Merry Christmas? David?

Yesterday I went to Björn’s birthday party; he was turning 80 years old! Great food and meeting lots of people I don’t usually meet. As is custom at these occasions, Björn got lots of bottles of wine. One of them came in a nice styled golden bag, he picked up the bottle and the conversation went:

		- Oh my, this was a nice bottle. 
		Turning to his wife:
		Who was this from?
		The wife rummages through the golden bag, 
		picks up a card, and reads it aloud:
		-Merry Christmas, Ville!
		Best wishes, David.

Freaking hilarious! I love it when these things happen!

How is it in your life? Is it common that you pass on gifts like bottles of wine (i.e. gifts that shouldn’t be traceable) to other people?

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