Podcast interview

Previously this week I was interviewed by Dag König and the interview is now available as a podcast (the mp3 file is around 14 MB, in Swedish). Dag is a seasoned Microsoft developer and architect, and he is usually traveling around in Sweden giving seminars together with Microsoft.

Therefore, it was extra interesting to have this talk and that Dag is a Microsoft developer that actually care about and is interested in web standards and accessibility factors. We spoke for over an hour, and the final available interview is 42 minutes. Bear in mind that I actually don’t sound like that (usually)! I’m not that accustomed to doing interviews, so my voice sounds extremely strained, and on top of that I was just coming out of a cold I’ve had.

Personally, I think I sound monotonous and boring, like I’m just rambling for the sake of it, but somewhere in there, at least a couple of sentences are good. Have a listen if you like to, and let me know what you think.

As this is in Swedish only, I just want to express my interest in doing interviews in English, podcasts or written, so more people can get something out of it. Feel free to contact me if you think I have something interesting to say.


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