’m fairly well-known in the Swedish web development community. I was listed as #19 amongst Sweden’s Best Developers as the highest ranked Interface Developer, I fairly regularly feature in the computer press, I organize Geek Meet with hundreds of attendees etc.

What the hell has happened to headhunters? Once upon a time, they cared about making sure they found just the right person for the job, both to satisfy their employer as well as for the pride of doing a good effort.

Have they no self-respect in their profession anymore, or are they just so desperate that they will call anyone? I mean, for the love of some headhunter god, please, please do your background research first, before you call. That way, you don’t waste your time as well as mine.

And don’t get me wrong: I like recruiters who are professional, and enjoy constantly discussing opportunities – building bridges is a sound career move for anyone. But headhunters who don’t even make the effort of searching Google with my name first, please leave me be.


Disclaimer: working with the .NET framework nowadays isn’t necessarily as bad as before, although it still has a number of annoyances. If you get to work with good web developers who understand these, though, you can still produce pretty decent results.

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