iTunes for film

Regarding the problem the movie industry faces with more and
more people having broadband internet access, learning to download
movies etc, it seems like they have finally reacted in the right way. They want to create the movie equivalent of Apple‘s iTunes.

I don’t think the witch hunt for people that download movies (or music,
for that matter) is the way to go. They gravely underestimate the sheer
amount and power of the downloading community. I don’t think they’ll
ever be able to eliminate illegal downloading that way, all they gain
is disrespect and hate for their actions that are overly tainted with

Of course they want to make money, of course they don’t
like when people download their movies without paying for it. Totally
But I think the only way for them to “win the
battle” or at least turn it around a bit, is to offer really good
downloading services for a really good price.
And given the money they save on distribution, staff costs etc they will still make money, trust me.

thing that might happen is that the younger generation that grows up
now/will grow up soon, is that they never really have paid for
movies/music ever. And if we get a whole generation without paying,
what will happen then? Will Hollywood only produce their extremely (disgusting) cliché movies, and stop making great movies like Sideways altogether?

PS. Next post will be on Monday. Have a nice weekend! DS.

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  • Robert says:

    Also, what I didn't mention in the post: I really think one of the moves the movie companies have to do is release every movie at the same time in the countries that it is supposed to be released in.

    I know people here in Sweden that download movies, just to avoid an, for example, 6 month wait for the Swedish premiere after the US premiere has taken place.

    When it comes to the format of the downloadable movies, they really SHOULDN'T be streamed, it should be a file that one can place on one's hard drive.

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