First of all, I have to tell you something funny that happened at work yesterday…
I was trying to convince the girl sitting next to me to watch the movie Finding Neverland, and we talked generally about the movie. Then I went to 0 and copied a quote from their review of the movie and sent it to her through MSN Messenger.
It read something like: “A fabolous tribute to the lust of dreaming and writing”.

thing was, they had talked about our intranet in between while I was
doing this, so she thought the quote was my opinion about our intranet!
I really wish we had an intranet that gave me that feeling!

Which leads me to the topic of today…
everyone wants as much internal information as possible. but are
traditional intranets the way to go? How many visit their intranets at
They who don’t or who rarely does, is it out of lack of time, boring intranet layout/form or “dead” content?

I think there’s a lot of talk about is internal portals in the
companies, where people shouldn’t have to look for documents on a lot
of mapped network drives, but instead use a common general interface to
access all relevant information, which of course would be role-based as
Is this the way to go?

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