Women = Project Managers?

Excuse me for generalizing now, but basically every girl/woman I’ve worked with has either been a developer with the ambition of becoming a project manager, a project manager that previosly was a developer. Why do all women want to become project managers?

We’re not talking about some woman that has gone through an intensive course, started to work and then realized that it didn’t suit them. No, no, we’re talking about women that have studied different technical educations in universities during many years. Did they get tired of it already while studying but went through with it and completed their education just to have an examina to lean back on? Or did they always nuture the plan of just moving another step into a leading role?

What I find a little strange about this is that women (the one I’ve met, at least) usually have a talent for logical thinking and are perfect in a developer role. But very rarely do they take the step and become system architects, instead they turn to becoming project managers.

Is this just my experience, or do I have a point?


  • Tammy Jo LaBey says:

    Robert…..not sure what your point is. I have a Bachlors degree in Organizational Management, 15 years experience as a Technical writer, Project Coordinator and the word Project in many technical jobs interfaceing with IT jocks like yourself. Finallly I have my PMP and am a Project Manager. It seems your inferences of why don’t you become something else seems sexist and is daring the women PM’s to work with you on an equal footing. Do you have the money to hire me?

  • Robert Nyman says:


    It seems like you’re really getting this the wrong way. First, just to clarify, I wouldn’t label myself an IT jock. I’ve have experience from customer service, sales and project management as well.

    I definitely have nothing against women: on the contrary, I love working with women. My harmless musings were only about why many women I’ve worked with has chosen the path of becoming project managers (which I, of course, don’t regard in any aspect as a lesser role).

    If I have the money to hire you? Sure, but I don’t think I would be interested in hiring someone, as my first impression is, that seems to take everything as an offense.

  • Robert………lets stop miscommunicating here. would love to meet with you and discuss A to Z of your article and where its going. You have to understand from a womans perspective in working in a mans world that when I work to get the same Project completed that you do I have to work almost twice as hard as many men in the business world look at us, and think right away "does she type or take shorthand". I have worked hard to come this far and need to be taken seriously. Just the fact that I am a very attractive woman should not turn you away from thinking of me as the person you want to hire. Remember sometimes us girls in serious professions need to be firm, that should not shy you away from me. All I may be trying to do is stay in control of the situation and bring the project in under budget and on time. Doesn't mean we can't have some laughs or go out for a drink together. Let me know? Tammy

  • Robert Nyman says:


    While I agree that it have been/currently is very common for women to need to work twice as hard to get recognition, to be taken seriously, I fail to see why my post would lead you to think in that direction.

    I also think it seems to be age thing; for men around 30 and below, being and treating women equal is such a natural thing, and if you look closely this seems to affect the atmosphere of most companies out there.

    In my group at work we're currently five men and three women, all with different skills in different areas. If anything, I would say that the women there are, if anything, taken more seriously than the men.

  • Regarding your original question "why do all women want to become project managers"?. Well I can only speak for me but many woman I know oft time have traing in a field of writing in school such as English or mine such as orginizational management. I worked with mostly guys writing technical manuals and became very good at it. I was a Senior Technical Writer with 3M and Immation. When I went into consulting I seemed to be the coordinator, project go to person and then with experience and certification, PMP, have a higher degree of technical direction. Hope if you ever need an extra Pm you will remember our little exchanges. Will leave you alone for now……………Tammy

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Most likely, I'll remember them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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