Why I blog

The other day, Molly asked Why We Blog, but I was too tired to write a comment then so I thought it deserved a post now to explain my view on it.
First, and foremost, I do it because of my very strong interest in web developing. I want to stay on top of things that are happening in the web world, and I love that I have the opportunity to have a job doing something that’s actually my hobby!

When I first started out learning how to develop for the web, there were, already back then, many web sites with information, tutorials and discussions that helped me become a better web developer. Most people that I got in touch with were eager to help and very humble about it. Now that I have 6-7 years under the hood, I feel ready to start giving something back, and I really hope that people gain knowledge and perspective from my blog.

Another reason that motivates me is getting comments that actually make me laugh out loud (not just writing the nowadays almost mandatory “lol” in a chat or something similar), things like Krijn’s comment and Chris’ comment. Make me laugh and you’re my friend, life’s too serious anyway!

Which leads me to the topic of writing posts that aren’t about web developing. I do it pretty sparsely, but there are times when I want to write about a concert, something funny or about anything else that I like to share. I don’t see this blog as a web development-only one, I also want to share other parts about me and I hope I entertain you while doing it! πŸ™‚

Something I regard as being very important when you blog is to show the common courtesy to reply to people’s comments and e-mails. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high-profile blogger with thousands of visitors every day, your visitors are one of the reason you are there in the first place. I think that one’s obliged to answer serious e-mails to you, when time is given, even though you’re stressed and feel that you have no time. No need to write a novel, just a sentence or two to acknowledge that you’re read their question, criticism or what it may be.

Some rockstar bloggers are still very humble and good at this, Molly being one of them, and some aren’t.

My opinion is: show respect and you will gain respect.

Conclusively, my dear readers, I hope this blog helps you in web developing and that you also find it amusing from time to time. Thanks for reading!


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