The future of Google

Where are Google really heading? What is their major plan? They’ve gotten a
good reputation through their splendid search engine, but now they seem
to deal with a lot of areas.

This page
is a good example of things they’ve bought and take an active interest
in, and it contains a wide spectrum of different free sercives. Some of
them are:

A program to handle image collections, similar to ACDSee and Adobe’s Photoshop Album.
Picasa is fairly ok, escpecially given that it is for free.

A good blogging service.

Google Desktop Search
A local search engine to index and search through your own computer in the fastest and most efficient way.

very interesting thing Goggle have done is hiring the Lead Engineer for
Firefox, Ben Goodger, although he coninues to work with Firefox while
being paid by Google. Read more about this at Spread Firefox, c|net, Ben’s blog och Kottke.

personal hope is that Google develop their own web browser, based on
the Gecko rendering engine and Firefox. I think it would be good for
the web browser market and I’m convinced that it would be noticed by a
lot of people and have enormous marketing potential. Googles name is
more recognized by the general public (that aren’t internet nerds) than
Mozilla (or Mozzarella, as my girlfriend calls it).

is just a small pick out of things Google are up to, and it seems that
they have an ambition similar to Microsoft’s: to become such a vital
part as possible of the computer user’s everyday use.


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