Hallowen party

Tonight the company I work for host a (late) Halloween party for its employees. What I’m going as? A prostitute. Or rather, I’m wearing slacks and shirt, going as as a consultant. Same shit, different name…

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  • Man drives up to a farmer and gets out saying, 'For one of your sheep, I can tell you exactly how many of them you have in this field.'

    'Really', says the farmer.

    The man quickly walks to the back of his BMW X5, opening the tailgate to reveal a laptop and a satellite dish. He proceeds to scan the area from space, run some cool looking apps, turns to the farmer and confidently says, '237'.

    'Correct', says the farmer and the man quickly scoops one into his boot.

    But before he can drive off, the farmer says, 'Wait a minute, if I can guess what you do for a living, will you forfeit your fee?'

    'Ok', says the man, hesitantly.

    'You're a consultant, aren't you', says the farmer.

    'How did you guess?' asks the man.

    'Well', says the farmer, 'you turned up uninvited, told me something I already knew, and you know *nothing* about my business.'

    'How can you say I know nothing about your business?', asks the man.

    'Trust me', says the farmer, 'Now give me back my dog!'

  • Ã&Acirc says:

    hehe … tha same joke has been said about blondes … maby there is a link here ???

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    The morning after

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Oh so true.


    Yep, I've also heard the same story where the main character was a blonde instead.

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