Why some people become big names

Attitude. Being humble and have enough self-distance to react to criticism in a constructive way.

Yesterday I contacted a very well-known blogger since I didn’t like a certain part of his web site. I tend to be very open and direct (some people would call it blunt), so the first thing I did was to compare his web site to another really lousy one when it comes to this aspect. I really didn’t know how he would react and how offended he would be, so imagine my surprise when his initial reply was laughing about my comparison.

After that we had a discussion about it, I expressed my opinions and he his, and he was totally open about it. And that, my friends, is what separates a big name from a nobody.


PS. “Mr X”, if you’re reading this, feel free to reveal yourself if you feel like it. I thought it fair to let you be anonymous if you wanted to. DS.

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